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+22    Keep track and know what's happening in the FX markets and trade them with ease on the go Take immediate actions on opportunities and monitor your positions from anywhere. With UTRADE FX, you can: Have easy access to Real Time FX quotes ...    10 MB    Views 5577
0    Student Stock Trader is a simple stock market simulator designed to help students understand how the stock market works. This application lets you setup a stock trading game where players can: Search Stocks from the NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges. View ...    10 MB    Views 9242

Stock Market Game

Related Apps market stock students game performance portfolios
+9    From better attendance and increased engagement and participation in class to higher test scores and improved academic performance, there are many anecdotes about the educational impact of the SIFMA Foundation's Stock Market Game (SMG). These anecdotes were confirmed when a ...    6 MB    Views 8174

FX Trading Buddy

Related Apps students learn trading buddy register forex trade
+4    FX Trading Buddy is an educational app for people to learn how to trade Forex and Commodities on spread betting platforms. The app enables students to register for webinars, track their progress, receive daily trade ideas,register for webinars and interact ...    12 MB    Views 1677
+2    Secure your financial future with Financial 4.0 Financial 4.0 is a free financial resource for the Michigan State University community geared to help college students discover how to build and secure their financial future. Learn financial tips for building good credit, ...    11 MB    Views 474
+29    50 Questions on Inventory Accounting for IFRS and US GAAP App Description: This app provides a review of inventory accounting for IFRS and US GAAP. Basic concepts are structured in a questionandanswer format for instant application to realworld analysis. Read questions and answers in "Review ...    1 MB    Views 2369


investment facebook business students work projects application evaluation project manufacturing services
+17    PROJECT EVALUATION Do you have a small business in mind? This groundbreaking application allows you to formulate and evaluate the investment alternatives which are needed to work out your economic and financial viability, all in a single platform. The application offers the ...    11 MB    Views 5477


career business australia management students university student discover informed explore
+24    Discover, explore and stay informed launch your career by downloading the FMAA App today The FMAA now makes it even easier to discover, explore and stay informed about the Graduate and Internship opportunities available to you while at University. Designed ...    2 MB    Views 227


time board message premium purchase free access
+22    iHub app allows Investors Hub members to access the streaming stock quotes, Level 2, news, charts, time and sales, SEC filings, and participate in the message boards that InvestorsHub is known for. Subscribing to iHub Premium Message Board Downloading and using the ...    12 MB    Views 9932
+19    The only HSA product currently supported by this app is the Health Advantage HSA. If you have another Optum HSA product, you can manage your HSA account from your mobile device at Our secure app makes managing your Health ...    4 MB    Views 1707
students credit union federal products including staff loans
-6    Founded May 6, 1954, OU Federal Credit Union has been serving the University of Oklahoma's faculty, staff, students, and alumni for 60 years. Membership is open to all students,faculty,staff,alumni and retirees of the University of Oklahoma. The credit union offers a ...    39 MB    Views 1863

Budget Challenge

Related Apps students money budget challenge bills time management learning program card real pay national world
+5    This App is free and works with the Paid version of Budget Challenge (20/student) found on Overview: Budget Challenge is an awardwinning and patented program that actually SHOWS young people how to manage money in a real life setting. We use ...    5 MB    Views 265

Alliant Connect

time access account policy connect team documents customers insurance
+2    Alliant Connect gives Alliant customers quick and easy access to insurance and financial information, and allows customers to contact their account team at the push of a button. Alliant Connect lets you: Access account team members via email or phone Send ...    1 MB    Views 7377
Related Apps time information liberty clients john account real access mobile
+12    Description: Caitlin John Private Wealth Management offers the Liberty application, through Trust Company of America, to authorized clients. Liberty is Trust Company of America’s new fullymobile platform that allows clients to access and review their account information in real time. Take ...    9 MB    Views 3798
students search formula debt college mission amount find
+3    3 Formulas To Create SAIL We are a couple of college grads on a mission. We've been told that the money is out there yet many of us never find it. We've created SAIL The Simple Scholarship Search Engine from 3 ...    4 MB    Views 6680


