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Budget Management

+24    Budget manager is household finance app for money management and budget tracking. Find out where your money is going, keep on top of bills and spending, set up budgets and live easy with a financial peace of mind. plan your ...    3 MB    Views 7495
+13    Long term real estate investors instinctively know if a property has positive cash flow or not. But what about the rest of us? BTD Lite was built to answer that question. Now you can be the confident investor. Features include: Analyze the ...    178 kb    Views 6266


+22    SAVE TIME, IMPROVE EFFICIENCY AND REDUCE PAPERWORK WITH WORKXPENSE Whether you're a businessman, employee or even selfemployed, this application is ideal for tracking your business expenses and for forwarding them to the accounting department, even while away from the office. WorkXpense is ...    5 MB    Views 7956
+3    Charlie is the personal finance manager that challenges you to spend more on what makes you happy. Charlie is an incredibly simple personal finance manager that asks the only real question that matters in your budget. Was this purchase worth ...    14 MB    Views 3848
manage cash flow
+14    Find out how much money you'll have tomorrow, next week or even after n months An extremely easy and natural way to see and manage your cash flow using tool you already familiar with the timeline. Imagine your incomes and ...    3 MB    Views 6810

Easy Cash Manager

email group expenses incomes reports cash create easy groups flow
+12    This app allows you to manage group expenses and incomes in a really easy way.Finance App for Groups helps you create a group, enter the participants names and their income and expenses, manage each person’s cash flow, follow the activity ...    4 MB    Views 1794

Finance Ratios

finance calculator ratio ratios cash flow debt price profit operating
+13    Finance Ratios (Free) The Finance Ratio calculator is an easy to use financial calculator and educational app rolled into one. You can use it to: Calculate over 30 different financial ratios. Study the formulas for each of the ratios. Read detailed ...    3 MB    Views 7847


design personal budget mobile expenses expense income manage accounts world daily customers application
+7    Calculates yours financial status.. Manage your personal finance anytime anywhere with expense manager combines an expense manager and a budget planner Track and manage daily expenses quickly & easily Business expenses, personal expenses, travel expenses etc can all be managed rapidly using ...    876 kb    Views 9985

Loan Flow

home loan closing flow process location updates
-1    Loan Flow, creating smooth home loan transactions. It's never been to stay uptodate on what's going on with your loan during your home loan process. Loan Flow is designed to help borrowers through the home loan process. Some of the features included ...    13 MB    Views 3476


+14    The simplest way to manage your personal finances. QuickExpense is a simple way to manage your personal finances. This application helps you budget and track your spending. Add your expenses, customized categories, account for expenses. Statistics your expenses. Export data to ...    2 MB    Views 6546

i-Easy Expense

trip iphone application expenses number event easy expense member paid manage
-2    Redspark launches its new app iEasy Expense for iPhone. This application is useful to manage expenses depending upon the number of individuals. Manage your expenses according to trip or event, how much one has to pay to his/her friends. This ...    1 MB    Views 1965

T Kelliher FCA

Related Apps tax business advice flow cash bookkeeping year chartered
+30    Qualified and Experienced Chartered Accountant in Practice. Based in Killarney, County Kerry and offer a range of: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Mortgage Proposal Advice, Tax and other services to individuals and businesses (Self Employed, Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies). I am a Xero Certified Advisor and a ...    13 MB    Views 6927

Autónomo Pro

tax expenses manage multiple budgets invoice invoices options pro
+15    Welcome to Freelance Pro (Autónomo Pro) An indispensable application for the small business. Completely redesigned , with many improvements and countless possibilities. Manage your budgets, income and expenses Generates invoices in high quality pdf format. Incorporates multiple types of tax on each invoice... Multiple users You ...    33 MB    Views 1506
calculator money time financial tutorials problems flow amortization
+3    Included with your MyFinanceLab subscription, the MyFinanceLab Financial Calculator app gives you access to a fully functional financial calculator along with interactive tutorials. The financial calculator allows you to solve Time Value of Money, Cash Flow, and Amortization problems, while ...    230 MB    Views 8596
Related Apps money budget apps time people account expenses easy entries accounts simple income manage
+25    My Money is not a normal household accounts book. This app helps you stay on top of your income and expenses, making it easy to manage your money. ADVANTAGES COMPARED TO OTHER APPS: THE PRICE. Compared to other apps the price is ...    27 MB    Views 9821

