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+6    New design Calculator with history you can save, edit and copy of your calculation new game: gamesnake please visit our website for more information there are plenty of new application and game that free for download. New design & GUI improvements Bug fix and performance improvements Stability improvements ماشین ...    2 MB    Views 4675
+14    MINECRAFT FANS The ultimate app for your Ipad is now here. Create and share your creations with millions of other Minecraft fans with this all new Creation Designer app. Very helpful for designing your cool creations. HD videos will help you ...    59 MB    Views 2982

Abundance by Design

0    Abundance by Design provides the tools, training, coaching and resources to help you develop the selfreliance needed to develop financial intelligence. These skills are invaluable to creating a financial destiny that is truly in alignment with your financial goals and ...    12 MB    Views 2570
+28    Paper Tally brings the stark simplicity of pen and paper to expense tracking. Optimised for rapid input and quick glances of your expense history, Paper Tally abandons gimmicky graphs and restrictive tags in favour of simple list views, totals and ...    437 kb    Views 6021

CollabMobile BI

+1    CollabMobile is a mobile data visualization and collaboration platform. CollabMobile transforms your data into dashboards, reports and charts for your mobile devices. CollabMobile can easily use your existing data warehouse for building mobile reports and publish these reports to mobile devices ...    5 MB    Views 8217
+4    This App brings Simple Elegant and Effective Visualization and touch experience to your debt pay off planner. Getting out of Debt is no easy task, Our App makes it little easier and gives you the needed motivation. The visualization of debt ...    8 MB    Views 4409
+17    Trusted Message Sign is the next generation of SMS when it comes to securing binding mobile transactions and business activities while providing more user comfort and significantly improved reliability. SIGNING HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY With our Trusted Message Sign App (TMS) ...    25 MB    Views 1820

ShopPink Time Pro

shopping time apple playing design items list groups mark watch add
+8    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS We present you a truly cute shopping list app It will suit every pink lover who is keen on making some purchases. ShopPink Time will make your shopping experience much comfortable and enjoyable. Create and manage the ...    6 MB    Views 2925
Related Apps ipad design work budget excel budgets charts free category transactions budgeted budgeting easy
+5    Top 1 iPad overall (USA) financial app developer offers: Budgets for all your expenses and income with progress per each category. Fantastic sparkling futureoriented design (check the screenshots). Easily sync data with other iPads. Get now You want an application, which ...    14 MB    Views 8995

Calc ME

-4    Calc ME Is a full featured scientific calculator for iPad. It turns your iPad into a lifesize calculator with amazing mechanical design. Save and comment your calculations for later use. Features: standard scientific calculator features landscape and portrait modes calculations history with ...    7 MB    Views 298


family design apple information share gift encryption platform friends multi store
+26    We all have vital information that we should be sharing with our loved ones. Ourstuf will allow you to securely store and share this essential information so that it can be safely accessed by designated family and friends. How does it ...    5 MB    Views 3177


design personal budget mobile expenses expense income manage accounts world daily customers application
-7    Calculates yours financial status.. Manage your personal finance anytime anywhere with expense manager combines an expense manager and a budget planner Track and manage daily expenses quickly & easily Business expenses, personal expenses, travel expenses etc can all be managed rapidly using ...    876 kb    Views 9985
Related Apps business design search time pro activities place address
+4    Folders Pro The Business App Get Folders Pro with unlimited business folders Convert your address book, todo lists and calendars into amazing business folders. No business is too small for Folders. Even if you are working most of the time alone, this ...    76 MB    Views 8427


design time count counter cars smoking coins interesting collect
+4    Download this app with a cool and modern design and count everything you want Have you ever said: ’If I had a dollar for every time....’? So why not to count THESE TIMES? This is a great chance to count whatever ...    15 MB    Views 8538
web design business text site mail hourly costs send cost fee
-3    How much should a web site cost? This is one of the most frequently asked but rarely answered questions. For our app WEB FEE, our team of professional web designers, SEO specialists and developers have examine the most important factors when ...    5 MB    Views 8791


Related Apps design calculator features
-2    •Calculator features stylish design, animated feedback with a traditional layout for quick and easy calculations. FEATURES ‣ Nine themes ‣ Smooth glowing animations on button presses ‣ Scientific Notation ‣ Stylish colourful design ‣ Supports up to 8 digits ‣ 5 Operations Download now, for free    16 MB    Views 9280
Related Apps calculator design green mail application black
-9    The Lean 6 Sigma Calculator is developed with consultancy advices from an experienced Lean Six Sigma professional who has been deploying the methodology for more than 15 years in the financial services industry, providing strategic quality planning, training and project ...    2 MB    Views 3229

