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Best Ipad mobile payment Apps | Panload

+27    Accepting credit card through your iPhone/iPad is simple and secure with the Flo2Cash Mobile Payment Terminal. The App supports hand entered card numbers and payment reference and particulars. All transactions are processed on the Level1 PCI Compliant Flo2Cash Payment Platform. The ...    3 MB    Views 3274

The Change Account

money account change payment alerts including budgeting direct mobile
+2    The mobile app that accompanies Your Change Account. Enjoy managing your finances on the go securely including transferring funds within Your Change Account, paying existing payees and reassigning direct debits. Receive up to 10 optional payment alerts through your registered ...    NAN    Views 8548


+25    EnterpriseMobile app is for carrying out mobile banking transactions. It extends the capability of the user’s cell phone into a highly interactive featurerich payment device. With theEnterpriseMobile service, the user can make payments to merchants, transfer funds to bank accounts, ...    2 MB    Views 9791

myCCCU Card

Related Apps card credit view payment device mobile access
+29    Enjoy easy and onthego access of your credit card account with the Christian Community Credit Union Mobile Credit Card app. This app offers a fresh way to: View recent and pending transactions. View next payment amount and due date. Make ...    3 MB    Views 3491

HybridPOS 3

Related Apps multi including processing features swipe user mobile payment works
-2    Introducing the Mobile Payment App from First Equity Strategy LLC With this app, you can manually enter or swipe a credit card to process a payment. This app works with the Rambler Swipe and Vasco Token devices as well as ...    6 MB    Views 4028
+27    If you currently have the iPhone app installed on an iPad device, we have a new iPad app available in the iTunes Store. Associated Mobile Banking is a convenient and secure way to manage your money. Quickly check balances, review transactions, ...    5 MB    Views 5157
payment bill due pay light mobile
+10    The Duquesne Light App is a great way to pay your electric bill quickly and easily, directly from your mobile device. Our app provides: · Convenient credit/debit and bank account payment options · The ability to view your due date, the amount ...    1 MB    Views 884
Related Apps card payments payment account cash accept credit application mobile
+15    The gotoBilling mobile payment application is designed to quickly and easily accept credit card, eCheck and cash payments from your customers. Complete tracking and reports of payment activity is available online through the gotoBilling payment platform and gateway. Swipe or hand ...    9 MB    Views 4987
payment mobile recharge pocket
-5    Aircel Launches Pocket Payment. This mobile application provides an easy way to recharge your friends or family´s mobile. It is fast, safe and secure payment through credit card. Aircel users can avail of following service, Prepaid recharge.    6 MB    Views 7861


-3    Coincode – Mobile payment Coincode makes it easy to pay with your mobile phone. Who can use Coincode? Everyone can use Coincode by downloading Coincode app and register their credit or debit card. How does it work? 1. Download Coincode app. 2. Register a debit or ...    1 MB    Views 6347


Related Apps payment pay easy mobile electronic application services device
+18    AEON EASY PAY Application for AEON launch a new mobile payment solutions as electronic payments. The new technologies which will provide new payment services to merchants and customers by using mPOS (Mobile PointofSale) and call this new service as ...    2 MB    Views 5495
banking ipad navigation iphone pro smart payment unicredit menu transactions
+28    UniCredit iPad App Our popular iPhone app is now enhanced for the larger screen and increased capability. The full gesture navigation and smart payment box are easytouse and offer a simple way to make payments. Best of all, the app offers ...    103 MB    Views 5631


Related Apps digicash account payment current payments net pay mobile luxembourg
+29    With SDigicash, Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat, Luxembourg (BCEE) provides you with the most convenient, reliable and secure mobile payment app available in Luxembourg. Use your smartphone to pay your bills, shop online or pay at stores, supermarkets and ...    18 MB    Views 3696

Vantiv - Accept

Related Apps accept mobile payment smartphone processing payments anytime
+2    Be ready to accept mobile payments anywhere, anytime. Vantiv Mobile Accept is a simpletouse, powerful mobile payment app that allows merchants to quickly and securely swipe any U.S. issued credit, debit or prepaid card for processing on a smartphone. Use Vantiv ...    12 MB    Views 776

Great Lakes Mobile

history payment mobile account student payments great lakes loans
+2    Manage Your Loans Your Way With the Great Lakes Mobile app, managing your loans where and when you want is quick and easy. Make or schedule student loan payments of any amount View account details like your balance and ...    3 MB    Views 3002


