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Auto Buyer

+2    Need a new car? Our Auto Buyer program is the perfect app for you. It combines the many financial tools and key safety and mileage information you need to decide on which car you wish to buy. Auto Buyer brings ...    7 MB    Views 2318

Image Coin Bank

money photo amount bank coin image save goal target
+30    Lets start saving money, using "Image Coin Bank". You can choose an image for your goal, and the amount you want to save. As you put money into your coin bank, the hidden image will start to appear. 【How to use】 1. First, prepare ...    4 MB    Views 8113
+26    Simple application designed for musicians and performers to quickly calculate whether the amount offered for a gig will result in there being enough money available to pay themselves and their musicians after costs have been taken into account. It also ...    6 MB    Views 2493
+14    Stop asking the question that where my money went, and why there is no money left in my wallet. Budget Wiz keeps your money well managed and spent. By Budget Wiz, you can create income and expense budgets, which indicate how ...    15 MB    Views 9432
-1    Spendable helps you with saving money. You can see the amount that you can spend at a glance. It puts emphasis on not "What you spent money on" but "How much you can spend", so you don't need to record all ...    2 MB    Views 6710


money servers bill friends amount owes
-3    A useful little app for tracking who owes who money amongst your friends. Record individual debts. Bought your mate's gig ticket? Moolah remembers who owes who. Split the bill at a restaurant: enter the total amount, select your friends and ...    NAN    Views 7054

Apscade Saver 2

+15    With Apscade Saver 2: Track multiple savings goals Keep track of the amount you have contributed towards three savings goals or Record the amount of money you save in your piggy bank, sock or bank account or use it to ...    10 MB    Views 6376

Top Billin

money bills pay exact amount change payment group users top
+5    Bored of trying to find that missing change coin? Try Top Billin, the one and only app that calculates the exact amount of money each person would need to pay in a group payment. This would be the case of friends ...    1012 kb    Views 3257


Related Apps money deposit input interest months amount
-3    How to use: input deposit amount input interest rate (%) Input number of months that you want to deposit (<=360 months) Touch "Calculation" button and results will show in details table. You will know your investment into bank after period of ...    136 kb    Views 7375

Cash Target

+12    Cash Target calculates daily cash flows for a wide variety of financial products including leases, loans, mortgages and swaps. It can also be used for general investment appraisal NPVs and IRRs with cash flows on any dates and interest rates ...    236 kb    Views 5203


measure iphone savings amount target archive achieve screen day check average
+14    With this app, you can see a graphical representation of the status of achievement of savings. How to use 1. Set the target amount of savings, the period at the beginning. 2. Register the amount and date. ※ Can be changed later. ※ Can ...    2 MB    Views 610


money kids child savings goal parent click target redeem set
-7    TeachtoSave: Invest in your kids future Teach them the magic of savings teachtosave is a virtual piggybank for your kid . The app teaches the basics of saving to kids in a very simple way.Here is how it works 1) Parents ...    776 kb    Views 6494

Money Book

money data receivable amount payable book track view
+9    Money Book is a tool that keep track of your all financial account. Features: Clear and simple UI Keep track of payable/receivable amount Set reminder for payable/receivable amount Database synchronization with server so you never lose your data Protect your data ...    7 MB    Views 5460
Related Apps calculator mortgage based target paid monthly calculate repayment
+12    A mortgage calculator that provides: 1) Repayment calculator Calculate monthly repayments based on mortgage details 2) Target repayment Calculate a target mortgage rate and duration based based on what you need to borrow and can afford to pay monthly View a breakdown of your mortgage, ...    386 kb    Views 808
money budget budgets amount show add chart icloud create wiz
+27    Stop asking the question that where my money went, and why there is no money left in my wallet. Budget Wiz keeps your money well managed and spent. By Budget Wiz, you can create income and expense budgets, which indicate how ...    13 MB    Views 9495


