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+7    Gascap allows you to capture, analyze, and store your vehicle's fuel consumption statistics on your iPhone. Simply enter a few key pieces of information at the gas pump to receive data such as MPG, miles/tank, or the amount of money you've ...    313 kb    Views 6131
+12    The Road Trip Gas Calculator is fast and easy to use. Simply input the average gas price, your vehicles milespergallon rating, and your trip distance. The calculator will provide your trip's gas cost and the cost per mile for your ...    1 MB    Views 1503

Flash Foods Mobile

+5    Take convenience to a new level with the Flash Foods mobile app Find the Flash Foods location nearest you and check current gas prices for all 172 locations. Rewards in a Flash and GOBLUE customers can now go cardless to ...    18 MB    Views 3824


+8    Altijd en overal snel inzicht in belangrijke management informatie? ​​Dankzij de Nostradamus Manager App. Deze app geeft u snel , ​(zelfs ​​realtime ​is mogelijk) ​inzicht in uw bedrijf. Met één druk op de knop heeft u inzicht in: Omzet​ ​ ​Productiviteit (​OPU ​)​​ ...    1 MB    Views 2867

my Car Expenses

-2    This application illustrates the pillars of cars running costs. It asks the operator to input daily parking cost, daily traveled distance, distance traveled using gas unit, cost of gas unit, service distance, insurance costs, and registration costs. Then, these costs are ...    63 kb    Views 7747
+8    Mobile PriceWatching for Crude Oil, Gold, Gas, Natural Gas, and Heating Oil on your iOS device With the fluctuations in recent years of the Stock and Futures Markets, it is necessary to keep informed of the current prices at all times. ...    5 MB    Views 4490

+1    Met de nieuwe Energievergelijker app van kunt u energie vergelijken, overstappen en besparen. U vindt gemakkelijk de voordeligste energieprijs bij uw persoonlijk verbruik. Hiervoor worden onafhankelijk de actuele energieprijzen van alle energieleveranciers in Nederland met elkaar vergeleken. Een vergelijking ...    4 MB    Views 1604
+4    Governmental GAAP Update Service is now available on the iPad Twice each month, the Governmental GAAP Update Service keeps CPAs on top of critical GASB pronouncements and other governmental accountingrelated issues. Each issue provides reliable analyses of mustknow recently issued pronouncements, ...    4 MB    Views 6164

Happi Club Sodexo

servicios club una servicio forma los
+7    Sodexo Happi Club es la aplicación para beneficiarios y usuarios de las tarjetas electrónicas emitidas por Sodexo México donde podrás tener acceso de una forma amigable y sencilla a los siguientes servicios: Consulta de saldos. Administra tus tarjetas de una ...    NAN    Views 9284

Álcool ou Gasolina

-1    O aplicativo Álcool ou Gasolina ajuda você a fazer um cálculo rápido e preciso de qual tipo de combustível é mais viável na hora de abastecer.    2 MB    Views 5009
money people work time gas prices fuel increase find paying consumers saving
-7    It is no secret to anyone that gas prices have continued to rise to unbelievable prices over the past couple of years. While there has been a steady increase all along, nothing has taken place like it has in the past ...    423 kb    Views 848

commodity oil gas futures commodities information prices
+1    COMMODITY PRICES. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. We’ve taken the best experiences from the apps we use every day and created the commodities price app we've always wanted. Get daily futures quotes and charts for oil and gas instantly. We embraced simplicity and mobility, providing ...    9 MB    Views 1427
car tracker trip gas tank fuel odometer consumption fill entries
-6    Fuel Consumption Tracker helps you keep track of your vehicle's mileage and fuel consumption. A running miles per gallon(or liter per 100 KM) average is calculated overall and for each fuel fill up. Calculating Your Car's Fuel Consumption Yield: Fill up your ...    2 MB    Views 4542

Pekin Mobile

mobile auto information step accident policy gas claim view
+13    Pekin Insurance Mobile App for iPhone Pekin Mobile provides you onthego access to: · Roadside Assistance – Broke down on the side of the road? Ran out of gas? Need a locksmith? We’re here to help 24/7. · Accident Helper – A stepbystep ...    12 MB    Views 5705


Related Apps gas customers payment
-2    The SoCalGas mobile app lets customers pay their gas bills, manage their usage and view payment history. Natural Gas vehicle owners can use the mapping feature to find the nearest refueling station in Southern California. Additionally, customers can map the ...    3 MB    Views 6246
excel ahorro tus punto con una gastos banco los
-2    La aplicación gratuita "ahorro y punto" importa automáticamente todos tus movimientos bancarios, de manera que puedas llevar un seguimiento al día, y así ahorrar dinero. Acceda a los saldos y movimientos de todas sus cuentas con un formato unificado y con ...    1 MB    Views 5048

