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IRetireNow Pro

+2    When can you afford to retire? Will you run out of money? iRetireNow Pro quickly shows how much you can afford to spend each year and how long your retirement savings will last. A short and easy setup wizard helps you quickly ...    544 kb    Views 7419

2015 WSFGD Tax App

0    Developed to help financial professionals plan for their clients, W&S Financial Group Distributors' Tax Reference is simple to use on the go. Based on our popular reference sheet, this app puts important tax rates and information at your fingertips. It includes ...    5 MB    Views 1040

Kelly Calculator

+4    The Kelly Calculator is a simple calculator for the Kelly betting strategy. The Kelly strategy is a formula used to determine the optimal size of a series of bets. In most gambling scenarios, and some investing scenarios under some simplifying assumptions, ...    10 MB    Views 7388
+13    Car Loan Dashboard Lite, The Premium Auto Loan Planner. Car Loan Dashboard Lite works with all currencies within the iPad. Are you looking to buy a new car? Do you wonder how much you can afford to pay for a Car Loan? Have ...    4 MB    Views 6784

Car Loan Dashboard

car email twitter family loan dashboard reports scenarios taxes report charges
+3    Car Loan Dashboard, The Premium Auto Loan Planner. Car Loan Dashboard works with all currencies within the iPad. Are you looking to buy a new car? Do you wonder how much you can afford to pay for a Car Loan? Have you ever ...    2 MB    Views 4862

Prepay Loans

0    Do you want to pay your loans off early and save on interest payments? This app will show you how much money you save AND how soon you will clear your loan under various prepaying scenarios. These prepaying scenarios include: ...    4 MB    Views 9280
budget calculator expenses scenario based daily scenarios graphical view setup
+6    Scenario Based Budget calculator The perfect friend for anyone to manage their hard earned money. This application is an scenario based budget calculator. This software allows you to setup budget scenarios for the month, week or daily. The budget calculator will help ...    1 MB    Views 4518


tax planning national updates save bank canada income update scenarios automatic
0    I plan my project idea with National Bank’s planning tool. MyIdea is a planning tool that determines how much you would need to save for retirement and evaluates whether you would be able to retire at the age you want. For any ...    10 MB    Views 1747

Wealth Calculator

calculator retirement market stock savings stocks cash projected fund investments scenarios wealth
+1    Are you having a hard time thinking about your longterm investing success goals? Wish you could have a clearer idea of how much money you’ll have when you retire? That’s why we built our free retirement calculator – an easytouse tool ...    10 MB    Views 7282
+1    Save money and cut time off your loans by trying out different "What If" scenarios. Easily view benefits of making extra principal payments per month and/or per year on your fixed rate loans. Features • Reduce debt • Save money • Cut time • "What ...    1006 kb    Views 3761

2015 Tax Guide

tax reference information rates scenarios calculators estate benefits including
+2    Developed to help financial professionals plan for their clients, Columbus Life’s Tax Reference is simple to use on the go. Based on our popular reference sheet, this app puts important tax rates and information at your fingertips. It includes the same ...    3 MB    Views 8082
Related Apps calculator tax email property payment annual housing scenarios interest mortgage monthly pay expenses
0    iPhone 5S compatible. iBorrower is a simple and easy to use mortgage calculator that comes with some features not available in other mortgage calculators on the iTunes App Store. Besides loan calculations, it allows you to conduct additional payment scenarios ...    2 MB    Views 9606


quote insurance mortgage quotes rate scenarios save premium custom
+18    Mortgage Insurance rate quotes that are speedy, simple and straightforward, MGIC mortgage insurance (MI) is the perfect tool for the loan officer on the go. Determine mortgage insurance rates in just seconds with minimal information. Compare a rate quote to ...    3 MB    Views 6003

Tax Compare

tax work casual 2012 income compare rates pay week scenarios salary overtime
+19    Featured by Apple in 'What's Hot' Calculations for 20112012 and 20122013 Financial Year Quickly compare how much tax you will pay and your take home pay for multiple scenarios. Example scenarios ☞How much will I benefit with a 5% pay ...    NAN    Views 8957
business productivity management drivers performance platform customers impact scenarios solutions users
+1    With SYSPHERA for MicroStrategy you can improve your business by measuring performance and analyzing data anywhere and anytime. This iPad client app allows you identify the actual impact of changes on your internal or external business drivers. Through an intuitive ...    43 MB    Views 3678
Related Apps calculator mortgage loan year payments scenarios slider calculations amounts slide
-6    Slider Mortgage Calculator is a unique financial tool designed for anyone who likes to "slide" numbers around and create "whatif" scenarios when calculating mortgage payments and loan amounts. Home buyers , real estate professionals and investors will appreciate this slick reinvention ...    2 MB    Views 6106


email tax income dividend data equity based scenarios enter symbol
+1    DivIncome is a flexible dividend income calculator and planner that can help you grow your own money using equities that pay ordinary dividends. DivIncome enables YOU to create, update and save different "WHAT IF" income plan scenarios. These scenarios are based ...    4 MB    Views 4379
money tax house payments mortgage extra costs support scenarios cost simple compare monthly
+2    SALE NOW ON 50% off Featured in the Sunday Times App List 2012 Featured as 'What's Hot' by Apple 'Mortgage Calculator' has one aim To SAVE YOU MONEY on your mortgage If you're buying a house, ...    12 MB    Views 5797

Mortgage Mate

+12    Mortgage Mate is THE solution for comparing different mortgage scenarios so you can find the best option for your needs. Whether you're buying a home, refinancing or helping clients, Mortgage Mate helps you make sense of the confusion surrounding mortgages. FEATURES/FUNCTIONS Multiple ...    126 kb    Views 6428

Your world in 2035

scenarios world future developments give change 2035
-6    What will the world look like in 2035? This app provides a preview of what could be waiting for us over the next two decades. It contains three different scenarios that consider possible social, economic and societal developments, based on ...    1 MB    Views 3470


planning job future financial expenses retire lets plan model scenarios choices
+11    StashLine is an app for planning your financial future. Enter your expected income and expenses on a beautiful timeline and see how much you can save. When you enter estimates of how much you will earn, spend and invest at different ...    6 MB    Views 7883
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