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+6    TavexApp is committed to providing You with the most competitive realtime exchange rates for over 40 different foreign currencies. The application allows You to look up the most uptodate prices of various gold and silver investment products (physical bars and coins). If ...    5 MB    Views 1982
+3    ChartMobi App provides the best Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) and National Stock Exchange of India(NSE) stock screener and navigating tool on mobile devices for investors and stock traders. It is fast, reliable, and easy to use: Quickly navigate through lists of ...    14 MB    Views 2129


+5    iPlatinum+ is part of a commodities suite covering precious and industrial metals; the other applications of the suite are iGold+, iOil+, iPalladium+, iSilver+, iAluminum+, iCopper+, iNickel+, iLead+ and iZinc+. Tracking platinum prices is so easy with iPlatinum+. This app does all ...    6 MB    Views 6950
+20    MubasherTrade International for iPhone Mubasher is the pioneer in providing realtime quotes, online trading, news and tools that keep you in touch with the latest market movements in the Middle Eastern, North African and Central Asian regions. MubasherTrade is the latest addition ...    10 MB    Views 9639
-3    Option Exchange (“OE”) is an easytouse options calculator that applies the BlackScholes model. This is a free application from iVerit, a provider of realtime U.S. equity and index options market data and analytics referencing the Options Price Reporting Authority, with updates ...    2 MB    Views 1833


time gold silver price platinum buy performance physical
0    This app gives you free access to the latest gold price, silver price and platinum price . A wellorganized screen lists the prices and changes compared to the last closing price, and you are able to see graphs of the ...    3 MB    Views 3876

MSM touch for iPad

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+8    Experience MSM touch for iPad which delivers an excited opportunity in accessing the Muscat Securities Market through your apple iPad. This application offers you realtime market data, charts, news, and much more to analyze the performance of your favourite stocks ...    34 MB    Views 9509
Related Apps strategy time stock market options strategies payoff real free price
+3    A dedicated app to help investors build, evaluate, and study straddle option strategies easily and quickly. It comes with a highlypraised and fast loading options chain, touch based interactive profit/loss graphs, simulator of the time decay and Implied Volatility change, ...    9 MB    Views 9609
Related Apps time price gold silver realtime support real track
-2    An easy way to track Realtime Gold and Silver price. Features: 1. Realtime: Track the realtime price and chart for gold and silver. 2. Currency. Support USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, CHF. 3. Weight Unit: Support Thanks BullionVault for providing price information.    9 MB    Views 8665


+10    Make Investment Smarter In a comfortable space, monitor major global stocks timely and efficiently. Our inhouse realtime analysis and event data can help your investment decision Stocky Consensus is what market expects future stock price movement at the moment Stocky Catalyst is an ...    6 MB    Views 2831


Related Apps money travel time exchange download free application price phone 100
+19    The best way to find foreign money changers is now on iPhone and iPad and it's FREE BettaChange lets you find, compare and navigate to all travel money exchange options near you The app provides the quickest and most reliable travel money ...    6 MB    Views 918


Related Apps time market sentiment stocks community price current data
+28    Realtime investor sentiment data on US stocks, ETFs and indices. PredictWallStreet is a distributed online community dedicated to tracking and predicting changes in the stock market. Input whether you think stocks will go up or down, and see how your ...    5 MB    Views 746

CIX Trader

Related Apps tools news market time platform trading features markets charts pairs real screen range
+4    Mobile trading platform with live quotes, advanced tools and full screen charts. CIX Trader is the new mobile trading platform from CIX Markets that gives you access to the most popular Forex pairs, a wide range of CFDs and all the ...    9 MB    Views 4344
Related Apps time money business currency gold converter tool price simple currencies
-3    We are very excited to support this app on the brand new Apple Watch Imagine the situation: you want to buy something in the internet, and you've already did it, but suddenly you see that the price in your list has ...    3 MB    Views 7576

Gann 9

stock market tools time trend indicator swing matrix change analysis charting range
+18    Gann 9 is the only app that allows users to effortlessly apply the legendary W.D. Gann’s tools and techniques (including the Square of 9) to analyzing and charting any stock or index, and predicting with high accuracy and confidence future ...    13 MB    Views 3600