students facebook profile twitter navigation french income bug record version events track
+7    KInstructor, is an App created by Instructors for Instructors, Teachers, Coachs, Trainers, ... professionals like you who are dedicated to teaching in different subjects (Dance, Music, Languages, Fitness, Sports, Review Classes, Computers, Cooking, ....). Are you tired of manually managing income ...    14 MB    Views 8425
students time college day strategies living
-7    Harvard Shoestring Strategies is a guide to living on a budget at Harvard College. Produced entirely by students, for students, the application addresses all areas of college living: Academics, DaytoDay, Fun, Student Jobs, and Finance. Learn how to eat for ...    933 kb    Views 9423


card students meal
-7    The Official UWallet that connects you with your meal card. Helping McMaster students check their card balance, review transaction history, find out hours of operation of oncampus restaurants and data analytics to track your spending. If you don’t have a meal plan, ...    3 MB    Views 4248

cFlow Factor1

+10    Here at FactorONE we want you to be able to make your cash flow decisions on the move. The FactorONE mobile app is the smart money for smart business app that will allow you access to your facility to view ...    2 MB    Views 816


money students school expense problems built build ratings connect
-5    Best iOS app at HS Hacks II, the world's largest high school hackathon Adults aren't the only ones with money problems. High school and college students have problems tracking their money. But the only available solutions for them are either boring ...    14 MB    Views 9126

Soft1 mCRM

Related Apps time personnel sales application access customer
-9    Requires Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition With the mobile application Soft1 mCRM for iPhone and iPad, the authorized personnel of the company may now access in real time all the information needed in everyday tasks and contacts with their customers, ...    6 MB    Views 4038
Related Apps time information liberty blue advisor access account anytime real
-5    Blue Flamingo Wealth Management LLC offers the Trust Company of America 'Liberty' Application to authorized investors. Take Blue Flamingo with you and access your account information anytime and from anywhere. With comprehensive views of account positions, transactions and performance, you can ...    8 MB    Views 6723
Related Apps banking time card credit real mobile accounts access
+5    Macquarie’s new Mobile Banking app is the exciting and easy way for you to do your banking and budgeting in real time and onthego The app gives you access to your Macquarie credit cards, Macquarie mortgages and Cash Management Accounts ...    9 MB    Views 9750
Related Apps budget money time iphone ipad couples students spending weekly save categories month period date
0    MyWB+ can help anyone save money, college students, couples, anyone living on a budget Designed with simplicity in mind, includes Sync between iPhone/iPad, budget for 1 or 2weeks, halfmonth, monthly. It only takes a few seconds to use this app ...    89 MB    Views 2503
+4    ‘Finance: Where is My A+’ is an essential tool for either students of corporate finance at the college, undergraduate or graduate level, or people pursuing professional accounting designations (CFA, CFP, CPA, LIFA). The current version includes over 1,750 computationbased questions. It ...    17 MB    Views 1123
exam cards time students card flashcards cpa professor flash cpaexcel access prep content
+30    Regulation CPA Flash Cards This is a standalone REG Flash Card App for the ComputerBased CPAexcel CPA Review Course. This App allows all students preparing for the CPA Exam to access exam prep flash card content onthego. You do not need to ...    10 MB    Views 6322
Related Apps banking santa time county mobile privacy account access online accounts
-3    With My County Mobile Banking, you can access your account information on the go securely from anywhere, at any time. Online Banking is available 24/7 using your existing Username and Password. With the My County Mobile Banking App you can safely ...    2 MB    Views 7946
+17    Today’s graduate and undergraduate students are in a much different place financially than previous generations of students. At a time when public funding for education is decreasing and student debt is rising, more students are taking on debt to support ...    2 MB    Views 6814
students cents balances cash transaction flex
-3    Going to one of the 5Cs is awesomeunless you want to be able to manage your Flex, Claremont Cash, and Meal balances and transaction histories. Until now. 5C students, meet Cents. Cents is designed by and for the students of the Claremont ...    407 kb    Views 9660

