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+21    ARABIA iMotor application makes motor insurance simpler and accessible for everyone. The problem people have with insurance is that it tends to get complicated. Policies have many variables, and understanding all of them isn’t easy. In reality, all what people care about is ...    10 MB    Views 470

Santam app

+5    Santam is providing policy and nonpolicy holders an app that does the following: Be Safe – Functionality that enables users to request friends and family to virtually follow them on their journeys to help them be safe. The app sends through ...    32 MB    Views 3243

DCL Claim Tablet

-1    DCL Claims If you have a policy with Direct Commercial Insurance, you can now send your initial accident claim details with the DCL Claims App. Quickly and easily upload details and photos of your accident to begin your claim.Record ...    5 MB    Views 3622
car insurance quotes seconds registration conditions details
+5 QuickQuote is the fastest way to get a car insurance quote. Have you used for car insurance before? Then the QuickQuote service can get our best car insurance quotes direct to you in moments, with no need to fill ...    NAN    Views 6860


search email card information easy quick accident insurance report check
0    Insured2Go℠ offers convenient access to policy information and helpful resources for clients of the American National Family of Companies. In addition, it provides quick and easy mobile claims reporting. Not a client? Don’t let that stop you. This app has ...    3 MB    Views 6484
+18    myInsurances is a must have for insurance agents. It helps you to manage clients, contracts and payment plans. You will know when a premium must be paid simply by looking in calendar mode. You can plan your day looking to a single ...    NAN    Views 1234

Smart Refer

details adviser simple smart
+13    Overview:
 Smart Refer is a simple App that allows details to be easily referred to Smartline.
 Any details sent to Smartline Advisers will be automatically routed to your preferred Smartline Adviser.
 The Smartline Adviser will get both an email and text and will ...    NAN    Views 8666
details claim
-1    With the Pantaenius Claims App you can notify a claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The app contains an online claim notification form, our emergency hotline number, details of what to do in case of an incident, ...    17 MB    Views 5647

D&T TaxApp

tax range details
+28    Our tax App is designed to provide handy United Kingdom tax information and much more besides. It provides a reminder of key UK tax rates and deadlines and access to a range of easy to use calculators. There is a helpful ...    NAN    Views 1174


+23    Being involved in a motor accident can be a stressful experience. Rest assured, we’ll sort it out as quickly and conveniently as possible, with the Allianz Australia claims notification App. This fast and easytouse App will help you get the right ...    NAN    Views 7582
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-8    AmWINS Auto Policyholder gives you mobile access to AmWINS Specialty Auto Policy Holder Information and allows you to manage your policy anytime, anywhere. ▷ This is the release everyone's been asking for Mobile Payments are here AmWINS Auto lets you: ● Confirm ...    13 MB    Views 3028


prepaid details
+14    An app specifically designed for customers holding EBC branded Prepaid MasterCards. Use this app to manage your EBC Prepaid MasterCard anytime, anywhere directly from your Smartphone. Features include Check your balance Review your transaction history Send funds to another EBC cardholder Constructed using the highest ...    5 MB    Views 3463

NTUC Income

travel accident income plan latest guides insurance step
+4    NTUC Income App The Ultimate App for Greater Convenience and Peace of Mind Buying a travel insurance plan has never been easier. The NTUC Income App allows you to buy your travel insurance whenever you need it. Simply choose your desired plan, ...    NAN    Views 7938

ביטוח ישיר

iphone direct insurance information submit 5555555 accident form www 555
-7    ביטוח ישיר אפליקציית האייפון של ביטוח ישיר עוזרת לך ברגע האמת. 
במקרה של תאונה תוכל בעזרת האפליקציה: 
 לקבל הנחיות מה לעשות במקום התאונה ואת מספרי החירום הנחוצים למלא טופס ובו פרטי התאונה, הצד השלישי המעורב בתאונה והעדים לצלם ישירות ממקום האירוע ולשלוח אלינו ...    776 kb    Views 2517