Option Professional

time option call put price volatility foreign currency implied payoff american
-2    The most comprehensive option application Key Features: 1. Computes American and European option price for equity (including equity index), foreign currency option and futures 2. Computes Option Greeks Delta, Vega, Theta, Gamma and Rho. In case of currency option, Rho ...    2 MB    Views 6502
Related Apps time money amortization bond interest rate annual price input effective schedule
-3    Time Value of Money Professional is the most comprehensive financial application for investment bankers, MBA students and finance professionals. Graphs/Charts make amortization result and bond price easy to understand. Amortization input data is saved and retrieved upon return to Amortization input screen. Key ...    4 MB    Views 1372

PointBuster I.N.

discount time shopping product customer point cashback price points purchases 1000 worth
+21    When buying a product to use POINT BUSTER POINT BUSTER is an application to convert into cash discount cashback points ...    2 MB    Views 9444


-6    Currex. Currency exchange made easy. We have revolutionized the process of currency exchange. Looking for the best exchange rate has never been so easy Currex is your indispensable currency exchange assistant. The app will show you the most favorable exchange rates in ...    10 MB    Views 731
Related Apps time oil price real
-3    Oil Price app gives Brent and WTI crudes oil in real time. It also includes price evolution graphs up to lastday closure. Data may be delayed up to 20 min.    5 MB    Views 6167
news time price bitcoin latest open notifications high digital
+11    The CoinDesk app features the latest bitcoin price, digital currency news, a bitcoin calculator and price alert notifications all in a beautiful, easytouse interface. Stay up to date with all the latest developments in bitcoin with the leading source of ...    7 MB    Views 4356


news time market action price levels alerts generated real important
0    ViaTrader PAN (Price Action Newswire) is the ideal App for the stock/forex market trader. No need to trawl through 100’s of charts looking for trading opportunities. A holistic view of a stock’s price movement. Algorithms are generated by the world's most powerful chart ...    3 MB    Views 3848

A Barcode Scanner

iphone time barcode price upc lowest scans barcodes scanner
+26    A Barcode Scanner Scans All Commercial Barcodes "...scan, find the lowest price, and same money every time" Put a barcode in front of the camera and it will scan once every few seconds. When it finds a good barcode, the product ...    4 MB    Views 1407

MRK Live Gold Price

Related Apps time gold price rates real currency silver live
+4    MRK Live Gold Price is a free iphone app which gives realtime rates for Gold, Silver and currency value (USD vs INR). Includes all day high and low rates for Gold, Silver and currency value. All the prices displayed are for reference ...    1013 kb    Views 7154


+19    Mr. Robert Lichello, (Sep 12, 1926 – Feb. 01, 2001), in his book “How To Make 1,000,000 in the Stock Market” created a mathematical investment method for the Stock Market that he called Automatic Investment Management or AIM. This method is ...    4 MB    Views 8541
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+13    Four Fibonacci series pivot point lines using linear regression are calculated to find retracements that best match the stock. The best match determines the trend, prices, trade probability and retracement quality. Trade probability is computed from the projected buy verses ...    865 kb    Views 8142
stock time market money twitter history facebook management chart options max date price watch range list
-4    The ONLY dedicated app for calculating options max pain. Have you ever noticed that a stock sometimes closes pining at certain strike price on option expiration day? This is the theory of options Max(imum) Pain, that options sellers influence the ...    9 MB    Views 6679
-5    DirectFN Retail for iPad The power of DirectFN – on your iPad DirectFN is the pioneer in providing real time market data, market moving news and other tools to analyse the markets in the Middle East Region. DirectFN brings you the latest in ...    29 MB    Views 6077
Related Apps market time price bitcoin volume index
+10    WinkDex (Winklevoss Index) provides the most accurate price of bitcoin in realtime. Features: Compare price and volume data from Bitcoin market exchanges Calculate the price of bitcoin at any point in time Bitcoin (BTC) price and volume charts Interactive price tracking ...    6 MB    Views 8534
business time investment application start plan calculate price calculation amount costs
+8    Do you plan to start a business? Do you have a business idea? Do you evaluate risks? At this stage you definitely need to project your investment and return on capital. You should understand how much time will pass until you start getting ...    9 MB    Views 8413
Related Apps market time gold price major real silver
+11    Realtime price of gold and silver 1. 24hour realtime price,from the major gold markets: London Gold Market Zurich gold market Frankfort gold market New York gold market Chicago gold market Wen Boni gold market Sydney gold market Hong Kong gold market TOKYO gold market Singapore gold market 2. 7 major currencies: USD ...    10 MB    Views 3200


commodity prices pricing price futures current range data agricultural
-2    Agrowdata is simple to use and invaluable for anyone with a commercial or personal interest in the Global Agricultural industry. Agrowdata is the one stop shop for all of your Agricultural Commodity pricing information Agrowdata allows you to view and graphically compare ...    10 MB    Views 2808