College Bounty

students money college campus swipe save businesses
-9    College Bounty is an app designed to offer college students in Los Angeles instant access to discounts at local restaurants, shops and businesses. As a socially conscious business, College Bounty aims not only to help college students save money, but also ...    28 MB    Views 9752
school students lessons step easy understand qualified
-2    QUADRATIC EQUATIONS is the complete App for anyone wanting to master QUADRATIC EQUATIONS. Our App is geared to High School students wanting to master Quadratic Equations. “iTeachers” aim to provide easy to understand lessons using new age technology, taught the old fashioned ...    25 MB    Views 2927
business banking time mobile access bank users online rights
+4    It's time to access your bank when and where you want. Check your balances, transfer funds, or approve a payroll file. It’s time to access your bank, when and where you want. MacBank Business Mobile Banking is a completely optional service, ...    4 MB    Views 5779
Related Apps time data real access clients
-8    SS&C Antares RealTime P&L (FOR CLIENTS ONLY LOGIN REQUIRED TO USE THIS APP) is built upon SS&C's worldclass expertise in trade order and execution management (OEMS) technology. Its cuttingedge features include online access to realtime market data, positions, P&L, ...    7 MB    Views 7688


education students aid financial find existing apply higher
+27    Which of Arkansas' 21 state and lottery funded scholarships, grants and loan reimbursement programs are you eligible for? The Arkansas Department of Higher Education's YOUniversal Financial Aid system helps prospective students find and apply for financial aid for higher education. Whether ...    2 MB    Views 4520

Finance Ratio

students market business stock ratios ratio financial review cash section list flow assets debt
+15    50 Questions on Accounting Ratios for Financial Statement Analysis App Description: This app provides a quick reference on how to calculate financial ratios for analyzing the profitability, activity, liquidity and solvency of business entities. Basic concepts are structured in a questionandanswer format for instant ...    81 kb    Views 5012
students flashcards board market economics application college practice demand study review
0    Study By App is pleased to now offer an iPad based flashcard review application for students of Economics. Each year, the College Board offers two challenging AP Economics examinations. This app serves as a great study enhancement tool for students ...    5 MB    Views 9203


Related Apps iphone time market access real
+8    PDATrade is a powerful financial application that gives you access to the stock market anywhere, anytime With PDATrade, you can stream over 75 stocks in realtime, directly to your iPhone. You can also access market stats, snap quotes, news, charts, ...    2 MB    Views 7353
-3    Financial Accounting & Reporting CPA Flash Cards This is a standalone FAR Flash Card App for the ComputerBased CPAexcel CPA Review Course. This App allows all students preparing for the CPA Exam to access exam prep flash card content onthego. You do ...    10 MB    Views 5334
students credit union georgetown university student 000 federal
+30    The Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union (or GUASFCU) is a credit union headquartered in Washington, DC, chartered and regulated under the authority of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) of the US federal government. GUASFCU has proudly ...    53 MB    Views 9539
students budget money challenge learning bills time management people program real pay world
-8    This App is free and works with the Sponsored version of Budget Challenge named H&R Block Budget Challenge found on and contains features to support the scholarship contest for high school students. Budget Challenge is an awardwinning and patented program ...    5 MB    Views 3647
card money students management banking international service transfer prepaid sign
-5    Loot is a new banking service created especially for students. Loot will help students have more disposable income through better money management. The Loot app is linked directly to a prepaid Visa debit card, meaning you get the great features ...    30 MB    Views 8489


Related Apps time expenses easily tracking reports expense categories users access
-5    Spendout is an expnese tracking app that app for businesses to keep track of their business and personal expenses. Easily store, organize and access your receipts and expense reports. IRS based expense categories are built right in. Our system gets smarter every ...    3 MB    Views 4675


time market contract real access mexico check analysis portfolio
+14    With GBMhomebroker you will have access to the latest market information and can view your portfolio in real time. We offer the best analysis in Mexico. Check your investments wherever you are. POWER (THINK> TRADE> WIN) Indices, indicators, prices and yields for ...    7 MB    Views 5835

Car Shopper

car finance students vehicle cost costs prices
+8    This car is going to cost me how much money??? Use this app to see what it really costs to purchase a new car and to finance it The purpose of this application is to teach students the costbenefit analysis of ...    9 MB    Views 6857
exam cards time students flashcards cpa cpaexcel professor flash access prep review
-6    Auditing & Attestation CPA Flash Cards This is a standalone AUD Flash Card App for the ComputerBased CPAexcel CPA Review Course. This App allows all students preparing for the CPA Exam to access exam prep flash ard content onthego. You do not ...    10 MB    Views 9326


