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Property Investment Club Asia offers an efficient and innovative platform to connect you with other property investors through mobile, on the go, assisting you to enjoy the unfair advantage over the rest of the market. Being privilege to access to ‘inner circle’ information is what gets you to win in the property investment game. You will win at the stage where you buy and not only when you sell.

You get various privileges such as buying opportunities before others in the market, getting experts’ advice to make good buying decisions, enjoy huge savings in your purchases, protecting yourself financially by reducing your buying risk with the reliable information cum education provided and many others. You will get access to information on updates and trends besides networking with the industry experts and millionaire investors.

Useful Features Include in the app:

For all property investors, MasteryAsia Investor Group (MIG) members and non-members, this is the app to download.

Whether you are a beginner or a serious experience investor, you’ll find the following features invaluable to you.

- GPS navigation to our office and to events

- Get periodic property investment tips, and notification of property projects and good deals that are coming up

- Receive information and invitation to seminars, roadshows, exhibitions and events

- Get special invitation to networking events including dinners

- Access to various property information and resources including videos, newsletters and other materials

- Connect and chat with people from within the property industry including property developers, bankers, lawyers, investors and other professionals

- Get access to information from a repository of development projects with good return of investment
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Published 2015-10-23
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