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Do you know how much you spend today in Foreign VAT? Can you reclaim Foreign VAT seamlessly, easily and error-free? With VATBox you can!

VATBox delivers a cloud-based, automated VAT refund solution that identifies Foreign VAT spend and reclaims it with a few easy steps.

Plus, the system provides complete visibility into your global VAT spending, giving you complete transparency and company-wide control of the data.

And now, with VATBox Go, a lightweight new mobile app, your employees can simply snap invoices to upload them while they are traveling or dining out with clients. VATBox's state-of-the-art technology then plugs into these invoices in real-time, analyzes the transaction data, and then refunds all eligible Foreign VAT. Clients receive visibility into all global transactions, and the corresponding VAT spend. Plus, companies benefit from insights in VAT refund potential in 40 different countries and in various spaces as; shipping, travel, tooling, advertising, amongst others.

If you are contributing to the billions of Euro in VAT that go unclaimed each year, and adding up to 20% to your own expense budget, you no longer have to. Open a VATBox account, download VATBox Go, start snapping your invoices and get back all your eligible Foreign VAT – seamlessly, easily and with transparency.

*This app is an add-on to VATBox existing solutions. It will only be accessible for existing users*
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Author panload
Published 2015-07-29
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