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Credit Savvy

+6    This app allow users to calculate maximum loan available and mortgage loan repayment schedule. Created by CreditSavvy, this app also list company info and allow users to email the company to request for package available. This app also allow users ...    5 MB    Views 6886
+24    There are a number of ideas that emerge on the Internet every day. Some of these ideas become a success as soon as they get launched. It is just that the new application that got launched will make more money for ...    257 kb    Views 3343


+12    OM NetRoadshow Mobile provides access to all of your Preliminary, Final, and Revised Offering Memorandums for 144a transactions on your iPad for review anywhere, anytime. This secure and fully compliant application delivers OMs directly to your OM NetRoadshow account from ...    55 MB    Views 187


+1    WikonnecT Mobile brings registered WikonnecT users the ability to access wall postings via their iPhone. Users can also reply to posts made to their wall via WikonnecT Mobile, or participate in Message Boards. You must be a registered WikonnecT user ...    4 MB    Views 7466

ACEA Corporate

+20    Acea Corporate App has been designed specifically for Investors and Journalists. It’s a tool that allows users to keep up to date with the Group’s latest developments. Users have easy access to the latest press releases and detailed financial information, including ...    58 MB    Views 2749

My Ledger

people business services list users products monitoring working ledger
-2    This is a simple application I made for my parents that I wanted to share with everyone who would find it helpful. This is a business app that helps users / business people monitor their provided services / products as ...    7 MB    Views 5551


vehicle inventory users list
-3    This free app is designed to assist users in viewing and purchasing our preowned vehicle inventory anytime, anywhere by searching our database. It allows users to search for a vehicle by typing a make or model as well as by ...    4 MB    Views 7730

VakıfBank IR

+12    This application is designed for the usage of both equity investors and fixed income investors who are interested in VakifBank. The users will have a quick access to VakifBank news which are published in Public Disclosure Platform,unconsolidated and consolidated financials ...    1 MB    Views 8690

PartyCalc for iOS

-6    Application to settle debts between people during common events. You can calculate all debts in four simple steps: 1. Create an event. 2. Select people who participate in your event. 3. Add every expense with information about payers and debtors. 4. Check debts    5 MB    Views 1633

Afri Research Hub

-2    Afrinvest Research Hub is a mobile online app that allows users to download Afrinvest Research reports on the go. The application is user friendly and designed to aid efficient and informed investment decision making for users    37 MB    Views 2136

Accounting Term

+13    Accountancy is the process of communicating financial information about a business entity to users such as shareholders and managers. This application help's people from the world of accountancy as well as the people not from the world of accountancy to be ...    15 MB    Views 8336
+1    Memo is a product to the development of BI (Business Intelligence) or OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) applications in the Cloud and was designed to be used by end users or IT professionals, in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or large ...    22 MB    Views 513

Tip & Split

+8    Tip & Split is a simple and fast Tip Calculator that can also split the bill between a number of people. Use ANY tip rate you like, you are not limited to just 25% you can even choose 0% if you ...    1 MB    Views 3369

IFO Fusion 2015

exhibitors users slides 2015
+3    The IFO Fusion 2015 mobile application allows you to view the schedule, exhibitors and speaker details from the conference. Users can take notes adjacent available presentation slides and draw directly on slides inside the app. Notetaking is also available in ...    47 MB    Views 1259
grocery users
+3    App for users of the PennyWatchers service looking to compare local grocery prices. Users can leverage the aScan bluetooth barcode scanner for faster data input. Users can sign up for an account at    2 MB    Views 2257

PayUp Mobile Wallet

Related Apps wallet store user data users mobile
+9    PayUp is a Mobile Wallet enabling users to settle purchases from store facilities and from virtual stores published in the Merchant Map section of the App. Users register their biographical data and credit or debit cards in a secure PCI ...    4 MB    Views 55
Related Apps time results save calculations users
-5    CalcUseful EasyNoted is useful app for iOS. It is designed with colorful interface and fully functional calculations necessary, besides that it allows users to save important calculation results with the name and the current time. Then, users can see a ...    3 MB    Views 1959

Aeon Insurance

insurance broker application life thailand users
-1    Aeon Insurance has been insurance broker for Life and Nonlife insurance. We are the first insurance broker in Thailand that launch broker application for iPhone users through App Store. This application is able to learn about Aeon Insurance’s services, to ...    3 MB    Views 1585
+19    1 trading app according to IAIR Brokers Awards 2015. Top Rated Trading app in 20 countries According to current App Store ranking (June 2015). Including Germany, Australia, Canada, France, Russia etc. What do people need? Is it a mobile phone? A tablet? ...    NAN    Views 5783


