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J.P. Morgan

+30    Get access to information onthego. Access to information regarding Depositary Receipts for J.P. Morgan’s Depositary Receipt (DR) clients. This application is only available to Depositary Receipt (DR) Issuer personnel for access to key data regarding their J.P. Morgan DR program. Please ...    2 MB    Views 3912
+6    Are you doing a bit of shopping for the household, yourself or a friend? Having difficulty working out how much you have to pay after the discount... ...or how much you've saved? WHAT THIS FREE APP DOES: This app will help you to takeaway ...    3 MB    Views 662

UBS Events

ubs event application events information
+1    "UBS Events iPad App Everything you need at your fingertips. The UBS event application is your gateway to all information about specific UBS events. Find detailed information about speakers and your event hosts. Download event documents and add your personal notes, or ...    49 MB    Views 1692

My Expenses Pro

bills application information applications constantly expenses added bill paid add
+25    Bills are constantly coming and money is tight especially during these hard economic times. That is why it is so important to keep track of our everyday expenses. We have created this great new application that will let you keep ...    314 kb    Views 5211

Travel Guard

Related Apps travel access information emergency mobile country displayed internet
+6    The Travel Guard Mobile App is an exciting new tool that gives you access to vital emergency information when you’re travelling in Australia or overseas. This industry leading App has been designed to make it easier to access Travel Guard’s ...    NAN    Views 7015


+3    allocateIQ is a game that teaches how to diversify savings between stock, bond and commodity investments through simulation. Players build a portfolio allocating a hypothetical 100 between purchases of stocks, bonds and commodities. Each investment is represented by a benchmark such ...    39 MB    Views 4316
Related Apps time tally information data application key anytime access smart
+6    Anytime Anywhere Access Juno is a mobile application that allows you anytime, anywhere access to your Tally accounting data. Whether you’re traveling on business or about to step into a meeting, Tally on Mobile brings real time information that is securely ...    4 MB    Views 7114

Tax Calculator 2015

tax calculator price rate input added custom displayed cost
-1    Do you run a business or provide a service? Are you always adding and subtracting percentages to your product? OR are your curious on what the pricing was before a percentage was added to the price? WHAT THIS FREE APP DOES: This app will ...    1 MB    Views 3918

WA Liquor Tax Calc

Related Apps tax price displayed final pay calc
+5    With Initiative 1183 in Washington state, the sale of liquor has now been privatized. This means that the retail, before tax, price is displayed in almost every store. This leaves you not knowing the final price that you will pay. The ...    215 kb    Views 898

Life e-App

-4    Expedite your application submission process from any compatible mobile device. The mobile Life eApp allows licensed Cincinnati Life agents to electronically complete and submit the traditional long form application and the Lite teleapplication. Use this app to submit applications for ...    9 MB    Views 6600

Wear Stock

stock user information wise company chart volume wear displayed
-5    Wear Stock app gives the information about the current stock status in the market. The user have to enter the company name the list of all symbol related to the company will be displayed to the user and the user can ...    25 MB    Views 3927

Metal Prices

prices copper information metal view application exchange aluminium del
-7    Metal Prices by Tim Kabel gives you information about copper and aluminium prices. The prices are given in accordance with closing LME price for copper and aluminium plus published DEL stock exchange quotation +1% acquisition cost for copper. The application ...    5 MB    Views 3504
liberty application account information financial planners
+6    St. Louis Financial Planners, Inc. is happy to offer the 'Liberty' Application to our valued clients. Take the Power of Liberty with you and access your account information anytime and from anywhere. With comprehensive views of account positions, transactions and performance, ...    993 kb    Views 9553

Cinda Mobile

Related Apps information application mobile
-8    The most sophisticated Mobile Application provided by Cinda to customer to trade stocks and manage portfolio in HK and Global securities markets. The Application integrated with the varies information providers to provide realtime and delay market information and news.    7 MB    Views 8208

Dividend Calendar

stock calendar dividend date day information week stocks company application
-7    For those who love to buy or sell around dividends or just want to know when their next "dividend check" is coming...this app is designed just for you You can get this invaluable tool that will improve your trades, timing, ...    14 MB    Views 2222
person present information displayed screen register choose put count application
-2    Whom you gave chocolate to in Valentine is application to take the memo. [how to use] (1) Because the group which is registered with "the address" when I start application is displayed, I choose the person who put up a present among ...    250 kb    Views 2466