Yodlee Tandem

family bills card terms expenses agree financial share manage owe friends
+14    Tandem lets you share and manage your finances with friends and family. With Tandem, you can link all your checking, credit card, and bills from various financial institutions to get a snapshot of your finances. You can share individual expenses or ...    17 MB    Views 9097

Track My Budget

budget travel expenses track income expense categories manage wise category daily
-9    Managing money on the go is easier with Track My Budget This app helps in tracking all your expenses and incomes so you get a complete financial overview of you earning and spending and to monitor your budgets efficiently. To more ...    10 MB    Views 4191

Crisis ?

personal money crisis finances envelopes outgoings manage control creating expenses
+8    Crisis is a new way to manage your personal finances.   Creating envelopes in Crisis allows you to manage your expenses and any unanticipated outgoings, as you would do placing money in real envelopes. Crisis is a priceless aid which enables you ...    2 MB    Views 1786
+11    In construction, ROI is an odd concept. It is one that is unusual since we have unique economics. Here is an app that makes the calculation simple.   The amount of money tied up to build work is the right basis for ...    5 MB    Views 7625
Related Apps money finance track spending giving expenses top features manage
+12    Top Finance App in the US and UK Now on Apple Watch & iPhone We love simplicity, and 'Track My Spending' makes keeping track of your money simpler. We used a lot of the other money tracking apps out there ...    22 MB    Views 5566

CashFlow Financial

Related Apps financial cashflow worksheets interface functions flow cash rates
0    The CashFlow Financial app for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad performs computations most commonly encountered in the financial, banking, and insurance industries. The design of its interface takes advantage of the capabilities of the iOS platform to perform tasks routinely done using such ...    8 MB    Views 2024
calculator ipad financial statistics calculations capability cash performed flow user
-4    The creators of No. 1 Statistics Calculators for iPhone (Statistics Calculator++) and iPad (Statistics Calculator+++) present Financial Calculator+++, exclusively designed for iPad. Financial Calculator+++ has all the financial capabilities of the popular Texas Instruments BA II Plus (except for a few ...    3 MB    Views 5464
Related Apps email budget finance group expenses incomes reports create categories cash groups flow
-7    This app allows you to manage group expenses and incomes in a really easy way. iOS Finance App for Groups helps you create a group, enter the participants names and their income and expenses, manage each person’s cash flow, follow ...    3 MB    Views 6204
budget tracker expenses group manage income add flow cash track
+23    Do you want to manage your monthly expenses and keep track of your cash flow? Are you traveling and want to manage the expenses for each person in your group? In charge of a team? Then Group Budget is definitely ...    2 MB    Views 3914


-4    NPV/IRR application computes NPV of a series of cash flows and IRR of a series of cash flows. NPV: 1. Cash flow can start at any time 2. Interest rate can be supplied for each cash flow 3. One interest rate can apply to ...    74 kb    Views 6412

Simple Cash Flow

Related Apps budget simple flow cash
-8    This Simple Cash Flow application allows you track your budget quickly and easily. There is no need to have an internet connection, or fancy things stored in the cloud. All of that just complicates what needs to get done... tracking ...    3 MB    Views 2595


money social friends jar expenses ideal bank manage
-5    Because we all like to share presents and order drinks with our friends, because we are all too busy to manage our social expenses properly and because we don’t like to wait for our money until we forget about it, ...    NAN    Views 4892
-3    Compute financial ratios on the fly Advanced Financial Ratio Calc computes over 100 financial ratios instantly Just type in the inputs, press calculate, and the ratio is automatically computed Each calculator includes a description of the underlying equation. Preparing for your CFA, CPA, and ...    1 MB    Views 3454


investment tax rss cash flow lite analysis ratio values rate
-5    Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis is one of the most useful economic decisionmaking tools in investment management. REIFA Lite is a real estate investment analysis application based on DCF analysis method. With REIFA Lite you can set multiple parameters and review analysis ...    1 MB    Views 8114

