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+14    Do not miss your chance Lotto is a randomness based game Lottery is a randomness based game Use ONLY randomly generated numbers to gain higher profit Use Lottery Numbers Generator. Lottery Numbers Generator (Lottomat) is a tool which can be used ...    480 kb    Views 982
+14    Love Winning? Play Thunderball with the best code generator in the WORLD Great chances to win IF YOU ARE ON THIS PAGE MEANS THAT EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON Increase your winning chances with this app This app helps players to choose numbers ...    17 MB    Views 159

iLotto MAX

+5    Play intelligent and calculate the next winning numbers of Lotto MAX by historical results iLotto MAX analyzes the entire historical results of multiprovince Lotto MAX, since 2009 It generates the numbers based on 223 Concept: Hot = Numbers that have won the most Cold ...    9 MB    Views 7463
-1 is delighted to offer iPhone and iPod Touch users a unique, creative financial tool designed for anyone who likes to "slide" numbers around and create "whatif" scenarios when calculating mortgage payments and loan amounts. And the clutterfree user interface ...    179 kb    Views 1377


numbers lottery systems sum averages number high
+4    LottoMate is average based lottery number generator. Features Instantly generates set of numbers then calculates its averages. You can hold numbers (aka power numbers) up to 3. (number of selections are depends on lottery systems) Filtering : avoid set of numbers ...    4 MB    Views 3670
lotto generator number numbers left systems order
+11    Lotto 6/49 Generator generates number systems, which consist of unique numbers for 8 columns. In this app we ommit 49 as a results of low posibility. Lotto 6/49 Generator shuffles by shuffle button or shaking of device to generate new number ...    2 MB    Views 9766
-3    Best Loto App Let it rain your lucky numbers Le jackpot n'a pas été déjà craqué à nouveau et a grimpé? Vous la regardez billet de loterie et ne savent pas quels sont les numéros que vous tapez? Inconsciemment, vous tapez toujours dans ...    NAN    Views 7036

USA Lotto Jackpot

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+14    Download USA Lotto Jackpot and improve your Mega Millions and Power Ball winning chances. Lotto Jackpot provides you with Mega Millions and Power Ball latest and historical winning information (1)Info tab will provide current/historical information for winning numbers, jackpots, winning city and ...    12 MB    Views 4268


+9    SumSheet combines the ease of use of a calculator with the power of a spreadsheet. Never before has it been as easy to perform calculations Simple and Powerful: • Open the app and begin entering numbers right away. • Enter numbers using numeric ...    1 MB    Views 6609


-8    Get the best result for the least amount of money This App will help you to maximise your profits playing almost any kind of Lottery. Everyone knows that the more numbers you play the more chances you have of winning, but this ...    1 MB    Views 9225
calculator button display numbers operation sign graphical variable user buttons
+3    Graphical calculator featuring: Basic Operations Digit buttons for the user input of numbers. Additional operation buttons like sin, cos, log, √, x² Provide +/ button to change the leading sign. If user is entering a number, switch the sign of ...    1021 kb    Views 324

Break Even Numbers

numbers break costs total enables sell
+21    Is your business financially viable to produce and sell a new product or pursue a venture? Use Break Even Numbers to calculate and take a decision. This simple app enables you to determine the number of units you have to sell ...    10 MB    Views 9377

Lottery Free

set numbers lottery draws random picks
+5    Helps to find your lottery picks. It draws a set of random numbers out of a given range. Random picks usually lead to higher winnings than the usual birthdays and lucky numbers because fewer players sharing the same set. Can be ...    287 kb    Views 3926


identification generator numbers number
+9    Genapps to aplikacja z zestawem generatorów i walidatorów niezbędnych do funkcjonowania w naszym kraju numerów identyfikacyjnych. Genapps ma na celu ułatwienie tworzenia i testowania oprogramowania i formularzy, gdzie wykorzystuje się poniższe numery. Genapps zawiera generator i walidator numeru: PESEL, REGON, ...    5 MB    Views 9589
card cards credit validator numbers validate
+29    Credit Card Validator lets you validate credit card numbers on the go when your credit card terminal is not available or when you just want to hold a card number as a security deposit to charge later. Credit Card Validator uses ...    513 kb    Views 5934

