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+2    Simplest expense budget tool? Tracking expense and budget in oneclick? Check out CashOut, the simplest tool to track cash and money out spending and get financial in control. CashOut is the app to manage personal and family expense and budget in ...    1 MB    Views 5544

Full Service

+13    Fuel mileage tracking made simple and beautiful Full Service is the clean, stunning way to track how your vehicle is performing. Featuring the unique range bars, quickly get a sense of if your vehicle is performing its best or ...    2 MB    Views 4229
budget time expenses support life track create easy simple reminder
+3    Life Budget is a budget app. With many possibilities such As creating groups of budgets, control and track your Expenses at any time, shows different types of smart Reports, and finally helps you to save some money. Thus: so easy ...    18 MB    Views 9248


money time personal control expense tags complicated website expenses data simple computer
+14    Have you ever wondered where does all your money go? Wouldn’t you like to have an exhaustive constant control over all you spendings? You have probably tried a lot of specialized expense monitoring applications, and for sure much of them were ...    12 MB    Views 4707
0    "Financial Calculator Pro" is a simple, yet powerful calculator for evaluating Compound Interest, Present Value, Bond Yield, Mortgage loans, Retirement, 401(k), Life plan. Common features: Graph Display Easy Input Interface BookMark Email Features: ✓ Simple and Compound Interest. Simple Interest/Compound Interest ✓ Growing annuities ...    2 MB    Views 8849
time money motivated multiple data simple earnings
+11    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME What motivates you more than money? Nothing That's why Moneyvator was made To keep you motivated throughout the day by showing you realtime earnings Moneyvator is simple to use, just enter in your wage details and go A supersleek ...    9 MB    Views 837


time background color financial incomes expenses statistical red
+3    Extremely simple. Slight slide down to record expenses/incomes. Background color will be changed along with your expenses/incomes. You can tell your financial status directly from the background color. Pay attention if your background color turns red or deep red. ...    3 MB    Views 3194
games time playing download fun slots simple
+4    DOWNLOAD NOW FREE LIMITED TIME The simple and fun to play casino slot machine game. Great payout system will keep you playing for a long time. Some of these new casino apps have so many features and games that they are slow, ...    38 MB    Views 4342
calculator canadian mortgage easy simple financial payments calculators
-1    The "SimpleCalc" Simple Canadian Mortgage Calculator is the fastest way to estimate your mortgage payments. SimpleCalc takes all the complexity out of estimating your mortgage payments. If you're looking for a noBS, easy to understand calculator this is it. No adverts, ...    3 MB    Views 3330
+28    The SFG Equity Research App offers Susquehanna Financial Group, LLLP’s institutional clients easy access to the firm’s investment research virtually anywhere, at any time. In addition to providing research as it is published, this application will also allow you to search ...    1 MB    Views 6577

Projector Up!

projects tasks financial control simple
-6    Simple application for the financial accounting of projects. For small studios and freelancers. A simple and intuitive way to keep all of the projects under control. Only highlevel goals, anything unnecessary Managers, Projects, Tasks, Activity Full control over projects and ...    1 MB    Views 4886

Money Pile

money apps software hardware military time don michael spend simple find
0    One day Michael couldn't remember how much money he had in the bank after making a large purchase. While he was trying to figure out how much money he had spent, and looking over the many different budget and money ...    3 MB    Views 3608
apple time bank pay simple greece service payments nbg transaction payment
-3    All your payments with one touch using ibank Simple Pay service from National Bank of Greece Perform your payments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, quickly, easily and simply by using ibank Simple Pay from National Bank of Greece. ...    9 MB    Views 3317


Related Apps tax time accountant information return simple send free questions
-2    Tax return headache? The answer’s right in your pocket StrykeTax is a mobile and tablet based app that lets you lodge your tax information with your accountant using your mobile device in only 10 minutes Take pictures of your crucial Tax documents ...    NAN    Views 9470


Related Apps personal investing time financial portfolio advisor
+1    WealthBar makes online investing simple and easy. Our expert portfolio managers manage your investments for you using timetested diversified portfolio strategies and at a cost that is a fraction of what expensive mutual funds and traditional financial advisors charge you. ...    15 MB    Views 1974
Related Apps money management time email freedom jar imoney financial life currencies achieve simple
+13    iMoney Freedom presents a powerful, comprehensive, and intuitive system designed to help you keep control of your financial life. Oversee your account balances, track your income and spending, keep budgets, and have your data synced among your iPhone and iPad ...    12 MB    Views 4022


time game play player players financial investor
+25    Come and play the best turnbased financial game. Play with up to 4 players in a single match. Libertus is a 24 multiplayer game. You can play with your friends or with a random player. It’s possible that you might have a ...    15 MB    Views 2538


