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Tax Compare

+3    Featured by Apple in 'What's Hot' Calculations for 20112012 and 20122013 Financial Year Quickly compare how much tax you will pay and your take home pay for multiple scenarios. Example scenarios ☞How much will I benefit with a 5% pay ...    NAN    Views 8957
+15    VF's 2012 annual report, titled "Made to Last: Powerful Brands That Never Stand Still," is available for iPad download. 2012 was another year of records for VF—record revenues, record margins, record earnings and record cash flow from operations. It was ...    4 MB    Views 9540

HUSUM WindEnergy

2012 und der die 000 aus ber das
0    Die HUSUM WindEnergy ist nicht nur die bedeutendste Messeveranstaltung der internationalen Windenergiebranche, sondern darüber hinaus seit knapp 25 Jahren der wichtigste Treffpunkt aller Akteure und Entscheidungsträger der Branche. Als Schaufenster und Marktplatz zugleich bildet die HUSUM WindEnergy alle zwei Jahre ...    14 MB    Views 4543
tax calculator 2012 8226 income 9733 net calculate ato annual
+20    Tax Calculator is built to make personal finances easy &9733;&9733;&9733;&9733;&9733; Calculate Australian Individual Income Tax Uses official 2012 tax data from ATO Accurate and incredibly EASY to use Best design and user experience NO Ads ====================================== &9733; Everyone can calculate their Tax and ...    717 kb    Views 9829


+21    Important: You must have a Bank of Cashton account to use Asset Don’t have a Bank of Cashton account? Visit to learn how you can become a customer. Asset is a powerful, engaging financial mobile app, and like a ...    40 MB    Views 836
+2    Conoce nuestro Informe de Sostenibilidad FEMSA 2012. La estrategia de sostenibilidad de FEMSA tiene un eje base: Nuestra Ética y Valores, y tres ejes rectores: Nuestra Gente, Nuestro Planeta y Nuestra Comunidad. A través de nuestros esfuerzos en sostenibilidad ...    108 MB    Views 7575
+14    This app calculates the Fair Value for publicly traded companies. The calculations are based on the principles described by Benjamin Graham. The information is updated daily. Companies are listed by: Best Deals All Deals Sectors/Industries You can see the full Fair Value ...    4 MB    Views 9231

NWB Bank 2012

2012 van het bank nwb
+3    Dit is de digitale versie van het complete jaarverslag van de NWB Bank over het boekjaar 2012.    174 MB    Views 2695

AR 2012 KTO

-7    Annual report JSC “KazTransOil” for 2012    18 MB    Views 3215
+11    Ever fancied investing in stocks & shares but did not do so because it all seemed too complicated? This app is dedicated to giving you a good understanding of the stock market and hopefully will enable you to make some ...    30 MB    Views 8215


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-4    MercMoney is a powerful and engaging financial mobile app that will change the way you feel about financial management. MercMoney's award winning design makes managing money not only easier and more convenient but a lot more enjoyable and exciting as ...    39 MB    Views 9203


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+4    NNEK's first Dutch Feasibility Application to access and monitor investment portfolios and objectives. NNEK has a successful track record over 25 years. NNEK is ideally placed to help you as a investment planner excel through and beyond 2012. We have a ...    NAN    Views 9933
apps ipad 2012 trip cost top journey splitter 150
+3    Top 150 UK Paid iPad Apps March 2012 UK top 50 Finance Paid iPhone Apps and top 150 iPad apps July 2012 Ever need a quick way of finding out exactly how much a trip is costing you... ...    145 kb    Views 5057
2012 finance world report annual
+13    Find out in our 2012 Annual Report in what regions we operate around the world. We offer you insights into our promotional work in the field of "international finance" in fascinating articles, films and illustrations. As one of the world's ...    66 MB    Views 6303
2012 market stock trend trading 2011 inventory 1896 calculation
+5    This app calculates the Fair Value for publicly traded companies. The calculations are based on the principles described by Benjamin Graham. The information is updated daily. Companies are listed by: Best Deals All Deals Sectors/Industries You can see the full Fair Value ...    4 MB    Views 5245
tax iphone chinese 2012 calculator total net salaries application income
0    App Store上唯一的香港俸薪稅計算器,功能強大,操作簡單,是居家必備之工具。20122013課稅年度的稅率已更新。 您只需輸入:個人入息,所有獲顧主或公司提供居住的租值, 在扣除額和免稅額頁面,填寫所需的欄目,再按計算鍵,你將得到總入息,總稅額和餘額的計算結果。點擊詳見報表,可查看更具體的數據(詳見貼圖). 主要功能介绍: 支持3种语言:中文繁体,简体和英文。 支持4种薪水發放週期:每周一次,每两周一次,每月一次以及年度。 可计算出总扣除额,总免税额,应课税入息实额,总税额和餘额,並且按薪水發放週期分類。 我們真誠地希望薪俸稅計算器為你的生活帶來便捷,如果你對本產品有任何意見或建議,請發郵件至: 我們盡最大努力確保計算的準確性,然而它僅供您作參考之用,而不是針對您個人情況的專業稅務意見。 This is the first and only one Hong Kong salaries tax calculator in the App Store. It's very powerful,yet easy to use. It's an excellent tool for all families. The new tax rates for ...    257 kb    Views 5383

