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+6    Your personal professional Financial Services Consultant Joined in 1993. From 19931998 I had been awarded Million Dollar Club. From 20032008 I am a General insurance representing EQ and AIG which includes workman compensation, public liability, foreign medical insurance, motors. And also, Packages for ...    16 MB    Views 3085

Stockportfolio Pro

0    It’s never been easier to follow your stocks on the go. With The Stock portfolio app, you’ll get a quick and easy overview of your portfolio's performance. See how your portfolios has developed during the day or since any given date. ...    5 MB    Views 2091


+26    This application is a calculator that displays the history. The value can be corrected by the history confirmation the result on the way of the calculation. The time of the recalculation due to the inputting error can be greatly decreased. Calc history and ...    227 kb    Views 3949
+11    An easy way to track your daily expenses when you are on the go. Keep your expenses in different currencies on the same monthly list while you are travelling abroad. Send your monthly expenses by mail if you wish. Key Points: ...    6 MB    Views 1999


+15    V.V. Project Manager Manage your project in the job site Enter as many projects as you want. Enter the contractors that work for you. To help you manage each contractor you will have the following options: 1)Assign a color which will give you the possibility ...    812 kb    Views 4655

Dover-Phila FCU

+1    We are a federal credit union located in Tuscarawas County Ohio. On our app, you can access important information, including: Branch and ATM Locations Estimated current Car and Mortgage Rates, including calculators to estimate payments Online Banking Subscribe to Mailing Lists Many Branch and ATM Locations Current ...    12 MB    Views 3890


Related Apps management quotation information file pdf product price cost including mail
0    Imagine all products, quotation details, customers, and suppliers information in your phone. You can update these information anytime, and also create PDF file with quotation information and mail it right away. The business deal is almost done here. Quota is an ...    10 MB    Views 2022
shopping time grocery list lists amount statistics mail copy
+1    ShopList Brings you an easy to use shopping list Visual display of "ALL", "Done", "UnDone" shopping list, and the amount of statistics needed to purchase items When you to the cashier, you need to know in advance how much money At the ...    4 MB    Views 632
magazine coupons love money email home mint free coupon savings offers merchant print mail
+1    If you love your Mint, you're going to love this even more Your Mint Magazine delivered on the Pad This is our finest digital couponing experience. Simply tap to subscribe to your neighborhood Mint, download your first issue and ...    28 MB    Views 3810
+1    The Lean 6 Sigma Calculator is developed with consultancy advices from an experienced Lean Six Sigma professional who has been deploying the methodology for more than 15 years in the financial services industry, providing strategic quality planning, training and project ...    2 MB    Views 3229
education calculator loan talking results mail
+26    Talking Education Loan Calculator Finally, we have designed especially for you an education loan calculator that features a stateoftheart talking keyboard. How nice is to hear the iPhone/iPod. You can even share to others the results via text/image using email, great for ...    614 kb    Views 5087
design time calculator text email web calculate usage hourly rate mail estimate factor
+2    Calculate design fees: How much time do you need to design a business card, a brochure or a webdesign? With DESIGNFEE all it takes is a few clicks to calculate fees, estimate time effort, calculate usage, create quotes and send ...    5 MB    Views 2720


interest mail insurance loans period
+13    The loan calculator that has it all It can give you a quick answer or allow you to do indepth analysis. This tool will not hold you back and levels the playing field for everyone... Amortization Schedules APR Canada compounding Closing Costs Compare loans Dues EMail with ...    1 MB    Views 5657
Related Apps calculator mortgage loan rates free simple mail contact latest information
+2    A Simple and Free Mortgage Calculator from New York's Finest Mortgage Banker. My free mortgage calculator is a simple tool to help you determine affordability on your most important personal investment. With interest rates changing almost daily, my calculator uses a ...    324 kb    Views 5420
Related Apps job von und sie jobs mail
+10    Suchen und finden Sie Ihren nächsten Job jederzeit und überall. Die Jobs App von bietet Ihnen alle Funktionen für eine effiziente Jobsuche: Suche nach Tätigkeitsfeld, Freitext und Region zahlreiche Suchfilter zur Einschränkung der Ergebnisse das Merken von Anzeigen, so ...    521 kb    Views 4985
depreciation book schedule asset straight print mail accumulated life line
0    This application generates depreciation schedule for straight line depreciation. Input: (a) Book Value of Asset (b) Asset Life (c) Useful Life of Asset Output: Depreciation Schedule with beginning book value, total depreciation, depreciation expense, accumulated depreciation, ending book value. Graph of accumulated depreciation (AD) and ending book ...    869 kb    Views 1172
Related Apps news time market alerts data set real charts mail
-2    Make critical trading and investment decisions in today’s fastmoving markets. SunGard's MarketMap Mobile provides flexible access to highquality, global market data including realtime price information, research, news and analysis from over 160 global exchanges and overthecounter (OTC) data sources. Simply login ...    13 MB    Views 8978