Auto Claims

information accident vehicle auto submit claims
+19    Welcome to the brand new Conner Strong & Buckelew Auto Claims APP. This free app is your portal to submitting accident information from any Apple device. Through this app, Conner Strong & Buckelew clients can easily provide all the information ...    3 MB    Views 2605
photos time claims information insurance accident important details address
+12    Have you ever had an accident and not known what information you need to take down at the scene? RAA's new insurance motor claims app is a tool to help you collect important information and record details after being involved ...    9 MB    Views 2488


request insurance deliver claim scene care accident
+3    At Oakhurst Insurance, We Really Care, We Deliver. Our easy to use CLIENT APP lives up to our philosophy and has some great features to simplify your insurance experience with us You can use this App to: Request immediate assistance for a ...    2 MB    Views 3941


Related Apps profile clock search insurance direct policy details mobile claim
-7    Insurance on Mobile TPL Direct Insurance has launched Yodelee mobile application to increase interaction with its customers by providing round the clock insurance services. The value added features will enable you to manage your car, health, travel and home insurance policies. ...    5 MB    Views 5490

Info Firms

-1    Search the registration details of any Romanian company The app remembers the most recent searches, which you can access even without internet connectivity Provides the following details: → CUI (or VAT number) → Name → Address → Postal Code → City → County → VAT Payer Status → Registration ...    2 MB    Views 3855
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+3    Check your premium bond numbers each month and find out if you're one of the lucky winners. Check up to 3 accounts or upgrade for unlimited account numbers. Details are only stored on your device and are stored only on the ...    3 MB    Views 3396

Patriot Insurance

card personal insurance policy auto view details bill active billing
-3    Stay connected to Patriot Insurance while on the go. Simply download the app and log in using your current username and password for Policyholder Services. Policyholder Mobile Features: •Contact your agency •View your personal insurance policy details and documents •Save and view your auto insurance ...    2 MB    Views 5676


driving car access insurance change touch process features accident step
+3    At 20sure, we are all about driving change to make insurance smarter and better for you Our awesome Client App does exactly this and has some pretty cool features to change your insurance experience from a boring one to an exciting ...    6 MB    Views 2276
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+28    Money Plan lets you plan your longterm financial health by tracking cash, property, loans, and investments. Group your financial details by Categorizing them as Assets, Investments, and Credits. Visualize financial health with charts showing Investment allocation, Currency exposure, and Debt breakdown. See ...    1 MB    Views 7107


iphone accident
+23    Had an accident? Use your smartphone. Do you know what to do in the event of an accident? We can help you with our intuitive and easytouse app to capture all the right information. Our experienced and helpful UK call centre ...    4 MB    Views 3930

Motor Claim Assist

+12    From Austbrokers this app is an easy to use claims notification tool for Austbrokers customers. Easily capture the important information required following an accident, e.g. exact location, other driver details, you can also upload photos of the accident direct from your ...    2 MB    Views 8788

DCL Claims App

claim accident details quickly claims send breakdown
+23    DCL Claims If you have a policy with Direct Commercial Insurance you can now send your initial accident claim details with the DCL Claim App. Quickly and easily upload details and photos of your accident to begin your claim. ...    5 MB    Views 858


business quote insurance companies bid details save
-5    Save your details once and get the lowest hands on motor insurance quote. QuoteLocker enables insurance companies to bid for your business, instead of you searching for the best quote. Save your details in the App once and a direct feed ...    2 MB    Views 4420

MINI Insurance

-2    An accident or theft can be stressful but making a claim doesn’t have to be. With its stepbystep process, the MINI Insurance app is a swift and simple way to notify a claim on your MINI Car Insurance policy. The app ...    NAN    Views 4868
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+15    Mobile App for Claim Reporting and Premium Bill Payment. As a prominent insurer in the West, our focus is a steadfast commitment to serving our customers in their time of need. CNI App is the Automobile Insurance accident assistant designed for policyholders ...    2 MB    Views 8695


signature request details agreement
+19    The new way to authenticate transactions Many companies today rely solely on voice recordings or a website disclaimer to engage a client in a contractual agreement or authorization. What if you could send a signature request to your client’s smartphone and prompt ...    1 MB    Views 6282