Finance Central

finance 2012 home banking show central financial fall finnovate secure data
+1    Important: You must have a Gas & Electric CU Home Banking account to use Finance Central Don’t have a Gas & Electric CU Home Banking account? Go to to enroll or contact the Credit Union for further instructions. Finance Central ...    40 MB    Views 9247


finance 2012 ipad china market user account recommendation transaction
-8    ========================================================================== Transaction APP with Easy to Use and Best Review/Statistical Experience ========================================================================== Version 1.6.0 added one unique super feature: Customer defined statistical type can be reviewed based on transaction category What's the advantage? It can work for multiple products' sales in ...    27 MB    Views 2914


+17    Indian Market The construction industry is the second largest industry of the country after agriculture accounting for 11 percent of India’s GDP. Indian construction industry employs 32 million people and its total market size is estimated at Rs. 2,48,000crores (35,640 million ...    188 kb    Views 4586
2012 companies manufacturing analyze bond default industrial year generate private
+5    Insights beyond the traditional ZScore 1. Estimate Bond Rating Equivalent (BRE) 2. Rank firms within and across industry 3. Predict 110 years of Probability of Default (PD) 3.1. Existing bond/loan 3.2. New Bond/loan Details: Analyze any of 3740 (3079 US and 661 NonUS) publicly traded industrial companies ...    3 MB    Views 4926
2012 grupo anual informe
+23    Herdez 2012 Informe Anual Grupo Herdez es una empresa líder en el sector de alimentos procesados en México y uno de los líderes en la categoría de comida mexicana en Estados Unidos.    27 MB    Views 92

Elementia AR 2012

2012 strength company
-8    By the title of Strength, our 2012 annual report presents the efforts by Elementia in achieving the goals for each of its four business divisions. Efforts based on the strength of Elementia’s leading brands in its markets: Mexalit, Eureka; Frigocel ...    22 MB    Views 8530

MA 2012

+24    La Memoria Anual 2012 de UNACEM (fusión de Cementos Lima y Cemento Andino) recopila los hechos más importantes de la gestión de la Empresa, además de la información financiera detallada: Estado de Situación Financiera, El Estado de Resultados, el Estado ...    56 MB    Views 7432

TiECON Chennai

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-3    The TiECON Chennai iPhone application is part of a broader initiative to improve the mobile experience of entrepreneurs who interact with TiE community. Get updated with the latest events and news around the globe. Features: Be informed of all the TiECON Chennai ...    2 MB    Views 6115


+7    Fondsenplatforms first Dutch Feasibility Application to access and monitor investment portfolios and objectives. Fondsenplatform has a successful track record over 25 years. Fondsenplatform is ideally placed to help you as a investment planner excel through and beyond 2012. We have a ...    NAN    Views 6322

RISKSA Magazine

Related Apps magazine 2012 subscription account purchase current period renewal charged auto
+6    RISKSA is the current SA Business Magazine of the Year (An award won twice in consecutive years) and the editorial and design staff has a string of accolades backing their claim that they produce the best magazine in its niche. ...    38 MB    Views 8490
children 2012 foundation programs annual report
+14    Orangewood Children's Foundation 2012/2103 Annual Report is an overview of programs and outcomes of the services provided as well as financial figures. The mission of Orangewood Children’s Foundation is to provide lifechanging prevention and intervention programs for abused and neglected children, young ...    245 MB    Views 7471


+7    Important: You must sign up with Clarity through NetTeller’s online banking in order to use the Clarity app Don’t have a Clarity account? Contact Farmers Bank & Trust for availability. Clarity is a powerful and engaging financial mobile app that will change ...    39 MB    Views 4759
+6    본 제품은 ㈜영화조세통람이 개발한 연말정산 어플리케이션으로 연말정산업무에 대해 실무자들이 조금이나마 쉽고 편리함을 제공하고자 기획되었으며 2012년 귀속분을 자동계산 할 수 있습니다. 또한, 자동계산의 이해를 돕고자 실무자들이 자주 묻는 질문과 답변, 연말정산 절세방법, 지난해와 달리진 개정사항 등의 내용도 수록하였습니다. 단, 본 어플리케이션은 가장 일반적인 상황을 ...    327 kb    Views 5488
2012 sus anual informe
+4    El informe anual de Minera Frisco 2012 presenta el perfil corporativo de la empresa, sus resultados financieros sobresalientes y la descripción de sus unidades operativas.    77 MB    Views 8424

