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Euro Dollar Premium

+10    Eur to USD Plus, without Ads US Dollar to Euro converter and vice versa. The exchange rate is daily updated. If you cannot get network connectivity, it will take the last Dollar exchange rate available. This version is completely free from advertising. Direct ...    971 kb    Views 6360

Dollar to Euro

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+14    This simple application will convert US Dollar to Euro.    1 MB    Views 8074

Euro Simple

euro rate exchange rates simple updated euros pesos
0    "Euro Simple" helps you get the updated Euro Exchange rate in Argentina. Fast, simple and FREE You can get the following exchange rates: • Blue Euro rate (a.k.a. informal, parallel, etc). • Official Euro rate. • Savings Euro rate. • Credit Cards Euro rate. Functions: • Updated values ...    982 kb    Views 1680
euro der die mit wird
0    Euro in Österreichische Schilling umrechnen Am 01.01.2014 wurde der Euro 12 Jahre alt. Obwohl der Euro Europaweit als Zahlungsmittel fungiert, rechnen laut aktuellen Erhebungen (Nov. 2011) zufolge noch 40% der ÖsterreicherInnen immer noch in ihre alte Währung um. Falls Sie auch ...    253 kb    Views 8371
+24    Terry Kilakos and his team are highly trained mortgage brokers servicing all of Quebec and some parts of Canada. Their portfolio of satisfied clients gives them a sound reputation and makes them the number one choice for mortgage advice. With ...    14 MB    Views 5866

Money Convert Free

euro currency convert
0    Simple way to convert from/to EURO US Dollar and other currency. First time when you run the application, you have to set up the conversion rates, or download the EUROUSD rate. You can enable another currency if you want. Once ...    2 MB    Views 428

My Taximeter

+9    With My Taximeter you can easily keep track of the real costs when using your car. What is the cost compared to taking the bus? Is it really less expensive to drive to a distant low cost mall instead of walking ...    1 MB    Views 6781

Euro FX Rates

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+3    The application displays the recent Euro exchange rates, as published by European Central Bank. Features: Change (%) from last day Currency converter Fully customizable list of displayed currencies    1 MB    Views 950

Xpert Taxes UFSTSG

tax taxes years questions situation
0    Tax preparation can be filled with questions – we’re here to help With experienced staff and years of training each year, Xpert Taxes tax professionals can help with nearly any tax situation. Download our FREE app and get access to ...    3 MB    Views 8538

Tip Advisor

+3    Do you often find yourself asking the question, "How much am I supposed to tip?" or even "Should I tip at all?" Figuring out who to tip, when and how much can be very difficult if you find yourself in situations ...    174 kb    Views 5946
+8    SSC specialise in supplying super cars, prestige cars and sports cars with the looks and performance specifically designed to take your breath away. The success that SSC has enjoyed to date has been very much driven by the passion of Shak, ...    26 MB    Views 6167

Echt of Vals

banknote note euro banknotes automatically picture
+28    Use this app to change your phone in an advanced euro banknote scanner. The Genuine or Counterfeit app is an aid for checking euro banknotes. This app has been developed by De Nederlandsche Bank. If you have a banknote that looks strange ...    6 MB    Views 5917

Busca Dólar

lar euro tempo você
+26    O Busca Dólar reúne uma seleção das principais casas de cmbio de Belo Horizonte apresentando suas cotações diárias de dólar e euro turismo em tempo real. Com ele, você poderá comparar os preços do dólar ou do euro com mais ...    5 MB    Views 8318

Euro Converter Free

Related Apps exchange euro rates free converter
+10    Euro Converter Free will allow you to convert from 159 different currencies, back to euros. It's ideal for anybody who travels a lot. Updating to the most recent exchange rates is only one button press away Keep exchange rates current with ...    433 kb    Views 420
bills euro note submit easy feedback entry
0    The best app to enter and submit your euro bills to EuroBillTracker (EBT). Track your euro bills in the largest euro bill tracking community. INCLUDES THESE AWESOME FEATURES: + Super easy note submission to + Powerful Keyboard Switching for the fastest note ...    6 MB    Views 6509
iphone money ipad crisis situation personally hints bring euro
-4    Each day we hear in the news negative headlines over further debts of the euro states.  
But what can you do in this situation personally? This app gives you useful hints, how you bring money by this crisis.  But which you can ...    6 MB    Views 1073
investment investing management stock asset allocation application euro ideal dollar
+21    Asset Allocation Asset Management Learn and simulate an investment in the stock market with the Asset Allocation Asset Allocation is the ideal application for those who want to simulate and monitor gains of an investment in shares, dollar, euro,etc Use the application ...    11 MB    Views 1882
photo police banknote real lines euro don transparency features check
+24    When somebody give me 50 € or 100 €, suddenly I start to sweat, asking myself "It's a fake ? It's a counterfeit banknote ?" I really don't know how to recognize real or fake cash. For me 50 € are a ...    16 MB    Views 6863