money ability year amount income day monthly events estimate
-9    MYNYM (MY Next Year's Money) is an app that helps users estimate their daily financial balance always one year ahead within seconds of entering an approximate monthly income such as salary and/or dividends as well as few expenses such ...    1 MB    Views 3137
Related Apps money motivated millionaire snowball savings amount currency save showing
+3    Millionaire Snowball app offers a new way to get motivated to save money. It does this by showing you in what country's currency you are a millionaire after you enter your current savings. Then, you can see the amount your ...    10 MB    Views 884


money ability year income amount events day monthly daily estimate
+5    M¥N¥M (MY Next Year's Money) is an app that helps users estimate their daily financial always one year ahead within seconds of entering an approximate monthly income such as salary and/or dividends as well as few expenses such as ...    NAN    Views 3429


-1    Money breakdown is an app that once you give it a money amount and a period amount Annual, Monthly, Weekly etc., It will break down that amount over time. Welcome to the world of managing your finances. This app will ...    82 kb    Views 7270


amount target saving buy
+1    This piggy bank supports "If you stick sweets, buy the game" and "If saving the juice once a day, something can buy", for the purpose of "saving". Main function ·You can set the target amount ·You select the image of the target And recording ...    277 kb    Views 4436

Money Target

Related Apps money lifestyle target expenses savings
-2    Money Target is designed to help you reach your savings goals without wasting your time. Unlike the other apps, Money Target splits your expenses between "Essentials" (loan, rent, bills, etc.) and "Lifestyle" (restaurants, clothes, cinema, etc.) To help you save money and ...    15 MB    Views 8884
money recording expenses amount immediately easy incomes simple choose
-3    Easy and fast records for your expenses and incomes. Beautiful tracking of your money in iPhone, iPod. Be finansist with pleasure. Remember what the money went — nice and helpful. And with the application "Mona", it is also easy Forget about complicated accounting programs with ...    3 MB    Views 1926
money time card month touch amount spend automatically installment actual information spending
0    Touch money is the brand new concept of money management solution that analyzes perfectly how money comes in and out. Existing solutions are not aware of money goes out and extra fund of the current month because they can’t analyze the ...    23 MB    Views 3143
time person email money amount enter press number prices immediately add pay
+8    FREE for a limited time Have you paid the money for you friend, and found out it's hard to get themoney back while we hang out? This is an App used while we go to a trip, have dinner, or even buy ...    643 kb    Views 7522

My Savings

-3    My Savings is a great savings tool to help you reach your savings goals. Saving for a major expenditure like a holiday or just putting aside money to pay bills? It will even tell you how much you need to ...    4 MB    Views 2398

Thrifty agent

people money management screen amount balance change display setting
+22    This is a Japanesestyle petty cash book You will manage the purse balance or money are made. On second thought, I think that at present we can not do the balance of money management? Just the thought of managing a budget in ...    1 MB    Views 7251

Simple Finance

Related Apps money finance car user payments savings set amount spending
-3    Simple Finance takes a very simplistic approach to breaking down a user’s set wage income. It splits a user’s income wage into two categories. Firstly the user distributes their pay towards all planned payments which need to be made, payments ...    1 MB    Views 2133
+7    Lets start saving money, using "Image Coin Bank Free". You can choose an image for your goal, and the amount you want to save. As you put money into your coin bank, the hidden image will start to appear. 【How to use】 1. First, ...    5 MB    Views 638
Related Apps money coins amount bank piggy
-3    Do you keep small coins in a Piggy Bank or in a Jar? Don't you hate counting all these coins to know exactly how much money do you have? Well now you can keep the exact amount of money using ...    7 MB    Views 8989

