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+1    ProudPay Merchant is for merchants only Consumers please download the separate ProudPay app ProudPay Merchant allows merchants to accept payments from customers who pay with ProudPay. It also provides an easy way to track completed transactions and revenues. Please contact ProudPay ...    11 MB    Views 638


0    CashKey is a fast, secure and powerful mobile app to pay for services related to Call Centers, Restaurants, Retailers, Online and Parking. Three choices are offered: 1) Connect to Merchant to creates a secure encrypted exchange channel and token concealing the ...    3 MB    Views 5413

QwickPAY Pro

card security pro data cardholder payment merchant codes transactions
+7    QwickPAY Pro is a complete mobile payment solution that uses the most reliable and safest card swipe readers (secure card reader authenticators by MagTek, SCRAs). QwickPAY Pro is made for businesses that need an easy solution to take credit card ...    4 MB    Views 4896

SIDO Merchant

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+5    Welcome to SIDO Merchant. The new secure mobile payments and promotion service SIDO Merchant is the secure way to create and manage credit card and SIDO transactions with your iPhone or iPad. Accept SIDO payments and reach more customers through the growing ...    NAN    Views 9477


+4    Increase your sales potential by accepting card payments from your customer any place and at any time. The QNB Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) App offers a card payment solution for your business to easily accept card payments through your mobile ...    6 MB    Views 713
+8    Merchant Salesperson Tool that allows a quick calculation of the rates for a merchant, showing their monthly expense and allowing you to determine how much you can save them with just a few clicks.    854 kb    Views 9800

BIZpaye Mobile

business mobile account merchants opportunities world designed merchant check
+17    BIZpaye provides your business with a world of opportunities that are all designed to enhance your bottom line. From New Customers, Free Advertising & Promotions, Interest Free Credit For Your Business & More, let us help your business to trade ...    23 MB    Views 5588
Related Apps cards card payments payment account merchant accept credit cloud swipe
-5    Accept credit cards on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with the Card Reader. The iSecure's payment Gateway can help you accept credit card and electronic check payments quickly and affordably. We have lowest rates in industry than our competitor ...    14 MB    Views 5671
cards deals life breeze good great credit day merchant
-6    Great deals. Your way, every day. 

 Breeze Good Life is what you make of it. Be it dining, fashion, electronics, or nightlife, choose to live life your way every day with the deals you desire. Only with your Standard Chartered ...    7 MB    Views 6219
+17    Turn your iPhone / iTouch/iPad into a Portable Payment Processing Center with Ippa (Intergrated Payment Processing Application). First iphone payment processing application that processes both credit cards and checks/ACH. Provides one screen transaction menu for both credit cards and checks that includes ...    2 MB    Views 8652

Payment Jack

Related Apps card sale security payment mobile point device support application merchant
-2    Payment Jack – Delivering True Mobile Point of Sale Take the point of sale to your customers Payment Jack goes beyond just enabling mobile payment acceptance, transforming your iPhone into a true mobile point of sale device. Incorporating world class security, innovative ...    12 MB    Views 5414


professional sales tool proposal statement generated savings merchant
0    This is a proposal tool for professional merchant level sales professionals to use in the field to give a prospective merchant a proposal in matter of minutes. It allows the sales professional to accurately plug in the merchants existing fees ...    1 MB    Views 8354


security cards text account credit funds code merchant offers
+24    ALTPAY is an easy to use payment method that offers you, not only unparalleled security, but also several other great benefits. · Pay using smartphone or Internet browser instead of using credit and debit cards. This offers top security to you, ...    3 MB    Views 1047

Blockchain Merchant

business bitcoin merchant accept free fast customers supported start
+10    The Blockchain Merchant app is everything you need to start accepting Bitcoin on your iPhone or iPad. Blockchain Merchant lets you securely accept Bitcoin without any hassle and turns your device into a fully featured register in under 30 seconds. ...    3 MB    Views 9571


card sale iphone ipad security mobile merchant point support application
+25    ROAMpay™ X4 – Delivering True Mobile Point of Sale Take the point of sale to your customers ROAMpay X4 goes beyond just enabling mobile payment acceptance, transforming your iPhone or iPad into a true mobile point of sale device. Incorporating world class ...    NAN    Views 884


Related Apps card network merchant rewards merchants phone pay mobile simply
+13    The ultimate app to use when you want to pay with your phone. Get rewards, discounts, incentives and real money benefits every time you pay with your phone using this easy to use mobile application. Earn merchant credit simply by sharing on ...    13 MB    Views 1791

ProcessNow Mobile

Related Apps mobile merchant payments
+9    ProcessNow is a merchant Point of Sale solution for businesses of every size, offering support for both instore payments and mobile payments through a fully underwritten merchant account. The application allows for the processing and capture of cash, check and ...    2 MB    Views 2512