Ask Invoice HD

Related Apps tax data invoice application bar request screen code information barcode
0    Ask for an invoice with no apprehension whatsoever using this device which will enable you to file and submit your tax data (name, taxpayer ID N°, address and email) at the touch of a finger. You will also be able to ...    5 MB    Views 2755
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+4    "Find Bargain Stocks(Free)" is an APP easy to those who wish to practice investment theory of wellknown investor Warren Buffett. A bargain stock is a thing of a stock with a low stock price compared with the value which the company has. Indices, such ...    604 kb    Views 1418


+29    SMART FX is a Mobile Application designed specifically for the Premium clients of Forex Capital Services Pvt. Ltd. We have developed this application so that the user stays connected to the forex market even while on the move. This platform provides the ...    10 MB    Views 2070


market iphone application current information members data change month
+28    With the NSBAR Stats mobile application you can look up Market Data for various regions in the state of IL and then share it with one or more individuals. Market Data includes Median home prices for the current month, previous ...    351 kb    Views 4680
Related Apps tax time interest term compound days deposit rate maturity displayed
+5    1.Overview This application calculates the simple interest and compound interest in Japan. 2.How to use Simple interest After entering the amount, rate, and deposit term, the interest is displayed. Compound interest After entering the amount, rate, compound interest term, and maturity time, ...    120 kb    Views 3225
Related Apps calculator engineering displayed percent registers calculations sum financial functions standard hours
+12    allRPNCalc is a versatile calculator that uses the powerful Reverse Polish Notation logic system combined with an automated 4 level stack to compute answers to complex mathematical problems. The keyboard layout and display have been optimized for use on an ...    467 kb    Views 5909
calculator vat price added united calculate displayed cost
-6    Do you run a business or provide a service in the United Kingdom? Are you always calculating what value VAT is? OR are your curious on what the pricing was before VAT was added? WHAT THIS FREE APP DOES: This app will help you ...    1 MB    Views 5365
information application insurance line accident 5454 emergency report
+7    לכל רגע בחיים יש כלל, גם בסלולאר קבוצת כלל גאה להציג אפליקציה ייחודית המאפשרת לך לרכוש ביטוח נסיעות לחו"ל, להגיש תביעת רכב במקרה של תאונה או גניבה ולצפות בתמונת לקוח מלאה אודות המוצרים שלך בקבוצה. האפליקציה מבית "כלל ביטוח", מסייעת בידך ...    7 MB    Views 2272


+9    This application allows you to find DemirBank’s branches and ATMs, find out daily currency exchange rates, bank news and other information and apply online payments. Application opportunities: • Azeri, Russian and English languages support • Addresses and map location of branches and ATMs • Online ...    2 MB    Views 8994

UBS Locator

search maps ubs branch branches locator location additional application information
+10    If you're on the road and need to locate a UBS branch, the UBS Locator App will help you do so quickly and easily. Just open the application (an Internet connection is necessary for it to function) and search for the ...    2 MB    Views 4153

Change Yourself

change application information contained
+6    Change Yourself Info is the application that provide How to Change Yourself Information. The main features of the applications are: 1) Why YOU Need to be the One to Change? 2) Guiding Change 3) Recognizing the Obstacles 4) Adopting a More Successful Attitude 5) Common Pitfalls 6) ...    17 MB    Views 2220