Related Apps system cash loyalty mobile payments payment
+2    Mokipay is a mobile payment system, a product, that has both funcionality and rationality. The vision is to replace the oldfashioned credit card and cash payments. Not only that, to replace your regular wallet by making it virtual. All this ...    24 MB    Views 9068

WorldPay Zinc

card iphone ipad zinc payments pin chip keypad payment mobile
-7    Take secure card payments using your mobile. No lengthy contracts. No big overheads. All you need is a WorldPay Zinc Chip & PIN keypad, an account with WorldPay, and an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. To get your WorldPay Zinc Chip & ...    NAN    Views 9615
time iphone strategy ipad debt debts interest balance pay snowball free date payments payment
+10    ON SALE 50% OFF   Getting out of debt made easy. Pay off your debts with Debt Snowball method and save Easy sync and iPad/iPhone versions combined in one app FEATURED BY APPLE in “NEW AND NOTEWORTHY” Debt Control helps you ...    16 MB    Views 1686


+2    The AllinONE Mobile Payment Service Tailor Made for Indonesia. Top Up Your Mobile Phone, Electricity, Online Game Account using telePay. Payment in Real World with Just a Stylish Little Shake    42 MB    Views 1085


Related Apps clients pay payment mobile
-7    Pay your bills anywhere, easily using your mobile device This mobile application is exclusively for use by consumers wishing to pay Bill2Pay clients. Bill2Pay provides secure payment channels for many clients across varied businesses. These include Utilities, Cable, Insurance, and Education ...    3 MB    Views 5292

S2Pay Wallet

Related Apps card wallet payment mobile
+1    S2Pay is an Innovative mobile wallet application for making payment to anyone, anytime, anywhere in a quick and safe way. At present it is enabled for closed loop payments with selected merchants only, however in future you will be able ...    NAN    Views 3833


banking bills bank transfer funds phone mobile payment
+1    Banking has never been easier. With your WemaMobile from Wema Bank, you have a safe, secure and convenient mobile banking experience. You can enjoy unique banking services on your iPhone, IPod touch and iPad anywhere and at anytime. Features are: View ...    2 MB    Views 41

Meritus Mobile

Related Apps cards card ipad sales credit mobile account receipts works print payment
+6    USE YOUR MERITUS ACCOUNT TO ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS ON AN iPHONE, IPOD TOUCH or iPAD Meritus Mobile is a great mobile pointofsale product that works just like Pocket Verifier, but through the Meritus Payment Gateway. It's fast, efficient, safe and secure. ...    2 MB    Views 4718


Related Apps car loan payment questions mobile monthly process secured
+3    The LoanMart Mobile App is now available on the iPhone. With the new mobile app, you have the ability to see if your vehicle qualifies for a loan with minimal information right from your phone. Once your car is qualified, ...    5 MB    Views 9033

Canopus Mobile

+7    Description Smartphone version of Canopus Mobile enables your customers to use the most popular banking and payment services anytime and anywhere. Credentials for demo users: 1. Login: +111 Password: 1 Payment password: Demo 2. Login: +222 Password: 2 Payment password: Demo    4 MB    Views 5106
auto payment payments pay mobile username password view started
+7    For Ally Auto customers, making your vehicle payment just got easier. Simply download the Ally Auto Mobile Pay app – a quick, simple and secure way to make your payment on the go. What you can do: • View your payment information • ...    6 MB    Views 1938
Related Apps united check process payment pay mobile
-7    United FCS Mobile Pay allows you to make principal payments to your United FCS operating loan electronically using your iPhone device. Simply endorse the check, take a picture of the check (front and back) and transmit the payment to United ...    3 MB    Views 5198
+1    MUUME is a virtual shopping mall and a social mobile payment provider with enhanced functionality in the areas of loyalty programs, couponing and gamification. With MUUME’s P2P function sending money to your family and friends is free. MUUME is a ...    NAN    Views 945


Related Apps mobile merchant payment platform sign payments account accept secure
-1    Zimbrew™ enables your business to accept secure mobile payments now. Zimbrew is an endtoend enterprise mobile payment platform that integrates seamlessly with the CyberSource Payment Management Platform. Sign up now by visiting and accept secure mobile payments immediately using your CyberSource ...    799 kb    Views 1764


currency payment global exchange users mobile
-1    As one kind of the internet financial instruments, RADR helps users make simple, swift and low cost payment, transfer and global currency exchange. RADR easily allows all users to participate in global transfers, payments, currency exchanges, collections and withdrawals. Radar wallet ...    7 MB    Views 4580


loans student loan payment mobile important
-9    iontuition provides easy access to all of your student loans in a userfriendly mobile application. An uptodate dashboard shows your Federal student loans and grants as well as your Private education loans. With the iontuition app, you can: Refresh your student ...    4 MB    Views 4431