-3    This application costs less than your morning coffee and will be forever yours. It will be invaluable to anyone who is saving up for that big trip or just to catch a favorite movie This application allows you to save for ...    59 MB    Views 2231
kan deze een informatie niet dat als euro
+8    Middeling inkomstenbelasting Veel mensen weten dit niet, maar je kan je inkomen middelen over 3 jaar Ben je bijvoorbeeld net begonnen of heb je een wisselend inkomen, dan kan je mogelijk tot een paar duizend euro netto terugkrijgen van de belastingdienst Het ...    3 MB    Views 2696
real euro
+29    Easily and quickly convert between US Dollar, Euro and Brazilian Real, using updated exchange rates.    2 MB    Views 598

Euro to Kuna

+17    The fastest and simplest converter from Euro to Kuna and from Kuna to Euro. You do not need to config the currencies every time you open it, just launch it and enter the amount. It uses European Central Bank daily exchange rates. This ...    4 MB    Views 2618
tax business photo home turbotax taxes refund situation computer simple step snap
-1    Snap. Tap. Done. Get your taxes done right anytime, anywhere. The new TurboTax mobile app makes it easy for any tax situation. Start for freepay when you file your tax return. Simply swipe your way to your maximum tax refund, ...    39 MB    Views 7939


singapore dollar rates exchange view rupee financial support euro
+26    View and compare Indian Rupee exchange rates for US Dollar, Pound, Euro, Singapore Dollar or Australian Dollar from well known financial institutions like Axis Bank, HDFC, ICICI, Remit2India, SBI and others. . ++[ FEATURES ]++ . View exchange rates by financial institution View ...    1 MB    Views 1207
+14    Eurobank Srbija Vam predstavlja mBnking aplikaciju koja Vam omogućava da, potpuno sigurno, obavljate sve vrste transakcija putem Vašeg mobilnog telefona. Putem Eurobank mBnking aplikacije, na lak i siguran način možete da: • vrsite sve vrste transakcija u domacem platnom prometu, • proverite stanje ...    10 MB    Views 322

SEPA Awareness

organization sepa information questions screen countries euro payments area question
+15    Capgemini SEPA Awareness scan: This scan allows you to simply and quickly determine whether you and your organization are ready for the migration to SEPA. Information about SEPA: SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. and indicates the area in which with one ...    16 MB    Views 400

Cash Scanner

Related Apps euro cash notes scanner dollar
+11    Cash Scanner helps you determine whether your dollar and euro notes are authentic. Cash Scanner checks security features on dollar bills and euro notes, and serial numbers on euro notes. Just follow the easytouse instructions and authenticate your currency. Currently only supporting USD ...    18 MB    Views 4987


+3    The official Bundesbank app provides an easy access to topical information by the Deutsche Bundesbank, the central bank of Germany: You can adapt the dashboard to your needs and create an overview of • topics, • interviews, • important dates, • speeches as well as • press releases. Press representatives can ...    50 MB    Views 5243

Financial Balance

add icloud month amount stored situation data financial
0    Get this gorgeous app for a better understanding of your financial situation. Simply add your income and expenses, and get an overview of what you have left to spend. You can add any amount once, every month, every 4 weeks, ...    1 MB    Views 7228

Euro Risk

euro risk zone country
+9    Iberiske presents… Euro Risk Keep informed with Euro Risk about everything concerning to the countries in the Euro zone Just with opening the app, you can see easily the risk premium of every country of the Euro zone in realtime But ...    4 MB    Views 4302
coins euro coin collection section conditions official updates
-4    FREE version Buy the full version to get access to all of its contents Euro Coins Album is a great and genial application which allows you to have your private Euro coins collection always with you. With the "Commemoratives" section you can see, ...    9 MB    Views 2536