Citibank VN

Related Apps citibank nearest locations vietnam world mobile merchant offers
+27    Citibank Mobile is a banking solution that offers you the most convenient way to bank while on the go. You can transfer funds and view your accounts summary on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. What’s more, the application allows you ...    27 MB    Views 9106


+1    Cash flow is one of the biggest challenges small businesses face, but Capital 4 Biz is here to help. We work with governmentregulated small business lenders that enable small businesses to apply for small business loans, equipment financing, and merchant ...    25 MB    Views 7207

Complete Mobile Pay

complete mobile customer data offers fraud merchant payment pay
-3    A hassle free mobile payment application that offers best inclass reporting, customer billing database, fraud prevention/protection center and 24/7/365 US based support to allow your business to grow to the next level. Complete Mobile Pay also offers the following features: Data ...    16 MB    Views 9299


card ipad iphone touch transactions account instructions merchant ipod
-5    Set Up Instructions: To begin using AppCharge, you will need an AppCharge approved merchant account. Go to or call (877) 7756900 to apply. Already have an AppCharge approved merchant account? If so, you will likely have been directed to download this ...    6 MB    Views 4994


card multiple iso control amount maximum merchant level address supports
-3    QuickPoint Mobile PointofSale Terminal Track Sales and Accept Credit Card Payments on your IPhone. ISO Program Available ISO control for Maximum Transaction Amount ISO control for Maximum Monthly Processing Amount Brandable at the Merchant Level Multiple merchant accounts per ...    6 MB    Views 208
Related Apps device ios merchant
-7    This application lets Dailyflash merchant partners validate printed coupons from their customers via any iOS device. Builtin barcode scanner requires an iOS device with camera.    1010 kb    Views 9828

CardConnect Mobile

Related Apps card sale security mobile point support merchant device transaction contact
-3    CardConnect Mobile – Delivering True Mobile Point of Sale Take the point of sale to your customers With CardConnect Mobile, businesses using CardConnect can accept credit card payments on a mobile device, transforming a smartphone or tablet into a true mobile ...    10 MB    Views 1843
+3    Mobile Pay enables you to accept card payments with your smartphone or tablet. It's fast, secure, and easy to use. Whether you sell at trade shows, stadiums or festivals, host inhome parties, or make deliveries, Mobile Pay makes it easy ...    29 MB    Views 2763
cards card mobile merchant services process payment device select
-2    Accept credit card payments anywhere, anytime with this intuitive, easytouse application that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a secure, affordable pointofsale solution. Merchant Services Mobile is a mobile payment app that allows businesses to securely process credit and ...    12 MB    Views 9477
office merchant services depot online portal activity user processing
+4    Office Depot Merchant Services is an iOS credit card processing app. Download this app once you've received payment gateway activation to allow you to begin processing transactions. The Office Depot Merchant Services online portal will allow a user to log ...    2 MB    Views 9933
-2    Introductory universal price of 1.99 Accept credit card payments anywhere you are on your iPhone/iPod/iPad FEATURES: Charge Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, EnRoute, and JCB. Refund or void charged transactions. Works with the Authorize.Net payment gateway. Card present or card ...    5 MB    Views 1932


card iphone receipts merchant credit account transactions transaction online
-1    The uAccept Merchant Account Processing app allows businesses to quickly and easily accept credit and debit card transactions from their iPhone. Users of the app can choose to key in credit cards or use the optional magnetic card reader that ...    4 MB    Views 7041

Square Deal Pro

merchant account square pricing show standard deal
-5    Salesperson's tool for comparing merchant account rates against PSP/Payfacs like Square, Stripe and Paypal. This tool allows a merchant account salesperson to show a merchant when standard merchant account processing rates will save the merchant money over standard PSP/PayFac "bundled" pricing. Note ...    585 kb    Views 7594

Industry Card

card industry members merchant rewards merchants phone simply pay discounts
+2    The BCRFA Industry Card is the most progressive industry organization in British Columbia. It is a collective group of restaurant professionals devoted to the sole purpose of creating the most favorable business environment for the success of our members. Members can ...    19 MB    Views 3109

Gift Card Merchant

Related Apps cards card business ipad program iphone gift merchant ipod selling
+1    Finally A free gift card program for retailers that works with just an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. 1. Design your custom card with our starter templates or by uploading your own photo 2. Print the cards we email you 3. Start selling and ...    3 MB    Views 5479


money time loyalty save points savings merchant shop
-6    Get fantastic savings without the need to use lots of different loyalty cards and vouchers. All of the LolliPoints merchants near you use the same app to allow you to engage with them and then use the points to save ...    4 MB    Views 6157


business buying participating merchants merchant
0    The PinRaise mobile app will change the way we think of fundraising and the way a business may grow repeat business. The app empowers consumers to do business with local merchants willing to give back a portion of a purchase ...    15 MB    Views 4320


