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My Pocket CPA

+11    Whether you're facing a difficult financial decision or just need a second opinion...never face another financial question alone Financial decisions have never been made easier. My Pocket CPA allows you to make informed decisions for life's difficult financial choices Whether ...    5 MB    Views 906


0    Your dream is within your reach. With PlentyFi you can really give an extra boost to your savings goals Our users save on average 300 a month. Decide what is your savings goal, calculate the amount and set the frequency of ...    1 MB    Views 2728
+10    The Scholars Choice College Savings Planner helps you prepare a realistic savings plan for yourself or your children. This tool allows you to access the current cost of over 2,200 universities, find gaps in funding, develop savings goals and plan ...    3 MB    Views 5541
0    COLLEGE FAFSA FINDER: YOUR FIRST STOP TO STREAMLINE COLLEGE SEARCH AND STUDENT FINANCIAL AID REFERENCE. Try our flagship financial aid planning app FINANCIAL AID MAXIMIZER (FAME). College FAFSA Finder provides the most essential information for US college applicants around the world: (1) ...    1008 kb    Views 9095
+25    ifs University College and Institute of Financial Services is an easy to use App, which allows you to browse our full range of over 30 professional qualifications. These include Full and Parttime undergraduate programmes, Postgraduate programmes and Financial capability qualifications. The ...    12 MB    Views 8848


+8    Retirement GP is an app developed specifically to help Baby Boomers determine if they are on the right track with their retirement savings program. Retirement GP is easy to use and easy to understand. Based on a userinput estimate of ...    46 kb    Views 6115

The Savings Bank

+1    Manage your money while on the move with the power of secure Online Banking on your smart phone. Download The Savings Bank’s App and begin using immediately with your current User Id and Password. •Check Balances •Transfer Funds •Make Bill Payments •View Transaction History •Find ...    2 MB    Views 5531
banking federal mobile savings
+12    The First Federal Savings of Lorain Mobile Banking App is now available to allow you access to your bank accounts in a secure, safe, convenient application from your Smartphone.    1 MB    Views 751
Related Apps banking mobile savings bank
+4    Bank conveniently and securely with Taylorsville Savings Bank’s mobile banking. Manage accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, and check balances.    1 MB    Views 9162
-6    The best way to read Oxford Economics publications on your iPad. The app is free to download, and subscribers receive access to everything included in their subscription. ABOUT OXFORD ECONOMICS Oxford Economics is one of the world’s foremost global forecasting and research consultancies. ...    13 MB    Views 6336

Retirement Income

Related Apps retirement income retire savings
+14    This easytouse retirement calculator will allow you to estimate exactly how much you need to save to reach your retirement goals. No more feeling lost when you are planning your budget Find out how much your savings will be worth when ...    2 MB    Views 6003
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+6    Take Logansport Savings Bank with you everywhere you go Logansport Savings Bank (LSB) mobile app allows you to manage your accounts anytime and anywhere. You can check balances, transfer money, deposit checks, pay bills, use popmoney, and search for FREE ...    13 MB    Views 7996

Consumer Finance

finance home amortization comparison analysis lease consumer college auto
-4    Consumer Finance is comprehensive finance app to analyze auto, college and home finance. Amortization input data is saved and retrieved when application is restarted. Easy to understand Pie, Area and Bar Charts are added to Amortization and Comparison. Email amortization summary and schedule ...    3 MB    Views 3858


students calculator financial interest understand aid college
+5    Free app helps students and parents get a good idea of the cost going into and coming out of college. While using the app, students understand the breakdown of their financial aid packages. The uptodate financial aid information and the interest ...    6 MB    Views 8402

Savings Coach

savings save coach
-6    Savings Coach can help you save with a personalized plan to reach your savings goal — and automatically move the money between your USAA Bank checking or savings accounts. You can: Participate in fun savings challenges. Get tips on how to save. Earn rewards ...    37 MB    Views 5931

money students tracker budget financial savings questions tips college goals save features
-3    Learn financial tips on how to build good credit, budget wisely and boost your savings as a college student. is a free financial resource geared to help college students discover how to build and secure their financial future. Check ...    9 MB    Views 1490

Finance Savvy

finance financial users college variety
+15    Finance Savvy is the financial planner in your pocket. The app has a variety of tools to help users make sense of their finances and plan their future. The financial wizard tool accepts a variety of inputs from the user and provides ...    3 MB    Views 8977

MSB eDeposit

Related Apps bank savings
-8    POINT. SHOOT. DEPOSIT. This application is intended for existing users of Middlesex Savings Bank eDeposit℠ service only and requires a Middlesex Savings Bank account. Contact Middlesex Savings Bank at 18774636287 for additional information.    2 MB    Views 2767
+20    eMobile is the secure and convenient way to access your Piscataqua Savings Bank accounts. Our mobile banking solution offers a fast and secure way to complete financial transactions using your mobile device: check balances, transfer funds, pay bills and more    1 MB    Views 4961