Monthly Finance

Related Apps finance time monthly month accounts expenses manage balance
+3    Everyone has to manage his/her finance at least once a month or two. This app allows user to record his/her monthly accounts balances and showing a summary and trend of his/her savings and expenditure. All the user need to do is ...    3 MB    Views 6461
money person language people french spanish time expenses event share pay function friends participants manage events data
0    With Pay&Share the figures add up: with everybody, wherever you are. Do you like travelling with your friends? Sharing an apartment? Organising parties and events? Going boating with friends? Then comes the time of sharing the expenses: accounts, receipts, invoices ... ...    11 MB    Views 5400
Related Apps property investment cash flow rates real income desired analysis estate
+28    Intelligent design to quickly and easily determine several aspects of a potential investment property. Calculations Designed specifically for: Single Family Homes Multifamily Apartment Complexes Mobile Home Parks Supports Cash Flow analysis of any residential or commercial real estate. Input your desired Return On Investment or desired Cash ...    7 MB    Views 8637

Cash Flow Checker

property investment money tax cash flow estate real checker properties
+4    This gives you the confidence to assess potential investment real estate, and if they will make you money ( positive cash flow ) or cost your money (negative cash flow ). Before investing time and money into an investment property, ...    5 MB    Views 8776

EZ Real Estate App

finance investors real estate cash flow expenses properties cost simple
-2    EZ Real Estate App makes finance simple for the real estate investor. EZ Real Estate App will help you screen different properties in which you're considering to buy. All calculations are done for you. If you're buying a rental property, try ...    380 kb    Views 4128
Related Apps email finance group expenses incomes reports categories create flow groups cash
+5    This app allows you to manage group expenses and incomes in a really easy way. iOS Finance App for Groups helps you create a group, enter the participants names and their income and expenses, manage each person’s cash flow, follow ...    4 MB    Views 7228

Funds Flow Monitor

Related Apps monitor calendar funds transactions month day flow amount monthly transaction list
+4    Funds Flow Monitor offers a novel way to easily monitor and, hence, manage your monthly funds receipts and disbursements. The app’s home page — the “Funds Flow Summaries” page — presents the current month’s calendar with “today” highlighted. On that ...    1011 kb    Views 6913

AFE Trade

market time stock afe order information bought flow real trading
+27    Company Background AFE Solutions Limited is the leading information provider for realtime prices, news and analytics in Hong Kong financial market. Established since 1983, AFE has been serving major brokerage firms and banks in HK with its high quality stocks market ...    8 MB    Views 5778


-2    Net Present Value (NPV) application aggregates the present value of future cash flows. Features: 1. Cash flow can occur any time 2. Cash flow can repeat any number of times 3. Interest rate for cash flow can be specified. 4. Clear all cash flows and ...    71 kb    Views 9778


financial present cash added flow
-3    Adjusted Present Value (APV) is a way to value companies as all equity financed and by adding financial side effects; such as, present value of tax shield (PVTS) and (subtracting) present value of financial distress (PVFD). Free Cash Flow (FCF) Cash Flow ...    70 kb    Views 9403


growth rate cash flow firm
+10    This application calculates the present value (PV) of cash flow paid in perpetuity. Interest rate based on the risk associated with the source of cash flow is required. If the cash flow is growing with time, then the growth rate ...    67 kb    Views 74
email expenses group incomes groups reports easy create cash categories flow
+17    This app allows you to manage group expenses and incomes in a really easy way. Finance App for Groups helps you create a group, enter the participants names and their income and expenses, manage each person’s cash flow, follow the ...    3 MB    Views 5022

Budget Free

budget money expenses blue setting manage
+20    Budget Pro is an application to manage budget and expense. You can set amount of money for each project like moving expenses, weddings, honeymoon travel costs, living expenses, shopping, a month pocket money, a date, cost, transportation, meals, drinks, etc and ...    13 MB    Views 8854

Group Finance

finance iphone budget group expenses manage high categories check track incomes
-4    Group Finance is a high powered budget app for Businesses, Family, Groups, Teams, and Organizations. Manage Group Expenses and Income all from your iPhone. Set a Budget for the Group and Manage it. One of the most high powered finance apps ...    4 MB    Views 3864
rent reminders easy dollar pay simple manage expenses
-2    PayUp is a remarkably clean application that acts as a simple ledger with reminders. Using it is as easy as writing an 'I owe you'. Soon, you will wonder how others manage without it. iCloud Sync, you will always have access ...    3 MB    Views 7143