HSC Trade Pro

Related Apps market stock design trading pro trade features orders vietnam application
+21    HSC Trade Pro is an iPad mobile online trading application for Vietnam stock market sponsored by HSC. The application aims at enhancing investor's portfolio or trading performance while bringing best user experience. With comprehensiveness, speed and ease, it provides seamless ...    8 MB    Views 7230
+5    Balance is a personal finance software that exists on the device you take with you everywhere ... your iPhone. With an elegant interface and intuitive design, Balance will help you and your family make managing personal finances a breeze. Balance helps ...    14 MB    Views 3424
ipad iphone design personal downloading management finance banking accounts transactions data checkbook support bank sync
+7    60% OFF LIMITED TIME Checkbook HD offers you a quick and simple way of managing your personal finances. Luxurious iPadoriented design (check the screenshots). Easy sync and iPad/iPhone versions combined in one app Buy now ►► "In a nutshell, ...    45 MB    Views 3182

Ourstuf Gift

design apple information gift view platform devices order encryption
-8    We all have vital information that we should be sharing with our loved ones. A friend or family member has chosen to share important information with you. Ourstuf Gift will allow you to securely access and view this essential information. Ourstuf ...    5 MB    Views 3873
design die und sie der mit oder finder immobilien
0    Der SImmobilienFinder im neuen Design. Finden Sie Ihre Traumimmobilie an Ihrem Wunschort mit dem neuen SImmobilienFinder. Die App wurde in großen Teilen neu entwickelt und erscheint im aktuellen iOS7Design. Dank des neuen Designs und des komplett überarbeiteten Bedienkonzeptes ist die App ...    NAN    Views 3359
stock market news finance time design ipad iphone management symbol portfolios screener live list currency
-8    GoFinance with stunning UI provides the most powerful management tool for your Stock Portfolios. Extraordinary Stock Screener's built from advanced filters from Google Finance data. Real time quotes, stock charts, live news, market trends and live currency are in one ...    6 MB    Views 5599

Balanced Scorecard

business ipad design strategy monitor balanced strategic indicators implement multi easy
+11    The control of your Business in the Palm of your Hand, a complete Dashboard that lets you Monitor the Progress of your Business Strategy and Design your own Balanced Scorecard . You can Control the Success of your Strategy each ...    5 MB    Views 9134

Quick Cancel UK

+7    QUICK CANCEL UK APP INFO The purpose of this app is to display the phone numbers you need to call to report a theft, cancel your bank cards and put a bar on your mobile phone. You could be your ...    NAN    Views 7106

Currency Exchanger

design currency currencies convert exchanger
-4    Exchanger is a simple way to convert currency in mobile. Nice design with flat design 100+ world currencies Convert multicurrencies in one time Personal currency list – just pick the currencies you need Offline mode (do not need network) Search ...    1008 kb    Views 4465

PSMonitor Free

stock design stocks price tab view loss viewing day profit
-6    NOTE: Not compatible with iOS 8 PSMonitor lets you monitor the Philippine stock market activity on the go (requires a WiFi or data connection). ▪ Stock price updates from the stock exchange ▪ Simple and intuitive interface ▪ All Stocks tab for viewing actively ...    19 MB    Views 5332
+15    Der beste Rechner rund um Besoldungstabellen, Familienzuschlag, Kindergeld und Zulagen Berechnen Sie im Handumdrehen Ihr Brutto/NettoEinkommen und vergleichen Sie verschiedene Karriereentwicklungen Alle aktuellen Besoldungstabellen des Bundes und der Länder sowie des TVÖDBund in Ihrer Westentasche Für iPad und iPhone. Speziell angepasst an ...    10 MB    Views 4145
Related Apps money calculator design life save calculators rich simple
+29    "Money is not everything in life but, your life will see better with moeny" So get iCal. iCal Easy way to save money iCal is a simple way to save your money and mange your money in correctly. You want to be ...    3 MB    Views 195

SimpleTax Canada

tax design facebook ipad twitter simple income taxes canada refund return support
0    SimpleTax is the awesome way to do your taxes. Friendly, fast, and fun (yes, fun), it's the tax software you've always wanted—now on iPad. Even better? You can pay what you want, no catch. Certified by the Canada Revenue Agency ...    NAN    Views 789
Related Apps calculator design personal ipad iphone easy skins functions currency basic converter mode
+4    Easy, fully editable iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch calculator. Tool easy to customise, simple in design, rich in functions and fast in calculations. With CALX you will never need another calculator app again ========= Basic Features ========= Basic calculator Scientific calculator with FAVOURITE ...    4 MB    Views 6939
business design mortgage thomas law assist firm
+3    Mobile App that assists your in getting mortgage licenses for your company and MLOs. Thomas Law Firm is the leading mortgage licensing firm in the country. We assist mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers, and mortgage servicers in obtaining mortgage licenses in all ...    22 MB    Views 383

