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Please NOTE: QwickPAY now offers Card Not Present (CNP) Transactions using the QwickPAY Virtual Terminal.

QwickPAY is a complete POS payment solution allowing your iOS device to evolve into a highly secure POS payment system. With QwickPAY, you can easily accept credit and signature debit transaction sales anytime, anyplace. Don’t type, safely swipe and you and your customer will enjoy the convenience and peace of mind unmatched by any other mobile POS system. QwickPAY brings convenience back to POS without sacrificing security. It is easy to use and can help merchants lower their cost of accepting cards by as much as 30%. When your customers want to pay with a card, QwickPAY is the safest way.

• QwickPAY removes 100% of the sensitive cardholder data from the merchant while still giving them necessary information to process Card-Present, credit and signature debit transactions.

• QwickPAY gives merchants a total solution that helps to reduce their PCI scope. With QwickPAY mobile, the merchant NEVER possesses, transmits or comes in contact with sensitive cardholder data.

• QwickPAY can process payments with Qwick Codes (one-time-use, secure payment tokens).

• Qwick Codes can be used in place of a cardholder data.

• Merchants can process card present transactions by accepting a Qwick Code in lieu of a card swipe and transmitting it to the QwickPAY Payment Protection Gateway.

• The QwickPAY Payment Protection Gateway can exchange card data for a Qwick Code and pass the cardholder data along to any PCI-DSS certified compliant payment processor.

Merchant Account REQUIRED. If you don’t have one, we can help you there too. Call us at 562-546-6400 for details.


• Protects data and surpasses the PCI DSS standards by combining the multi-layered MagneSafe™ Security Architecture (MSA)

• Secure, Card-present transactions

• Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover

• Immediate encryption of all cardholder data

• Immediate tokenization or “substitution” of all sensitive cardholder data

• Immediate authentication of the card to ensure it is not a fraudulent copy

• Dynamic payment card data with every transaction for maximum cardholder protection

• Capture digital signatures

• Capture images of cardholder or goods purchased

• Auto calculate Tip and Tax

• Fill customer contact info from address book

• Customized receipts

• Email receipts

• Easy to use transaction reporting


Located in Minneapolis, the QwickPAY Support Center provides first level technical support for all QwickPAY and MagTek products. Please contact one of our Representatives at 651-415-6800. Please have the product part number or serial number available.


• QwickPAY provides unmatched security for cardholders and merchants.

• No Commitment - No Cancellation fees - No Minimum transaction fees -

• includes DETA & Fraud Alerts DETA = Protection Services

• Dynamic Payment Card Data.

• Encryption within the head – Decrypted data delivered only to a PCI-DSS certified payment processor or gateway.

• Tokenization of sensitive data (3 types - Card, PAN, and Transaction) & QwickPAY Protection Code exchange.

• Authentication (Card, Cardholder data, Card Reading Device, Host, Session) Eliminates the costs and hassles related to the charge back process by identifying counterfeit cards.


Don't have a MagneSafe reader yet and you want to DEMO QwickPAY?

Download QwickPAY and when it launches for the very first time, please use the Demo Mode No SCRA and a valid email address.
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