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+6    iAuditum is an app that allows you to perform nonfinancial audits of any kind: restaurant or home inspections, regulatory compliance audits, school evaluations, workplace regulations, company policies, and safety regulation enforcement. iAuditum empowers you to: organize all your audits search and ...    283 kb    Views 6445
+7    iAuction – Talking Auction Sales Calculator Finally, we have designed especially for you a Talking Auction Sales Calculator that features a stateoftheart talking easy to use interface. How nice is to hear the iPhone/iPod. The iAuction is also good for other forms ...    507 kb    Views 4576

Remember Debts

+29    Do friends constantly lend your money? Is it getting hard to keep track? Well, you should download Remember Debts This app gives you an overview of who owes you how much money. You get a complete list, plus a total (e.g. ...    6 MB    Views 7887

Landlord Biz

+14    Landlord Biz is designed by a Landlord for a Landlord or property manager. I tried many other app’s and always found them to be missing certain key components. Landlord Biz contains all the functions needed to track tenants, properties, rents, ...    12 MB    Views 4981


+8    Curry is the full version of the bizz consult currency converter for iPhone and iPod touch. Curry provides all features of the lite version: • fast download of exchange rates by button click • date of last exchange rate download is displayed • exchange rates can be ...    513 kb    Views 4657


text pay bill amount calculate version message service telco
+20    Ever wonder how much to pay for your part of the dining bill? Are you the one who always foot the bill yet find it a hassle to calculate how much your friends should pay you (especially when each of ...    2 MB    Views 8460

Easy Spreadsheet

text program open cell easy spreadsheet supports features
+27    As you may know a spreadsheet is a program for organization and analysis of information in tabular way. Spreadsheets developed as computerized simulations of paper accounting worksheets. The program operates on data expressed as cells of an array, organized in ...    2 MB    Views 8323

Xmart Calculator +

calculator text step expression functions define support features result based
-3    Xmart Calculator is appreciated as an intelligent, programmable and expandable calculator based on text expression. Users can define personal functions and all calculations are stepbystep traceable. New Features 1. Fully support iPhone 5 and iOS 7. 2. Show instant result. 3. Much faster to ...    2 MB    Views 598
banking security text northfield bank mobile online accounts current view
+8    Northfield Bank – Mobile Banking By Northfield Bank Manage your Northfield Bank accounts anytime, anywherefrom your iPhone with Northfield Mobile Banking. Northfield Mobile Banking is a free1 service offered to all Northfield Bank Online Banking customers and provides a convenient and secure way ...    2 MB    Views 1082


+23    Mobile Banking from your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Northwest Bank Mobile Banking offers you the ability to view account balances and recent transactions, transfer funds between your accounts and even pay your bills. Our mobile banking solution provides you with ...    2 MB    Views 8286


search ipad text minutes item info task items simple pdf
-2    Create minutes during a meeting with your IPAD. This app is designed to take notes during a meeting and send them to a list of recipients. Minutes can be assigned to projects. A minutes consists of infominutesitems and taskminutesitems. Infominutesitem: a minutes ...    3 MB    Views 1380
Related Apps banking text mobile online peoples company trust find sms
+9    We go where you go: Peoples Trust Company Mobile Banking lets you truly bankonthego right from your mobile device; it’s safe, secure, and easy to use. PTC Mobile is available 24/7. •Check your account balances •View recent transactions •Transfer money between your accounts •Pay ...    3 MB    Views 4968
Related Apps banking text mobile online union bank user regular transfer deposit
-2    Union Bank & Trust’s free Mobile Banking offers instant access to the following: • Check Account Balances • Review Transaction History • Transfer funds between accounts • Transfer funds to a regular loan payment • Deposit Checks (if enrolled in Mobile Deposit) • Pay Bills to ...    6 MB    Views 82
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-1    Access the latest news and indepth analysis you can only get from Credit Union Journal right from your iOS device—anywhere, anytime. The new iPad app puts the Journal’s bestinindustry coverage at readers’ fingertips, providing even more resources to readers to ...    15 MB    Views 2093
web design business text site mail hourly costs send cost fee
-1    How much should a web site cost? This is one of the most frequently asked but rarely answered questions. For our app WEB FEE, our team of professional web designers, SEO specialists and developers have examine the most important factors when ...    5 MB    Views 8791
banking text security mobile bank online step account accounts
+29    If you are a First National Bank of Gilmer, Wood County National Bank, Texas American Bank, or Security State Bank, N.A. customer, this app is for you Now you have the freedom to bank the way you want with our ...    8 MB    Views 2271
excel text time date cell xls format create rows
-3    Work from anywhere: View, edit, and create Office Excel files support XLS/XLSX format, It is compatible with Excel, Numbers and any other XLS/XLSXbased Spreadsheet program. ● View, create, edit and save spreadsheets in XLS/XLSX format. ● Compatible with Excel, Numbers, NeoOffice. ● Portrait ...    14 MB    Views 2161