HSFCU Credit Card

card credit view device payment mobile
-4    Enjoy easy and onthego management of your credit cards with the Hawaii State FCU Mobile Credit Card app. This app offers a fresh way to: • View recent and pending transactions. • View next payment amount and due date. • Make a payment ...    1 MB    Views 9883
prestige payment service pay mobile due
+9    The Prestige App is a great way to pay your Prestige loan quickly and easily, directly from your mobile device using the Speedpay Service. Our app provides: • Convenient credit/debit and bank account payment options • The ability to view your due date, ...    1 MB    Views 6262

payment kiosks

ipad payment kiosk payments match customize takes brand pro
+15    Payment Kiosks for iPad makes payment acceptance super simple for anyone to instantly be up and accepting real physical card swipe transactions in seconds. Setup and configuration is also super simple and takes no more then 2mins to fully configure ...    5 MB    Views 6479


mobile secure payment
+2    PayGex is the solution for fast, secure and easy mobile payment and self checkout system. Our mobile application takes the shopping experience to a new level, PayGex secure and state of the art backend can easily integrate with a variety ...    4 MB    Views 3404
card ipad payment kiosk payments content securely credit
+21    Create a simple and unique way for your customers to accept payments using Payment Kiosk by ArmorActive. Payment kiosk allows you to load your URL, creating a custom page displaying your content andproduct , then using the secure payment portal ...    825 kb    Views 5384

FFCU Cards

card payment device credit access view mobile
-7    Enjoy easy and onthego access of your Founders FCU Platinum Credit Card account with the Founders Mobile Credit Card app. With this app, you can: View recent and pending transactions. View next payment amount and due date. Make a payment to ...    1 MB    Views 5942


+22    CardMobile is a mobile payment application which allows you to use your mobile phone to make contactless payments. Please note that the CardMobile application only works with the MicroSD card and the iCaisse accessory provided by Raiffeisen Bank International AG and ...    NAN    Views 5369

Accept SGP

payment solution accept mobile secure
-8    Accept SGP is a professional solution developed by Wirecard, that extends the point of sale to modern mobile environments in innovative and secure manner. This EMVenabled mobile payment solution allows any merchant to utilise smartphones and tablets for payments acceptance ...    16 MB    Views 653


Related Apps services payment mobile
+8    ATBMobile offers its customers a wide range of payment services to pay for everyday services: recharge mobile account, paying bills and receipts HUS, repayment of loans in any bank, payment of fines traffic police payments free details, remittances, and more, ...    NAN    Views 8976

SC Telco CC

Related Apps card telco mobile view credit device payment
+10    Enjoy easy and onthego management of your credit cards with the SC Telco Mobile Credit Card app. This app offers a fresh way to: • View recent and pending transactions. • View next payment amount and due date. • Make a payment to your card. • Report a ...    2 MB    Views 2235
bills time ipad tracker bill payment record due payments assistant standing
0    Bill Assistant Tracker & Reminder for iPad also available, designed specifically for iPad Featured in The Independent UK Newspaper Scored 4 Stars on Bill Assistant keeps track of your bills for you. You can see which bills are due ...    19 MB    Views 1630


mobile provide payment
+8    msaku is a mobile payment application for VISA & MASTER Cardholders to ensure optimum shopping experience on mobile device. msaku provide worldwide TopUp Service and it's also available for subscribers of the seven largest mobile networks in Indonesia: Axis, Esia, Indosat, ...    9 MB    Views 9529
security mobile para factor payment info token desde
+14    Now you can do your bank transactions and online operations safe thanks to the VU Security Mobile Token. With multilanguage features, self destruction to protect your privacy and a really easy to use interface. Check for updates VU Security is the sole developer ...    1 MB    Views 4408

ContaFer for iPad

Related Apps ipad input easy screen entries user payment data control backup
+9    ContaFer for iPad Easy Accounting. You do not need to use accounting knowledge. The application is specially designed for easy handling. For example, with just two clicks you can input the entries you enter often directly or from input now screen to save ...    5 MB    Views 5970
Related Apps ipad calculator input payment loan
-8    1. Can calculate monthly payment, down payment, purchase price, interest rate, years. 2. Prohibit illegal Input . 3. Prohibit meanless input. 4. Big input button, easy to use. 5. Undo function. Design for: iPad 2, iPad Air, iPad Retina, Resizable iPad. Support:    322 kb    Views 3050
Related Apps card iphone cards ipad credit payment data transaction processing account merchant
+5    Turn your iPhone / iTouch/iPad into a Portable Payment Processing Center with Ippa (Intergrated Payment Processing Application). First iphone payment processing application that processes both credit cards and checks/ACH. Provides one screen transaction menu for both credit cards and checks that includes ...    2 MB    Views 8652
tracker ipad iphone payments loans calculating interest loan manually amounts payment actual
-7    Are you about to or have already taken out a loan? iLoan Tracker is an application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch developed to automate accounting and planning of both simple and early repayment loans using various practices of calculation. ...    4 MB    Views 4884