Related Apps der und des auf mail von die mit
+2    Die App GwGIdent Die einfache Art der Identifizierung des Vertragspartners nach dem Geldwäschegesetz. Die HandyApp zum einfachen und schnellen Identifizieren Dokumentieren und Archivieren von Vertragspartnern nach den Vorgaben des Geldwäschegesetzes. Bei Verdacht auf Geldwäsche oder Terrorismusfinanzierung Erstellen einer Verdachtsanzeige und Übermittlung der Verdachtsanzeige an die zuständigen Behörden Zugriff auf Merkblätter, ...    NAN    Views 8201


0    AccountsApp provides a rich functionality for your daily account management. With this app you can manage your ledgers from anywhere and at any time. The application helps you track your spending. Keep backup of your all your ledgers and mail ...    4 MB    Views 9519
depreciation double book balance schedule mail print asset
+9    Double Declining Balance application generates depreciation schedule using double declining balance method of depreciation. AD and remaining BV graph is displayed. Input: (a) Book Value of Asset (b) Useful life of asset (c) Salvage value of asst Output: Table with beginning book value, depreciation expense, depreciation rate, ...    906 kb    Views 9392

R&B Buchhalter

visit mail http bookkeeper
+1    R&B Bookkeeper is a simple and easytouse Money tracking App. The focus of this application is on clarity and ease of use. Features: Monthly view similar to a bank statement. Quickly navigate between months and jump to the current month. Automate fixed recurring costs suchs ...    1 MB    Views 9119

SB Saanen Bank

banking news bank account payments data mail
+18    The SB Saanen Bank Mobile Banking App You are travelling and want to know your account balance quickly or make an urgent payment. If so, this App is just right for you. Use the SB Saanen Bank App for quick and ...    14 MB    Views 492

Production Or Use

depreciation schedule production asset print mail
-1    This application uses Production or Use depreciation method to generate depreciation schedule. Input: 1. Asset Value 2. Asset Life 3. Salvage Value 4. Yearly Output: Depreciation schedule and Accumulated Depreciation (AD) and ending Book Value (BV) graph Print & EMail: 1. Print depreciation schedule 2. EMail depreciation schedule as ...    773 kb    Views 2881


mail conto puoi tuoi della
+21    Sei iscritto a Fonchim e con un semplice tocco vuoi conoscere il valore della tua posizione oppure modificare il tuo indirizzo email? Da oggi puoi, ovunque ti trovi e in qualsiasi momento Scarica la app di Fonchim e verifica: il valore ...    404 kb    Views 4302

ICICI Bank iLoans

-3    “ICICI Bank iLoans” is ICICI Bank's official mobile application for loan products offered by the bank. It's a breakthrough innovation in loan servicing where particularly loan details and some of the statements can now be generated on mobile phones. Customers who have ...    7 MB    Views 4769

Edit N Mail PDF

facebook ipad pdf edit processing mail
+13    Forget the hassles of printing, scanning, email and faxing. "Edit N Send" lets you sign and fill out any PDF document right from your iPad in minutes. All processing is done on your iPad safe and secure. No server side ...    215 kb    Views 4990
morning investors mail partners evans
+5    The Evans and Partners Morning Mail app provides investors with an analytic insight into global financial markets, economic trends and individual companies. With the ability to search by company, sector and presenter, the Evans and Partners Morning Mail app will keep ...    5 MB    Views 4636

Visma eAccounting

+1    Access your customers’ and suppliers’ contact details, make notes, get important reminders and stay in control of your business wherever you are. This is a musthave app for anyone using Vismas Internetbased ERP solution, Visma eAccounting. Features: My eAccounting Alerts and reminders, ...    7 MB    Views 4429

