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+30    3.1 w/ Evernote (attachment & OCR) & currency converter Thanks & discount (standard price: 3.99) "As simple or complex as you make it. I prefer to keep it simple only tracking spending for several specific things. Entering data is ...    4 MB    Views 4599
+24    Calculate what the compound annual growth rate is on your investments.    840 kb    Views 5687
+8    RETIREMENT IS IN YOUR FUTURE. BUT HOW MUCH YOU NEED TO RETIRE? The unfortunate fact is that 62% of people are not financially ready for retirement. QuickPlan provides you with an easy to use financial planning and forecasting tool to assess ...    5 MB    Views 8988

Infinite 101

+7    Learn why the benefits of Infinite Banking will change the way you view Permanent Life Insurance and the role it can take in your financial future. In this way, Infinite Banking allows you to remove the bank from the equation and ...    14 MB    Views 8475
future growth global company designed 2011
+2    Transforming to capture future growth 2011 was an important year for CEMEX. Although many of our markets continued to underperform because of a slow and painful recovery from the global economy recession, we launched a rigorous transformation designed to make us ...    207 MB    Views 4277
annual growth report 2010
+8    GE’s 2010 annual report, titled ‘Growth Starts Now’ and available for iPad download, shows how the world’s largest Industrial and financial services company is driving growth around the world and helping solve tough societal problems. From helping advance healthcare, expand ...    187 MB    Views 5238
retirement calculator investment age future investments ira determine amount mind
+30    TRY OUR APP ON YOUR NEW IPAD WORRIED ABOUT YOUR RETIREMENT? Are your RETIREMENT DREAMS on track? Imagine having peace of mind with your investments and your future. This tool gives you the ability to determine if you’re on the right track for ...    380 kb    Views 1595

Neuro Trader

+13    Neuro Trader is a powerful stock market forecasting tool. Based on advanced neural network technology, Neuro Trader can learn past share price history and predict future values. With its touch interface, Neuro Trader provides an easy platform to import real share data, ...    127 MB    Views 8682
stock years growth ten margin safety annual enterprise earnings calculate
+6    股票安全边际价格计算器 Stock MOS Calculator “ 安全边际体系 ”是股票投资的核心投资理念。很多投资大师都是采用“安全边际体系”进行股票投资,以安全边际价格买入股票就能稳操胜券。 In this software, input a stock's annual EPS growth rate, average price earnings ratio and annual earnings per share, we can calculate the valuation and the margin of safety stock prices." 在本软件中,输入股票的年度增长率、平均市盈率和年度收益三个值,就可以计算出股票的价值估值和安全边际价格。 首先,找寻以往年度增长稳健的企业,计算出最近十年(新股票五年也可以,最好不要低于五年。)企业盈利的年度复合增长率,同时假定企业未来十年也能取得这样的增长。其次,计算出企业股票最近十个季度的平均市盈率。最后,查询股票最近年度的每股收益。输入到本软件,就可以得到股票的安全边际价格。 “The margin of safety system” is ...    3 MB    Views 7485
0    Julius Baer Next Generation aims to prepare you for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of us all. Learn more about the trends shaping our future and find out how you can adapt and embrace change as it happens. The ...    NAN    Views 2566

Stocks' Futures

stock forecast market future stocks approach prices competition growth evolution law
+2    This is a powerful, userfriendly, and welldocumented program capable of making price forecasts with improved accuracy further into the future. Its uniqueness is a sciencebased approach that treats stocks like species and the stock market as an ecosystem. But it ...    41 MB    Views 1359


time budget economy future months overview
-4    Your economy on the phone Here is the app that gives you an overview of your present and future economy without having to look at your economy during the past months. If you spend 5 seconds each time you buy something or ...    10 MB    Views 1734