Savings Setter

savings picture child add
-9    Track your child's savings goals while keeping your child motivated, staving off instant gratification, and preventing "Aisle 10" meltdowns with our savings setter. Add children to the app each with a picture and set their name, goal cost and allowance/commission. Then ...    705 kb    Views 2520
school education calculator family children amount lifetime high earnings college earn
+4    How much should you pay for your (or your children’s) undergraduate college education? Do you ever wonder how much a college education is worth in cash? This app calculates that amount for you. You choose your desired occupation and gender; ...    8 MB    Views 5755
time financial aid indiana college information costs great estimator
-6    The Indiana College Costs Estimator (ICCE) mobile app has been designed to help firsttime undergraduates better understand what kind of financial aid you may be eligible to receive and how financial aid can affect your actual cost of attending college. ...    22 MB    Views 4249
banking privacy view savings mobile
+3    Finances on the go with the Mechanics Savings ME Mobile Banking app. You can check your available balances, view transactions, history, pay your bills, view and activate your cash back offers, transfer funds between your accounts, contact your local branch, ...    7 MB    Views 5459
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-1    Bank local even when you're not With First Savings Mobile, you can check your account balance & transaction history, pay bills, transfer funds, and find an ATM quickly and easily... To learn how we protect your privacy, please visit    10 MB    Views 13

College Data

+7    Discover which colleges give out the most grants This application lists all the higher educational institutions in the U.S., along with the average and total grants given out by each. Each college is then ranked with respect to these grants. Discover ...    7 MB    Views 722
education parents kids age calculator family college savings cost saving annual current account
+3    Planning college savings is not an easy job. Many factors come into play: such as the cost of college education (tuition, room and board, other mandatory fees, books and computers), the award of scholarships, the financial aid, and so on. ...    4 MB    Views 397
students financial credit university union college questions privacy secure policy
-5    Secure your financial future with Financial 4.0 Financial 4.0 is a free financial resource for the Oakland University community geared to help college students discover how to build and secure their financial future. Learn financial tips for building good credit, budgeting ...    11 MB    Views 2420

GMG Savings

-1    This app is for use by GMG Savings Strategic Partners and Affiliated Advisors. The app contains useful data including product presentations, savings estimation calculator, and appointment booking integration.    35 MB    Views 7283
education career programs latest college portal federal information
+1    Features: >> Latest information of 10218 accredited US postsecondary education institutions. Find accredited programs career certificate programs, graduate studies, internships and more. >> Latest information of 7905 US colleges. Add search by criteria and largest programs. >> Latest Federal School Code (FAFSA) ...    6 MB    Views 2924

MCC Calculator

Related Apps credit savings dollar mortgage
+25    The Mortgage Credit Certificate provides homebuyers with a percentage of their mortgage interest back in the form of a federal income tax credit for the life of the loan. In essence, it is a dollarfordollar credit or about 150 a ...    3 MB    Views 2289
rates savings fingertips accounts checking
+24    Instant savings rates at your fingertips. Current rates, estimated monthly payment and rate discount provided for: Checking Accounts Savings Accounts Individual Retirement Account Certificates of Deposit Use this to shop for the best rates at your fingertips. You will need this great tool on your ...    2 MB    Views 1327

College Bounty

students money college campus swipe save businesses
+16    College Bounty is an app designed to offer college students in Los Angeles instant access to discounts at local restaurants, shops and businesses. As a socially conscious business, College Bounty aims not only to help college students save money, but also ...    28 MB    Views 9752
0    Use This Free App To Help Calculate College Expenses cef50fb7c9    728 kb    Views 7709


Related Apps parents twitter college future savings cost amount settings shows
+4    CollegeSave, The College Savings Calculator. Many parents and school kids look at the top colleges that can provide the best education available. In this search, they need to plan to have the funds available to pay for the college fees and ...    1 MB    Views 8493

Kennebunk Savings

banking mobile check details savings
+12    Kennebunk Savings’ mobile banking makes it fast, easy and secure to bank on the go – anytime and anywhere. Simply make sure you’re signed up for our free online banking and then download the Kennebunk Savings mobile app to check ...    3 MB    Views 2801

Aprende a ahorrar

children tasks savings game
-9    Educational game that you can share with your children, to teach them to save by allocating pocketmoney payments and tasks. Your children will learn how to make their savings grow by carrying out the tasks that you allocate them. They will ...    9 MB    Views 720

iRetire App

retirement calculator easy savings today
+10    FREE for a limited time only All we ask is that you leave a credible review, hard to come by these days It’s never too late to plan your retirement. Get started today with this easy to use ...    924 kb    Views 9655
+23    Are you a college student or recent college graduate? Do you need a clean way to keep track of what you spend your money on? Are you running a business and want to have an easy to manage budget on your ...    4 MB    Views 3063
member savings
-4    Apply for a loan or open an account, all from your smart device Member Savings YourSmartApps allows instant communication with your favorite financial institution through the entire process    11 MB    Views 9241
Related Apps banking east bank mobile savings wisconsin
-9    Access all of your East Wisconsin Savings Bank banking needs on the go with this mobile app for iPhone and iPad.    10 MB    Views 3767
Related Apps search email time profile family financial college aid application families face strategies
+23    Special limited time promotion 9.99=>2.99. As a leader in college financial aid consulting, Turbo Tuition, Inc. is successful in helping families of college applicants via facetoface meetings. Our mission is to help families plan ahead and become college financial aid savvy. ...    2 MB    Views 1063
savings assets devices bnp paribas epargne
+1    You get a participation agreement, a PEE and / or a PERCO managed by BNP Paribas Epargne & Retraite Entreprises ? With the "My Savings" BNP Paribas app, consult easily your savings accounts from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Access to ...    2 MB    Views 5927