Related Apps students iphone cash information check account securely employees balance
+5    FINALLY, AN EASY WAY TO MANAGE YOUR CRIMSON CASH CampusCash allows Harvard University students, faculty and employees to access their Crimson Cash accounts from anywhere on their iPhone. With CampusCash, you can add value to your card and check your account ...    3 MB    Views 361
exam time students business cpa professor questions cpaexcel access prep content registered
+9    Business Environment & Concepts CPA Exam Questions with Rationales This is a standalone BEC Exam Question App for the ComputerBased CPAexcel CPA Review Course. This App allows all students preparing for the CPA Exam to access exam prep CPA Exam question ...    10 MB    Views 2621
exam time students cpa professor cpaexcel questions users access prep
+21    NOTE : We have received reports that for some users, upgrading from an earlier version to this latest version causes their application to stop working. We are working with users to diagnose, repair, and upload a fix to the app ...    10 MB    Views 691

OneCard Mobile

card students wifi virtual map onecard campus mobile access terminals payment point account system
+15    OneCard Mobile is your single point of access to campus life, combining student ID functionality with electronic payment processing and access control to enhance the whole student experience. OneCard Mobile is a unique, mobilebased technology from the Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI ...    3 MB    Views 408
Related Apps time tally information data application key anytime access smart
-1    Anytime Anywhere Access Juno is a mobile application that allows you anytime, anywhere access to your Tally accounting data. Whether you’re traveling on business or about to step into a meeting, Tally on Mobile brings real time information that is securely ...    4 MB    Views 7114

Tenrox Timesheet

Related Apps iphone time mobile timesheets account track reports expense access
+22    For the new Mobile application, please download Tenrox Mobile. Tenrox Mobile provides service professionals with a new tool to run a global and dispersed project workforce in realtime. Managing your professional service time and expenses is now even simpler with Tenrox ...    756 kb    Views 4580


iphone time secure access payments payment means
+2    With the PortalPay iPhone app, making your car payments has never been more convenient Using your PortalPay username and login, you can now access your contract information and make onetime payments with your iPhone. To set up your username and ...    7 MB    Views 5712
exam cards students time cpa professor cpaexcel content questions flash mobile
-6    CPA Exam Questions with Rationales AND Flash Cards in a single mobile app + Free content updates This is a Companion App to the ComputerBased CPAexcel CPA Review Course. This App allows CPAexcel Students to access their exam prep content ...    10 MB    Views 8728


Related Apps routes market time order futures data options access
-9    The TabletTrader trading application provides electronic access to stocks, options, forex, futures and futures options on multiple market destinations around the globe. TabletTrader supports realtime market data and charts, and allows you to transmit orders instantaneously or use an order ...    6 MB    Views 4633

99K Calculator

Related Apps calculator design students calculations print user friendly
-4    Designed special for students, but because of user friendly design everyone can need it for mathematical calculations. Every calculations is registered. All calculations can be print or sent via email. Profits: . Available for IPad . Calculator . Register . Mail all calculations . Print all ...    6 MB    Views 9809
students flashcards market board economics application college practice demand study review
+27    Study By App is pleased to now offer a flashcard review application for students of Economics. Each year, the College Board offers two challenging AP Economics examinations, one for Macroeconomics and one for Microeconomics. This app serves as a great study ...    2 MB    Views 924
money students real life create businesses teach included
+5    The Learning About Money: RealLife Maths Kit is a comprehensive set of tools to teach children about money and the basic principles of running a business. RealLife Maths is about engaging students in maths and allowing them to create their ...    39 MB    Views 7498


students enter limited
-7    Download Today for this limitedtime introductory price This video tutorial application was designed to help introduce students and professionals to the proper use of the TI83 plus or TI84 graphing calculator.  The instructor provides several examples that you will encounter both in ...    193 MB    Views 3784
tax students visa income return scholarship 2011 form international
+6    F1 Visa Tax 2011 is made for international students in US with F1 visa. F1 Visa Tax 2011 could help you prepare your form 1040NREZ (Income Tax Return fro Certain Nonresident Aliens With No Dependents) It's FREE FEATURES EASY: You only need to ...    198 kb    Views 9460

Taxback USA App

tax students refund forms screen apply click instructions
+28    Thanks to the US Tax App, your smart phone has just got smarter The US Tax App provides a handy and quick way to apply for your US tax refund when you’re on the move. The US Tax App can ...    9 MB    Views 5179
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