Loxysoft E-sign

ipad marketing sales customer flow document field quality
+27    Loxysoft in association with Scrive provides electronic signing of documents. Let your customers sign directly on iPad when performing store sales or field marketing activities. When all parties have signed, Scrive will generate a digital document with a quality of ...    17 MB    Views 9063
card cards social facebook education planning expenses financial control manage credit daily income
-9    Mobills Financial Education is a financial control application that aims to manage all expenses and expenditures, working as a manager of personal finance for iPhone, iPad and iPod. With Mobills, all your expenses and income are categorized and presented in graphs ...    11 MB    Views 8244


Related Apps wallet expenses regular manage
0    Wallet application is used to manage/maintain the records for regular expenses held by user. Wallet help you to manage regular expenses in digital ways.    4 MB    Views 2691


Related Apps time market investment afe information futures sold flow fund bought top warrants
-3    Company Background AFE Solutions Limited is the leading information provider for realtime prices and analytics in Hong Kong financial market. Established since 1983, AFE has been serving major brokerage firms and banks in HK with its high quality stocks market information. ...    4 MB    Views 4104

Cash Flow Easy

calendar cash flow easy expenses enter idea month income
+25    Cash Flow Easy allows you to enter all of your recurring expenses and income streams and then display your cash flow in an easy to use calendar. This allows you to visualize your monthly income and expenses for simple cash ...    4 MB    Views 8902

Cash Forecast

forecast cash flow helps output financial input monthly details categories
+25    Cash flow forecast for small or mid tier businesses helps the enterprise plan cash requirements in the future , predict expansion opportunities or any impending financial crisis and take requisite strategic actions. Cash flow forecast helps one summarize all key details ...    17 MB    Views 596
apple expenses member account subscriptions subscription www add quickly manage
+9    Cospender is the easiest way to manage expenses with your partner, family, roommates or friends. Going on holiday with friends, being roommates or living in couple without a shared bank account. Create groups of expenses: Home, Holidays, Work, etc. Invite a member to ...    4 MB    Views 3495
Related Apps share expenses split group manage groups payments easy
-2    Splid helps friends manage their money. Perfect for vacations, share housing and groups who need to share expenses, Splid keeps track of every transaction and shows who owes whom how much. It is simply the easiest way to manage group expenses. FEATURES – ...    NAN    Views 3495
excel expense expenses month record daily monthly manage yearly
-7    Always out of money during middle of month? Don't worry Expense Housekeeper can help you. This app helps you to manage daily expenses and keep your finances healthy. Expense Housekeeper is a simple, practical and useful personal financial tool. The app ...    8 MB    Views 9213


time cash flow irr flows timing application times required
+13    Internal Rate of Return (IRR) computes interest rate at which Net Present Value (NPV) of a series of cash flows equate to 0. This is a flexible IRR calculator that overcomes limitation with number of cash flows and cash flow timing ...    70 kb    Views 2384
calculator money time financial problems tutorials flow step features
0    The Pearson Financial Calculator app gives you access to a fully functional financial calculator along with interactive tutorials. The financial calculator allows you to solve Time Value of Money, Cash Flow, and Amortization problems, while the interactive tutorials walk you ...    230 MB    Views 5418
management financial capital interview question part statements term flow cash
-9    Financial Interview Question helps you practice your answer to tough interview questions. We provide over 350 questions about financial. The concepts is divided into 3 parts : PART I: Forms of business organization Financial Statements Interpretation of financial statements Funds flow/cash flow statement ...    3 MB    Views 5935
books person account set report accounting book color expenses count manage view
+1    This is a simple app that generates PDF report for a cash flow for personal and business expenses. This is not the type of the balance analysis. However, it’s very useful for an accounting person (person submitting the report) such as ...    3 MB    Views 7363
Related Apps personal business family money expenses track control manage easily iexpenses graphical
+4    Get Organized With myPDV iExpenses you can easily record, track, manage and control all your personal, medical, family and business expenses while on the go. Categorize your expenses and track them anytime by generating a graphical report that lets you ...    6 MB    Views 5494
Related Apps office data expenses expense csv iexpenses application files pdf manage
+3    iExpenses Pro is an application to track easily all your business advances & expenses, from data entry until repayment. This application is : ¤ a time saver and less paperwork ¤ a better tracking system of your expenses ¤ the possibility of simply managing ...    16 MB    Views 7721
management expenses simple purchases add manager manage families
-1    With the rising of a financial crisis, a large percentage of the worldwide community must manage their expenses according to their economic possibilities. To most families, this management is extremely important in order to be able to maintain a healthy ...    6 MB    Views 8639
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