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Mele Self Storage

+5    The Mele SelfStorage App allows users premier access to institutional and privateclient selfstorage listings. Users also gain substantial insight into the selfstorage market and REITs with highquality research and analytics. The Mele Group of Marcus & Millichap leads the selfstorage industry ...    2 MB    Views 7210


+21    QuoTrek is a service offered by Interactive Data as part of its eSignal suite of products and services. QuoTrek is the only free app that provides the same, awardwinning market data used by tens of thousands of users and professional traders ...    1 MB    Views 9715

SNAM Network App

+10    The SNAM Network App has been designed specifically for Investors and Journalists. It’s a tool that allows users to keep up to date with the Group’s latest developments. Users have easy access to the latest press releases and detailed financial information, ...    59 MB    Views 7609
+21    보안카드 관리툴 iSecretCard Lite 무료버전 탄생 인터넷뱅킹때 사용하는 보안카드를 안전하게 관리해 주는 앱입니다. 분실 염려 No 노출 걱정 No 뚱뚱한 지갑 No 아마 여러분 모두 은행에서 발급해준 보안카드(안전카드, 시크리트카드)를 하나 이상씩 갖고 계시죠? 보안카드를 지갑이나 책상 서랍에 넣고 다니는 것 상당히 불안하거나 불편하지 않으세요? 이제 ...    845 kb    Views 9575


profile users simply
+5    This app showcases the strength of BioCatch's behavioral biometric user authentication solution. Our app allows its users to test the uniqueness of their own cognitivebehavioral biometric profile. Users create an account and simply need to log in a few times ...    NAN    Views 3565
+14    The Allan Block app is a comprehensive resource of contacts and connections to the insurance companies that have a relationship with Allan Block. Included are links for claims processing, payments and a place where users can submit inquiries and general ...    704 kb    Views 1725

Vending Cash

+11    The app works with Bluetooth connectivity and helps us to make transactions at the touch of a button. The concept successfully replaces the use of NFC cards and maintains a database of all the transactions conducted at the machine. This enable the ...    12 MB    Views 9555

Contents Retriever

+10    Sum Insured’s Contents Retriever is a powerful application that enables users to calculate the replacement cost and keep track of their valuable home contents inventory. Contents Retriever works by asking the user a number of simple questions such as what rooms ...    1 MB    Views 2472

GBB Mobile Banking

+28    Use your iPhone to manage your finances 24X7 with the iPhone app from Golden Belt Bank. Mobile Banking is available to all personal Golden Belt Bank online Banking users. Simply log in with the same Username and Password that you ...    10 MB    Views 8262


+3    As one kind of the internet financial instruments, RADR helps users make simple, swift and low cost payment, transfer and global currency exchange. RADR easily allows all users to participate in global transfers, payments, currency exchanges, collections and withdrawals. Radar wallet ...    7 MB    Views 4580

M4 Platform

+12    M4 Platform by Modulus allows you to monitor your entire portfolio and receive stock alerts, all on your wrist, as we’ve blended our technology into the new Apple Watch. M4 Platform adds a physical dimension to alerts and notifications, emitting ...    5 MB    Views 4232


vehicle inventory users list
+25    This free app is designed to assist users in viewing and purchasing our preowned vehicle inventory anytime, anywhere by searching our database. It allows users to search for a vehicle by typing a make or model as well as by ...    4 MB    Views 7730

PayMobile Cashier

Related Apps money mobile application users services payments accounts transfer
+1    Mobile payments services offer users a convenient way to do financial transactions through the association of their mobile phones and their money accounts. PayMobile application is eServGlobal demonstration application to easily perform mobile payments services like • National Money Transfer • International Money ...    1 MB    Views 9369


bitcoin trade http website businesses users www
+1    At BitScan we are passionate about the global adoption of bitcoin. We think this happens fastest through knowledge, commerce and community. BitScan aims to help users learn about this exciting market, make connections and trade within it, increasing their wealth and growing ...    3 MB    Views 6568

UBinary App

Related Apps options users binary trading
+2    UBinary is a leading binary options broker providing end users with reliable and secure access to the exciting world of binary options trading. Users can execute call and put positions on variety of assets Forex, Indices, Stocks & Commodities. ...    2 MB    Views 4205