Inventory S

facebook inventory screen mail https www youtube year print watch
+30    “Inventory S” is the Simplest inventory management for Small business. Suit for small companies, shops, SOHOs, retails, internet sellers.... Features: Easy, Quick and Clear (Warning This app won't work on iPad 1 ) Functions: ”Account” screen: You may set for more than one ...    1 MB    Views 8403
rebate track mail upc times pictures send
+21    How many times have you purchased an item with mail in rebate but forgot to track the rebate? How many times have you heard an excuse, "Sir, we did not receive your rebate" or "You forgot to send us a ...    3 MB    Views 1640
apps money history menu story title simple item account mail edit delete slide
-8    All About SIMPLE. Auto iCloud backup You don't want a balance sheet. You don't want a complicated accounting books or apps Those are too difficult to learn You just want a simple, neat, beautiful app that can just put plus and minor factors. Well.. HERE IT ...    9 MB    Views 4679
car money vehicle fuel month consumption application mail distance expenses service gasoline
-1    Gasoline Consumption is application designed for anybody who drives some kind of vehicle (car, motorcycle, truck, etc.). It allows you to fast and easily record and manage your vehicle fuel expenses, service expenses, fuel consumption, distance traveled and much more. By ...    6 MB    Views 5058
Related Apps calculator title florida fees guarantee mail seconds delivered reports access
-3    Florida Title Calculator is like having an electronic rate card in your pocket or purse, but that’s only the beginning This free app, from Guarantee Title, Inc. of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, allows you to use your iPhone, iPad or ...    2 MB    Views 8234
banking person security mobile mail cooperative coop information account www
+3    Pittsfield Cooperative Mobile Banking offers a convenient, easy way to do your banking from anywhere at any time. This app gives you the ability to perform the same functions you would with Pittsfield Coop online banking only with a user ...    11 MB    Views 2037
Related Apps sie und die der mobile mail den
+21    "Kraftstoffverbrauch" ist eine MobileApp, die für jeden gemacht ist, der ein Kraftfahrzeug fährt (Auto, Motor, Lastkraftwagen). Sie ermöglicht Ihnen leichte und schnelle Handhabung bzw. Evidenz von Benzinverbrauch und von Benzinkosten, zurückgelegte Distanz und noch vieles mehr. Durch die Evidenz des Tanks ...    6 MB    Views 8514

Breathe NZ

news calculator contact mail
+2    This is the official Breathe Mobile App. Now you can make powerful decisions for yourself and we have done all the hard work for you. Ultimately we provide you the tools to make an informed decision – your future, your choice. App ...    20 MB    Views 7161
calculator finance ipad iphone loan report data graphical key mail examples
0    Finance Calculator Pro is an universal iPhone / iPad application giving ordinary users a quick way to estimate credit parameters and evaluate performance of deposits without help of banking professionals. The program also provides a detailed calculation report in graphical ...    9 MB    Views 2552


0    It is a calculator that inputs the calculating formula and outputs the result. The calculating formula etc. that use () parentheses that cannot be done in a usual calculator are possible. The history in the calculating formula and the equation etc. ...    1 MB    Views 3654

UID Validator

photo vat official picture mail manually http automatically
+7    Highlights: + Fully automatic VatIdrecognition from a picture/photo + Validation VatIds using official EUservice + Send XMLvalidation report via EMail Description: Validates a manually entered VatId OR automatically extracted VatId from a picture/photo using the official EU validation service No restrictions, no registration, no advertising Usage: Enter a ...    25 MB    Views 6884

Lista Fiscale 2015

tuo 2015 fiscale lista sei mail dei
+22    Lista Fiscale 2015 è la checklist fiscale aggiornata al 2015 per la richiesta e consegna dei documenti per la redazione della dichiarazione dei redditi. Sei un commercialista? basta inserire l'indirizzo mail del tuo cliente e potrai inviargli l'elenco di tutti i ...    2 MB    Views 6410
money twitter drink wedding savings easy target set amount category input mail
0    Save your money making berieve and let's save wisely and store well "Easy savings" supports skillful savings by recording daily little saving and patience Bear a place to drink one more to an evening drink, and input into "Easy savings" If ...    993 kb    Views 5092

Tax Calculate

tax calculations calculate send list mail
-6    You can calculate any number with a tax included or excluded value, list your calculations and send them by email with this applications simple interface. Calculate tax easily You can save your calculations You can list your saved calculations with just one click You ...    5 MB    Views 8432

Bank Millennium

cards history card credit transfers touch mail pin bank
+2    Nowa Aplikacja mobilna Banku Millennium łatwo dopasowuje się do indywidualnych potrzeb użytkowników. Jest prosta w obsłudze, wygodna i oferuje dużo większą swobodę w zarządzaniu finansami. Dostępne funkcje: Rachunki: • Saldo, historia i szczegóły • Przelewy własne, krajowe, natychmiastowe, na email/numer telefonu , za pomocą QR kodu • Tworzenie ...    41 MB    Views 6128


money expenses reports spending child expense mail review
+25    BabyExpenses is an intuitive and easy to use app tailored to tracking various expenses for a child separately from your other expenses. Record your expenses on the go, and know where you stand with regards to spending on your child. With ...    2 MB    Views 764


loan rate loans amount borrowed mail mortgage period payment
+6    loan+ is your ultimate utility for estimating payment structures and loans. Whether is be auto loans, standard loans, adjustable or fixed mortgage loans, loan+ allows you to calculate various variables. You can input as little as rate, amount borrowed, and ...    2 MB    Views 9936
banking person security mobile mail information cooperative coop view visit
+10    Pittsfield Cooperative Mobile Banking offers a convenient, easy way to do your banking from anywhere at any time. This app gives you the ability to perform the same functions you would with Pittsfield Coop online banking only with a user ...    1 MB    Views 4722