Related Apps time business markets indian global financial real economy
-6    The Markets on Mobile app is your gateway to all critical realtime information about the Indian markets and global markets through your iphone device. If you are an investor, trader, professional or just interested in business, economy and financial markets, ...    3 MB    Views 3979


-2    BE ON TOP OF ALL BREAKING FINANCIAL NEWS & RUMOURS WITH THIS FANTASTIC APP Bring the power of the market leader for realtime financial news and analysis to your fingertips More than 20,000 professional traders around the world trust RANsquawk to give ...    3 MB    Views 1301
Related Apps time twitter history calculator save table formulas simple result named assign functions
-6    An absolutely easy, intuitive and useful calculator app. If you are tired of entering the same calculation expressions over and over, if you want to get results at real time by only entering variable values, if you want to be ...    5 MB    Views 5209

StratX Markets

time markets trades trade assets simple trading
+25    The StratX Markets free App provides live and direct access to traditional markets including stocks, commodities, currencies and indices right to your fingertips wherever you are, whenever you want. The platform lets users trade the price fluctuations of chosen assets ...    5 MB    Views 8043


time project steps spending simple life users billing accounting
+9    Still with a record amount of spending is necessary to 5,6 step billing software? Stop wasting valuable time to try most approachable CashSPend √ complex relationship between income and spending longer, simply record spending projects to understand each of the spent ...    4 MB    Views 6562


calculator news business loan lenders brokers simple financial submit information
+8    Welcome To's new mobile app. Our app is free, we don't require your social security number, there are no fees associated with our services, and we don't run credit checks. We are dedicated to helping consumers connect with the right ...    19 MB    Views 8786
Related Apps money time market trading option platform mobile interactive binary options simple trade experience
+8    Interactive Option trading platform gives you the opportunity of trading commodities, currencies, indices and stocks using a simple, safe, reliable and secured trading application. Invest your money and earn up to 85% in less than an hour Our binary options trading application ...    22 MB    Views 1013
+28    This new free finance and tax app has been developed by the team at ClearSky Pub Solutions to provide the licensed trade with access to important financial information and tools 24/7. It’s packed with features to make the lives of busy ...    24 MB    Views 9438


Related Apps money time market trading mobile platform option interactive options binary experience trade simple
0    Interactive Option trading platform gives you the opportunity of trading commodities, currencies, indices and stocks using a simple, safe, reliable and secured trading application. Invest your money and earn up to 85% in less than an hour Our binary options trading application ...    NAN    Views 7728


iphone time person pay simple group key amount member pizza
+2    uPaid is a singly focused, simple to use, iPhone OS application to keep track of who needs to pay you for a group purchase which is to be split up equally between the group. uPaid will not calculate tax (that ...    92 kb    Views 9566
-4    Expert Advisor of the PC version is the MetaTrader4 trading system FX (Ki foreign exchange margin trading) No. 1 simple EA created a (EA) It is an application that can be automatically created. Create comfortably at any time, it was automatically created ...    717 kb    Views 8840
Related Apps budget twitter accounting support financial efficient expenditure simple
+5    Best New Apps By App Store (China) Recommendation. Hipo is a simple and efficient application of financial accounting, focusing on expenditure budget. Fast accounting. Efficient financial management. Simple action, control spending. Focus on budget: Budget expenditure, planned to spend money in ...    3 MB    Views 6383


twitter time simple full support receipt
+25    1/2 OFF for a limited time Receiptt is a simple expense tracking app that helps you keep records of your daily expenses and receipts. All you need to do is enter the name of the business, the price, select ...    351 kb    Views 8354
Related Apps money budget apps time people account expenses easy entries accounts simple income manage
-9    My Money is not a normal household accounts book. This app helps you stay on top of your income and expenses, making it easy to manage your money. ADVANTAGES COMPARED TO OTHER APPS: THE PRICE. Compared to other apps the price is ...    27 MB    Views 9821