BillTracker Lite

bills lite bill due payment features numbers paid data
+12    From the water bill to the car payment to the cell phone subscription, BillTracker Lite can help you stay on top of your bills. Get BillTracker Lite today, so you'll never miss a payment again Features of BillTracker Lite: • Track information about ...    3 MB    Views 931
max number set pick lotto lottery numbers generates
+13    The best app Generates balls to ANY lottery (USA, UK, Canada, Australia...ALL COUNTRIES) "Amazing I won 250 in the first week using this app. It generates all numbers that I need." You can customize it to generate numbers to ANY lottery Just ...    457 kb    Views 4700

Sum Calculator

calculator input press button sum method data numbers add
+9    <Features> A calculator application which performs addition and subtraction with speech input, keyboard input, and paste input. The data displayed on Input Screen is reusable on the other applications, like Excel and Numbers with copy & paste method and search & ...    27 MB    Views 800


-6    UC SIP App software’s VoIP SIP softphone. Can be used to call sip numbers and landline numbers. The app is only compatible with UCSTACK SIP server. Features: Voice calls; Several lines; Status update; DTMF support; Works with UCSTACK SIP server    3 MB    Views 1367
lucky arizona numbers birth lotto lotteries
-5    Get now lucky numbers for Arizona lotteries Easy: Insert your name and birth date to get custom lucky numbers based on your birth chart ARIZONA LOTTERIES: The Pick Fantasy 5 2by2 Pick3 Cash4 NATIONAL GAMES (MULTISTATE): Powerball Mega Millions Hot Lotto Lucky for ...    14 MB    Views 7536
china lotto wizard lotteries draw lottery select united numbers
+11    3Step Lottery Wheeling System Lotto Wizard uses advanced statistical analysis to select the most popular winning patterns consisted of active, average and passive numbers. Our lottery software works with almost all lottotype lotteries that draw 56 numbers out of a ...    4 MB    Views 8335
lottery results lotteries winning check draw numbers lotto date
+24    iLottery is your onestop shop for all your lottery needs, featuring results, info, and tickets for the world’s most popular lotteries we have provided uptotheminute lottery results to millions of uses. Our lottery results are also archived, so if you miss ...    3 MB    Views 3621

Percentage Calci

discount percentage calculate numbers commission vat
+6    This is the Supreme Percentage Calculator app Features : Free and simple app Prominent Business Tool  Elegant User Interface Easy to use Exact Solutions Use it for the following calculations : Percent of numbers Percentage increase and decrease between two numbers Calculate ...    800 kb    Views 4921


search 0870 number numbers 0800 0845
+12    Turn expensive UK 0870, 0845, 0800, 0844 numbers into cheaper landline numbers for your mobile. This app lets you search for a replacement direct dial number for 0870, 0845, 0800 which are expensive from mobiles, and often not included in inclusive ...    5 MB    Views 9212
-5    Do You Want to pick the winning lottery numbers, enjoy the lifestyle that comes with mega millions, to go and get the big win, to get your deserved lucky break. Want to choose your winning numbers but are having trouble ...    949 kb    Views 5769
personal lucky numbers india access lotto lottery lotteries birth button
+29    Lottery India Lucky Numbers is an app that allows the generation of custom lucky numbers, based on your name and birth date. Supports India Lotteries: Super Lotto 6/49 Thunder Ball Easy Lotto And many others More than 150 lotteries worldwide ...    15 MB    Views 7322

Lotto Winner

numbers lotto suggestions
+10    Free sale for a limited time only Lotto analyzes the numbers you enter for the next game. It will give suggestions based on statistic values and probabilities after analyzing your numbers. It's up to you if you follow these suggestions or not, but ...    9 MB    Views 1539

Cheque Helper

+3    Forget the Chinese word of numbers or English spelling when writing cheque? Let Cheque Helper to help you Cheque Helper is an app for people who writes cheque. It can help you to convert numbers to written numbers (Traditional Chinese, English)    4 MB    Views 2575

Expenses Share

Related Apps management expenses participants numbers event share
-9    If you love hanging out with friends, but hate to make the numbers when the bill comes, then this is the right application for you. Create an event, add the expenses and participants, and that's all, Expenses Share will do the ...    3 MB    Views 8894
analysis numbers probability number statistical winning lotto pattern increase
+9    KOREA Lotto Application [News] Recently many people have downloaded. I would like to say thank you. In addition, statistical probability analysis (complimentary 10) except for the remaining analysis going to provide free services. We look forward to using. [Description] Predict the lotto numbers lotto ...    6 MB    Views 5437
calculator savings find compare quick numbers
+3    QUICK AND EASY Just enter some basic info and get your savings numbers: deposits, interest, balance etc. KNOW YOUR SAVINGS Use an estimate from Savings Calculator to get a quick idea on your savings in a table, graph and a piechart. COMPARE AND FIND ...    7 MB    Views 2806