American Banker

news text banking american banker articles content receive access ios industry
+6    Access American Banker’s award winning coverage from your iOS device and receive the most essential news, analysis and perspective all at your fingertips. From the latest regulatory updates, to community banking and consumer finance news, the American Banker iOS app ...    15 MB    Views 8979

Franklin State Bank

-9    Bank wherever you want, whenever you want with Franklin State Bank's Mobile App for iPhone. Available to all Franklin State Bank online banking customers. FSB Mobile allows you to check your balances, search and view recent transactions, make transfers between ...    5 MB    Views 3010

Extraco MobileBank

Related Apps banking work text mobile deposit sign message deposits
+25    Sign up for Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit FIRST before using this app. Manage your account with the NEW Extraco Mobile Banking & Deposit with a new, streamlined look in native App format Extraco Bank’s MobileBank lets you securely: Deposit Checks Check Balances Transfer ...    14 MB    Views 6959


Related Apps web text data file displays service network production
+2    EziCharts is a Dashboard App. It displays the history and current value of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using charts and text cards. Display factory production, financials, DIFOT or any indicator important to your business. A key feature of the app is ...    459 kb    Views 602
Related Apps banking text messaging mobile online federal contact service
-2    Olympia Federal Savings Mobile Banking. Online banking on your mobile device is better with our app. The Olympia Federal Savings’ mobile app provides an online banking experience specifically designed for your smartphone. With the app you can: • Review your balance and transaction history • Transfer ...    2 MB    Views 2510

MCB Mobile Banking

Related Apps banking text bills mobile mcb centers atms check online bank alerts
+7    MCB Mobile Banking by Mountain Commerce Bank allows you to securely bank on the go. MCB is located in East Tennessee. It's free to download and offers quick access for managing your bank accounts. Check your balances, pay bills, transfer ...    6 MB    Views 4094

Abbeygate Insurance

messaging camera text free insurance quotes instant competitive touch service exclusive
0    The Abbeygate Insurance mobile App is easy to use, highly interactive and has a variety of great features which keeps you informed and updated with the latest insurance offers, deals and quotes. The free to download mobile app is designed ...    12 MB    Views 5121


+18    This app Converts Arabic Numerals To Kanji Numerals. It is also possible to hear the Numerals by TexttoSpeech.(Only for iOS7) You can't input more than 24 digits (0 9999,9999,9999,9999,9999,9999) TexttoSpeech is possible up to 14 digits. (0 to 99,9999,9999,9999)  Languages ​​for TexttoSpeech Japanese  Korean  Chinese ...    106 kb    Views 8991
Related Apps banking text person mobile check free online device enrolled
+2    SCCU Mobile is a free, safe, and secure way to access your accounts on the go. Now it’s easy to do banking 24/7, right from your mobile device. To start, just enroll in SCCU Mobile. SCCU Mobile allows you to: • Deposit a check • ...    4 MB    Views 4630

Androscoggin Mobile

Related Apps person text email check account mobile payments bank phone pay
+20    Androscoggin Mobile – 24/7/Anywhere Take advantage of the convenience, speed and security of Androscoggin Mobile. Bank anytime, anywhere with your smart phone, tablet or any phone with SMS (Texting) capability. You can check your balance, pay bills, transfer funds, set up ...    4 MB    Views 1479
-7    Why should your ability to manage your accounts end once the bank closes for the day? Pay bills, transfer funds, make loan payments and review transactions during evening hours and into your weekend. MetaBank’s mobile banking is your bank when ...    11 MB    Views 884


text history spending saving records quick buttons complete field
+9    QuickTracker is a quick and simple way to track your saving and spending. Instead of asking you to categorize your spending or plan your saving by month, it simply helps you remember the amount you have spent or saved. You ...    461 kb    Views 4171
Related Apps banking text money security mobile nebraska bank follow south dakota
+8    Welcome With SFB Mobile Banking you can manage your money any time, any where, from your mobile device: •Check your account balances •View recent transactions •Transfer money between your accounts •Find ATMs and branch locations To enroll in SFB Mobile Banking, download the application and ...    2 MB    Views 9831
Related Apps bills text mobile alerts balance pay bank check
-5    With the Northpointe Bank mobile app, you’ll never have to worry about overspending. You can get alerts, check your balance, and pay bills. Mobile Alerts avoid surprises and unwanted fees with text and email alerts. Mobile Balance quickly check your ...    1 MB    Views 7175