Related Apps money cash dollar buttons swiss franc monthly income expenses euro
+6    Review Your Finance A book of household accounts. Easy to use. The graphic chart answer where you spent your money. Cash or Card? A special feature is, how to keep records about cash payment. Push the coinbuttons and banknotebuttons when you take out and/or ...    4 MB    Views 3626
people foreclosure foreclosures smart facts situations period understanding avoid
-5    In the recent times, the concept of foreclosure has become immensely popular. In spite of the gaining popularity, there are many people who do not know about the reasons and circumstances that show the way to Foreclosures. Not only that, but ...    198 kb    Views 4204


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-5    GoldRatio is a program for ratio charts. Ratios are a powerful tool to compare the performance of two assets over a certain period of time. The program calculates ratio charts of 58 different values (commodities, currencies, indexes, stocks). For example the ...    16 MB    Views 7663


iphone application quotes metal euro precious
-3    TCA is one of the leading italian company in the precious metal refining. TCA is proud to offer a very useful iPhone/iPod Touch application that provide realtime precious metals quotes (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium) and the most important ...    882 kb    Views 9353

Euro Converter Pro

Related Apps exchange euro rates pro converter
-6    Euro Converter Pro will allow you to convert between 159 different currencies to and from euros. It's ideal for anybody who travels a lot. Updating to the most recent exchange rates is only one button press away Keep exchange rates current ...    467 kb    Views 1956
iphone currency exchange updated rates user euro great
+8    The great VIEDAXMaxCampaign Every day great Apps reduced for approx. 50% See for more Information Make travelling more funny EuroConvert is THE Currency Converter for all frequent travellers from or into the EUROZone. Smart, fast and reduced to the minimum but not ...    564 kb    Views 6272

Euro Converter

+27    This simple currency converter displays how much 1 euro costs in any of the supported currencies. The supported currencies includes all major currencies as well as the top 30 currencies in the world. You can also customize the background color.    2 MB    Views 7690

IRS App Ads

Related Apps tax calculator income return situation federal filing deductions quickly note
+9    Better manage your specific tax situation or complete a high level check to confirm your tax software or paid return was completed correctly. Consider upgrading should you wish to use more frequently without ads. You do not need to ...    2 MB    Views 6507


calculator options calculate price option implied customizable volatility euro
+27    This iPhone application can be used by traders of all levels to do the following. (1) Calculate call/put price for American/Euro options. (2) Calculate Option Greeks. (3) Calculate Straddle Options for both American/Euro options upto 5 levels above and below the chosen strike ...    329 kb    Views 7511

Euro Coins Album

coins euro coin collection section archive conditions updates
-5    Euro Coins Album is a great and genial application which allows you to have your private Euro coins collection always with you. With the "Commemoratives" section you can see, select and archive every single commemorative coin issued from 2004 to now. In ...    9 MB    Views 467


tip situations amount
-4    Having trouble figuring out the tip at the end of a meal? Do you have several people splitting the bill? Not sure what to tip in certain situations? Tipster will come in very handy, providing the quickest, simplest, and cleanest ...    69 kb    Views 6131

Euro crisis Free

iphone ipad money crisis personally hints euro situation save
+4    Each day we hear in the news negative headlines over further debts of the euro states. 
But what can you do in this situation personally? This app gives you useful hints, how you bring money by this crisis. But what you can ...    6 MB    Views 2991

Euro Exchange Rates

rates euro currency exchange 156 currencies
+1    SALE: SAVE 50% FOR A LIMITED PERIOD. Euro Exchange Rates shows the exchange rates to 156 different currencies with Euro (EUR) as base currency. You can convert between all the included currencies. Going on vacation in Europe? Euro Exchange Rates is the ...    488 kb    Views 3407


hoe kunt euro deze als het
+23    Hoe kun je zien of je echte eurobankbiljetten in handen hebt? En wat doe je als je denkt dat je biljet vals is? In 4 stappen laat deze app zien hoe je je euro's kan controleren op echtheid. Je kunt ook het ...    NAN    Views 5577
ipad money crisis euro personally hints save situation
-4    Each day we hear in the news negative headlines over further debts of the euro states. 
But what can you do in this situation personally? This app gives you useful hints, how you bring money by this crisis. But what you can ...    10 MB    Views 8587
euro rate converter exchange
+1    Croatian kuna Euro currency converter. Croatia Hrvatska kuna Kn HRK Lipa Lp / € Euro Eur The exchange rate is automatically updated. Easy one click conversion. Very intuitive. No decimal errors when converting. Keyboard always on screen for a better display, it doesn't pop ...    3 MB    Views 8055