+2    The biggest issuer of prepaid cards in Brazil provides for clients, besides other facilities on customer services, the Mobile Application Agillitas. You can access your prepaid card information through your smartphone whenever you want and wherever you are, with all comfort ...    3 MB    Views 7689
Related Apps market stock asian full european charts index displayed
0    Track World’s all leading US, European and Asian Stock Market Indices. All major Global market indexes including Dow Jones, Nasdaq, CAC, DAX, Nikkei, Hang Seng and many more are displayed in tabular format. All US, European and Asian Markets are ...    7 MB    Views 3246
discount calculator displayed amount yield 360 365 store 000 choose
+2    Pricing Calculator for standard Discount Securities using either yield or discount rates and a 360 or 365 day basis Quick Use Guide: B = multiply displayed amount by a Billion M= multiply displayed amount by a Million K = multiply displayed amount by a ...    239 kb    Views 290
Related Apps account services financial application information existing view
-6    Access your Lexus Financial Services (LFS) account with the myLFS application for iPhone mobile devices. The myLFS application allows an existing Lexus Financial Services customer to make a payment or obtain payoff information on an existing Lexus Financial Services account. LFS account ...    8 MB    Views 3447
chinese application 999 disclaimer english information mate cheque
+4    A Production of Symbol. For people who write a number of Cheques or Promissory Notes, embarrassing moments of forgetting words, format or even incorrect spelling is not an option. But for the other, "My Cheque Mate" provides you the reference Wordings in English, ...    3 MB    Views 1444
Related Apps banking mobile account platte valley bank accounts balances information application
-9    Access your accounts anytime, anywhere with Platte Valley Bank Mobile Banking You can: enjoy fast access to your account activity and balances; transfer between accounts; find an ATM or location; and much more Features: •Check available balances •View account history •Track purchases and deposits •Transfer ...    11 MB    Views 649
Related Apps banking browse relationship icici private bank application information manager clients
0    PLEASE NOTE THIS APPLICATION IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ICICI BANK PRIVATE BANKING CLIENTS. At ICICI Bank Private Banking, our offerings are centered around you and your vision for life. Bringing to you an added convenience, this app helps you browse through ...    7 MB    Views 1534
Related Apps management liberty information application account capital
+18    Ludeman Capital Management, Inc. is happy to offer the 'Liberty' Application to our valued clients. Take the Power of Liberty with you and access your account information anytime and from anywhere. With comprehensive views of account positions, transactions and performance, you ...    9 MB    Views 3402
japanese disclosure application information
-5    This is an Application for viewing timely disclosure information of Japanese companies Sorry, but the support language of this application is Japanese only. (This is NOT localized to any other languages other than Japanese.)    6 MB    Views 5446

MetroWeb Mobile

Related Apps columbus metro mobile contact rates account information application
+4    Columbus Metro goes where you go with MetroWeb Mobile. Our mobile banking application puts account information and routine transactions at your fingertips 24/7. It's secure, convenient and free. FEATURES: See account balances and transaction history Transfer money between Columbus Metro accounts ...    4 MB    Views 8661

CrontoSign Swiss

0    CrontoSign Swiss is an App for ebanking access and transaction authentication. How it works: The login and transaction data that you enter in your ebanking are encoded in a colored mosaic. The mosaic is displayed in your ebanking and then photographed using ...    2 MB    Views 3068
time reporting employees location saved employee displayed user
+24    Harmony App for Smartphones The most advanced application for Time & Attendance on your Smartphone. •Functionality and flexibility in personalizing the app icons and reporting functions. All in a userfriendly manner •You can limit employees from reporting at a particular area by ...    453 kb    Views 8555

F9 Mobility

business information sales application mobility agent vietnam easily
-5    F9 is a company specialized in distributing Nokia products in Vietnam, a member of FPT trading, the leading IT product distributors in Vietnam. F9 mobility is a business support application provided for F9 sales agent and staffs. “F9 mobility” solution helps ...    8 MB    Views 9426
Related Apps iphone application savings axa employee information account epargne mobile
-3    AXA Epargne Entreprise Your new mobile internet site where you want A new mobile version of the website dedicated to the Employee Savings AXA is available on your iPhone. Free, simple and easy to use, this application offered by AXA Epargne Entreprise allows ...    587 kb    Views 165
title escrow republic connect company application view fees information
+21    OR Connect is the anywhere, anytime connection with Old Republic Title Company and for all of your title and escrow needs. This powerful smart phone/tablet application gives real estate professionals and consumers access to net sheets, a GFE calculator, ...    24 MB    Views 2470


market news stock application view information displayed securities
-6    This is the official application of Muscat Securities Market MSM. The application displays the updated Information of Muscat Securities Market MSM like Stock price updates and Stock News. Information displayed in this application is delayed by 5 minutes from the ...    15 MB    Views 5791

CFS Application

Related Apps time cfs information application account real anytime
-5    CFS Investment Advisory Services, L.L.C. offers the CFS Application exclusively to our firm’s clients. Take the power of CFS with you and access your account information anytime and from anywhere, with comprehensive views of account positions, transactions, and performance. CFS is ...    8 MB    Views 9166
application information assistance vehicle network customer number reliance assist
-3    Reliance Anywhere Assist, is an application developed to get real time assistance with any kind of vehicle related road side assistance. The application has two major features 1. Providing Assistance based on policy number filled by customer during registration this will ...    NAN    Views 5484
Related Apps person present displayed screen information register choose application line count
+3    It is application to take the memo of the chocolate which I got in Valentine. [how to use] (1) Because the group which is registered with "the address" when I start application is displayed, I choose the person who got a present ...    250 kb    Views 2375