Related Apps money time market trading platform mobile binary options simple experience trade easy
-9    Hellobrokers trading platform gives you the opportunity of trading commodities, currencies, indices and stocks using a simple, safe, reliable and secured trading application. Invest your money and earn up to 85% in less than an hour Our binary options trading application enables ...    16 MB    Views 4670
Related Apps time market stock free real financial hong information analysis
+2    AASTOCKS is the most authoritative financial information and analysis solutions provider in Hong Kong and has been well recognized by investors. According to comScore statistics 2012, AASTOCKS always has the highest impression count among all Hong Kong’s financial websites. Stock Quote ...    26 MB    Views 6105
audio money time kids financial book life step
-2    Find out why The New York Times says, "The 8 Pillars of Financial Greatness hits the nail on the head. Brian Nelson Ford breaks the trend and delivers an educational, enjoyable, and refreshing read for anyone who wants to get ...    143 MB    Views 5254
design history time expense paper tally auto simple totals expenses
+19    Paper Tally brings the stark simplicity of pen and paper to expense tracking. Optimised for rapid input and quick glances of your expense history, Paper Tally abandons gimmicky graphs and restrictive tags in favour of simple list views, totals and ...    437 kb    Views 6021
Related Apps time money business currency gold converter tool price simple currencies
-8    We are very excited to support this app on the brand new Apple Watch Imagine the situation: you want to buy something in the internet, and you've already did it, but suddenly you see that the price in your list has ...    3 MB    Views 7576


Related Apps money banking time bills products services mobile accounts savings simple
+28    After all, saving time is making money... To stretch your time and money, we/ve got an app just for you The products and services offered by 1Q are all about simplifying your way of banking. Supported by sophisticated online banking system, we aim ...    49 MB    Views 6230

Master of Finance

+11    The best Finance App you can get. Worths every cent; absolutely a keeper. When style meets productivity. It's fast, it's accurate, it's fun. Save time, save money and make good financial decisions: let Master of Finance support your everyday work ...    4 MB    Views 2790
Related Apps card car score credit financial improve understanding simple develop purchasing application
+2    Paper or plastic? Chances are the credit card is swiped before you can count the dollar bills, hoping to suffice covering the cost of the purchased products. However, owning a credit card with a moderate limit does not qualify anyone ...    1 MB    Views 859
clock money finance time income potential watch simple earning purchase widget
+11    Income Clock Watch Your Earnings add up in realtime New with Apple Watch feature With iOS 8 Today Widget You have used clocks till today perhaps only for synchronizing time; here in the app Income Clock, you will get to use the ...    3 MB    Views 6507
travelers time travel currency swipe simple exchange access date notification currencies favorites
-7    Do you like to travel abroad ? Do you always need to know the current exchange rate for various currency ? Do you like surfing on Amazon and Ebay ? If even one answer for this question is "YES" then ...    5 MB    Views 7500

Finance Toolkit

finance time investment financial templates toolkit spreadsheets understand model spreadsheet
+14    Finance Toolkit is a comprehensive suite of touchbased investment spreadsheets and modeling templates. Equipped with over 50 financial templates in many different categories of finance, it significantly improves the productivity of investors and analysts on financial calculation, modeling and analysis. ...    46 MB    Views 8849


property money car time retirement messaging financial information adviser secure investments place simple spending
+24    Moneyinfo is a service available through your employer or financial adviser that gives you a complete picture of your financial life. With Moneyinfo you can view all of your financial information in one place. Convenient and simple. Moneyinfo makes understanding and ...    NAN    Views 299
person time social tipping tip tap simple taxes bill service
+22    ‣‣‣ The new companion Apple Watch app makes tipping easier than ever before Simply dictate the check amount, and instantly see your results. Also, you can dictate or quickly select the tip percent. Hmmm so I have a bill of 259.65 ...    7 MB    Views 1266

Mad Millions

investment iphone money time coffee calculator millions future graph tap simple millionaire
+3    The iPhone is known for games and having fun, why can't planning for your financial future be fun as well? With Mad Millions it can be Video tutorial: "Wondering what the future value of your daily 3.00 cups of coffee is? ...    1 MB    Views 2791

