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+3    L'applicazione per il tuo Smartphone dell' agenzia immobiliare SG. Scopri gli immobili in vendita ed in affitto nella zona di Cortina d'Ampezzo e San Vito di Cadore. Proposte sempre aggiornate e disponibili, un nuovo sistema per cercare casa in mobilità. Tel. 0436890833 Fax 0436890259 Cel. ...    4 MB    Views 5128

Market Snitch

+20    With Market Snitch you get a range of market information at a glance. Now you can check Forex , Stock Indexes or Commodity markets and bonds too in a flash and know which way markets are moving. See the trend or ...    3 MB    Views 6179
+5    Try myInsurances for Agents for FREE. myInsurances for Agents Lite has almost all functionality from myInsurances for Agents. It is limited to allow only 5 clients, 5 insurance types and 5 contacts. myInsurances is a must have for insurance agents. It helps you ...    1 MB    Views 9912
0    (THIS APP IS STRICTLY FOR THE NORTH TEXAS MARKET) Created by experienced Texas Real Estate Professionals, is dedicated to improving the move transition by utilizing the technology that we have today. Specializing in North Texas; we provide our clients with ...    9 MB    Views 3611
+11    What is your best asset management or portfolio? Answer a few questions ,and this application will show your best portfolio and your FQ points immediately. F.Q is short for " Financial Quotient " which estimate your your financialportfolio and indicates how stable ...    327 kb    Views 5737
+30    Planning college savings is not an easy job. Many factors come into play: such as the cost of college education (tuition, room and board, other mandatory fees, books and computers), the award of scholarships, the financial aid, and so on. ...    4 MB    Views 397

EZBind Insurance

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+3    We store your important insurance documents in one place for you to view and share when you need them. Regardless of your insurance carrier or agent all policies are welcome. We are integrated with 1,000's of Brokers and Carriers, we make ...    1 MB    Views 1934

FX Snitch

time market money age moving signal markets signals averages indicators trade
+26    Why the Snitch? Because its telling you somthing Stop losing money on your Forex trades Now you can check at a glance which direction to trade. GET Accurate currency market information streamed to you on multiple time frames for multiple pairs. Scan all ...    2 MB    Views 4435

iLoan Calc Simple

age loan amount payment monthly total interest set iloan calc simple
+15    iLoan Calc Simple is a loan calculator application for fixed interest rate loans. You can set the loan condition not only by a loan amount but also by a monthly payment. If you set a monthly payment the total loan ...    244 kb    Views 7939

Real Estate Latvia

0    The ultimate app for luxury real estate shopping in Latvia. Purchasing real estate is not only one of the most important decisions, but also one of the safest investment strategies. A professional approach is required; that is why we developed a ...    220 MB    Views 6484
retirement calculator investment age future investments ira determine amount mind
+5    TRY OUR APP ON YOUR NEW IPAD WORRIED ABOUT YOUR RETIREMENT? Are your RETIREMENT DREAMS on track? Imagine having peace of mind with your investments and your future. This tool gives you the ability to determine if you’re on the right track for ...    380 kb    Views 1595


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+5    Valores Official Application. Valores is a company dedicated to the marketing and recycling of precious metals. For more information see This application has the following services: • Consult in a simple way the price of gold and silver in real time; • Locate ...    4 MB    Views 5505

Rental Manager SP

Related Apps property rental time report real easy estate agent
-1    Do you own rental property? or are you a real estate agent? Maybe you are studying to be an agent? or you are someone who thought about owning rental property. For the first time someone has put together a simple ...    2 MB    Views 2910

Life Quote

farmers life insurance quote method agents
0    The Farmers Life Quote application will allow licensed Farmers insurance agents to generate estimated life insurance premiums based on basic customer and product information. Farmers Life Quote will give agents a fast, convenient and portable method of providing estimates to prospective ...    1 MB    Views 5890
car time insurance find free location needed required agent
+20    Are you tired of paying too much for car insurance? Sick of your bank account being drained by overpriced plans, complicated contracts, and snake oil car insurance salespeople? You can now save big money on your car insurance and pay ...    1 MB    Views 604
driver age young quote details insurers insurance
+5    If your Young and under 21 and need car insurance you will probably being penalised because of your age. Is that fair? Well we don’t think so because we all have to be that age once. We have teamed up with ...    NAN    Views 1269

AL Message Center

photos office home mobile message messages center link agency device
+2    The CSC mobile Message Center provides a registered POINT IN Agency Link agent the ability to exchange messages and photos about an individual policy with the insurance carrier's home office personnel. The messages and photos are retained on the agent's ...    15 MB    Views 5892


calculator mortgage mortgages agent
+22    This Mortgage Calculator is brought to you by mortgage agent Roberto Vita. As a mortgage agent for Dominion Lending Centers, he likes to keep in touch with his clients and help them in any way he can. This calculator can ...    2 MB    Views 2292