+21    Your Future Moves lets you see what your retirement future looks like – with you in it. Just grab a photo of yourself and in seconds you’ll be transformed. Then, share your future self on social media. The more you ...    37 MB    Views 5511
company 2013 great growth femsa positive report annual
+6    Explore the FEMSA Annual Report 2013. We participate in the nonalcoholic beverage, retail and beer industry. Learn about our company and the way we transform great challenges into opportunities. Read about how our consumer focus, our constant growth and our profitable ...    61 MB    Views 1475
investment calculator score company credit analysis strength future
+4    Have you ever doubted an investment's future? Have you ever missed an investment opportunity just because you are afraid that all your money will disappear into thin air when the business went bankrupt? Learning how to use the Altman Z Score would ...    3 MB    Views 4327


stock investment market investing ipad company growth fair earnings future price
+26    Description This App addresses two key investment concerns of any investor: 1) Provides a tool that allows you to determine the Fair Value stock price of a company. 2) Provides objective and quantifiable estimates for the impact of a broad market ...    8 MB    Views 3501
retirement pension future http www details retire
-8    How much should you save to be able to retire when you want and on what you want? This Pension Modeller puts you in control and helps you work out your own retirement future. The BenPal Pension Modeller lets you input your ...    632 kb    Views 3755


Related Apps money time amount applications reference track easy future added loans
+10    Loans and Borrowings are a very sensitive subject; especially now This application is the best solution for keeping track of loans/borrowings. It is so complete and easy to use that you will be amazed The main features of this application ...    244 kb    Views 8223

MoneyNote Lite

+15    Removed 50 entry limitation Differences between FREE and FULL version: No Data sync to Cloud service No image attachment No Evernote support (image upload & OCR) No CSV Export / Import No Passcord Lock Ad Use [Migration to Full Version] for ...    7 MB    Views 4641
mexichem future goals report 2013 annual
-7    Learn about how Mexichem is building its future on a clear and welldefined path—and with specific goals. We know where we are going and how to reach our goals; correspondingly, we do what we say we are going to do. ...    37 MB    Views 2026
growth win
0    Evil forces are gathering to conquer Littleland. Panic and fear is being struck, but the evil army needs growth to win. In the face of war, growth is costly And thus the Littleland Casino opens its doors to YOU; the ...    60 MB    Views 4014

Mexichem AR 2012

people mexichem talent profitability growth
0    Learn how Mexichem growth and profitability is based on the talent of its people; talent that grows with each and every acquisition we made and which adds up to the one already existing in the company, enriching and strengthening its ...    44 MB    Views 3963

My Options & Awards

stock shares options sold awards grants price future
-6    My Options & Awards is a quick and easy tracker for your Employee Stock Options and Restricted Stock Awards on your iPhone. Find all the information that is important to you instantaneously. Why go through the complicated process of logging ...    1004 kb    Views 7687

Chic PF

personal finance financial plan future information
-1    Plan for your future personal finance from the convenience of your iPad with Chic Personal Finance. This app provides useful information and practical to use and will help you create a customized financial plan based on your individual financial circumstances. ...    NAN    Views 8843


-3    CollegeSave, The College Savings Calculator. Many parents and school kids look at the top colleges that can provide the best education available. In this search, they need to plan to have the funds available to pay for the college fees and ...    1 MB    Views 8493

Entrust IRA

retirement future portfolio investments alternative learn
-7    This innovative, educational app can help you learn more about selfdirecting your retirement and building assets for the future. Now, more than ever, investors are seeking strategies to grow and diversify their retirement portfolio through alternative investments like real estate, ...    1 MB    Views 3919

ISA Calc

tax calculator investments worth illustration growth 2014
+3    ISA Calculator 2014 / 2015 This ISA calculator provides you with an illustration of how much your ISA investments could be worth in the future using this important tax wrapper. Within a Stocks & Shares ISA you will benefit from Tax ...    6 MB    Views 4877


-1    MyELS allows you to keep track of your vacation and sick leave balances on your mobile device. You can check your current and future leave balances, see an annual summary of your leave balances by month, view future accruals and ...    8 MB    Views 9358
Related Apps stock strategy blog advisor term cornerstone growth long strategies
+25    ATTENTION: This app has been replaced with The Stock Advisor Elite, which can be downloaded here: Consistently grow your portfolio with The Stock Advisor LTG (Long Term Growth) iPhone App No subscription or InApp purchases necessary Uniting O’Shaughnessy’s successful Cornerstone Growth and ...    2 MB    Views 1211
2012 strategy company growth femsa positive
-7    Explore the FEMSA Annual Report 2012.  We participate in the nonalcoholic beverage, retail and beer industry.  Learn about our company and our strategy: Building on our strengths. Read about how our consumer focus, our constant growth and our profitable complexity are ...    48 MB    Views 1014

Dates From Now

dates application find day week future days simple
-8    What a fantastic and simple to use application that finds your important dates in the future. Trying to find contract dates 15, 30, 45 or 60 days from now? This application is the perfect solution Need to find out what day ...    38 MB    Views 1061