BVCU Mobile

banking text person mobile account accounts cross pay set
-6    BVCU Mobile allows you 24/7 access to check account balances, view account history, transfer funds between your accounts or cross accounts, and locate branches/ATMs all from your Apple device. In addition, you may: Make Mobile Check Deposits Pay Bills via integrated ...    12 MB    Views 9900


Related Apps iphone time card text service customer contact information mobile day
+11    If you receive benefits from Louisiana Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT), this is the only official Louisiana Purchase EBT Card mobile app. It is a safe, convenient, and easy way for you to access your benefit information and reach Customer Service ...    5 MB    Views 6780

Security Bank

security banking text bank contact privacy www mobile alerts
-1    Security Bank’s free Mobile Banking App is the quick, easy and secure way to manage your banking needs anytime, anywhere; available to all Security Bank online banking customers. With 24/7 access to your Security Bank accounts, you can: •Check Account Balances •Review Transaction ...    1 MB    Views 1354

First Florida CU

Related Apps banking text apple view pay send florida check mobile
+15    From your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch gain immediate and secure access to your accounts with First Florida Credit Union’s Mobile Banking App. With our free Mobile Banking App you can: • View account balances and transaction history • View Pending Transactions • Transfer ...    13 MB    Views 3577
Related Apps banking text messaging mobile access services funds charged carrier
0    Why should your ability to manage your accounts end once the bank closes for the day? Pay bills, transfer funds, make loan payments and review transactions during evening hours and into your weekend. MetaBank’s mobile banking is your bank when ...    1 MB    Views 5056
Related Apps banking text mobile national account bank online user message access
-1    The Touchmark Mobile App is optimized for your apple device and is specifically designed to provide you with fast, free and secure access to your personal accounts. Ability to make payments, transfers, mobile deposits, view account balances and account activity ...    13 MB    Views 397
+2    Mike Seymour has been working for more than 15 years in the industry. He has compiled the most important words for money and banking. Embedded in a phrase and thanks to the vocab trainer they are easier to memorize. Features ...    11 MB    Views 2966
Related Apps banking money text mobile account free message view enrolled receive online
+1    Hawaii FCU Mobile is convenient, secure, and free for members. Mobile banking lets you check your balance, verify deposits, and monitor all account transactions at the touch of a button, and you can even receive text message alerts to help you ...    13 MB    Views 985

Loan File

Related Apps text loan amount touch monthly application installment
+18    Installment Loan Calculation and File Application This application calculates any one of the four monthly installment loan factors given the other three and provides the option to save the named loan for subsequent retrieval and editing. To use: fill in any ...    130 kb    Views 7167
Related Apps banking security text messaging mobile state bank online accounts information step
-3    First State Bank Customers – Now you can ‘bank where you are’ with First State Bank Mobile Banking. Fast and secure, plus the mobile app is free to download. Using your current Online Banking login information you can start mobile ...    3 MB    Views 1084

Loan Pro Calculator

Related Apps calculator email text loan interest pro calculation supports calculate annuities annuity
-3    Now you can calculate your annuities and interest for almost any country in the world with Loan Pro Calculator. This amortization schedule calculator makes working out your linear or compound annuity interest fast and easy. It even handles equal, principal ...    366 kb    Views 8336
web messaging text mobile access heritage check account information branch
0    First Heritage Mobile Banking Put a First Heritage Federal Credit Union branch right in your pocket. Get anytime, anywhere access to account information, products and services from any mobile device with web browsing capabilities and a data plan. In addition to ...    12 MB    Views 6704
Related Apps banking text mobile ideal credit information union secure data fees
+14    Ideal Credit Union’s mobile banking app is fast, secure and convenient. Available to all Ideal Credit Union members, use the app to manage your money 24/7. • Check account balances and history, search for transactions and more • Transfer funds and make ...    8 MB    Views 2212
Related Apps banking bills text mobile account deposit alerts branch accounts
+6    Get 24/7 access to your Bellco accounts from your iPhone. Bellco Mobile Banking is a free app offered to all Bellco Online Banking users. With the Bellco Mobile Banking App, you can deposit checks on the go, pay bills in ...    2 MB    Views 596