Related Apps research banking seb rates access application data merchant spot streaming
+29    This application is for SEB Merchant Banking's FX clients. SEB clients can access streaming FX spot rates and SEB's award winning FX research virtually anywhere, at any time with the new SEB application for the iPad and iPhone. Benefits: Streaming live ...    NAN    Views 4589

Midax Wallet

wallet payment merchant solution open
+15    Midax Open Wallet fills a void in the marketplace for a mobile application that puts the needs of the Merchant and Loyal Customer first instead of focusing on payment. Midax created the Midax Open Wallet in 2013 as a natural ...    4 MB    Views 3012


Related Apps card business sale software data credit phone merchant number accept
+21    Make a Call. Make a Sale. Send an Email. All from ONE device. EMSmobile is the perfect Point of Sale(POS) Software for any merchant conducting business in a mobile environment. With EMSmobile empower your phone to accept payments; transforming your everyday ...    2 MB    Views 8298


+23    Transaksi Kartu Kredit menjadi lebih mudah dan praktis. Seluruh transaksi aman, terautentikasi, dan memenuhi standar Payment Card Industry (PCI). Aplikasi BNI mPOS adalah sebuah aplikasi yang digunakan untuk membantu merchant BNI dalam menerima pembayaran kartu kredit pada perangkat telepon genggam. Setiap ...    2 MB    Views 8172


security card email cards merchant secure demo point reader data
-8    SpotPay is a complete payment solution allowing your iOS mobile device to evolve into a highly secure pointofsale payment system. With SpotPay, you can easily accept credit and debit cards anytime, anyplace. Lower your cost of accepting cards while ensuring ...    4 MB    Views 8420

Accept Credit Cards

card cards business credit merchant payment services accept customer
+6    Accept credit cards onthego, anywhere, anytime, based upon the needs of your business A mobile credit card processing application which gives you the ability to accept credit card transactions anywhere your business takes you. You can choose to swipe credit cards ...    2 MB    Views 1504

Youtap mPOS

card mobile payment wallet cash merchant pay merchants
+9    Youtap is a global provider of contactless mobile payments and financial services software enabling mobile wallet users to tap and pay at any point of sale with any mobile, card or wearable device. The Youtap mPOS application enables merchants to accept ...    21 MB    Views 5444

SETECS iMerchant

Related Apps cards merchant safe system customers credit application
+12    SETECS Merchant is client application of Secure Applications for Financial Environments (SAFE) system. SETECS Merchant is used by sale merchants, i.e., shops, restaurants, to charge customers with credit cards. Instead of a normal POS device, customers can pay with their ...    1 MB    Views 1828


Related Apps mobile merchant payment platform sign payments account accept secure
-1    Zimbrew™ enables your business to accept secure mobile payments now. Zimbrew is an endtoend enterprise mobile payment platform that integrates seamlessly with the CyberSource Payment Management Platform. Sign up now by visiting and accept secure mobile payments immediately using your CyberSource ...    799 kb    Views 1764
cards card iphone security credit swipe reader process merchant services
0    Swipe It supports iOS 5, iPad, and iPhone 4S Retina Display... The first credit card terminal for the iPhone & iPod Touch that works with a magnetic swiper Swipe It Reader Simply Swipe It TESTIMONIALS We are very excited to start ...    3 MB    Views 6201


iphone card gift programs merchant loyalty
-2    Instantly add realtime tracking and analytics to your merchant gift card, loyalty, and email promotion programs, and even process transactions all from the iPhone The CaptureCode iPhone application complements the merchant services provided by CaptureCode for managing store and restaurant loyalty, ...    1 MB    Views 4894


services designed merchant
+14    Mobile app designed to help Electronic Merchant Systems of South Carolina better service their merchants. EMSOFSC is also designed to tell more about our products and services we offer. Whether your looking for supplies, a new processor or even a ...    27 MB    Views 3970


tools merchant transaction payment authorized accept create
+1    RetailPay is a tools provided by AsiaPay Ltd for its merchant to accept credit card payment from their customers. Functions include, Create Sales transaction Create Authorized transaction Capture Authorized transaction Void transaction View payment history Update merchant settings merchant should registered ...    232 kb    Views 9365
Related Apps business vouchers redeem merchants mobile merchant
+1    Welcome to the Merchant Mobile App This App is specifically used and designed for Merchants that advertise their Deals and Discounts with If you are a Business that would like to have our Pay On Performance advertising platform benefit your ...    16 MB    Views 8202