Simple Budget

budget puedes para simple una las gastos
+20    Simple Budget es una aplicación que te permite de forma sencilla llevar el control te tus gastos. Puedes crear varias líneas de presupuesto, por ejemplo puedes crear una para tu salario y otra para un viaje y llevar el control ...    1 MB    Views 1327

FAF 2013

board accounting report financial 2013 standard standards
-9    Download “The Road Ahead,” the 2013 Annual Report of the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF). The report focuses on the future direction of the FAF and its standardsetting Boards, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board ...    13 MB    Views 9925

DEBA Consulting

-8    DEBA Consulting & Management Ihr Partner für Industrie und Gewerbeimmobilien Wir vermitteln Bundesweit alle Arten von Immobilien im Industriellen und Gewerblichen Bereich: Werk, Industrie & Lagerhallen Bürogebäude Verkaufsmärkte Gastronomie, Freizeitimmobilien Wohn & Geschäftshäuser Industriebranchen & Grundstücke Neu &Gebrauchtimmobiliensowie komplette Unternehmen aller Branchen Wir übernehmen: Erstellung von Informations & Verkaufsunterlagen Prüfung von ...    2 MB    Views 2488

Saving driver log

driver car saving log interface cars phone store place gas
-5    Saving driver log is an application for managing everything your vehicle needs, logging repairs and even search for parking place. Keep track of your cars, services and keep up. Saving driver log has easy and clear interface for I phone ...    988 kb    Views 9512

Haga Cuentas

los valores con cuentas gastos
-8    Si busca una aplicación de presupuesto sencilla que le ayude a manejar sus finanzas personales, con Haga Cuentas encuentra la solución. La nueva aplicación gratuita de Davivienda le permite crear tanto su Presupuesto Personal Mensual como Presupuestos Específicos para remodelaciones, viajes, ...    18 MB    Views 4134


time card payments services gas internet top energy mobile
+22    rappit / mobile payments is the faster, easiest and safer way to make personal payments on a mobile app. Simply link your credit/debit card to rappit to make your energy, gas, internet, top up and many more payments in ...    11 MB    Views 6811

Churras Contas

gastos valores cada entre evento todos
+13    Divida os gastos de um evento corretamente. Se alguém levou o gelo, ou não toma cerveja, basta informar os valores gastos ou as despesas que não devem ser divididas entre todos para um cálculo exato e justo entre todos os ...    12 MB    Views 3950
Related Apps driving work gas add fuel data features feedback support
+13    3.0.0 UPDATE: This is a big update from the last app. Although we extensively tested the app, your feedback is immensely valuable so we can resolve any issues, add new feature request to the list, etc. If you are having any ...    36 MB    Views 1820

Heat Cost

-2    Find out how much it will cost or save you by changing your thermostat setting. Heat Cost Calculator gives users a resource to better understand the financial impact of lowering or increasing the thermostat during cold months.  The information computed is ...    130 kb    Views 2561
Related Apps tracker data fuel mileage gas odometer log track calculate statistics
+4    Fuel Tracker is the ultimate app for tracking your vehicle gas consumption and mileage A simple, easy to use application to calculate and track your gas mileage (fuel economy/efficiency). When you buy gasoline, just enter the amount you purchased and your ...    7 MB    Views 4334

Car Love

management car history gas mileage chart repair information data
+1    The application is to manage the car. Mileage Information / Gas Injection / Repair Information management is possible. ◉ Multiple vehicles can be registered. ◉ Distance(Mileage) / Gas / Currency Units can be changed. ◉ Mileage History management. ◉ Gas injection History Management Gas Price ...    2 MB    Views 1174
-9    Want to keep track of your car's consumption? Fill up a tank of gas and write down the distance you drove since last time you filled. Then simply enter your gas receipt your average consumption is automatically calculated and displayed. ...    2 MB    Views 4795

Fuel Econ

time gas fuel economy mileage fill
+2    Go green and easily calculate your fuel economy each time you fillup Track your gas mileage and spending on gas View your gas mileage over time in a detailed chart Get reminders to enter your fillups at frequently used gas ...    10 MB    Views 9816


fuel gas repair stats supports expenses prices
-5    Beepster is the best application for your car expense management. It helps you to receive the cost statistics, create the notifications and find least expensive gas stations in your area. The interface of the app is clear and userfriendly; just a few ...    17 MB    Views 2948
Related Apps car electric gas cost powered calculate
-5    Calculate the cost of a trip by electric car vs gas powered car. Ever wonder if it would be beneficial to buy an electric car, with this app you can calculate what it would cost you to drive an electric ...    3 MB    Views 7368
finanzas sus con control gastos los cil todos para
+23    Finanzas En Control Siga, gestione y evalúe sus finanzas de manera eficiente y con facilidad. El poder hacer un seguimiento de todos sus gastos esta a su alcance con esta aplicación fácil de usar y rica en características. Anotarlo, manejarlo, ...    14 MB    Views 5040