529 Calculator

tax investment investing time calculator college savings 529 state costs
-1    AARP COLLEGE SAVINGS SOLUTIONS FROM TIAACREF Calculate your college savings goals and learn what you need to do now to help meet them. With the College Savings Planner from TIAACREF, you can learn more about what college may cost when and where ...    5 MB    Views 3896


Related Apps share savings account view transfer
0    View account balances for share draft, share savings; View Transactions for share draft account including drafts, deposits, ach payments etc. ; Transfer between share savings and share draft account; View statements; Transfer from share draft or share savings to loan.    4 MB    Views 8158
students financial credit federal union college questions trademarks tips save
-8    Secure your financial future with Financial 4.0 Financial 4.0 is a free financial resource for the Michigan State University community geared to help college students discover how to build and secure their financial future. Learn financial tips for building good credit, ...    11 MB    Views 474
Related Apps ipad banking federal mobile savings
+29    The First Federal Savings of Lorain Mobile Banking App is now available to allow you access to your bank accounts in a secure, safe, convenient application from your iPad.    12 MB    Views 7091

Kilkenny College

account college
+4    Allows Students/Staff to add funds to their Kilkenny College Card account in order to use cashless services on campus. Also shows recent account transactions with further features to follow.    1 MB    Views 9061
mobile savings federal fed bank
+26    Eaton Fed Mobile is a free service to customers of Eaton Federal Savings Bank. Our mobile banking solution offers a fast and secure way to complete financial transactions using your mobile device: check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks, ...    9 MB    Views 1043
students search formula debt college mission amount find
+23    3 Formulas To Create SAIL We are a couple of college grads on a mission. We've been told that the money is out there yet many of us never find it. We've created SAIL The Simple Scholarship Search Engine from 3 ...    4 MB    Views 6680
mobile check savings
-5    Luana Savings Bank’s mobile app allows you to check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, view transactions & history, and check messages & alerts from anywhere with mobile device coverage, anytime Contact us today to learn more, or visit us online ...    10 MB    Views 1132
Related Apps search school sat office planning college information aid financial finder page
+8    COLLEGE FAFSA FINDER +: YOUR FIRST STOP TO STREAMLINE COLLEGE SEARCH AND STUDENT FINANCIAL AID REFERENCE. Universal version. Try our flagship financial aid planning app FINANCIAL AID MAXIMIZER (FAME). College FAFSA Finder + provides the most essential information for U.S. college ...    2 MB    Views 3551
college cost estimator planners calculated years estimated
-9    One sale until July42009 College Cost Estimator This is a great tool for financial planners and experts. The total estimated cost of college is calculated based on current annual costs, years until child starts, expected increases, and number of years in ...    125 kb    Views 3003

College Ahead

trip education college higher
+10    College Ahead By Sallie Mae Planning for college? College Ahead is your online organizer and coach. It’s like a GPS for your trip to higher education. This FREE app guides you, step‐by‐step, through all the moves you need to make — saving for ...    22 MB    Views 188
Related Apps federal bank savings accounts
+4    Mobile Banking with The Federal Savings Bank is now available for your iOS device Here are just some of the features • Check your Balance on all of your TFSB Accounts • See your History of recent transactions • Transfer money within your TFSB ...    5 MB    Views 2748
ipad money savings
+22    Safely and conveniently manage your money from your iPad anytime, anywhere. With Bath Savings for iPad you can easily check your account balances, view recent transactions and transfer money between accounts, pay bills, find ATM and branch locations.    20 MB    Views 350

Mid Calc

Related Apps tax mid calc savings
+4    The MID Calc from the National Association of REALTORS allow homeowners to estimate the tax savings value of the Mortgage Interest Rate Deduction. Use the buying power calculator to see how your housing dollars are optimized by the tax savings.    240 kb    Views 4858
mobile savings branch
-7    Skowhegan Savings Mobile puts a branch in your hands allowing you to access your accounts and perform transactions all right from your mobile device. You can easily: • Check account balances and transaction history • Deposit checks (approval required) • Transfer funds • Pay ...    15 MB    Views 2420
Related Apps banking libertyville mobile savings bank
+27    This is the IPhone/iPad Mobile Banking application for Libertyville Savings Bank. Please contact your nearest banking locations with any questions.    55 MB    Views 1289
Related Apps banking mobile bank savings progressive
-3    Progressive Savings Bank Mobile Banking    2 MB    Views 1871

Crest Savings Bank

bank savings
+3    Crest Savings Bank is FDIC insured and an Equal Housing Lender. For more information please call 6095225091. To learn how we protect your privacy, please visit    11 MB    Views 6987
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