99K Calculator

Related Apps calculator design students calculations print user friendly
0    Designed special for students, but because of user friendly design everyone can need it for mathematical calculations. Every calculations is registered. All calculations can be print or sent via email. Profits: . Available for IPad . Calculator . Register . Mail all calculations . Print all ...    6 MB    Views 9809
Related Apps design money rich
+4    Are you looking for money? Do you think you should be rich? Are you happy with your life? Download this app and see for your self. Test yourself and see what type of man/woman you are Will you be rich soon? Features: Awesome tests ...    9 MB    Views 5616
Related Apps bills calendar iphone planning design office excel ipad work payments expenses month spend easy paid
+29    Top 1 iPad app overall (USA) several consequent days. Plan and track your expenses every month. With all your devices synced, you'll never miss a bill again. Clear, simple and quick (a MUST HAVE) financial planning Start now ►►  You always ...    12 MB    Views 5909
french strategy marketing business design management consulting corporate solutions develop services
0    French IT Consulting Ltd. • As a global company headquartered in London and Dubai, as well as in Frankfurt, French IT Consulting offers with your contractors innovative solutions for your business. Our years of experience have shown us that every deadlock is ...    4 MB    Views 7233
design business iphone margin clearing price input field fields formula enter
+8    Instant margin calculator NEW DESIGN THIS VERSION REPLACES THE CURRENT "iMargin" FOR NEW DEVICES. We have also kept the original iMargin design if you prefer. Great app for sales professionals needing to review margin or selling price "Whether you're chasing a magical margin percentage ...    3 MB    Views 6763
+15    Introducing the new EZTip Calculator 2.0. EZTip Calculator 2.0 application has been rewritten from ground up to give you finer control over your tip calculations. Now, you can not only round your tip to the nearest dollar, but also up or ...    4 MB    Views 6630

BesoldungsApp Light

design und der die sie des berechnung wir
+10    Der beste Rechner rund um Besoldungstabellen, Familienzuschlag, Kindergeld und Zulagen Berechnen Sie im Handumdrehen Ihr Brutto/NettoEinkommen und vergleichen Sie verschiedene Karriereentwicklungen Alle aktuellen Besoldungstabellen des Bundes und der Länder sowie des TVÖDBund in Ihrer Westentasche Für iPad und iPhone. Speziell angepasst an ...    13 MB    Views 9152
stock market news finance time ipad design tracker iphone management portfolios live symbol screener charts currency
+6    Stunning Stock Plus UI provides the most perfect management tool ever for your Google Finance Portfolios. Picking good stocks for your portfolios is now easy and advanced with extraordinary Stock Screener which built from strong filters from Google Finance data. ...    9 MB    Views 2794


design time analytics people global digital electronic reach expense
+11    Would you like to drastically reduce the time and expense of printing? Would you like to drastically reduce the time and expense of shipping or mailing print? Would you like to reach people where they are, on their cell phones? ...    5 MB    Views 2641

Cool Tip Calculator

Related Apps people tax calculator design party person tip total number amount check pay calculate cool split
+8    This app can calculate tip and total for a group two different ways: 1 Split a check evenly: Enter the number of people in your party and choose a tip percentage. The application will calculate the total tip amount, total to ...    1 MB    Views 8852
design time currency real prices
-1    A must have for auroracoin newbie. You can get the latest market prices of auroracoin and will displayed in auroracoin price and your local currency. Features RealTime auroracoin prices Set custom auroracoin amount(like 31.8 auroracoin) RealTime currency convert(support 50+ currency. BTC, USD, ...    9 MB    Views 5525

Bills for iPhone

Related Apps bills calendar iphone planning design office excel ipad work payments spend expenses month paid easy
+15    Top 1 iPad app overall (USA) several consequent days. Plan and track your expenses every month. With all your devices synced, you'll never miss a bill again. Clear, simple and quick (a MUST HAVE) financial planning Buy now ►►  You always ...    12 MB    Views 7064