All Star Insurance

-1    We store your important insurance documents in one place for you to view and share when you need them. Regardless of your insurance carrier or agent all policies are welcome. We are integrated with 1,000's of Brokers and Carriers, we make ...    1 MB    Views 4985

Xpress Money

money home xpress cash transfer agent offers working learn growing
0    Xpress Money is a global money transfer brand with more than 135,000 agent locations in 125 countries; it works towards the goal of ‘Bringing Home Closer’ for millions of expatriates who live away from home. Here’s a simple, fast & ...    3 MB    Views 7751
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+21    OVERVIEW: UK Salary Calculator provides a simple numerical breakdown of your income. It is intended for use by residents and job seekers in the United Kingdom. Following successful release on the Mac App Store, this handy app has now been brought ...    1 MB    Views 7341
Related Apps money banking kids parents age account cash coin access online
+3    At CommunityAmerica Credit Union, we offer Cash ‘N Coin savings accounts for kids under the age of 13, full of fun perks just for them, all designed to help them learn financial fundamentals in a fun way at an early ...    2 MB    Views 9607

Retirement Planner

retirement age planning family investment planner start current easy great reference questions
+2    Retirement Planner, start planning for your retirement in a simple, and an engaging way. Have you ever felt the need to start planning for your retirement? Or, maybe you are approaching retirement and would like to do a reality check of ...    19 MB    Views 3317
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+1    The Life Agents Mobile Office is the premier toolkit for independent insurance agents and financial advisors. Term Life Insurance and Universal Life Insurance quotes Life Insurance Underwriting Manual covering hundreds of medical impairments Enhanced Needs Analysis Calculator Realtime Case Status The ...    2 MB    Views 4696

Agent Conf

-6    Protective Life 2013 Agent Conference App View Agenda information, as well as hotel, attire and weather information for this event.    2 MB    Views 7504


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+5    We store your important insurance documents in one place for you to view and share when you need them. Regardless of your insurance carrier or agent all policies are welcome. We are integrated with 1,000's of Brokers and Carriers, we make ...    1 MB    Views 716

SPOT BNP Paribas

navigation gps vous les une pour votre paribas application bnp
+7    Vous cherchez une agence ou un distributeur de billets BNP Paribas ? en France ou l'étranger? Laissezvous guider par cette nouvelle application de réalité augmentée qui optimisera votre itinéraire et vous fera gagner du temps. Disponible dans 16 pays, Spot va vous ...    NAN    Views 6563

F&I Agent

+28    FIAgent enables F&I agents to stay in touch with their dealer activity in real time. It is integrated with F&I Administration Solutions’ administration software to provide real time data for all dealer accounts. Agents must use the signon information provided ...    451 kb    Views 9985
Related Apps retirement calculator age planning choose inflation rate application rates savings years
+5    Do you know if you can retire early? Do you know if your current savings plans are enough? Do you need to put more money into your 401k each year? This Easy Retirement Calculator keeps it simple for easy highlevel planning ...    5 MB    Views 8837
farm card management investment bills search investing state bank agent insurance pocket view claim info pay
+3    Pocket Agent gives mobile access to State Farm insurance and financial information, and allows customers to manage their policies and accounts anytime, anywhere. Pocket Agent lets you: • View insurance policy info • View insurance card • Contact your agent • Search for an agent ...    34 MB    Views 2137
money job email calendar photos home expenses manager finances agency income track
+8    iModel Money Manager The fastest way from work to pay™ Attention Models iModel Money Manager is an app designed especially for you It makes managing your finances almost fun and you don't need to be an accountant to use ...    3 MB    Views 4027
property singapore agency housing exclusive
0    Looking for a property in Singapore? Jie Sheng Housing Agency has been around since 1992 serving the property market in Singapore. Engaging, Interactive, and Useful Features Include: Comment wall to interact with other us and other users Check In and receive exclusive ...    15 MB    Views 6430
investment virtual office email life policies policy information input documents agents view
+13    Description What can the StateTrust Life and Annuities App do for you? The StateTrust Mobile Solution provides a platform that helps its agents sell Life, Annuity & Term policies. Using this platform the agents can create custom policies according to the customer's ...    106 MB    Views 8172
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+11    American Eagle Title Group and Buffalo Land Abstract are proud to introduce a custom developed and powerful new real estate analytics tool to the market. Meet the American Eagle “Land Agent”. The Land Agent is a proprietary technology that gives ...    4 MB    Views 2393