BRI Internal Token

information internal install token application
0    BRI Internal Token is a mobile security application for BRI internal use only. How to Install: 1. Log in to BRISTARS and check your cellphone number on Personal Information. Update your cellphone information prior installation. 2. Download the apps via App Store 3. Install ...    486 kb    Views 9748

Deloitte Ecuador

tax news calendar information application deloitte enables
-6    The Deloitte Ecuador application enables clients and contacts to view publications, articles and studies and provides a useful Tax Calendar for managing monthly tax obligations". This application incorporates a range of Deloitte’s information, including Legal News, Official Gazette, Audit News, IFRS ...    5 MB    Views 1780

Mortgage Control

calculator mortgage monthly information similar application banks formulas control
-4    Built by a former banker, Mortgage Control is a fast and convenient mortgage calculator. This simple to use application can instantly provide you with key information about your mortgage: A summary with your monthly payment, interest, and total cost of the mortgage Full ...    3 MB    Views 1766


iphone investment application seng index information hang
+5    信誠證券為iPhone用家特設應用程式,提供一個多元化的投資資訊平台。現在只要從App Store免費下載本程式,便可隨時隨地瀏覽各項市場資訊, 

 •恆生指數成份股股價變動對恆生指數之影響 •公司最新消息 
Prudential Brokerage Ltd. provides a professional trading application for iPhone users. The iPhone application offers a comprehensive investment information platform. Download it from App Store now – you can have real time market information and investment opportunities anytime, ...    746 kb    Views 1631
property application information income professional designed mortgage evaluator analysis real
+20    Income Property Evaluator is a professional real estate analysis application designed specifically for IOS devices. The application was designed to be used by prospective property investors, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and appraisers. Income Property Evaluator is extremely useful on the ...    44 MB    Views 4275

Coin Count (SG)

singapore coins coin question drag questions hand displayed simply count
+2    Coin Count is a great way for introducing children to counting local Singapore coins. To play, simply drag the coins displayed at the top of the screen onto the hand. To remove a coin, simply drag it outside the hand. When ...    NAN    Views 4324
news mobile financial industry information latest services reader application
-5    Download the application to access the latest News, Blogs, and Event Information for the Mobile Financial Services Industry. is the leading online resource for the Mobile Financial Services industry. With the Reader Application, you can stay uptodate with ...    135 kb    Views 45

Nice Calc

tax ipad touch nice calc percentage included amount calculators displayed
+5    Nice Calc is a Universal application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that lets you see in detail the percentage or tax calculated for a specific amount. The T key is programmed by you, after entering any number just touch the ...    7 MB    Views 6778
Related Apps liberty information application account group financial
+1    Artifex Financial Group is happy to offer the 'Liberty' Application to our valued clients. Take the Power of Liberty with you and access your account information anytime and from anywhere. With comprehensive views of account positions, transactions and performance, you can ...    9 MB    Views 9716

Goggans Group Inc

Related Apps group information application
-3    This application provides account information to clients of Goggans Group Inc. For additional information about this application or Goggans Group Inc please contact us at    823 kb    Views 5459

Today Companion

support widget error html displayed content simplified information application
+1    This application configures which information can be displayed and how they are presented. You can also improve displayed informations with advanced settings. If any error occur theapp will display a courtesy message, so using this application you can reset or ...    2 MB    Views 8576

UniCredit Investors

Related Apps unicredit application group institutional information press
+16    The institutional application of UniCredit group With the institutional application of UniCredit you will receive updated information on the Group and the bank world. If you are an investor, an analyst, a journalist, a customer or simply you are interested to learn ...    7 MB    Views 2752


information account lines encryption number application
-2    In Dubio is reference application for passwords, accounts, or any kind of information. In Dubio means “in doubt” of whether you remember the information correctly. For this purpose it maintains a list of items with a undefined number of ...    346 kb    Views 6363
email work time items item location total category displayed catalog group
+13    Take the guess work out of how much to insure your valuables for. Comprehensive Contents Insurance Catalog (CCIC) provides an easy and accessible way to record the details of valued items for insurance purposes, whether for protection against loss, damage or ...    459 kb    Views 589
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