Friends & Coins

money history people person friends owe application delete amount coins modify
+14    Privacy: This app works exclusively offline. No statistics are generated. Your data will never be sent to any third party or Cloud service, contrary to other apps. Moreover, you can chose to give the app access to your contacts. Friends & Coins ...    536 kb    Views 1614


een target het leads van ons
-9    De iMailo App geeft je binnen een oogopslag wat je verdiensten zijn, je laatste leads, je huidige target, het actuele nieuws en de contactgegevens van ons en van je publisher manager. FEATURES: Ondersteuning voor meerdere accounts, handig als je meer dan ...    512 kb    Views 4118


money amount totals starting profits total section easy box
+4    Simple Money Counter was designed to make balancing a till or cash box as easy as possible. All you have to do is count the number of items you have and enter them into the appropriate boxes. Tapping outside any of ...    4 MB    Views 4614

Money Flash Cards

cards money card displays amount cents
-2    These flashcards have been designed to help children count money. These cards covers the American penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. The front side of the card displays the coins. The amount ranges from 1 cents to 100 cents. The back ...    11 MB    Views 157
Related Apps money management budget card function asset expenditure account debit amount category
+24    “Money Manager Pro” is an optimized application for personal asset management. ※ PC editing function You can view ‘“Money Manager Pro” application by WiFi or 3G. You can see the data sorted by date, category and asset group on the screen of ...    19 MB    Views 6699

Debts Reminder

money reminder debts pay due set amount built date
+6    Debts Reminder is the app to have if you either are the generous type and like to give out cash, or if you have borrowed money from someone. Whichever the case, it helps you keep track of your monetary flow. Its ...    1 MB    Views 9705
party calculator money person paid ratio amount dutch joint
+1    It is a tool to do the accounting at the party and joint party smoothly. Can it make to the Dutch treat equally and the paid ratio be changed. The calculator for joint party to which usual play Kokoro for the party ...    1 MB    Views 6942


money month save high target view line 500 current
+8    Many people dream of owning a new home, a new car or even the last high tech gadget just released on the market. However, the biggest stumbling block is the high cost of these things. If you aren’t among the ...    1 MB    Views 6546

Savings Goal Free

-2    Are you saving for a house deposit, new car, holiday, etc or putting money aside just in case? Install 'Savings Goal Free' and track your progress when saving. Enter your target amount and then add to your savings 'pot' to see how ...    15 MB    Views 6624
money easy track income cash flow contact expense spending amount
+18    My Cash Flow is a powerful and easy to use that will help you to track and understand your personal finance. It’s easy to see how much money you have earn or spent every month. Track your spending amount and try ...    4 MB    Views 228

Employee Calcs

money millionaire number window formulas employee definitions type amount month
-1    "Employee" is an application that will show you how fast you earn money at your work (money stopwatch) and in how many years you will become a millionaire. It also gives you a bunch of useful formulas and definitions about ...    4 MB    Views 4056


data published target content review
+2    This application has been built & tested for iPhone only. We are planning to build the iPad version later. AppQuik has been designed for corporations, associations and businesses of all types to perform targeted marketing and publish their contents instantly to ...    6 MB    Views 3261
Related Apps card cards money gift touch screen purchase add amount
0    Tired of trying to figure out how much money is on your gift card? Quickly and easily keep track of that money on your gift cards with this app. From the main screen touch the plus sign to add a new ...    205 kb    Views 9196
Related Apps money time iphone calculator interest amount rate present future financial supported
+8    The TVM: Time Value of Money, Financial Calculator app will help you figure several different calculations using the most popular financial formulas of Present Value, Future Value, Periodic Payment Amount, Number of Compounding Periods (months or years), and Interest Rate. The ...    939 kb    Views 3837


price cash determine rate target
-7    This app helps you to quickly model and analyze income producing properties to determine the price to offer based upon how much you want to earn on the cash you invest. You can also easily determine the rent you would ...    78 kb    Views 2966


money enter pay amount change debt split multiple debts
-6    DebtBook is a small app that helps you manage your debts and debtors, focusing on simplicity and ease of use instead of a flashy design and a bunch of littletouseless features. Simply press "+" button when you pay for someone, lend ...    1 MB    Views 4744