Investment Outlook

investment outlook details
-2    Developed exclusively for HSBC Private Bank clients, our quarterly Investment Outlook brochure content and video summaries are now available as an iPad app. It’s a great way to read our investment views on the global economy and is free to download. ...    10 MB    Views 7384
information application insurance line accident 5454 emergency report
+5    לכל רגע בחיים יש כלל, גם בסלולאר קבוצת כלל גאה להציג אפליקציה ייחודית המאפשרת לך לרכוש ביטוח נסיעות לחו"ל, להגיש תביעת רכב במקרה של תאונה או גניבה ולצפות בתמונת לקוח מלאה אודות המוצרים שלך בקבוצה. האפליקציה מבית "כלל ביטוח", מסייעת בידך ...    7 MB    Views 2272

Smart Claims

Related Apps axa accident workshop premium selected details claims motor smart
+3    Whether a minor scratch or a serious car accident, you’re most likely to be a little shaken up. In such situations, it’s hard to recall what to do next. At AXA, we created the SmartClaims app to help file your claims ...    NAN    Views 9818
driver car photos insurance accident location details claims
+19    From Woolworths Car Insurance, this app is an easytouse claims notification tool for Woolworths Insurance customers. Easily capture the important information you need following an accident, e.g. exact location, and other driver details. You can also upload photos of the accident ...    2 MB    Views 2001

Customer Zone

policy details customer zone policies access
+4    The Customer Zone app is perfect for customers whose policies are administered by CETA Insurance. Access all your policy details 24/7, policy numbers, references and all the important details you’ll need for making a claim . More than one policy? No ...    460 kb    Views 5205
program claim attorney local consumers million accident free
+17    You've been in an accident now what? calculate your injury claim value read important information for people handling their claim without an attorney optional access to free consultation with best injury attorney in your local area ("best" meaning the ...    40 MB    Views 5534


details customers corp
-5    Through ‘Corp Mobile’ app, customers can view the details of the linked accounts, details of last 10 transactions and transfer funds within Corp Bank and outside CorpBank through NEFT/ IMPS by using Net Banking login credentials. Customers can also put request ...    4 MB    Views 9419

InsClaim Code

-7    ONLY OPERATIONAL IF THE ACTIVATION CODES ARE ENTERED (EACH CODE IS VALID ONLY FOR A SINGLE DEVICE) This app is a guide to make the report of a traffic accident in an EASY, FAST AND EFFICIENT way. When you have downloaded the ...    10 MB    Views 3893


driving gps trip insurance details score helps feedback receive
+5    The ChilliDrive app by Autoline Insurance Group helps you manage your ChilliDrive Motor Insurance policy. ChilliDrive Insurance is a low cost telematics based insurance product and online community designed specifically for young drivers. Please download this app after purchasing ChilliDrive Motor Insurance ...    NAN    Views 6391


banking mobile log details online
+12    Managing your finances has never been easier The Catalyst Credit Union Ap allows you to instantly access your account balances and history, pay your bills, transfer funds and send and receive Interac eTransfers all from the palm of your hand. ...    838 kb    Views 8285
motor insurance find google tags geo details mobile
-7    Chola MS Motor Insurance On The Go An unique mobile app for Chola MS motor insurance customers. Motor customers can view their policy schedule copy from mobile app and use it to show traffic officials. Salient features of this app are ...    7 MB    Views 3340


bills photo reminders alarm due details
+14    With this app you can take photo of your bills and turn them into reminders Features: ・Unlimited photo attachments ・Entry bills details by (using) text. This is (an) optional action, you can omit the details entirely. ・Simple user interface ・Easy to use ・Attractive visual design ・Multiple sections ...    1 MB    Views 1889
health insurance life accounting edition accident
+3    The 4th Edition of IASA’s comprehensive Life & Accident & Health Insurance Accounting Textbook includes 26 chapters of pertinent information on every aspect of life and health insurance accounting.    23 MB    Views 6697


office details ledger positions holdings row
-2    SR FIST is basically a combined product for Suresh Rathi Group. of Back office and Risk management features. It includes modules such as KYC, Back office, Live RMS, and Research Call. Back office shows core details of Holdings,Positions, Ledger. Touch on ...    4 MB    Views 5072

TD Insurance

Related Apps photos home card photo insurance accident company claim step auto select submit
+2    Submit an autoaccident claim via the new TD Insurance app or speak to one of our advisors 24/7. By clicking "Install", you consent to the installation of the TD Insurance app provided by TD Insurance and to any future updates or ...    NAN    Views 3671