Loan Calc 2 go

enter loan numbers
+9    The loan calculator 2 go. Bring it when you look for your new home. It is easy to use and quick to enter numbers into. The keyboard is in the app with big keys, and you also have a slider ...    23 MB    Views 9082
personal deposit credit account union information numbers 1935 800
+2    Alliant Mobile Check Deposit is designed to make it easy and convenient for you to deposit checks anywhere, anytime from your camera enabled device. Additional qualifications apply to deposit checks electronically. You can deposit items up to your available daily ...    2 MB    Views 1919

iLotto MAX Lite

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+5    Play intelligent and calculate the next winning numbers of Lotto MAX by historical results iLotto MAX Lite analyzes the results of the last 25 draw days of multiprovince Lotto MAX. It generates the numbers based on 223 Concept: Hot = Numbers that have ...    8 MB    Views 33


choose numbers
+17    You are sitting at the pub/tavern/casino, you want an easy bet, you see Keno, the 10 number jackpot is through the think to yourself "i can get this". You go to complete the form, and blank, you panic, no ...    3 MB    Views 7321
cold numbers hot warm historical picking lotto results won statistics
+25    Play intelligent and calculate the next winning numbers of Lotto 6/49 by historical results 6/49 HotWarmCold Lite analyzes the results of the last 25 draw days of multiprovince Lotto 6/49. It generates the numbers based on 222 Concept: Hot = Numbers that have ...    6 MB    Views 4721

Quick Cancel UK

design phone cancel numbers quick screen call display bank
+1    QUICK CANCEL UK APP INFO The purpose of this app is to display the phone numbers you need to call to report a theft, cancel your bank cards and put a bar on your mobile phone. You could be your ...    NAN    Views 7106
-3    Lotti red better chances for your lottery draw. Some numbers of the last 8 lottery draws are being drawn around as twice as much as others. Therefore it is equally probable that all drawn balls of the next lottery were already ...    8 MB    Views 9840

Tradex - OrderPad

order numbers internet generated generate
-8    Generate order numbers onthego with this simple to use app. Features: Generate order numbers based on buyer company, supplier and job number; Tradex stores order numbers generated on mobile devices so back office operations have instant visibility of them; Work offline ...    3 MB    Views 3877


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+14    Financial accounting: costs, revenues and debts. This is the most simple and functional app to keep track of your finances. Speed quickly record and share: costs, revenues and debts to your accountant or do it yourself with your data in Excel or ...    9 MB    Views 5564


calculator history stack mode calculation normal pages numbers powerful
+25    PushCalc is a powerful and easy to use calculator, which has the following unique features. 1. POWERFUL STACK You can push or pop numbers on the stack instead of memory in a normal calculator. The stack has a hundred of depth and a ...    1 MB    Views 5031

Lucky Lotto Checker

numbers lucky automatically saved lottery lotto checker
-5    If you are a lottery season ticket holder you need this app Lucky Lotto Checker matches winning Mega Millions and Powerball numbers with numbers that you have saved. Prize amounts are automatically calculated for the numbers you save across the latest ...    4 MB    Views 3103

Sales for iPhone

iphone apps sales swipe turn reports numbers account daily
+19    Sales for iPhone is the best way to check your sales figures. If you want to see how well your apps sold yesterday, or if you want to compare last weeks numbers against those from the past months – it’s ...    310 kb    Views 5127


tips calculate amount numbers beautiful
+4    A simple, beautiful way to crunch numbers or calculate tips. Tips+ easily allows you to: Calculate numbers through a beautiful calculator interface See the tip amount and total bill amount based on service    186 kb    Views 3318
lottery numbers generator
-7    Penguins bring luck This is a FREE lottery numbers generator for all countrys ( USA, GB,Europe, Australia....). You can customize it to generate numbers to ANY lottery Use A clever Algorithm Crack The Jackpot    3 MB    Views 7068
ipad number generation numbers generator lottery algorithms generate user settings
-2    Euro Millions 649 Powerball Many more Supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Enhanced algorithms Best number generator Use 'Snatch Lotto Win Pro' to generate a wide variety of numbers for your chance to be a multimillionaire Features Enhanced algorithms Best number ...    2 MB    Views 6563