My Property Expert

property investment expert future portfolio
-1    My Property Expert (MPE) was designed to help Australian Property Investors analyse their current Property Investment Portfolio and overlay any future Property investments to establish tax effectiveness, cash flows and future earnings. MPE believes informed property investment is a time ...    2 MB    Views 4325
banking swiss private generation offices group future bank
+4    Julius Baer Next Generation aims to prepare you for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of us all. Learn more about the trends shaping our future and find out how you can adapt and embrace change as it happens. The ...    NAN    Views 9542

fCalculate Plus

calculator money payment period future pmt set annuity decide
-8    fCalculate Plus is a simple, easy to use Financial Calculator for calculating the present value (PV), future value (FV), payment per period (PMT), interest rate (I) or the number of periods (N). For calculations involving annuities, you can decide whether ...    294 kb    Views 9028
Related Apps calculator time business tax discount percentage profit margin markup percent loan rate growth net
+14    Percentage Calculator is simply the best and easiest to use app which calculates: Everyday calculations simple percentage calculator (5 percent of 40 is 2) percentage increase/decrease (5 percent decrease from 40 is 38) tip calculator discount calculator convert fractions to ...    3 MB    Views 9557
time growth total return investments rate annual dates calculate
+3    Calculate total return and annual growth rate based on initial amount and dates. Frequently, brokerages will provide the total return because it is the higher number, but total return is not a useful tool for comparing investments over different time spans. ...    248 kb    Views 1538

Future Register

future register check transactions spend
+15    Not your usual check register Even better Future Register is a simple, clean and unique check register that lets you do common check register entries PLUS the ability to log future transactions and see what your future bank balance will be. This ...    1 MB    Views 2727
+2    Middle Market Growth is the official publication of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG). The digital magazine supports ACG's mission to drive middlemarket growth, providing readers with an interactive platform to access thought leadership, best practices and insights derived from ...    4 MB    Views 4357
Related Apps stock discount time business email london price growth cash intrinsic rates years prices debt
0    StockAnalyzer helps take the guess work out of investing in stocks. It provides analysis of the financial health and historical growth of a company, suggests both the fair price and discount price of a stock, and uses technical indicators to ...    5 MB    Views 3044


fair price gold spot future
+1    ช่วยเตือนเวลาทองขึ้น ทองลง ตั้งค่าได้ทั้ง Gold spot, ราคาสมาคม, Fair price และ Gold Future Fair Price(เป็นราคาคำนวน ไม่ใช่ราคาซื้อขายจริง) โดยมีความสามารถดังนี้ หน้า ราคาทอง แสดงราคาทอง Gold spot, ราคาสมาคม, Fair price, Gold Future Fair Price, USD/THB, US Index, HUI, Spdr, Crude oil, Downjones อัพเดตทุก 1 นาทีถ้าเปิดไว้ ถ้าปิดโปรแกรมหรือลง background ...    2 MB    Views 3306


time interest month future amount horizon amounts
+1    Use this app to determine a savings plan in one of two ways: by computing how much will be accumulated by saving a particular amount each month over a given time horizon, or by computing how much must be saved ...    301 kb    Views 5015
retirement calculator savings goal future historical data lite meeting
-5    Are you saving enough for retirement? Will you be able to stop working when you want to and still have the lifestyle you want in retirement? Retirement Savings Calculator helps you answer these questions and more. It uses historical US stock ...    2 MB    Views 1950

2Stocks' Future

stock forecast market stocks approach future evolution prices growth competition
0    (This is an entrylevel version of the application “Stocks’ Futures”. It has full functionality but is restricted to only two stocks of your choice. It can be used repeatedly to update forecasts but only on the two stocks initially chosen. ...    41 MB    Views 1276
investment school management investing markets growth book emerging global guide
+8    Check 2 min summary of the book on Youtube This book is for those who are interested in enhancing their investment portfolio. After living and investing for many years in different places across the world, Dmitri Konash created a handson guide ...    5 MB    Views 3251

Strategy iQ

business strategy answers assessment future questions
-7    This assessment too will help you understand the current and future drivers of your business and assess eight basic business strategies. The assessment is performed by touching the left most circles and answering the questions stepping towards the right until all ...    476 kb    Views 2230