Vwalaa! Mobile Pay

Related Apps email mobile pay merchant account receipts payments transactions service data
+4    Are you a mobile merchant who accepts payments? Vwalaa Mobile Pay is just the ticket. Quickly and securely accept payments, review customer data, email receipts, track transactions, and much more – all through your iOS device. Additional Features include: Vwalaa Merchant ...    11 MB    Views 3891
Related Apps card cards time mobile wells merchant fargo processing payments payment account tablet
-3    Payment processing made simple with Wells Fargo Mobile Merchant Wells Fargo Mobile Merchant may help you increase sales, enhance customer service, and grow profits—all from your smartphone or tablet. Easy Wells Fargo Mobile Merchant makes card processing straightforward and convenient—whether inperson and on ...    37 MB    Views 8488

Dice 7 Inc

Related Apps card calculator money mobile services merchant cash processing sales solutions merchants
+17    Dice7 is a Merchant Service Provider (MSP), an Elavon Global Payment Partner & Registered MSP/ISO of Elavon, Inc. Atlanta, GA, a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp, Minneapolis, MN. Dice7 is solely focused on customer service and satisfaction. Our philosophy is ...    14 MB    Views 1993


card payments merchant ios data device phone secure
0    This app is part of the Pogo>TM Mobile Point of Sale solution from First Data Merchant Solutions. Take your business to the next level and accept credit and debit card payments anywhere using your iOS device (phone or tablet). It’s ...    NAN    Views 9013

TapKTC Merchant

merchant sms mpos
+1    TapKTC Merchant Krungthai Card PCL. TapKTC Merchant บริการรับบัตรเครดิตบนสมาร์ทโฟนจาก KTC เป็นบริการที่จะเปลี่ยนสมาร์ทโฟนและแท็ปเล็ตของคุณให้เป็นเครื่องรับชำระเงิน ไม่ว่าที่ไหน เวลาใด ให้คุณทำธุรกรรมการค้า รับชำระค่าสินค้าและบริการได้ง่าย ปลอดภัย และ รวดเร็ว ซื้อขายได้ทุกที่ ทุกเวลา แค่คุณมี TapKTC Merchant และ สัญญาณอินเทอร์เน็ต พร้อม อุปกรณ์ TapKTC Merchant mPOS คุณจะสามารถรับชำระค่าสินค้า หรือบริการได้ทุกที่ทุกเวลา เพียงลูกค้าทำรายการโดยลงลายมือชื่อยืนยันผ่านแอพพลิเคชั่น ลูกค้าจะได้รับ Email และ /หรือ SMS ยืนยันผลการชำระเงินทันที ธุรกิจคล่องตัว เพราะ TapKTC Merchant ให้คุณทำธุรกรรมบน Smart Device ด้วยรูปแบบการชำระเงินที่หลากหลาย ...    7 MB    Views 5874

Allied Wallet Swipe

swipe allied merchant transactions wallet view apply list report portal
+2    Allied Wallet Swipe gives mobile power to the Merchant Portal. Allied Wallet Swipe features: fill in the quick application form to apply for a new merchant account and get approved within 24 hours log in to the app and get full ...    5 MB    Views 6721


Related Apps list merchant payment fees
+26    A Safe and unique method to pay your bills from a smartphone. Secunik connects a multitude of shops and products under one application. • Quick and easy, you can follow the status of your purchases from a dashboard • View your transactions ...    4 MB    Views 631
coupons merchant code
-8    oorjitgo Coupons Merchant APP delivers performance & security in your hand that reduces the complication which rises from entering long complicated numbers associated with other deal sites which is nothing but waste of time and also error prone. With our ...    4 MB    Views 1463
simple feature merchant receipts move
-5    Accept credit cards anywhere with your iPhone, iPad or iTouch with Merchant On The Move software. Swiping and printing receipts anywhere has never been so simple. Signature Capture feature, location feature as well as emailing receipts. Simple, secure, and fast. ...    2 MB    Views 8567


Related Apps card rewards merchant phone merchants pay simply mobile
+10    The ultimate app to use when you want to pay with your phone. Get rewards, discounts, incentives and real money benefits every time you pay with your phone using this easy to use mobile application. Earn merchant credit simply by sharing on ...    8 MB    Views 988
Related Apps card business cards email credit phone swipe merchant account reader free services
-1    Accept credit cards anytime and anywhere by transforming your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a credit card machine with merchant services account from Phone Swipe. Sign up for a free Phone Swipe merchant account and receive your free Phone ...    26 MB    Views 4611
Related Apps card payments credit merchant mobile authorization accounts canada
+27    Merchant Accounts Canada Payments helps Canadian businesses to accept credit cards using their mobile device. Business owners can use the same merchant account for both ecommerce payments on their website, as well as for mobile payments using their iPhone or ...    2 MB    Views 3606
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