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+4    Business English 900 Essential Sentences teaches practical business English involving experience in business negotiating. It’s also an essential workbook for foreign trade.    58 MB    Views 610
language english
+1    English is a language which has great reach and influence; it is taught all over the world under many different circumstances. English as a second language (ESL) is the use or study of English by speakers with different native languages.    185 MB    Views 8140
+7    BSL, Banking in Switzerland and Liechtenstein is an economic publication the purpose of which is to provide its readers with content selected and endorsed by leading experts (tax specialists, bankers, lawyers, and entrepreneurs) in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Available in bilingual ...    986 kb    Views 8285

TipTheWaiter Lite

+11    This version is free, but ad supported and only in English. If you do not want any ads and want more languages, look for TipTheWaiter on the AppStore. Don't you just hate calculating what to tip? TipTheWaiter can help. TipTheWaiter is a ...    7 MB    Views 359

Business English +

+6    If you cooperate with international business partners in Germany, you need our app to improve your communication skills in business English. We have summarized more than 1000 business words (EnglishGerman). If you work every day with our app, you will ...    10 MB    Views 3177

Stocklah SG

+3    Stocklah SG app provides Singapore SGX stocks intraday quote (using FastPace™ data engine) and chart, together with watchlist & price alert customisation. Features: Intraday stock price alert. Intraday stock quotes (FastPace™, 30secs 5mins delayed, depending on server load). Quote details, ...    9 MB    Views 26
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+3    A specialist dictionary to feel more at ease with business English • Over 30, 000 words and phrases related to the business world (finance, marketing, IT, accounting, law…) • All the uptodate and everyday business vocabulary (bluechip, actifs toxiques, empreinte écologique, cloud ...    54 MB    Views 3470
news english
+5    此应用程序收集和浏览最新的财经英语,商务礼仪美语和英语考试新闻。 精选每日财经头条,中英文双栏显示帮助您的英语水平一日千里。 学习英语,订阅RSS是一个方法,每天收集一些最新内容给你看,既不浪费 时间,也没有压力,可以在工作之余锻炼锻炼英语。这些都是热门,都是精华。 This Application collects and browse the latest English stock market news, etiquette Business English and English test news.    25 MB    Views 5334

Cheque Helper

chinese cheque helper numbers english
+18    Forget the Chinese word of numbers or English spelling when writing cheque? Let Cheque Helper to help you Cheque Helper is an app for people who writes cheque. It can help you to convert numbers to written numbers (Traditional Chinese, English)    4 MB    Views 2575
+1    Play like a great dragon in Hilow Poker now Epic Dragon HiLo Card Blast is newest card game in the store. It has old English theme that has an aunthetic dragon as the dealer to intensify gaming experience. Save ...    37 MB    Views 3772

Salary Calculator

english german salary
+14    German: Gehaltsrechner für Freiberufler: Mit diesem Rechner bekommt man schnell einen Überblick seiner abzurechnenden Dienstleistung. Neue Funktionen: Variabler Steuersatz mehrsprachig (Englisch / Deutsch) letzte Einstellung wird gespeichert und beim Start geladen English: With this little Tool every freelancer could calculate his salary forecast for the ...    345 kb    Views 1381
+3    《英语口语8000句》根据日常生活最常用的句子,精选出了8000个句子,并按照用途和场合进行分类。真人男女同时发音,发音纯正,音质清晰,是一套不可多得的英语口语教材。    378 MB    Views 6056
chinese application 999 disclaimer english information mate cheque
+3    A Production of Symbol. For people who write a number of Cheques or Promissory Notes, embarrassing moments of forgetting words, format or even incorrect spelling is not an option. But for the other, "My Cheque Mate" provides you the reference Wordings in English, ...    3 MB    Views 1444

ShopReporter Admin

-8    Die App läuft 100% auf den genannten Systemen: Sollte die App nicht konfigurierbar sein und der Support sie ebenfalls nicht zum Laufen bekommen, gibt es ab sofort eine 30 Tage GeldzurückGarantie ohne wenn und aber Kurzbeschreibung in Deutsch: Diese App ist nun endlich ...    14 MB    Views 8215

Trip Shared

trip trips travelers language couples shared section step expenses balances automatically english
+7    Introduction : "Trip Shared" is a quick, simple and useful application created to solve a daily need when traveling, sharing group expenses, for couples, friends, family, allowing us to easily see the calculations and the final balances of the expenses from ...    12 MB    Views 5695
2013 tariff charge 3975358 approved http bill english www
+10    This app provides a detailed breakdown on how Electricity is billed in Sri Lanka. Feature list 1Updated to the latest approved revision on 16th Sep 2014 2Calculate for Domestic usage and religious purpose usage 3 in depth breakdown of the bill computation (Fixed Charge ...    3 MB    Views 554

iCompta 2

french manage english download finally multiple charts beautiful income expense
-4    If you have iOS 6+ you should look at the new version 3 iCompta is an application that lets you manage your personal accounts with ease. Keep track of your income and expense, schedule your bills, stay in line ...    10 MB    Views 1195
dictionary database don internet 000 words connection english
+3    %60 SPECIAL DISCOUNT English has became the international communication language which you should need to study. You will have a chance with this application to improve your English Turkish translation ability no matter where you are. Features: • More than 1.000.000 terms ...    114 MB    Views 4375

Denom Master

+3    Features This app is simple currency converter. You can get answers by tapping number, currency and unit. Usage Input amount you want to calculate on input pad of bottom screen. Then select following options on right area of input pad. type of currency: 円(yen) or ...    742 kb    Views 8696

Salary Negociator

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+1    Salary NegoCiator Iphone version for individuals  salary calculator for parttime and fixed income, works for every country and currency, languages: English and French Include vacations and holidays in the calculations Helps you visualize changes in wages by the number of hours, ...    8 MB    Views 7947

Speech Calculator

speech chinese french calculator china apple spanish english function czech dutch
0    A Simple Speech function Calculator now available on Apple Watch Speech function not support Apple Watch. this is the list with the supported languages: Arabic (Saudi Arabia) arSA Chinese (China) zhCN Chinese (Hong Kong SAR China) zhHK Chinese (Taiwan) zhTW Czech (Czech Republic) ...    1 MB    Views 7983
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