Euro Kurse

currencies view currency statistics euro feature week supported converter rates
+12    Euro Rates is a combination of a currency converter and a grafical statistics feature which you have not seen yet in the AppStore. Use the statistics feature to view the temporal rate changes of up to five configurable currencies in a ...    25 MB    Views 5185

iTaxable 2013

tax 2012 business money income taxable received sold situations free plan
+11    Updated for your 2012 tax returns and information on changes that will affect your 2013 tax return. PLUS Ask a question of out tax experts for FREE (Not an In App Purchase) What kind of income is taxfree and what kind ...    1 MB    Views 1537


simulation market management business application company euro manager
-3    Advertise yourself, provide quotes for projects and achieve them. Invest, hire and organise your company to be the leader of the market. Submerge yourself in a competitive market and practice using the 3 cases and 3 levels of difficulty offered ...    13 MB    Views 7511


stock news market newspaper current situations renewing reviews subscription months
+7    Keep In Touch with Thai stock market, news and every update stock situations. Thunhoon is an application about stock news, stock prices, current stock situations, critical reviews and trend for the future. Features: • Current stock news • Current stock market situations • Critical reviews • ...    5 MB    Views 31
australia wealth financial protection situation future clients individuals build goals
+26    Wealth Protection Australia (WPA) is a premier financial services company providing Australiawide proactive and holistic wealth protection and financial planning advice to business owners and individuals. We believe your situation, asset and liabilities, future goals and tax situation should be considered ...    12 MB    Views 4353
Related Apps euro internet conversion connection chf converter rate exchange
+25    Euro to CHF Currency Converter. Easy to obtain Euros conversion between Swiss franc. The exchange rate is hourly updated. Without popup small keys keyboard. Direct US DollarEuro conversion without menus or halfway steps. The app can work offline, so it do not need internet ...    4 MB    Views 5959
Related Apps trading usd markets signals currency information financial situation
+12    Ichimoku Trading Signals the best way to become a successful trader in the currency markets. Want to increase and preserve your capital, but do not have time to analyze the situation in the markets? There is no possibility to monitoring ...    6 MB    Views 3981
sie mehr das haben euro
+5    Finden Sie heraus, welche SteuerklassenKombination für Sie am günstigsten ist. Damit haben Sie monatlich mehr Geld in der Tasche. Je nachdem, welche Steuerklasse Sie bisher haben, können das monatlich 100 Euro und mehr sein. Mit dem Steuerklassenrechner vergleichen Sie auf den Euro ...    365 kb    Views 6384


notes euro banknotes
0    Euro banknotes are probably one of the most secure and hard to fake banknotes in the world; on the other hand they are probably the most counterfeited ones. This app helps identify counterfeit euro notes. It is easy if you know where ...    19 MB    Views 501
money ipad crisis personally hints bring situation euro
+4    Each day we hear in the news negative headlines over further debts of the euro states.  
But what can you do in this situation personally? This app gives you useful hints, how you bring money by this crisis.  But which you can ...    10 MB    Views 3522

Cash Burner HD

purchase euro yen dollar
+18    Transform your iPad, iPhone or iPod into a romantic, warm and relaxing fireplace. Enjoy the money fireplaces in full screen, high definition quality and with excellent burning sound effects Which currency would you like to burn? DOLLAR, EURO or YEN? FEATURES: Wood ...    18 MB    Views 6952

€uro Cash Academy

Related Apps security euro check features academy cash
+2    Check the security features of your euro banknotes, including the new €10, wherever you are with the Euro Cash Academy The app contains short descriptions and demos of the security features that you can check using the feellookandtilt method. It ...    50 MB    Views 7002

Eurex Mobile

euro derivatives mobile
-7    "The Eurex Mobile App offers industry insight from one of the world’s leading derivatives exchanges. The application provides all relevant data like prices, volumes and spreads on Eurex benchmark products and on the respective underlying as well as indepth market ...    4 MB    Views 830
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