Gas Log

gas log mpg
-7    Gas Log let's you keep track of your gas. It logs price, odometer, mpg, date and how many gallons you put in. Use it for business travel or use it on a road trip to see what kind of gas ...    3 MB    Views 1215


news newspaper gas oil industry policy global week
+6    Upstream is an awardwinning global oil & gas newspaper, published weekly and solely available on a subscription basis, as well as offering an openaccess website with roundtheclock news coverage five days a week. Upstream’s editorial policy is to relentlessly pursue accurate, ...    5 MB    Views 6312


Related Apps trip mpg free miles fill meter gas data entries tank
-9    MPG for Free is a quick gas mileage calculator and MPG trend chart Featured in iTunes New & Noteworthy Featured in iTunes What's Hot Tired of the complicated mileage and tracking apps? MPG for Free is very easy to use. Just enter your trip ...    3 MB    Views 3123
Related Apps gas mpg vehicle gal imperial service free store expenses
+10    Gas Cubby is the ultimate tool for tracking gas mileage and vehicle maintenance. Whether you're a hypermiler, or just want a reminder to change the oil, Gas Cubby will save you money and keep your vehicle operating at its peak. Gas ...    8 MB    Views 5460


map industry assets oil gas edit
+5    App to view, edit oil and gas industry assets like well on map using ESRI, analyze the data and edit it. Features 1. Show your current potions and oil and gas industry assets within configurable radius 2. County heat map for number of ...    5 MB    Views 9278

ClickBill Gas

-1    ClickBill Gas es la manera más conveniente y sofisticada de administrar tu cuenta en las gasolineras soportadas. Con ClickBill Gas puedes solicitar la factura de tu consumo sin salir de tu automóvil, con tan solo tomarle una foto a tu ...    NAN    Views 495
investors content gas oil company
-9    This app gives Zion Oil & Gas Inc. (NASDAQ: ZN) investors mobile access to the latest stock data, news, SEC Filings from Zion Oil & Gas Inc. as well as proprietary company content including presentations, conference calls, videos, sales and ...    25 MB    Views 3487


twitter facebook updated gasoline price
-8    ThaiGas เป็นโปรแกรมรายงานราคาน้ำมันขายปลีกมาตรฐานใน กรุงเทพฯ, นนทบุรี, ปทุมธานี และสมุทรปราการ Featutes: แสดงราคาน้ำมันขายปลีกมาตรฐาน (ข้อมูลอ้างอิงจาก สำนักนโยบายปิโตรเลียมและปิโตรเคมี) รองรับ 2 ภาษา ไทย, อังกฤษ โซเชียลมีเดีย สามาถแชร์ข้อมูลราคาน้ำมันได้ผ่านทาง Facebook, Twitter =================== ThaiGas is an app that shows an updated gasoline price in Thailand Features: Present an updated gasoline price Support 2 Languages Thai, English Socialmedia, You ...    3 MB    Views 875


+1    O nextFLEET é um sistema de Gestão de Gastos com Frotas desenvolvido pela Plantech. Seu objetivo é a visibilidade, de forma unificada, dos gastos com veículos. Com a integração automatizada de dados de todos os participantes da operação da frota. Continued ...    710 kb    Views 9194

Energy Investor

investors time energy stocks oil gas investor features commodities short
0    Seeking Alpha's energy sector coverage is read by millions of investors each month. Energy Investor was built for investors focused on energy stocks, and features: INSTANT NEWS ...covering alternative energy, oil and gas producers and transporters, or energy commodities like ethanol, biodiesel, ...    12 MB    Views 2170

Your Car Manager

car time manager tab track expenses faster gas enter
+15    Nowadays life becomes faster and faster, the problem of free time becomes more essential. In order to save your time we’ve created Your Car Manager app just for you Here you can find a lot of useful functions for better ...    10 MB    Views 1186


construction engineering work equipment general companies group power gas industrial
-3    VIS Construction Group brings together 10 construction and engineering companies and is one of the leading construction companies in Russia. Since 2000, we build unique facilities that contribute to the economic growth and improve the quality of life of people. ...    61 MB    Views 3040

