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+17    When using your (Coles/Woolworth type) Fuel Discount Dockets to fill the car up, and you want to work out just how much fuel to put in so that you do not end up with a small amount of change when ...    NAN    Views 9739
fuel price mpg fill data volume
+25    From the developer of »Miles HD – The Classic Mileage Log« and »Percent Mate HD 10 in 1 Percentage Calculator«: Refill helps keeping a close eye on the fuel efficiency and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of any vehicle with ...    20 MB    Views 1090


+6    Wages is an application that focuses on doing one thing and doing it well: Calculating your net income from hourly wages. If you get hourly wages from parttime jobs and find it a hassle to do "calendar arithmetic", Wages Plus can ...    1 MB    Views 1386

SWS Invoice

+19    App helping you to invoice in a very easy and quickly way: do manage the invoices, print and send them by email in PDF format. create customer’s data and use it to fill the invoice. create item’s data and use ...    1 MB    Views 4151


+17    Fillyerboots is a FREE app that provides the best offers from local retailers and businesses. Our mission is simpley to save you money on a wide range of goods and services that interest you, locally. There are many In Store ...    NAN    Views 1877

Fuel Econ

time gas fuel economy mileage fill
+18    Go green and easily calculate your fuel economy each time you fillup Track your gas mileage and spending on gas View your gas mileage over time in a detailed chart Get reminders to enter your fillups at frequently used gas ...    10 MB    Views 9816
+5    Fill up a cute, virtual piggy bank with the exact coinage needed to reach a savings goal. Parents can encourage saving habits in their children with ‘Piggy Bank’ while teaching them the value of saving. For each good deed or ...    3 MB    Views 5432

Schedule F

-5    Schedule F App allows farmers to accumulate their Income and Expenses to the appropriate Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Categories. Summary Reports and Detail Reports can be printed or viewed at any time. The Summary Report provides the totals of the ...    8 MB    Views 5661
Related Apps tools gas consumption manager fill mileage vehicles fuel vehicle input
-7    Designed for anybody owning one or more vehicles (cars, motorcycles, etc.), Gas Manager allows you to create a detailed dashboard with your fuel consumption, your gas expenses and the miles you have traveled. For each vehicle, input your fillups in a ...    17 MB    Views 2326


+12    FillerUp provides a quick and easy way for you to monitor your vehicle's fuel economy. FillerUp shows you the most important data on one screen as well as allows you to quickly add new fill ups. You can swipe across ...    4 MB    Views 6980

DBS Loans

time application loan documents dbs loans snap fill approval upload
+5    DBS Loans 是你的隨身貸款中心,劃破時地界限,讓你一站式處理貸款申請,簡單方便! 特點: ● 一影即填 – 只需拍下你的個人身份證明文件(如:身份證、卡片、地址證明),本應用程式即會幫你自動填寫申請表 ● 一分鐘批核 – 遞交申請表後,一分鐘內便知道批核結果 ● 一click 上載所須文件 – 可隨即上載所需文件  立即下載,讓貸款隨時到手! 用戶可設定語言為繁體中文或英文。 DBS Loans is YOUR mobile loan centre. It provides a onestop loan application experience with no boundaries of time and distance. Easy and Convenient Features: ● Snap and Fill – ...    33 MB    Views 9093


time fuel economy records average log charts fill easy
-8    Track your fuel economy with this easy to use app with charts, maps, and colors FuelMate Features Row coloring based on how well your fuel economy was compared to existing records. Green records for above average fuel economy, and red for ...    14 MB    Views 1828


business social media products leave comments connect fill silver pos
-5    NPSBANK is a full service company that gives your business the tools and advice you need to succeed. The NPSBANK app allows to view our extensive list of products & services, watch product demonstration videos, connect with our social media pages ...    14 MB    Views 3679
car data fuel fill economy csv supported export
0    Fuel Economy offers you an uncluttered and elegant way to track your car's fuel economy. Cars Supports multiple vehicles. FillUp • On each refuel simply enter distance driven, unit price and amount of fuel. • Fuel data can be added and edited afterwards. • Partial fillups are supported (the ...    4 MB    Views 7004

Dealbook 360

market orders types limit chart quoteboard change
+6    Trade forex from anywhere with DealBook powered by for the iPhone and iPad. Place trades, manage positions and access research all with the touch of your finger. ● Fullscreen, color charting with multiple timeframes and chart types ● Streaming buy/sell quotes ...    9 MB    Views 226
statistics fill ready
+4    Refueling helps you to keep track of your fuel consumption. Simply feed the app with the information of every fillup and you have access to helpful statistics and calculations. Supports partial fillups and forgotten entries Reasons for the RefuelingApp: Simple ...    582 kb    Views 4138
car driving trip history money fuel tips economy fill chart saver lite
+12    Too high fuel consumption? FuelSaver LITE will help you to save gas Try 20 fuel saving ideas. Calculate your MPG. Analyze your trip and money stats. Track your fuel consumption with history log and pie chart. FEATURES • 20 fuel efficiency tips • Save ...    2 MB    Views 2412
fuel price mpg fill volume http data ios
+3    From the developer of »Miles – The Classic Mileage Log« and »Percent Mate 10 in 1 Percentage Calculator«: Refill helps keeping a close eye on the fuel efficiency and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of any vehicle with combustion engines. ...    13 MB    Views 8090