Stockportfolio Lite

monitor stock portfolio stocks cross loss mail push development portfolios displays
-8    It’s never been easier to follow your stocks on the go. With The Stock portfolio app, you’ll get a quick and easy overview of your portfolio's performance. See how your portfolios has developed during the day or since any given date. ...    10 MB    Views 5929


Related Apps der und des auf mail von die mit
+7    Die App GwGIdent Die einfache Art der Identifizierung des Vertragspartners nach dem Geldwäschegesetz. Die HandyApp zum einfachen und schnellen Identifizieren Dokumentieren und Archivieren von Vertragspartnern nach den Vorgaben des Geldwäschegesetzes. Bei Verdacht auf Geldwäsche oder Terrorismusfinanzierung Erstellen einer Verdachtsanzeige und Übermittlung der Verdachtsanzeige an die zuständigen Behörden Zugriff auf Merkblätter, ...    NAN    Views 909


Related Apps iphone work apple gps data fahrtenbuch online track dropbox google mail
0    NEW The first Mileage Log with full GPS Tracking, Autostart | Autostop, iCal, Apple Watch, Pebble Smartwatch, iBeacon, iCloud Backup, Touch ID and Dropbox integration No registration, no recurring fees, no other hardware (OBDII dongle, etc.) needed Fahrtenbuch, is the 1 choice ...    15 MB    Views 473

Pocket Budget

Related Apps budget support categories pocket mail ability data reports password modify
+23    The best way to manage your personal finances. Tracking of expenses & incomes has never been easier. Just few clicks and you know where your money goes and how you can improve your cashflow. Now with recurring transactions support =[ Main ...    2 MB    Views 7670

Sum of Years Digits

depreciation schedule book asset accumulated sum print mail digits years
+25    This application generates depreciation schedule using SumofYears' Digits depreciation method. Input: (a) Asset Value (b) Asset Life (c) Salvage Value Output: Depreciation table with Beginning Book Value, Total Depreciation Cost, Depreciation Expense, Accumulated Depreciation and Ending Book Value. Accumulated Depreciation (AD) and ending Book Value (BV) graph Print ...    891 kb    Views 758
ipad tax click enter file vehicles mail service taxsoftware taxes filing
+10    For unlimited free support please email to Have to pay Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax with form 2290? It’s Easy. You can do it on the iPhone or iPad with’s app for Form 2290. Once you efile, you receive ...    30 MB    Views 4100

Mortgage Excellence

home calculator car mortgage brokers loan excellence financial mail
+20    This is the official Mortgage Excellence Mobile App. All our mortgage brokers have extensive experience in the home loan industry. They are well placed to assist borrowers of all kinds, from first home buyers to seasoned investors and construction companies. We ...    14 MB    Views 1418
Related Apps calculator postage mail royal prices date accurate
-9    The average business that uses this app saves 34% on postage costs. Clear, Accurate & UpToDate Prices Royal Mail Postage Calculator quickly shows which Royal Mail postage services are available for your package. Instantly calculates: First and Second Class Recorded (Signed For) Special Delivery Airmail Surface mail Prices are ...    7 MB    Views 3993
application details loans loan mail account view statements
-6    “Religare VServe Loans ” is Religare official mobile application for loan products offered by RFL and RHDFC. Customers who have loans can use this application. All you need to do is download the Religare Vserve Loans application on your mobile and ...    2 MB    Views 9162
web design business text site mail hourly costs send cost fee
0    How much should a web site cost? This is one of the most frequently asked but rarely answered questions. For our app WEB FEE, our team of professional web designers, SEO specialists and developers have examine the most important factors when ...    5 MB    Views 8791
Related Apps money book spend month save select read household mail
0    Introducing a budget book app with cute illustrations With this app, you can keep track of how much money you spend in a month, and even save money As a bonus feature, the app includes a comic book The longer you continue ...    19 MB    Views 3495


Related Apps card business sale canadian wireless credit processing mobile phone sales mail
+12    Finding the most cost effective wireless solution to process sales…Priceless Why have both a wireless processing terminal and a cell phone when you only need one? UBizCharge™ is a Mobile Point of Sale application that turns a merchant’s I Phone Smart Phone ...    663 kb    Views 2487
time iphone ipad monitor data usage billing track location mail features
0    Take control of your data usage. It’s time to stop paying overage. Monitoring Mobile Data and Wifi in RealTime Simple to set up and intuitive to use. Calculate your recommended daily quota Work with any carriers, any plans and any billing cycle. Set usage alerts ...    3 MB    Views 9377


program customers ios newsletter purchase mail set device shop amount
+15    myCustomers is the app for small to medium shop owners, who would like to set up a customers cashback reward program and targeted newsletters with no effort, right from their iOS device. To keep loyal customers happy is crucial for small ...    1 MB    Views 2676
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