Life Tools

tools farmers life insurance agents analysis method licensed
+1    Life Tools will allow licensed Farmers insurance agents to walk a customer through various stages of a consultative sale: recognizing the need, needs analysis, and identifying the products needed to protect their families and assets. Farmers Life Tools will give agents ...    586 kb    Views 7712

Equifax Mobile

credit file companies access fraud area agencies score report
-3    Now, you can stay on top of your credit and protect your identity on the go Equifax Places utilizes your GPS location to show you: Equifax Credit Score: Average credit scores in your area Fraud Index: The frequency of identity fraud ...    8 MB    Views 4120

My Carro

control los servicio las total gastos
0    App Totalmente en Español Cansado de no tener el control de los datos de tu carro,si nunca sabes cuando fue la última vez de tu servicio de agencia o de taller, o no sabes cuanto gastas de gasolina u otros gastos, ...    236 kb    Views 1099

Magic Future®

+15    Magic Future provides you with education, inspiration and fun online tools in fact everything you need to help you fulfill your potential and be happier After registering with the MagicMobile™ app helps you make plans and achieve more than ...    18 MB    Views 9150

Wheels of Fortune

investment business age people fortune plan cash screen grow input return properties
0    First of all , this is not a game. It is an app to show you how to acquire a fortune not by chance, by investment , decision making and planning, you use these wheels of fortune to get ...    1 MB    Views 5457

Iowa Mutual Mobile

Related Apps news information iowa mutual agent policy claims auto mobile insurance contact
+8    Iowa Mutual Mobile gives customers instant access to their auto insurance policies and information, provides agent information, and keeps you moving with the ability to submit claims directly from an accident. Iowa Mutual Mobile Features Get started – Simply enter your auto ...    3 MB    Views 5147

THE Homebuyer's App

Related Apps home family work store estate service properties agent
+14    If you are looking for a new home . . . Then you NEED the Homebuyer's App Are you planning a move and have no idea how to buy your next home, who you should work with, or how to keep ...    3 MB    Views 2244
house agents sold buyer sell
-5    Sold Learn How To Sell Your House In 7 Days or Less, Without Agents or Fees... Note: We also specialize in short sale negotiations, but unlike working with agents, you need to hope that a buyer come along ... because we ...    13 MB    Views 5837
calculator age final expense pay plans units
+2    This is a simple Final Expense Calculator. Enter Amount, Age, Smoking or Not, Select between 3 types of Plans and you can get an estimate of the Cost. Pay Periods may be: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Anual and Yearly. You may add Accidental ...    2 MB    Views 9442

Atlantic Agency

agency atlantic
+9    The real estate agency Atlantic Agency proposes you to download its application to consult all its products for sale and rent Built in 1908, ATLANTIC AGENCY is managed from father to son since three generations. Our offices are situated in the CARRE ...    19 MB    Views 9901


time insurance agents kinds real register find platform
-5    立即下載香港保險業聯會(保聯)的應用程式,親身體驗這個嶄新的互動資訊平台 現在您可以透過保聯應用程式,取得更多保險資訊,以及查詢為您服務的保險代理登記資料,包括: 保聯簡介及保險公司會員名冊 保險代理登記冊(你可以透過這個平台,即時查核保險代理的登記狀況及資料) 保險貼士(扼要介紹各類保險的特色,購買保險時應注意的事項,索償時又有甚麼需要留意) 保聯最新消息(簡介保聯的活動概況和最新訊息) Come and join us at this interactive information platform. Download the HKFI App now You can now access all kinds of latest information on insurance and the real time agents register at this onestop shop app: Introduction to ...    63 MB    Views 1352

Vivir de las Rentas

age money live deposit earnings
-6    This application allows you to calculate how long you can live without working by placed your savings in a fixed deposit and living with the earnings generated for this deposit into a bank. The calculations use inflation rate, since with the ...    3 MB    Views 8061

Rental Manager

Related Apps rental property time easy agent estate real
0    Do you own rental property? or are you a real estate agent? Maybe you are studying to be an agent? or you are someone who thought about owning rental property. For the first time someone has put together a simple ...    734 kb    Views 6736
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+19    Description: Mirus Australia has developed an ACFI Calculator designed to make the lives’ of facility managers and ACFI coordinators easier as well as helping to educate around the ACFI business rules. The App leverages Mirus’ aged care industry leading business intelligence ...    34 MB    Views 9738
seller net information price instant give sales estate agents
+9    The Search2Close Seller Net Proceeds App (SNP) was designed for professional real estate agents to offer instant information to the seller. Instead of waiting to get back to your office, you can put the list price and details right into ...    12 MB    Views 2814