MOS Calculator Lite

calculator stock price rate user eps intrinsic future growth configurable
+3    Margin of Safety (MOS) Calculator performs all the heavy lifting that is required to determine the Intrinsic Price (also referred to as the Fair Value price) of a publicly traded security. MOS Calculator provides two methods for calculating the Intrinsic Price: 1 ...    7 MB    Views 4901

Dividend Investor

time news dividend investor articles growth screens contact ideas real
+13    Seeking Alpha’s coverage of dividend paying stocks is read by millions of investors each month. This app focuses on dividend ideas, articles, news and dividend stock screens. The Dividend Investor app features: ACTIONABLE ARTICLES ...with analysis from seasoned contributors who have been following ...    13 MB    Views 7951

Future Deposit

Related Apps future deposit add item date set
-7    From the income and expenses, calculate the future deposit. Please help us to design future unwise. 1. Add button to add items. Added support for 295 foreign currencies. Please enter the smallest currency unit (ex. cents in the USD). 2. Set a date. 3. Tap ...    1 MB    Views 2002

Repayment Mortgage

home investment time mortgage repayment day answer paid future
-6    How much of my home to I own? How much will I own at a date in the future? If you have a repayment mortgage then Repayment mortgage is the app designed to answer these two questions After giving the app just a ...    179 kb    Views 9575
ford future trends
+2    The thirdannual Further with Ford conference explores major global trends and issues expected to shape the future for consumers, brands, technologies and institutions. Expert futurists, trend spotters and leaders from gamechanging businesses, as well as Ford designers and scientists gather ...    16 MB    Views 3162

Big Start

kids money children start big saving interactive fun future
+13    The latest update to the Big Start app features an exciting new game that teaches kids the Save, Share, Spend savings model in a fun, interactive way. Along with the new Save, Share, Spend feature, the Big Start app also features: ...    45 MB    Views 6824
Related Apps stock discount time business email london price growth cash intrinsic rates years prices
+16    StockAnalyzer helps take the guess work out of investing in stocks. It provides analysis of the financial health and historical growth of a company, suggests both the fair price and discount price of a stock, and uses technical indicators to ...    6 MB    Views 6795
free rich future test application
-8    /// Free Application /// The ultimate Test to know if you'll be rich in the future Money & Luxury style Thanks to this application, you'll be able to know in 3 minutes if you'll be rich in the future Just answer ...    9 MB    Views 8292
Related Apps stock investment calculator analyzer momentum data stocks application pro growth information financial
0    WANT TO KNOW A STOCK'S GROWTH POTENTIAL? NEED A COMPREHENSIVE, UNBIASED VIEW? This application can help you answer these questions quickly and definitively, using sophisticated quantitative models. ( 70% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ) Now, you don't have to be ...    66 kb    Views 5418

Future Value

Related Apps planning future
+29    Future value calculates the future value of your investments based on constant payments and fixed interest per period. It is a useful planning tool for 401k contributions and other financial planning.    127 kb    Views 690

Suburb Investor

investment top suburb growth investor calculate fastest compare
-8    Ever wondered which suburb made the best investment? Suburb Investor draws on a decade of Australian price data to show you which suburbs have performed best over time, letting you calculate how much equity you could potentially generate from your ...    29 MB    Views 2484

MOS Calculator

calculator stock rate price eps user future intrinsic configurable growth
+13    Margin of Safety (MOS) Calculator performs all the heavy lifting that is required to determine the Intrinsic Price (also referred to as the Fair Value price) of a publicly traded security. MOS Calculator provides two methods for calculating the Intrinsic Price: 1 ...    8 MB    Views 3606


fees growth share number needed company shares calculate
-4    InvestoCalc is an easy to use educational tool for new investors It helps to teach the real effect of trading fees by calculating the percent growth needed to offset them. This app was inspired by my own mistake that I ...    2 MB    Views 3380


tools market growth community industry content leadership global
-9    Frost & Sullivan’s global flagship event on Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) represents a global network of 250,000 Clevel executives from 24 countries across more than 45 market sectors. All of whom are focused on growing their companies and careers ...    29 MB    Views 320


region production industrial development information helpful economic growth
+1    Discover Kaluga region “InvestKaluga” is a brilliant opportunity to get a complete view of economic and social development of Kaluga region – a state in central part of Russia, showing outstanding results in economic growth in the last several years. Holding Russia’s ...    5 MB    Views 8776
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