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Energy Saver app offers you a free, secure, and convenient way to: save up to 30% per annum, compare electricity rates for better prices, locate and find the cheapest electricity deal on the go as well as insightful energy saving tips that helps you save money

YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT to compare electricity retailers and connect to the cheapest electricity in your neighbourhood (limited to Australia-based user only)

However, there are major benefits of registered users:

•Track electricity usage & spend anywhere, anytime

•Compare & find the best deal on the go

•Interface with Current Cost device

•Monitor your solar consumption and CO2 emissions

•Learn to save energy and money with insightful energy saving tips

• Receive updates on new exciting & engaging features


• Track your electricity usage and save money (Worldwide)

1. Enter price settings: Standard Price, Steps Price and Time of Use Price

2. Enter usage data: Peak, Off-peak and/or Shoulder

3. Track energy usage displayed in beautiful graphs & charts

4. Solar consumption and CO2 Emissions data are also tracked and displayed.

• Compare electricity providers and rates (Australia-based users only)

1. Find the best electricity rates that best suit your electricity consumption pattern

2. Review electricity rates, compare various electricity deals and sign up to a cheaper electricity plan directly from your mobile device

• Moving homes (Australia-based users only)

1. Indicate whether you have moved in or you are moving in soon

2. Find your current location using "Locate me" or enter your postcode

3. Find the cheapest electricity offers for your location

4. Connect to the cheapest electricity deal and save money

• Visual Instruction (Worldwide): we make it easy for you to set up the account that matches your billing arrangement

• Offline Mode Ability (Worldwide): you can enter and view your electricity data even when there is no internet connection. The Energy Saver app will synchronise the data when the internet is available

• Energy Saving Tips (Worldwide): frequently updated tips to help reduce your electricity bill and save money


* Pay your electricity bill from your smartphone

* Track Gas & Water consumption

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Published 2015-01-20
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