Freelance Calc

web design estimates freelance calc generate page themes switch count hourly
+2    Have you ever been asked, "How much would a small web site or design cost?" `Freelance Calc` provides that quick way to estimate your next web/print design projects. Don't miss out on that next job Download `Freelance Calc` now for free Features: ...    11 MB    Views 1334
text business email design library apps invoices support client clients document information automatically
+5    Salon Manager is a comprehensive app for stylists, estheticians, nail techs, massage and other personal service providers that is utilized to track clients and their visits. It uses both the Contact and Calendar applications so there is no need to ...    16 MB    Views 9508
business design dashboards companies minutes steps indicators balanced
-3    The control of your business in the palm of your hand, design your own Dashboards or Balanced Scorecards. It is synchronized with Excel through your personal cloud account ( An exclusive tool of big companies, now in the IPAD with an easy ...    37 MB    Views 5942
budget twitter facebook money search design saver expenses net track beautiful works store tracking entries
+5    ● Featured by Apple as "App of the Week", "What's Hot", "New and Noteworthy" and "Top Grossing" ● Ranked as 1 Financial App all over the World ● Best App Ever Awards 2011 Finalist EXPERTS ABOUT SAVER: "Beautiful to look at and easy to ...    4 MB    Views 6857


Related Apps apple design watch list expense features simple easy edit
+8    Travellet is application for you iPhone that help you keep tracking expense while travel Travelled features Easy to input data within 3 steps User can edit item for correction and more detail Simple interface design Date list and expense list for ...    10 MB    Views 8751
Related Apps time design currency simple intuitive exchange supporting real currencies rates
-9    xCurrency, the most simple & beautiful currency convertor. Using Minimalist design and making a intuitive and graceful experience to global travelers. Supporting more than 160 currencies and get realtime updates for exchange rates. Now it has been adapted to iPhone ...    11 MB    Views 3695


retirement tax design age cash balance plan client plans contributions
+3    CashBalancePRO is a smart mobile tool for financial advisors, CPAs, TPAs and other retirement professionals who want to grow their businesses with Cash Balance plans. App features include a calculator showing maximum qualified plan contributions based on a client’s age, ...    19 MB    Views 8153

BECU Money Mgr.

Related Apps money design view accounts manager funds features updated
+5    Manage your finances in the palm of your hand: BECU’s Money Manager app is designed to bring budgeting to your phone. Use the unique Money Manager features to view not only your BECU accounts but also your credit cards, bank ...    44 MB    Views 6865


design discount amount percentage original classic discounted enter discounts
+3    ContaSconto is one of the most downloaded apps for calculating Discounts ContaSconto lets you calculate discounts on a given amount simply and intuitively.  Here are all the ContaSconto features: Discount:  Enter the original value and select the discount percentage: you instantly see the amount ...    2 MB    Views 199
stock market time apple iphone design price prices beautiful stocks displays quickly
+18    FREE for a Limited Time Market is the perfect stock market app for iPhone. View realtime quotes with a beautiful, minimal design. "Market is the perfect stocks app for any minimalist that still wants to keep up on the stock value." – ...    2 MB    Views 5632
banking navigation design vos avec easy les des votre vous une
+11    Avec Easy banking, votre banque est toujours à portée de main. Partout. Avec Easy banking, votre banque vous accompagne partout sur votre smartphone ou votre tablette. L’ app vous offre toutes les possibilités et fonctionnalités nécessaires à vos opérations bancaires quotidiennes. La ...    NAN    Views 8649

Bull or Bear

market design facebook signal bull bear decision correct tool analysis
-3    When we are reluctant to make a decision about our portfolio investment in the funds, stocks, futures, or commodities market, we always ask ourselves that "Should I buy or sell the stocks now?". "BULL or BEAR" developed for the person who ...    5 MB    Views 258

EZCalculate Widget

calculator time keyboard design tax widget calculators custom decimal colors easy
+5    As an iOS 8 widget, EZCalculate turns your iPhone into an always available calculator. It is easy to use because it lets you view and change any of your entries. You can even customize the color WIDGET As a widget (iOS 8 ...    553 kb    Views 9293

My AA Finance

finance budget personal design email income report expense support auto expenses account transaction
0    Personal My Finance AA+ App design and develop to help you track all your finance account, income and your daily expenses. The main different of Personal Finance + is the app can easy overview your total finance by different standard and ...    17 MB    Views 9152
calculator tax map design iphone ipad math tip review users
+1    Download and use Sleek Tip Calculator even after a celebration and a few drinks. Math can be on vacation, too. It offers much more than a numeric keypad. The builtin map helps you navigate after a long day. It gives ...    4 MB    Views 3454
design budget iphone category expenses description spending beautiful set
+6    Spendy is the ultimate and best way to manage your expenses on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With its awesome and beautiful design, adding an expense takes only a few taps. Open the app, select the category, enter the ...    6 MB    Views 2964
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