My Loan Officer

Related Apps email house text user income loan payment debt information
-9    Simple but Powerful. This app is an easy to use yet powerful app designed for people shopping for houses. Whether out at an open house, viewing houses online, or just for fun, this app provides a fast "in the field" prequalification ...    4 MB    Views 1573
Related Apps banking money text mobile account device nearby branches org payments pay
+1    Rio Grande CU’s TellerApp helps you safely and securely manage your money from your mobile device no matter where you are. The free service gives you 24/7 onthego account access using your RGCU eTeller online banking credentials. Features include: Balances and Transactions ...    10 MB    Views 1403
Related Apps banking personal text park bank mobile service www check accounts convenient
+20    With the Park Bank Mobile Banking app, managing your finances is easier and more convenient than ever. That’s because you can perform everyday banking functions securely. Park Bank Mobile Banking lets you check account balances, review transactions, transfer funds between ...    1 MB    Views 5460

CB-Mobile Banking

Related Apps banking text ipad iphone mobile accounts bank settings account features select
+28    The CBMobile Banking App is free and available for online banking customers of Civista Bank, headquartered in Sandusky Ohio. Access your accounts anytime, anywhere from your iPhone or iPad. Enjoy these features: Check account balances View Transactions Transfer money between accounts Pay bills Deposit checks Locate the bank's ...    12 MB    Views 9799
Related Apps banking text money account mobile free message online enrolled transactions view hawaii
-2    Hawaii FCU Mobile is convenient, secure, and free for members. Mobile banking lets you check your balance, verify deposits, and monitor all account transactions at the touch of a button, and you can even receive text message alerts to help you ...    1 MB    Views 6574

NVB Mobile

Related Apps banking money text mobile online account accounts bank valley information
+20    In today’s fast paced world, time is money. With NVB Mobile, your accounts are just a click away. You can enjoy FREE and FAST access to your account balances and activity, transfer between accounts, find an ATM, and more It’s ...    3 MB    Views 7376
Related Apps banking text mobile union credit access account password
+25    With Mobile Banking from Generations Credit Union, you can manage your banking anytime and from anywhere Enjoy the convenience of onthego money management with two options from GCU, our Mobile Banking app or our Mobile Banking Website. Mobile Banking is ...    7 MB    Views 4253
Related Apps banking text security time mobile bank account check deposit information
+15    Simsbury Bank Mobile gives you a secure and convenient way to access your banking needs right on your mobile device. Make sure you’re signed up for our free Simsbury Bank online banking then download our mobile app to: View realtime information about ...    7 MB    Views 7806

Split My Bill

email tax text bill amounts split tip final owe
+9    Split My Bill allows you to divide a bill fairly among a group of people. After inputting each item (and who it was shared with), the tax, and tip you want to leave, it shows you what each person will ...    2 MB    Views 9216

CFCU Mobile

Related Apps banking text time history cfcu mobile account real watch member includes
0    The CFCU mobile banking app allows you 24/7 access to deposit checks remotely from your phone, check account balances, view account history, transfer funds between your account or to another CFCU member and locate branches or ATMs. You can even manage ...    12 MB    Views 6474

Itasca Bank

Related Apps banking security text search bank trust mobile online service services information
+3    Get 24/7 access to your Itasca Bank & Trust Co. bank account information and services from your iPhone/iPad. Itasca Bank & Trust Co. Mobile Banking is a free service offered to all Itasca Bank & Trust Co. Online Banking customers. FEATURES CHECK ...    3 MB    Views 3020
banking text solution file slips pay data payments
-2    Smart ID Pay makes your online payments easier. You don't have to type manually this so loooonnnng reference number any more You can now read in a snap all the informations (ref number, account, amount). Once all your inpayment slips are ...    11 MB    Views 9566
Related Apps banking text mobile solutions account access bank savings
-1    Bank from wherever you are. Mobile Solutions is the ultimate ondemand mobile banking service. Access your account information including checking, savings, CD’s and loans 24/7 from any mobile phone with either text messaging or mobile web access. View ...    1 MB    Views 9652
Related Apps banking security text south bank central mobile online accounts current
-2    South Central Bank – Mobile Banking By South Central Bank Manage your South Central Bank accounts anytime, anywherefrom your iPhone with South Central Bank Mobile Banking. South Central Bank Mobile Banking is a free1 service offered to all South Central Bank Online Banking ...    1 MB    Views 7951
Related Apps banking text apps mobile account bank access alerts accounts message
+5    McClain Go will allow you to access your accounts with your mobile device any time you want from wherever you are. Plus, you can sign up for Text Banking and Alerts to make sure you're always up to date. Enroll ...    13 MB    Views 9673
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