Sparky Pro

market time electricity demand price view high ability state
-9    Introducing Sparky Pro, the premium app that displays the latest National Electricity Market information. This app is solely for Phanalytics Pty. Ltd. customers to access real time Australian National Market Electricity (NEM) information. Features include: Last 24hr electricity price and demand by ...    7 MB    Views 5210


home calculator time shopping payment loan mortgage price calculate easy free
+10    Introducing the FREE mortgage calculator app by Whether you're a first time home buyer, homeowner or real estate agent, you'll love all the features this mortgage payment calculator app offers: • Calculate New Home Purchase • Calculate Refinancing • 4 Loan Type Calculators: ...    12 MB    Views 2624

Mortgage IQ

home rent property price range zip data trends codes shows period renting
-2    Provides the most sought after premium tools including Buy VS Rent, Zip codes by Home price Range, Home buyer ROI & Home vs Other assets to homebuyers 1) Buy Vs Rent Lets you visually customize your home data (Price, APR, ...    7 MB    Views 201

STAR for iPad

stock ipad monitor time market information star price stocks
+25    STAR for iPad Samuel Trading Active Realtime Online trading application from Samuel Sekuritas for the Indonesian Stock Market STAR is a free iPad application for all Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia account holders. Trade and monitor your stock positions in real time. Get detailed charts, stock ...    5 MB    Views 1872


Related Apps stock time portfolio button press price latest refresh users
+12    DSETracker allows users to get real time price of stock/shares from Dhaka Stock Excahange (DSE). Users can also maintain their Stock Portfolio in DSETracker. Press the Refresh button any time to get the latest price from DSE server and recalculate ...    529 kb    Views 1890
+25 provides users with the fastest and smartest way to get connected to Mcx markets and to view realtime prices from the commodity Access to the realtime information is crucial for effective decision making in a dynamic market scenario. ...    1 MB    Views 3

PunkTrader HD

stock time career trading game trader movements price profit
+5    A stock trading game that will allow you to test your trading skills on historical stock market price movements. PunkTrader will randomly pick one of the 20 most representative stocks and take you to 9:30 am WallStreet time at the ...    16 MB    Views 8369

Gold Price Live

Related Apps iphone time gold silver price charts years dealers days prices bullion popular
-6    Gold Price Live is a free iphone app released by one of the world's most popular gold websites Real time and historical silver and gold price charts in your national currency. Silver and gold prices from all major US gold ...    1 MB    Views 7268
Related Apps tax calculator email time sales price tip total taxes amount original
-4    LIMITED TIME ONLY. GET IT FAST Manually input all Federal, state/provincial and local sales tax rates iGST is the only fully adjustable International sales tax and tip calculator, supporting Canada GST/HST/PST, US, NY sales tax, AU, NZ, Australia GST, ...    295 kb    Views 8065
Related Apps market time gold price real major silver
-4    Realtime price of gold and silver 1. 24hour realtime price,from the major gold markets: London Gold Market Zurich gold market Frankfort gold market New York gold market Chicago gold market Wen Boni gold market Sydney gold market Hong Kong gold market TOKYO gold market Singapore gold market 2. 7 major currencies: USD ...    9 MB    Views 4209

AMP Monitor

time software search market patterns pattern price amp trading
+3    After many years of experience and vigorous testing with the help of hundreds of professional harmonic traders , TradingArsenal is proud to present to you its newest and powerful tool, The Any Market Pattern (AMP) indicator. Due to high processing requirements, ...    1 MB    Views 7540

CFD Trader

time markets cfd trader real number range financial registered
+8    Trade CFDs on over 10,000 of the world’s most popular financial markets, including global shares, stock indices, forex and commodities – all from a single app. Featuring realtime prices, customisable fullscreen charts and a wide range of sophisticated technical indicators, CFD ...    NAN    Views 7704