iTaxable 2013

tax 2012 business money income taxable received sold situations free plan
+11    Updated for your 2012 tax returns and information on changes that will affect your 2013 tax return. PLUS Ask a question of out tax experts for FREE (Not an In App Purchase) What kind of income is taxfree and what kind ...    1 MB    Views 1537
research market 2012 strategy 2013 trading bank platform europe awards
-4    Autobahn is available exclusively for Deutsche Bank’s institutional and corporate clients, offering customers access to our awardwinning market leading electronic services. Autobahn is fully customisable to your individual business needs. Key features include: Daily Digest: a customisable page for published research, commentary ...    30 MB    Views 7534
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+4    A collection of 70 informative videos on how to save money every day Videos: MONEY SAVING TIPS FOR 2012 1 AND 2 Money Saving Tips and Ideas for 2012 3 and 4 Money Saving Tips and Ideas for 2012 5 and 6 Money Saving Tips ...    8 MB    Views 5803
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+13    GRATUIT aujourd'hui (au lieu de 11,99 €). PROFITEZEN • DEJA PLUS DE 1 MILLION D'UTILISATEURS EN FRANCE. • DECOUVREZ OÙ PART VOTRE ARGENT : Vos dépenses triées par Catégories automatiquement, vous n’avez jamais vu aussi clair dans vos dépenses • TOUS ...    19 MB    Views 3522

iFiniquito 2012

2012 para los todos esta por calcula
+20    ESTAMOS SOLUCIONANDO UN PROBLEMA QUE EVITA LA ENTRADA DE FECHAS EN iOS6. EN LOS PRÓXIMOS DÍAS SALDRÁ LA NUEVA VERSIÓN CORREGIDA. Disculpas y gracias por descargar iFiniquito 2012 FINIQUITO APLICA LA REFORMA LABORAL. Calcula a cuánto asciende tu finiquito tras la reforma laboral aprobada ...    3 MB    Views 4166
2012 information financial report company annual
+23    Description: KMG EP – a leading company in the field of hydrocarbon exploration and production in Kazakhstan, among the leaders of oil and gas business in the Caspian region, able to compete globally. KMGEP Annual report 2012 provides basic information about ...    239 MB    Views 9549
2012 show financial data finnovate fall secure bank account
+24    Important: You must have a Park Sterling Bank account to use 360 Don’t have a Park Sterling Bank account? Contact your financial institution for availability. 360 is a powerful and engaging financial mobile app that will change the way ...    39 MB    Views 2634
-2    Тhe annual report of OJSC ALROSA for 2012 (hereinafter referred to as " Annual report“) has been prepared on the basis of information available to OJSC ALROSA at the time of preparation. This Annual report contains forecasting statements in regard ...    47 MB    Views 9125
2012 forum sap
0    SAP Forum Sofia 2012    1 MB    Views 1125

Can I Buy ?

money news kids 2012 financial buy numbers http afford tool
-6    New Update>> Provides clarity of Approval/Denial reasons. Provides alternate suggestions to buy the item. Provides clear financial suggestions based on numbers you provided. Providers you financial numbers handy Can You Afford It? There’s An App for That. The above article in USA ...    10 MB    Views 9573
2012 show finnovate financial fall secure account washington federal encryption
-4    Welcome to MoneySync. Note: You must have a MoneySync desktop account to use the mobile app. Don’t have a MoneySync account? Please contact Washington Federal about enrolling in online banking and MoneySync, powered by Washington Federal. MoneySync is a powerful and engaging financial ...    39 MB    Views 9616

iDeductible 2013

tax money business time personal education medical 2012 deductions expenses deductible category
+3    Named one of the top 5 tax preparation apps in the App Store by Mobilewalla. (March 23, 2012.) Updated for your 2012 tax returns and information on changes that will affect your 2013 tax return. The MUST have app to help you ...    4 MB    Views 1007
2012 personal program iphone forum equity german functions information overview
-7    The Equity Forum App is the official iPhone App for the "German Equity Forum 2012". All important information regarding the event are available on this app when the financial community meets in Frankfurt from November 12, 2012 until November 14, ...    12 MB    Views 109
2012 och nekalkylatorn att fram skatt arbetsgivaravgift med den hur
+7    Lönekalkylatorn 2012 Innehåller endast 2012 års skattetabeller Utsågs av Personalaktuellts läsare till bästa HRapp. Lönekalkylatorn 2012 är en vanlig enkel kalkylator men med den helt unika funktionen att den också räknar fram skatt och arbetsgivaravgift med ett klick. Du väljer själv vilken löneuppgift som ska ...    2 MB    Views 4408