EY Capital Insights

capital insights agenda helps companies
0    Stay ahead of the trend with Capital Insights Capital Insights is an interactive magazine, published quarterly by EY, that helps businesses manage their capital agenda raising, investing, preserving and optimizing capital. Capital Insights helps companies: • Gain insight into how leading companies ...    29 MB    Views 1230
email illustration link products platinum create agent
+14    CommLife Illustration is a tool for agent to create illustration for future investsment. Only registered agents may use this app. App features: Create illustration for these following products: Investra Link, Investra Link Extra, Investra Link Worksite, Investra, Investra Platinum NEW Traditional Products ...    12 MB    Views 3848

Medicare Supplement

age search medicare products group carriers quotes premiums
+7    Find the best Medicare Supplement (Medigap) products for your clients using our free Sunderland Group Medicare Supplement app for iPhone. Get realtime quotes on numerous products provided by over 30+ carriers while on the go. Indepth Medicare Supplement search tools designed ...    34 MB    Views 4952

Rental Manager Free

rental property report functions analysis agent manager free
0    Do you own rental property? or are you a real estate agent? Maybe you are studying to be an agent? or you are someone who thought about owning rental property. For the first time someone has put together a simple ...    9 MB    Views 8111


retirement tax design age cash balance plan client plans contributions
-7    CashBalancePRO is a smart mobile tool for financial advisors, CPAs, TPAs and other retirement professionals who want to grow their businesses with Cash Balance plans. App features include a calculator showing maximum qualified plan contributions based on a client’s age, ...    19 MB    Views 8153

Loan Agent

home tax property time loan agent information mortgage buying taxes monthly
+14    If you are in the market to buy a home, Loan Agent is the must have App in the App Store With Loan Agent, you'll feel like you have both a Mortgage broker and a financial advisor in your pocket Loan Agent ...    2 MB    Views 5339

RedRiverAgent 3.0

closing river agent red
-8    Red River Agent 3.0 is City/County Specific Closing Cost Software that comes preloaded with calculations and closing costs for Real Estate Professionals. It allows them to easily and quickly generate Buyer Estimates and Seller Net Sheets from their iPhone and ...    36 MB    Views 8147

Days Old

age days
-9    Description See how many days you've been on the planet Stores the last selected birthday so your age in days is just one touch away. Also discover your "milestone" days, such as your 10,000th day on Earth. You can even find the date ...    6 MB    Views 2835

愛生活 愛未來

Related Apps retirement planning insurance company asia limited financial companies comprehensive hong
+24    富通保險(亞洲)有限公司誠意推出「愛生活愛未來」「您」想退休需求方程式,為對生活有要求的您提供簡單易用的工具,計算出理想退休生活的所需金額。 本程式之特色包括: 1) 簡潔易用的介面設計 對理財分析人員及不太了解理財分析的普羅大眾亦能輕易掌握。 2) 配以富通保險人氣廣告系列「黃子華棟篤講您知」為主題,介面色彩鮮明,計算理想退休生活需要無難度。 所有於"愛生活愛未來"程式內提供的資料只作參考之用。 富通保險(亞洲)有限公司(「富通保險」) 是富通的全資附屬機構,也是香港最大的壽險公司之一。富通總部設於比利時及荷蘭,擁有180多年的豐富保險經驗,位列歐洲20大保險公司之一,業務遍及歐洲和亞洲,目前員工超過11,000人。 憑藉我們的環球優勢及對本地市場的專業知識,富通保險為個人及機構提供多元化的保險及理財規劃服務。同時,中國太平保險(香港)有限公司及亞洲保險有限公司為我們的業務夥伴,為客戶提供全面的一般保險服務。 "愛生活愛未來" is an easytouse retirement calculator designed by Ageas Insurance Company (Asia) Limited. aiming for everyone who would like to know how much would it cost for living the way they would dream of ...    NAN    Views 4362

FindAHouse UK

property house rent sale find agent city listing type move
+5    ✘ Are you fed up being provided with listings only from the provider of the app? ✘ Are you fed up being given free apps that then charge you a premium phone call to call the agent? Do you want to ...    4 MB    Views 3053

AGTAgent 3.0

agent closing title guaranty american
+2    American Guaranty Title Agent 3.0 is City/County Specific Closing Cost Software that comes preloaded with calculations and closing costs for Real Estate Professionals. It allows them to easily and quickly generate Buyer Estimates and Seller Net Sheets from their iPhone ...    35 MB    Views 4327
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