Tanken Memo

-8    You write your fill up’s at the gas station on a note? Afterwards you drudgingly calculate the consumption of your vehicle? You just would get MORE information out of your fuel data? In this case ‘Refuel Memo’ is just your App With this App ...    4 MB    Views 3891


Related Apps trip mpg free miles fill meter gas data entries tank
-9    MPG for Free is a quick gas mileage calculator and MPG trend chart Featured in iTunes New & Noteworthy Featured in iTunes What's Hot Tired of the complicated mileage and tracking apps? MPG for Free is very easy to use. Just enter your trip ...    3 MB    Views 3123


Related Apps market orders types change open list chart charts alarms
+3    Trade forex and CFDs from anywhere with FlatTrader for the iPhone and iPad. These apps offer everything you need to analyze, trade, and monitor market activity. ● Fullscreen, color charting with multiple timeframes and chart types ● Streaming buy/sell quotes with fractional pips ● ...    7 MB    Views 1315

Million Dreams

dreams million option save team fill ideas
-6    Welcome To Million Dreams The App that gives you the chance to dream and record everything that you would do if you become a Millionaire Enjoy it While starting with this APP you will find the option to fill out a preestablish 1 ...    13 MB    Views 9556

Legacy Bank

ebank legacy find view atm visit fill locations form nearest
+12    Legacy Bank for iPhone and iPod touch allows you to connect with us at any time. You can log in to eBank to check your balances and transactions, speak directly with a customer representative, fill out a comment form, visit ...    1 MB    Views 2327

iEnvelopes w/ Sync

budget money people envelopes envelope paycheck spend fill payday easily
+6    The latest version of this App is packed with new features... Multiple accounts. Setup as many accounts as you need. Intutive interface for recording when money is withdrawn or deposited from your acounts. Split Transactions, can easily split your transaction ...    7 MB    Views 8390


+14    Manage your rental income. Do not lose it out of sight. Don't lose money or waste your time. iTenement helps you in tracking your income and unpaid rents. Fill in your tenements. Fill in your tenants and make contracts. Every month you can ...    580 kb    Views 5164
calculator australia home money income weekly paid fortnightly monthly super week fill
+1    Are you working in Australia? Do you know how much of your income is getting taxed and in which pay brackets? Or do you want to know what you’re getting paid hourly, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and annually(with or without super)? WHAT WILL THIS ...    5 MB    Views 1579


finance payment cent swipe fill simple fun
+7    75% OFF for a first week Cent app is not just a common expense tracking app. It knows what are buying right now, so you don't have to fill many boring fields after every payment anymore. Cent app will make it ...    708 kb    Views 4664

Petrol Mate

-5    Petrol Mate is an App that helps you maximise the value of your Petrol Discount Vouchers by allowing you to calculate the amount of petrol you should fill with in order to spend your entire petrol budget while benefiting from ...    NAN    Views 885

Schedule E

tax schedule year report expenses income fill information summary
+11    Schedule E App categorizes Income and Expenses, for Real Estate Rental or Royalties, into the Categories used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). There is an included module for calculating Mileage. Summary, Detail and Mileage Reports can be viewed or ...    8 MB    Views 5656
action time stock gap fill type area percent traders trade intraday
+13    New to trading? Only have a limited time to trade each morning? Maybe you should try gap trading. Using Gapalyzer, traders can find the equities and gap areas that have the highest probability of filling intraday or know that the potential ...    1 MB    Views 4121


people time lawyers information details fill screen
-1    The idea for divorceGo came about while witnessing many people separate and divorce over the last few years. We came to the conclusion that filling out confusing forms and finding the time to do so was exhausting and difficult. People would ...    2 MB    Views 1230
map browse petrol prices fuel find station view
+27    Using this App you can find the nearest petrol station and the best prices for Unleaded, Diesel and LPG petrol in the UK and many more countries Help yourself and other drivers save money and get the cheapest fuel around ...    NAN    Views 5028


-1    This is a household account book on iPhone. This application is just as much as possible to reduce the operation, and easy to fill. You can fill out instantly using a bookmark. Using reservation function, you can autofill    13 MB    Views 3385
car tracker trip gas tank fuel odometer consumption fill entries
-6    Fuel Consumption Tracker helps you keep track of your vehicle's mileage and fuel consumption. A running miles per gallon(or liter per 100 KM) average is calculated overall and for each fuel fill up. Calculating Your Car's Fuel Consumption Yield: Fill up your ...    2 MB    Views 4542
iphone ipad time fill cost ups manager motor csv file integrated
-2    Designed for anybody owning one or more motors (boats, planes, agricultural machinery, etc.), the Boat Manager application allows you to monitor, in detail, fuel consumption in hours or miles, expenditure, maintenance and basically everything related to them. For each motor, input ...    15 MB    Views 1238

MRIS Close It!

Related Apps home close closing pre price costs customers
-2    MRIS Close It assembles the pieces of the home buying puzzle to accurately answer the commonly asked questions, "How much cash do I need to close?" and "How much can I expect to net from the sale of my home?" Real ...    8 MB    Views 3542
excel finance editing data tables total application financial table fill devices
+14    Financial Accounting Pro for iPad and iPhone Is the most simple and quick to use app to record your finances. One of the main difference from other financial applications is the formation of your data in an Excel tables with ...    15 MB    Views 3570
+6    Find out how much money you spend on car operation, the program calculates total expenses for gasoline, car wash, parking, windscreen wiper and visiting service center. Easy statistics. Beautiful pictorial diagrams and handy tables will make it easy to estimate all ...    7 MB    Views 6148
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