Pilot Insurance

-4    Personal Insurance and Financial Planning for Pilots and Aircrew.    6 MB    Views 9727

LGRS Motor

accident claims ability motor vehicle submit details information
+19    The LGRS motor vehicle claims app will assist you in the collection and recording of important information following a motor vehicle accident. It will also enable you to submit recorded details through to our LGRS claims department to begin the ...    NAN    Views 8095


deposit check branch application details remote carrier
-7    Ukrainian Selfreliance New England Federal Credit Union Remote Deposit Application Download our Remote Deposit Application and you can deposit checks using your Phone It’s as simple as snapping a picture of your check: 1. Open the app 2. Select “Deposit Check” 3. Take photos ...    6 MB    Views 7652
party progressive service accident breakdown replacement insurance vehicle
+2    Progressive Insurance policyholders can use the app to request Accident Towing Service, Breakdown Towing Service, Breakdown Minor Service such as Jump start, Battery Replacement, Fuel Delivery or Tyre replacement. The app takes advantage of the GPS function in smartphone which helps ...    7 MB    Views 3076

Drive Claims

profile camera time accident information claims claim scene drive vehicle
+2    Vero Drive Claims App helps make lodging your claim easy and stress free. This simple to use app lets you collect the accident information you need from the scene of the accident and send it to Vero. We will then contact ...    15 MB    Views 425


Related Apps personal insurance premiums view details information account life
+13    "Make your life simpler again". Under this motto, the Sympany app focuses on the key elements of your insurance, to help you simplify your life insurance everyday. The following functions are currently available: Benefits Details billed invoices (medical bills, etc.). and display your cost sharing. Personal ...    12 MB    Views 8892
iphone gps party accident details smith store legal region
-8    The Browell Smith & Co app is the perfect app to have on your iPhone in case you have an accident, or you witness an accident happen. We will guide you through a simple process of recording the accident information including ...    474 kb    Views 5398

Travelers Mobile

Related Apps travelers mobile auto view insurance claim accident
+17    Travelers Mobile provides Personal Insurance customers with a streamlined mobile experience. Use Travelers Mobile to: • View your insurance policy documents, • View your auto insurance cards, • View and make payments, • Get roadside assistance, • Report a claim, • Contact your claim professional If you already ...    10 MB    Views 4876


Related Apps watch details open view trade
+3    Tradebulls Touch lets you keep track of your investments and view reports like Ledger, Holdings, Margin, Trade details, Derivatives and Open Position. You can also view stock market details like Index Watch, Global Watch, Metal Watch, News and Mutual Funds. ...    7 MB    Views 9858

Pekin Mobile

mobile auto information step accident policy gas claim view
+8    Pekin Insurance Mobile App for iPhone Pekin Mobile provides you onthego access to: · Roadside Assistance – Broke down on the side of the road? Ran out of gas? Need a locksmith? We’re here to help 24/7. · Accident Helper – A stepbystep ...    12 MB    Views 5705

Garrun Assist

assist accident claim information record call
+3    Garrun Assist application is a simple tool to utilise in event of an accident. Garrun Assist guides you through the process to help you gather all the information you need to get your claim started at the scene of the accident. Garrun ...    5 MB    Views 7499

Baloise Mobile

weather security police car service emergency switzerland accident numbers partner shows
-7    This app will soon be deactivated. We will notify you once the new Baloise Mobile App is available. Bad weather? No longer a surprise for you Emergencies? We help you deal with them. Making you safer. Weather Service The weather service function in this ...    NAN    Views 4327
event details
+28    Spitfire Paintball & Go Karts Event Organisation and Group Management App. Make a booking and let us help you record your details, invite your friends and keep them updated with all the plans and details required to ensure you have ...    8 MB    Views 2993
estate real details
+3    H&N Perry Real Estate mobile application with details on residential and commercial real estate properties for sale and for lease in Western Australia and details on all offices and staff members involved in sales and rentals.    1 MB    Views 3055
Related Apps claim step accident
+10    Get your claim moving as soon as you’ve had an accident with our step by step guide to submit your claim.    8 MB    Views 2747
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