market stock money price chart volume index date flow buy range sell
-8    A powerful tool tracking unique Buy and Sell information of the US market and revealing the Top Buying and Selling stocks in the US market (including Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500) with Real Time Quotes as well as Pre and ...    2 MB    Views 8340
Related Apps news time btc bitcoin price multiple real stories top ticker
+17    Bitsoup gives you instant access to everything Bitcoin Get autorefreshing price updates across multiple exchanges in multiple currencies. Aggregated news feeds from top BTC sources keep you informed of the latest Bitcoin news as it's happening. Complete with push notification ...    4 MB    Views 5558
Related Apps iphone market time stocks price information global exchanges
+8    DFN (Egypt) for iPhone provides realtime quotes, news & announcements and tools that keep you uptodate with market activities. Enhanced with cuttingedge technology, DFN (Egypt) for iPhone adds to the world class DirectFN software suite, offering an inspiring experience in ...    NAN    Views 4987
time option call put foreign price volatility currency american implied interest
0    Most comprehensive foreign currency option application Key Features: 1. Computes American and European option price for foreign currency option 2. Computes Option Greeks Delta, Vega, Theta, Gamma and Rho. In case of currency option, Rho 2 sensitivity to foreign ...    1 MB    Views 3489
Related Apps time tax calculator vat add price real including rates excluding
+7    Easily calculate in real time the value added tax (VAT) from the price excluding or including the VAT. This calculator offers all the necessary operations: add, subtract, multiply, divide, subtract or add the percentages. With its 3 interactive screens, the VAT, ...    292 kb    Views 805

Equity Option

time stock call put option price volatility payoff american implied european
0    Comprehensive Stock Option Application. Key Features 1. Computes American and European option price for equity (including equity index) options 2. Computes Option Greeks Delta, Vega, Theta, Gamma and Rho. 3. Implied volatility Both from American and European Call/Put option prices, implied ...    1 MB    Views 7223

VIRA Finance Lite

finance market stock time price points day prestige average
+3    Welcome to Vira Finance. We have a detailed explanation blog here, where you can find test cases and detailed instructions and a couple of explainer videos. In Vira Finance, we are giving you a full technical analysis tool and also a laboratory ...    4 MB    Views 8383

Gold Price Now Free

Related Apps time history gold price day prices historical real check free precious note
+17    Completely free, safe and secure, good helper for your life Gold Price Now you can see gold, silver , platinum , palladium, rhodium, gold , realtime stock prices, most detailed and most all varieties . And the United States that ...    2 MB    Views 7261


Related Apps time calculator tax vat calc rates real price calculate including save excluding
+2    VAT CALC has been selected as one of the 10 best Business Apps by a major European Bank Easily calculate in realtime the value added tax (VAT) from the price excluding or including the VAT. VAT CALC 2013 is a ...    166 kb    Views 3557
market stock money chart price volume date index sell flow range
+8    We are changing the TopFlow series into subscription model and will aggregate Nasdaq 100 into TopFlow standalone app in the coming weeks. A powerful tool tracking unique Buy and Sell information of the US market and revealing the Top Buying and ...    3 MB    Views 3903

Forex Eagle

time market forex currency alerts notifications price eagle developer quotes alert
+8    The only forex app that will notify you of any desired price movement, in absolute or percentage terms, from the nearest top or bottom. An essential tool for traders, enabling them to take action based on currency movements. Other forex ...    2 MB    Views 4033


Related Apps time market calculator price oil check choice currencies application trends
+19    iOil+ is part of a commodities suite covering precious and industrial metals; the other applications of the suite are iGold+, iPlatinum+, iPalladium+, iSilver+, iAluminum+, iCopper+, iNickel+, iLead+ and iZinc+. Tracking oil prices is so easy with iOil+. This app does all ...    5 MB    Views 9054


Related Apps stock time web quotes portfolio real price portfolios access
-7    Stock4Q is a clean and elegant way to manage stock portfolios. The intuitive design and clean interface is meant to enrich your mobile experience with a singular aim "realtime stock quotes at your finger tips". Stock4Q provides streaming stock quotes ...    425 kb    Views 2187
news market time bitcoin data exchange usd price eur btc real
+21    Download ZeroBlock and get to access to realtime Bitcoin market data everywhere you go. Live Bitcoin price data, comprehensive news feeds, free price alerts, and beautiful charts. Our intuitive, clean interface has made us the highest rated and most reviewed ...    3 MB    Views 4018
stock news time market money research price chart volume advanced range change quotes watch
+2    A unique and powerful Charting tool for stocks in US markets with Real Time Advanced Stock Quotes (pre & after market included), Advanced Stock Chart with multiple Technical Indicators, Moving Averages, Overlays, Fibonacci Retracement Lines, Price Bands, Live News, Price ...    10 MB    Views 5064

GFC Mobile

Related Apps time market mobile orders account trade real view price
-3    Trade on the move with GFC Mobile Trading Platform. • Trade 120+ currency pairs for forex or 3200+ markets as a CFD • Choose one of five order types – from market to Parent & Contingents orders • View realtime prices and track ...    7 MB    Views 2050
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