The My Expenses

Related Apps time currency financial expenses keeping notes easy transactions review simple
-6    The My Expenses a simple and easytouse application for keeping record of income and expenditure, currency exchange and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any ...    3 MB    Views 1474

i-bank Simple Pay

apple time bank pay simple greece service payments nbg transaction payment
0    All your payments with one touch using ibank Simple Pay service from National Bank of Greece Perform your payments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, quickly, easily and simply by using ibank Simple Pay from National Bank of Greece. ...    13 MB    Views 6134
Related Apps calculator time tax people tip simple amount percentage split set bill screen
+3    Get Tipsy for free this weekend Tipsy is a tip calculator designed to be simple and intuitive. Recently featured in "What's Hot" under Finance. What people are saying: Everything on one screen... love the simple interface. Never worry about your math ...    150 kb    Views 1081
dictionary time financial terms term find definition definitions easy
+10    Financial terms dictionary provides clear, easytounderstand definitions of over 15000 financial terms that every financial students, professionals and consumers need. Look up a financial definition, term or abbreviation in a blog or article or news story that you aren't sure ...    6 MB    Views 3373
Related Apps family time zakat assets view calculation enter simple values details
+16    • Is it difficult for you to calculate zakat of your diversified assets and liabilities? • Do you forget the details of your zakatable assets? •Do you want to note down your zakatable assets anywhere and at any time? • Do you suspect ...    154 kb    Views 3978
Related Apps time personal financial services latest information team
+6    This powerful App has been developed by the team at TFD Dunhams Financial Services to give you key financial information at your fingertips, 24/7. Now you can have instant access to your latest business and personal accountancy facts, dates and calculators. ...    32 MB    Views 1771

Cash Balance

calculator retirement cash balance financial advisors plan annual simple maximum contribution
+18    Trinity Pension Consultants Cash Balance Calculator (CB Calculator) app allows financial advisors to quickly and easily generate a maximum annual contribution amount for their clients or prospects in utilizing a cash balance retirement plan. By selecting an individual age and ...    5 MB    Views 362
Related Apps time design currency simple intuitive exchange supporting real currencies rates
-8    xCurrency, the most simple & beautiful currency convertor. Using Minimalist design and making a intuitive and graceful experience to global travelers. Supporting more than 160 currencies and get realtime updates for exchange rates. Now it has been adapted to iPhone ...    11 MB    Views 3695


loans financial efficient simple services cities transparent internet platform
+5    1, Shang Ding loans, working for the majority of SMEs and individuals to provide security specifications free, simple and efficient, fair and transparent, mutual benefit and win financial services. 2, shangding loans, the country has thousands of cities chain service platform ...    NAN    Views 7090

OptionApps 2.0

Related Apps research time market year finger powerful simple fast free options
+11    THE APP IS FREE, BUT THE DATA REQUIRES SUBSCRIPTION OF 1295 PER YEAR. Deceptively powerful: Finding opportunities in the market is blazingly fast. We have the most powerful options scanning capabilities in the market free or paid, mobile or desktop. ...    4 MB    Views 44

Gift Card Log

card cards time gift log simple amount remaining amounts counter
+6    Servin Gift Card Log is a quick and easy way to track the remaining amounts on your gift cards. When you receive a gift card, simply enter it's name and the initial amount. Then enter the transaction amount each time you ...    39 kb    Views 5292


tax time return information easy refund financial phone simple
+14    Tax return headache? The answer’s right in your pocket FlashTax is a mobile and tablet based app that lets you lodge your Tax return using your mobile device in only 10 minutes Take pictures of your crucial Tax documents on your phone ...    NAN    Views 782

FXTroll for iPad

Related Apps time ipad real trading chart trade view simple easy understand
0    FXTroll is an application for Forex trading on iPad provided by Infinity Space Inc,. It will synchronise all of your trading transactions from your PC version of FXTroll in realtime by loging in using the same ID and Password. FXTroll features ...    NAN    Views 5331

A Squared Advisers

tax business time accounting including squared simple contact lodge quick
+28    A Squared Advisers is an Australian Chartered Accounting firm at the forefront of technology. We simplify your business and accounting matters through using our expertise with this technology. Our app includes the following features to help simplify your accounting and tax: ...    NAN    Views 1872

Currency On Time

time money business currency converter simple tool effective information currencies
0    Imagine the situation: You want to buy something in the internet, and you've already did it, but suddenly you see that the price in your list has changed Or you found something you really want to buy, but you're not ...    7 MB    Views 4974
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