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My Credit Score+ | Panload

The UK's most popular FREE Credit Score tool on the iPhone!

My Credit Score presents you with an indicative credit score and status based on the real calculations banks and financial institutions use in the UK to determine your success rate. The technology behind the app is based on decision models taken from UK’s leading credit reference agencies and team behind the app have 15 years background in financial services, credit referencing and consumer finance. My Credit Score uses this technology to give you an indication as to what your score will be, as well as offering you guidance on each of the core areas that affect your credit.

- Assess: Assess your credit worthiness, using a system based on the methodologies real credit bureaus use.

- Learn: Read structured and score specific advice to help you improve you financial habits.

- Store: Store and refer to previous assessments or use them to track your progress.

- Calculate: Choose from a growing array of financial calculators to start building your knowledge and planning for your future.

- Visualise: See the impact your decisions can make on your financial situation through graphical tools and tabular layouts.

- Revolutionise: Join the credit revolution. Share and connect your social profiles to allow financial companies to see you as more than just a statistic.

Keep checking in with My Credit Score for new features as we continue to build more tools, widgets and functionality to help consumers save money and improve their credit scores.

We hope you enjoy this application and keep an eye out for more features coming soon!!
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My Credit Score

Author panload
Published 2015-10-02
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