Change in my Pocket

Related Apps money time amount save date plan target change application day calculate
-2    Change in my Pocket is an easy to use application which shows you how much money you could have by your selected target date if you were to save 'x' amount per time period. SOME EXAMPLES OF USE: Calculate how much ...    247 kb    Views 1056
money household account income book future amount input month
+3    It is a household account book app we see the future . Every day,every week,should be assumed in monthly units of income and expenditure, I think it is difficult to be precise , but I do not need the exact amount of ...    5 MB    Views 3084
Related Apps money save saving amount savings price plans thousands dollars
+10    You could be saving THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS a year with this app Your bank balance is not only about how much money you make, but also about how much you spend and how much you can save. Let's face it. The economic ...    305 kb    Views 8847


money debt helps set date balance return feature amount debts
+2    Control your debts With an app «Debts» you will always know how much money should be in your purse. Simple and convenient interface helps you fix the amount of the debt quickly and set a reminder for the date of return. ...    5 MB    Views 6621
money budget amount save spent weekly spend category earned set
+1    Weekly Budget – An Easy Way to Save Money will save your money with very simple method It helps you to save by showing you intuitively how much money is left, and how much to spend every day is good. As well, ...    3 MB    Views 7399

Money Investors

Related Apps money investors project investor amount
+5    With Money Investors you get instant access to any investor in the world Do not waste any more time and huge amounts of money to find the most specific investor or private equity for your project. Just click and download the relevant ...    5 MB    Views 9888
Related Apps calculator product cost user pricing allowing margin price target
+18    The Product Pricing Calculator is an easy to use, user friendly App that contains two functions. Firstly, the app allows for cost plus pricing, allowing the user to markup the cost of the product by a margin desired. This then gives ...    2 MB    Views 5079


money facebook code store prepaid pay weekly contacts amount
-9    Satispay is the easiest, fastest and most secure app for transferring money to your contacts and for paying online and offline at affiliated stores. With Satispay, in just a few clicks you can pay your roommates for the weekly shop, for ...    NAN    Views 7076
ipad iphone savings goals target save amount goal date month
-6    Savings Goals is also available for iPhone Are you saving for a house deposit, new car, holiday, household bill etc or putting money aside just in case? Buy 'Savings Goals for iPad' and track your progress when saving. You enter ...    20 MB    Views 9463
Related Apps money challenge save week simple weeks amount year saving
0    This app is based on the well known challenge that aims at saving money. The idea is simple and suitable for those who are not able to plan and save. Certainly, this is a great way to save money through ...    8 MB    Views 9931
money card time month touch payment amount spend actual installment credit
+14    ver 2.50 Supported iOS 5 and you can use revolving payment of credit card payment. Touch money is the brand new concept of money management solution that analyzes perfectly how money comes in and out. Existing solutions are not aware ...    23 MB    Views 4630

Apscade Saver

money savings amount save bank goal saver dollars
-7    Keep track of the amount you have contributed towards your savings goal or Record the amount of money you save in your piggy bank or use it to help you stay within budget when shopping View statistics on your ...    10 MB    Views 6766


Related Apps money time amount applications reference track easy future added loans
+8    Loans and Borrowings are a very sensitive subject; especially now This application is the best solution for keeping track of loans/borrowings. It is so complete and easy to use that you will be amazed The main features of this application ...    244 kb    Views 8223

Stop Trade Loss

stock market money stop trading trade points loss target
+3    The purpose of this app is to help you not losing money in the stock market. You just enter a stock symbol and the money you want to invest and hit the calculate button. The app then calculates reasonable stop ...    3 MB    Views 5489

Gold Money 2 Pro

Related Apps management budget cards money card account graph supports credit bank amount chart
+7    Premium Money Management App. Line graph, Bar graph, Pie Chart, Group Bar are supported. Checking Account & Savings Account can be managed seperately. Gold Money 2 is very easy cash management software including credit cards, bank accounts and budget. Easy Uesr Interface The insert ...    19 MB    Views 4071
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