Altman Z-Score +

2012 manufacturing companies analyze year ticker generate public private default
+11    Analyze any of 3740 (3079 US and 661 NonUS) publicly traded industrial companies trading in US Exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTC BB & Pinksheet) by entering ticker symbol. This App has been developed and enhanced in collaboration with Dr. Edward I. ...    3 MB    Views 6112
travel apps 2012 iphone simply july features currencies
+10    Don't be stressed by the question "what do you have to declare?" again. This is the introductory Free version of the highly acclaimed Simply Declare Travel App which has been featured on: 2014 Mashable 2013 Featured on 2014 as ...    34 MB    Views 1849
2012 reports report sustainability trading annual full updates
-3    Have all the recent Wolters Kluwer financial reports in your pocket wherever you go. This app includes the 2011 Annual Report, Sustainability Report, Trading Updates and Fullyear Results; and the 2010 Annual Report and Sustainability Report. The 2012 Trading ...    45 MB    Views 7824
2012 manufacturing year public default generate corporate private file manage
0    This App delivers actionable insight on the spot. This App has been developed and enhanced in collaboration with Dr. Edward I. Altman, Max L. Heine Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business, New York University to deliver following ...    3 MB    Views 4884

Agent Calculator

calculator australia facebook property tools business 2012 agents agent converter estate wide featured real
+26    No.1 in the iTunes Australian paid "Business category" 7th – 15th July 2011 Featured on REUNCUT – Monday 25th of July 2011 Featured on electric avenue – September 2012 Featured in Real Estate Business – August 2012 Used by in ...    1 MB    Views 2280
2012 conference states member countries
-8    This app will be useful during IBA Warsaw 2012 Conference in Warsaw Poland. You'll be able to see the agenda (with navigation information), speakers (more than 100) and contact info. Conference starts on 21st November 2012. The aim of IBA Warsaw 2012 ...    3 MB    Views 5335
2012 time market stock tools discount analysis technical trading trends supports trend loss
+23    Best of Feb 2012, App Store Rewind (Feb 2012) PC World Magazine Selected, "30 Sites You Should be Using Right Now" (Feb 2012) Selected as Staff Favorite in iTunes (Feb 2012) Featured in iTunes App Starter Kit (Feb 2012) ...    43 MB    Views 6171
2012 report corporate
0    In the Henkel Corporate App library you will find the annual report 2012 and the sustainability report 2012 as pdf and further reports from 2011.    5 MB    Views 9522
2012 productivity report annual kong hong
+9    Hong Kong Productivity Council’s 2011‐2012 Annual Report, titled ‘An Orchestra Performing Excellence for 45 Years’, is available for iPad download. Symphony orchestra is selected as the theme for the annual report. Conducting a symphony orchestra is used as a metaphor for ...    71 MB    Views 6685

ALSEA 2012

0    Reportes anuales de ALSEA para 2012.    249 MB    Views 4459

LARC 2012

2012 speakers swift event conference industry application latin regional
0    Application for SWIFT Latin America Regional Conference 2012 The SWIFT Latin America Regional Conference 2012 (LARC) is the inaugural event lead by SWIFT that gathers 200 members of the community to discuss and debate relevant topics impacting the financial industry. Comprised ...    2 MB    Views 3954


2012 investment conference attendees
+15    INSITE 2012, Pershing's Financial Solutions Conference, has set the standard as one of the industry's premier, mustattend events for growthminded investment professionals and registered investment advisors. Over 2,000 attendees will gather on June 68, 2012 at The Westin Diplomat in ...    25 MB    Views 5896

Codul Fiscal

2012 iphone fiscal code www direct care
+1    Codul fiscal 2012 este accesibil acum si pe Iphone. Uilizatorii pot verifica in orice moment, din orice loc, reglementarile Codului fiscal 2012 direct de pe telefonul lor mobil iPhone. Odata descarcata si instatala aplicatia, utilizatorii au posibilitatea de a citi Codul fiscal beneficiind de ...    2 MB    Views 287
tax 2012 calculator budget year 2013 free insurance updates
-3 is the number one resource for UK Tax Calculations since 1998. Figures have been updated for the 2012/2013 tax year, and all purchases qualify for free updates for the 2012/2013 tax year, and following 2013/2014 tax year. listentotaxman UK PAYE Calculator ...    362 kb    Views 989

Better Price

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+5    Better Price is a price comparision tool can help you easily compare two products' cost no matter the package quantities or units. It can also help to to make decision easily without confusion of different local tax rates, currencies and ...    3 MB    Views 8078

Memoria SNMPE 2012

2012 principales los las anual
-6    La Memoria Anual 2012 de la Sociedad Nacional de Minería, Petróleo y Energía (SNMPE) contiene la reseña de las principales actividades gremiales desarrolladas dicho año, así como el panorama económico y legal en el que se desarrollaron los sectores que ...    168 MB    Views 5072
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