iEasy Shares

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+15    iEasy Shares is the most easy way to calculate the profit or loss if you buy shares. Easy to use interface. You only have to enter the share prize, the number of shares and the total cost. Out of these numbers the ...    4 MB    Views 3130
lotto numbers lucky world find version rate generate score luck
+4    DO YOU STILL PLAY QUICK PICKS IN LOTTO ? FIND OUT YOUR OWN LUCKY NUMBERS ====================================== NOTE : This app is a lite version of "World Lotto My Own Lucky Numbers" All features are same as full version except following ...    4 MB    Views 5288

6/49 Hot-Warm-Cold

cold numbers hot warm historical picking won results lotto
+1    Play intelligent and calculate the next winning numbers of Lotto 6/49 by historical results 6/49 HotWarmCold analyzes the entire historical results of multiprovince Lotto 6/49, since 1982 It generates the numbers based on 222 Concept: Hot = Numbers that have won the most Cold ...    7 MB    Views 8571


keyboard key numbers simply change hold features
+13    Tired of the default keyboard when using numbers only? Get this special numpad keyboard to enter numbers with ease in any app on your iPhone or iPad. Key features: Except numbers (09) there is one key that can be changed to ...    5 MB    Views 5023

Lottery Picker PRO

games numbers winning create number confirm millions find mega
+7    NO Ads [Kind of games] Powerball Mega Millions [Function] You can create your own numbers by special our logic. You can save your numbers. You can confirm winning numbers. You can confirm your numbers how many match the winning numbers. [Detail] You can create numbers of ...    1 MB    Views 9377


card cards security pin required pattern numbers number selected delete
+9    The secure PINcode management App for all debit and credit cards and any other sensitive number combinations Encrypt all your PIN numbers with a new innovative and secure method. To use this App you need to remember a particular ...    9 MB    Views 8725
numbers lottery red draw mathematical draws
+8    Lotti yellow better chances for your lottery draw. Some numbers of the last 8 lottery draws are being drawn around as twice as much as others. Therefore it is equally probable that all drawn balls of the next lottery were already drawn ...    7 MB    Views 3848


kinds number numbers
-9    From 43 numbers, six pieces are displayed in consideration of the appearance ratio of each number. The calculation method is performed with two kinds of algorithms. Since there are about 6,090,000 kinds of combinations of six numbers, I have not guaranteed success ...    2 MB    Views 1460

NumList (PriceList)

shopping money list numbers total split min max bill
+1    "NumList" is to register the price or numbers, leaving a list in app. You can view [Total, Average, Max, Min and Split the bill] in numbers list. [Key use cases] Want to make shopping list or budget in playing plan, shopping, etc... (Aggregate: ...    2 MB    Views 2180

Powerball Lotto

cold numbers powerball hot picking historical lotto won warm results
+6    Play intelligent and calculate the next winning numbers of Powerball by historical results Powerball Lotto analyzes the entire historical results of multistate Powerball, since 2012. It generates the numbers based on 222 Concept: Hot = Numbers that have won the most Cold = Numbers ...    7 MB    Views 1220
password numbers color colors data place master store
-4    Welcome to the safest place on earth where to store your passwords and any other secret/private data such as credit cards numbers and bank details. Our is a very simple yet novel approach: Store you master password as colors, not ...    531 kb    Views 6986

PIN Prompt

pin number pattern numbers remember store forget stored
+6    PIN Prompt helps you remember multiple PIN numbers for your bank and credit cards in a simple/secure way. Simply create you account, enter your PIN, then store it as a simple pattern into a randomly generated grid. When the PIN number ...    5 MB    Views 3002

Numbers Magazine

numbers www
+5    NUMBERS by KREAB es una revista multimedia con contenido económico, financiero y tecnológico, de actualidad internacional. ¡It´s all about NUMBERS Visita nuestro Website: /    3 MB    Views 8449
lotto numbers lucky world find score rate luck
+4    DO YOU STILL PLAY QUICK PICKS IN LOTTO ? FIND OUT YOUR OWN LUCKY NUMBERS Never win a lotto ? Find out your own lucky numbers by World Lotto My Own Lucky Numbers "World Lotto" generate lotto numbers depending upon ...    4 MB    Views 3918
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