BPI Bankers Online

Related Apps bankers bpi online financial users advice information account service
+6    BPI Bankers Online is a free service provided by the Bank of the Philippine Islands to provide financial advice to users. Select from an array of bankers with expertise in money management who can help you reach your financial goals ...    6 MB    Views 7464


market access users mobile prices live
+3    Joule Mobile delivers the latest readonly market prices directly to mobile devices, allowing users to access their market data wherever they are. Users can instantly access a live only screen, showing just the live prices in the market. Trading Gateway ...    4 MB    Views 7165
Related Apps financial latest users network
+25    The SNAM Network App for iPhone has been designed specifically for Investors and Journalists. It’s a tool that allows users to keep up to date with the Group’s latest developments. Users have easy access to the latest press releases and detailed ...    13 MB    Views 163
+21    CalcUseful EasyNoted is useful app for iOS. It is designed with colorful interface and fully functional calculations necessary, besides that it allows users to save important calculation results with the name and the current time. Then, users can see a ...    3 MB    Views 1959

My Checkbook

checkbook desktop features version track manage users
0    My Checkbook is the easiest way to manage your checkbook. And now, you can manage your checkbook wherever you are. Based on the awardwinning My Checkbook desktop application for OS X and Windows. We've started with just the basics, keeping track ...    653 kb    Views 257


search companies documents results users find engine
-9    AlphaSense is a service offered by AlphaSense, Inc. AlphaSense is a financial search engine that allows its users to search across a universe of documents to quickly find data points on public companies worldwide. Users can conduct research by searching for any ...    223 kb    Views 1765

CoBank Mobile

banking mobile online login credentials users service
-5    CoBank Mobile Banking is a convenient and secure service for you to manage your farm credit lending accounts. With mobile banking you can quickly check balances, view and search transactions, and perform account transfers. It is optimized for iOS devices using ...    13 MB    Views 6319
memo business software cloud service dashboards users
-7    Memo is a product to the development of BI (Business Intelligence) or OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) applications in the Cloud and was designed to be used by end users or IT professionals, in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or large ...    22 MB    Views 513


users network
+29    Social payment network. Users purchase goods at all the PBR merchants, instantaneously transfer funds between people (PBR users and externals) on a secure network.    2 MB    Views 1416
+29    大陆期货手机期货能为期货投资客户提供全方位的期货行情、期货交易、期货帐户实时查询、期货资讯等服务。 大陆期货手机期货“iPhone版”根据iPhone手机量身定做,操作方便。 使用步骤: 1.发送短信01701到139 1850 6080您就能立即收到手机期货行情的试用帐号及密码的短信。 2.下载并安装本软件 3.启动大陆期货手机期货软件输入您的帐号和密码登录,您就可以随时随地体验期货交易的魅力。 Dalu Mobile Futures can provide the users with allround futures service, including realtime futures quotes, trading execution, account inquiry, finance information and etc. The iPhone version of Dalu Mobile Futures is specifically designed for the iPhone Platform, which could ...    9 MB    Views 736

Gambling Tracker

tracker history betting gambling data limits graphical view users
-7    Gambling tracker (GT) PRO is a selfhelp tracking tool in which users can; 1. Track your profit and losses. 2. View your betting history 3. Set weekly or monthly gambling limits where users will receive notifications when their limits are reached. 4. View a ...    4 MB    Views 3064

My AL Refund

tax refund status return users income system
+18    This app is the official Alabama Department of Revenue income tax refund status application. Alabamians who are owed a tax refund from the state can now use this app to find out "Where's My Refund?" Just enter your Social Security number and ...    4 MB    Views 5992

M3 for iPhone

-3    M3 is the latest in the series of services from Moneycontrol to take the unique financial platform beyond computers, and bring forth people’s opinion, experiences and views to you wherever and whenever you want it. This service converts your phone/pc ...    1 MB    Views 749


marketing career referral paid insights track successful users
-3    BankMyPals is a referral marketing platform that allows you to refer your friends to Career Insights. You get paid £50 for every successful referral. 1. Add your contacts who are interested in the Career Insights program 2. Track their status 3. Bank your funds ...    884 kb    Views 4367