Mobile Money US

money banking iphone mobile download payment application accounts interface
-6    Mobile Money A simple and exciting way to connect with your money through your iPhone anytime, anywhere. The Mobile Money iPhone App is free to download and delivers rich mobile banking features wrapped in a dynamic interface that’s easy ...    1 MB    Views 5533
email top mobile payment code overview select easily
+3    Topup your Ortel Mobile Belgium prepaid credit via the new Ortel Mobile Belgium App. It is easy, fast and safe Try it now and simply pay by Bancontact, Credit card (VISA and Mastercard), eMaestro, Paypal, iDeal or Bank Transfer. How does ...    NAN    Views 8127

Mobile e-Check

card mobile payment check multi receipts enabled processing user
+16    Mobile eCheck PIN – Introducing the Mobile Payment App from First Equity Strategy LLC This app allows multiple payment methods, such as: credit card, debit card, or echeck. This app accepts payment with the a variety of card reader devices: Rambler, ...    11 MB    Views 2044


card credit device payment mobile view
+24    Enjoy easy and onthego management of your credit cards with the Westerly Community Credit Union Mobile Credit Card app. This app offers a fresh way to: • View recent and pending transactions. • View next payment amount and due date. • Make a payment to your ...    2 MB    Views 9373

PayNote for iPad

Related Apps ipad monthly pay schedule payment
-2    This application is intended to identify credit card payment schedule. Anywhere and anytime, to understand the schedule of payment, please prevent overuse. In addition, debit (pay day) and days postpay rent monthly, bimonthly water bills, and can also be used for annual membership fee. Before you ...    1 MB    Views 2400

accept GER

payment solution accept mobile secure ger
+29    accept GER is a professional solution developed by Wirecard, that extends the point of sale to modern mobile environments in innovative and secure manner. This EMVenabled mobile payment solution allows any merchant to utilise smartphones and tablets for payments acceptance ...    17 MB    Views 2605
Related Apps security history personal profile time email ipad iphone gulf pay payment power payments mobile information secure account
-4    Looking for a fast and convenient way to pay your Gulf Power bill? Gulf Pay helps you pay your bill on time and manage future payments from the convenience of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. FEATURES: • CONVENIENCE: Securely store and ...    8 MB    Views 2211


ipad iphone business pos ipod ipos customizable device payment
+3    Business on iPad/iPhone/iPod, payment on POS, perfect combination of SMART and SECURITY PAX iPOS is inspired by combining the advantages of both iOS devices and financial POS. With PAX iPOS on iPad/iPhone/iPod and PAX POS device, customer not only got an entire ...    26 MB    Views 6930
Related Apps card cards business iphone ipad email payment credit mobile solutions customer transaction payments
+14    Process Credit Cards on Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by turning it into a mobile credit card terminal. Your mobile payment software, together with a merchant services account from Pathfinder Payment Solutions enables you process credit cards on a job ...    3 MB    Views 6308


Related Apps banking mobile balance service services features payment bank
-9    Karur Vysya Bank offers ‘’mPay’’ solution the next generation mobile banking service. We aim to be the Bank in the customers pocket with a whole new and exciting range of services and features; taking complete advantage of the latest technology ...    3 MB    Views 4258

Complete Mobile Pay

complete mobile customer data offers fraud merchant payment pay
-3    A hassle free mobile payment application that offers best inclass reporting, customer billing database, fraud prevention/protection center and 24/7/365 US based support to allow your business to grow to the next level. Complete Mobile Pay also offers the following features: Data ...    16 MB    Views 9299


iphone ipad security account payment quote ipod information mercedes financial benz services
-4    The MercedesBenz Financial Services (MBFS) Application for the iPhone, iPad™ and iPod touch mobile devices allows existing MercedesBenz Financial Services' customers to view detailed account information, make a payment, or obtain a payoff quote on an existing MercedesBenz Financial Services ...    10 MB    Views 6164
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