Der Heizkostencheck

analysis gas
0    The power of a heating plant can be evaluated by the efficiency factor. With an ecom analyser the percentage of primary energy (fuel oil or gas) converted into heat can be determined. This is performed by means of a flue ...    3 MB    Views 3573

Angel Fuel

software gas cost set manage record oil station function support statistics
+16    Angel Fuel is a professional software about your Vehicle’s fuelconsmuption and cost by input gas record and cost record. Our software has so many Advantages,such as concise interface, powerful function and easy to use,you can use it immediately when you download ...    34 MB    Views 9016
washington account light gas
-1    Washington Gas Light Federal Credit Union members can check account balances, deposit checks, pay bills, transfer funds, view account activity and more. It’s safe, convenient, fast and free    11 MB    Views 8342

Fuel Online Greek

user fuel current gas
-3    An application that a) Gets current fuel prices from the Greek Ministry of Development, presents them to the user (depending on user area and gas selection, for example Unleaded, Super, Gas etc) and b) Displays nearest fuel stations to the ...    1 MB    Views 6665
Related Apps trip calculator cost gas
-8    Best selling trip cost calculator in the app store. Taking a trip by car? Calculate how much it is going to cost you for gas. Split the cost between friends.    168 kb    Views 0

Gas Cost Calculator

calculator apps gas cost user input interface values based free update
+24    Gas Cost Calculator is a simple and useful calculator that helps you determine the cost of gas based on miles. Gas Cost Calculator features an intuitive interface. It calculates values on the fly and uses a userfriendly wheelbased input mechanism to ...    2 MB    Views 4531


twitter facebook mpg gas gal vehicle imperial service http www
+4    50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME AutoCare manages your vehicle's maintenance schedules and stores your fuel and service records. This App is the ultimate tool for tracking gas mileage and vehicle maintenance. Whether you're a hypermiler, or just want a reminder to ...    5 MB    Views 5709
ipad die und sie der metro oder auf sich
0    Die Zeiten ändern sich METRO Gastronomiekasse, das neue Kassensystem für die Gastronomie auf dem iPad von METRO Cash & Carry Deutschland GmbH. Genial einfach zu bedienen, damit Sie mehr Zeit für Ihre Gäste haben. GEWINNEN SIE ZEIT FÜR IHRE GÄSTE Durch die intuitive und ...    12 MB    Views 9022

Oil & Gas

engine gas oil company
+10    Get the latest crude oil and natural gas prices provided by Arrow Engine Company. Arrow Engine Company provides a wide variety of engine replacement parts and engine accessory products, as well as slowspeed engines, four and six cylinder engines, generator sets, ...    229 kb    Views 3022
para gasolina
+1    Economize dinheiro com este aplicativo para comparação entre preços de gasolina e etanol. Descubra o que mais vale a pena para seu veículo.    220 kb    Views 8611


las gasolina del
-8    Ahorra dinero cada vez que llenes el depósito con la aplicación GasolinaBarata. Encuentra la gasolina más barata en función de tu ubicación y distancia máxima que quieres recorrer hasta llegar a la gasolinera. Características: Precios actualizados diariamente. Horario de apertura de ...    116 kb    Views 8729

Angel Fuel Pro

software gas cost set record oil support manage station type function
+13    Angel Fuel is a professional software about your Vehicle’s fuelconsmuption and cost by input gas record and cost record. Our software has so many Advantages,such as concise interface, powerful function and easy to use,you can use it immediately when you download ...    34 MB    Views 3513


gas prices globe
+4 is a project that allows users to input gasoline and diesel prices nationally and internationally, the prices are then statistically processed by the system.    5 MB    Views 3143
time car money calculator yen gasoline expenses button application
-4    the joke which calculates forcibly the value which this application and Priceless Calculator cannot express to the amount of money it is an application. PLP (Priceless Price), transportation expenses, and time are required for calculation. In PLP, when you are said ...    951 kb    Views 1600
tus para blue gastos tiempo
+12    Si estás viajando y te tentaste con algún producto o querés comprar algo online, no pierdas tiempo haciendo cuentas y buscando cotizaciones. Viajero Blue te permite convertir cualquier moneda a pesos, al valor del dólar tarjeta, de forma rápida y sencilla. Además, ...    5 MB    Views 5318


driving iphone time gas save drive fuel start year change
+19    Save Gas, Save Money, Help the Environment It doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive, MyMPG can help you save gas and put hundreds of dollars in your pocket in no time at all. It should pay for itself at ...    345 kb    Views 4936
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