Credit Savvy

users loan company
-3    This app allow users to calculate maximum loan available and mortgage loan repayment schedule. Created by CreditSavvy, this app also list company info and allow users to email the company to request for package available. This app also allow users ...    5 MB    Views 6886

NLGIC Mobile

Related Apps mobile pre users application claim insurance
+11    NLG Mobile insurance application is a comprehensive Reimbursement and Preapproval claim management solution that connects the members, clients and brokers. With the help of the application, users can create new Insurance Claims through mobile smartphones or tablets on the go. ...    2 MB    Views 6817


tax news courses accounting regulations users micro taxation information
-2    此App是中税网集团旗推出的一款基于移动终端的财税课程学习产品,含财税微课程、财税资讯等财税方面的相关内容。财税微课程拥有十大课程体系及百门经典课程,全年将增加到千门课程,并且每周都将推出免费课程。财税资讯为财税用户提供专业、及时、海量的国家税收法规、地方税收法规、财税案例时评、财税专家咨询、财税资讯信息等,来满足广大财税用户对财税资讯和财经金融信息的需求。 This App focuses on providing accountancy and Taxation learning programs which created by, including updated Accounting Microcourses, Accounting and Financial news and regulations. The Microcourses consist of ten curriculum systems and one hundred classic courses, throughout the year will ...    1 MB    Views 5255

The Cover

Related Apps news cover download read access users information
+2    This is a premium service news app and full access is only available to existing users of The Cover. Users who don’t have access to The Cover can read a selection of free content on the app from across the ...    6 MB    Views 6468

Give by Billhighway

cards card credit give users event accept
-7    Give – a better way to accept credit cards, anywhere. Billhighway Give is the mobile solution that provides a faster, cashless and more convenient way to accept credit cards. Enable people to safely and securely swipe their credit or debit card ...    10 MB    Views 5128
grocery users
+5    App for users of the PennyWatchers service looking to compare local grocery prices. Users can leverage the Socket Mobile bluetooth barcode scanner for faster data input. Users can sign up for an account at    3 MB    Views 9334
iphone public contracts application users
0    Millstream Associates are delighted to bring to the app store the Public Contracts Scotland iPhone application (Version 1.2). The application enables suppliers to quickly and easily access the latest information on public contracts using ‘Browse by Category’, ‘Search by Keyword’ and ...    3 MB    Views 1174
grocery users
+4    App for users of the PennyWatchers service looking to compare local grocery prices. Users can leverage the aScan bluetooth barcode scanner for faster data input. Users can sign up for an account at    2 MB    Views 2257

Red Alerts

0    The Red Alerts iPad interface is a native application built to give end users a true iPad experience. Users can view notes and research,and download attachments including PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Users can also update and enter new ...    734 kb    Views 7978


Related Apps loan users bank chat receive rates banks mortgage
+1    The app enables mobile access to the search engine for mortgage loans invented by Peermatch. Users can now chat, share and use the new loan marketplace anywhere, anytime. PushNotifications keep users always uptodate. Peermatch applies the latest endtoendencryption technology guaranteeing maximum ...    13 MB    Views 2346
capital global flows estate users real
-3    Explore the latest global capital flows and trends in commercial real estate through CBRE’s new interactive app for iPad. The Global Capital Flows app allows users to move seamlessly around the globe, tracking the leading sources of capital and identifying the ...    221 MB    Views 5953

Rate Our Service

business time service rate users feedback add
+19    Rate Our Service was developed to help business owners from the small one location business owner to the global multinational business with thousands of locations. It is service to encourage customers to rate your service at the time of ...    23 MB    Views 8290

Lite Tracker

users track
-3    This app allows users to easily track the exchange rate of Litecoin in USD and most other fiat currencies. Users can also track the aggregate balance of multiple addresses in cold storage. Data is provided by the BTCE API    3 MB    Views 9183


cost power month light day users
-6    Find out how much it will cost to have your lights or other electronics on per hour/day/month. Bulb Cost gives users a resource to better understand the financial impact of the power consumed by an electronic appliance or light bulb. In ...    665 kb    Views 6791


Related Apps card bank transfer users order recharge account client payment
+20    Dinpay Wallet is the Thirdparty mobile payment client of DDbill Payment Co ., LTD Main Function 1.Recharge : The user can through the client online recharge on account. 2.Transfer :Users can transfer an internal transactions between members through purse system, or transfer to ...    9 MB    Views 8832


mobile technologies devices users
+14    ShekelCalc is a handy extended calculator. In addition to the basic math operations, ShekelCalc synchronizing itself with the Bank OF Israel and allows it's users to make oneclick conversions based on the representative exchange rates. ShekelCalc was built with ease and comfort ...    3 MB    Views 3744

Grocery Buddies

grocery users
+12    App for users of the PennyWatchers service looking to compare local grocery prices. Users can sign up for an account at    2 MB    Views 3870

Learning Access

learning microsoft access basic modify functionality database users
-4    This is a Excellent Application on Learning Microsoft Access, Learn about getting the most out of Access with its powerful datasbase tools. Also Help you Pass the Microsoft MCP Exam 77885 Comes with a Video Training Course To Teach you Users ...    551 MB    Views 251

Seed Out

people users area events
+16    Seed Out is an innovative iPhoapplication that allows its users to find and connect with people in their vicinity based upon nationality and shared interests. Glober features interactive user maps that display other Glober users, events, and businesses in their ...    21 MB    Views 330
Related Apps calculator price options users option input
+3    The Options Pricing Calculator is a free App that allows users to price options using a "whatif" type analysis. The calculator allows users to input the price of the underlying security, the strike price of an option, the number of ...    10 MB    Views 5826


Related Apps users details expense
+16    Expense manager is a app that allows users to keep sight on their expenses . It will show users the total expense of current month and with its details . User Need to add their expanses and its picture with details and ...    2 MB    Views 4838
financial latest users group
+2    The PIAGGIO GROUP App has been designed specifically for Investors and Journalists. It’s a tool that allows users to keep up to date with the Group’s latest developments. Users have easy access to the latest press releases and detailed financial information, ...    31 MB    Views 6012


application users contents credits tips offers
-5    iTipster is an application, which offers the most reliable sport tips and help you make money from betting. We assume no responsibility whatsoever in respect of or arising out for in connection with the contents of this application to the users. If ...    11 MB    Views 7542

VakıfBank IR

investors application users
+8    This application is designed for the usage of both equity investors and fixed income investors who are interested in VakifBank. The users will have a quick access to VakifBank news which are published in Public Disclosure Platform,unconsolidated and consolidated financials ...    1 MB    Views 8690

Finance Savvy

finance financial users college variety
+27    Finance Savvy is the financial planner in your pocket. The app has a variety of tools to help users make sense of their finances and plan their future. The financial wizard tool accepts a variety of inputs from the user and provides ...    3 MB    Views 8977

PATC Tax Reminders

tax financial reminders users
+21    PATC allows its users to keep up to date with South African Financial and Tax deadlines and schedule your personal reminders too. This easy to use Mobile App, also provides you with explanations of Financial and Tax terminology so that ...    3 MB    Views 6871

IdentityPro App

monitoring identity alerts users
-8    For subscribers of the IdentityProtector identity monitoring service. Allows users to check identity monitoring alerts and provides users with push notification alerts if a change in their identity monitoring occurs.    331 kb    Views 3124

Just Push Pay

push pay payments account users
+8    The Just Push Pay mobile application provides an easy and portable way for Business Users to make and accept payments, send and track invoices, and provides a Just Push Pay Debit Account with realtime account activity. Personal Users can also ...    1 MB    Views 5470
sector private financial capital projects users information application
+25    The application contains information on the latest operations of the IDB private sector in major infrastructure projects, financial institutions, capital markets, trade finance, companies and mixed capital entities in a variety of economic sectors. Users of this application can access: • Priority ...    79 MB    Views 6460

Enel Corporate App

financial latest users corporate
-5    The Enel Corporate App has been designed specifically for Investors and Journalists. It’s a tool that allows users to keep up to date with the Group’s latest developments. Users have easy access to the latest press releases and detailed financial information, ...    31 MB    Views 2711

Prime Yield

market real users prime yield estate
+2    Prime Yield is a company with a comprehensive expertise in feasibility studies, consultancy and asset valuations, creating value in supporting their client’s decision making. This app let's users access our exclusive market researches for various sectors of real estate. It also ...    37 MB    Views 8864
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