Related Apps users details expense
+1    Expense manager is a app that allows users to keep sight on their expenses . It will show users the total expense of current month and with its details . User Need to add their expanses and its picture with details and ...    2 MB    Views 4838

Mexichem AR 2012

people mexichem talent profitability growth
+5    Learn how Mexichem growth and profitability is based on the talent of its people; talent that grows with each and every acquisition we made and which adds up to the one already existing in the company, enriching and strengthening its ...    44 MB    Views 3963


application users contents credits tips offers
-4    iTipster is an application, which offers the most reliable sport tips and help you make money from betting. We assume no responsibility whatsoever in respect of or arising out for in connection with the contents of this application to the users. If ...    11 MB    Views 7542
capital global flows estate users real
+16    Explore the latest global capital flows and trends in commercial real estate through CBRE’s new interactive app for iPad. The Global Capital Flows app allows users to move seamlessly around the globe, tracking the leading sources of capital and identifying the ...    221 MB    Views 5953

Contents Retriever

home contents user number users replacement application
+30    Sum Insured’s Contents Retriever is a powerful application that enables users to calculate the replacement cost and keep track of their valuable home contents inventory. Contents Retriever works by asking the user a number of simple questions such as what rooms ...    1 MB    Views 2472


+10    Run your business on the go with FreshOffice for iOS. This app includes priority functions such as CRM, Tasks and Chat to improve efficiency when mobile. The application is free for all FreshOffice users, including users currently on the Free ...    21 MB    Views 1757

FCA Investor Hub

financial investor latest users hub
+5    The FCA Investor Hub App has been designed specifically for Investors and Journalists. It’s a tool that allows users to keep up to date with the Group’s latest developments. Users have easy access to the latest press releases and detailed financial ...    50 MB    Views 9072

PATC Tax Reminders

tax financial reminders users
-7    PATC allows its users to keep up to date with South African Financial and Tax deadlines and schedule your personal reminders too. This easy to use Mobile App, also provides you with explanations of Financial and Tax terminology so that ...    3 MB    Views 6871


-3    EODApp allows authorised users to view RMS till reports. You can view live EOD Report, Sales by Staff, Sales by Users at your fingertip. EODApp makes life easier and does not require any 3rd party tool such as remote desktop to ...    4 MB    Views 1381
financial banca investor users generali latest
-7    The Banca Generali Investor App has been designed specifically for Investors and Journalists. It’s a tool that allows users to keep up to date with the Group’s latest developments. Users have easy access to the latest press releases and detailed financial ...    35 MB    Views 114

Pocket Tracker

people financial economic
+22    CredAbility We serve as a trusted advisor, helping people resolve financial challenges and build economic security for themselves and their families. CredAbility is committed to comprehensive, holistic counseling, with programs designed to help clients assess their financial situation, set clear goals ...    1 MB    Views 6328


+4    LandCalc provides it's users with a simple way to convert land prices down to a tillable acre cost. With the ability to enter specific attributes to a given tract of ground, users will be able to see how the changing ...    26 MB    Views 8045


-9    BillSplitter is a tool that allows you to calculate the amount of payment among many people. You can specify the tax, tip percentage, number of people etc.    513 kb    Views 5331

Gulf Bankers

people skills
+22    On GulfBankers, you can find people with any type of skill and see your real life connections with them. You can also add your own skills, talents and expertise on to your profile from GulfBankers. By doing this, you'll get opportunities ...    2 MB    Views 1923

NAGDCA 2014 Annual

slides attendees users 2014 annual
+24    FOR MEETING ATTENDEES ONLY The NAGDCA 2014 Annual mobile application allows you to view presentations, speaker details, and sponsors from the conference. Users can take notes adjacent available presentation slides and draw directly on slides inside the app. Additionally, users ...    24 MB    Views 1963


payments users account
+1    The Payzer mobile application provides an easy and portable way for Business Users to make and accept payments, send and track invoices, and provides a Payzer Debit Account with realtime account activity. Personal Users can also make instant payments to ...    2 MB    Views 5939


people receipts truck
+4    EQUINOX People is a mobile application used for Owner Operator and Independent Contractor Truck drivers. This app allows you to submit expense receipts from the cab of your truck. Once you upload an image it is added to your monthly ...    2 MB    Views 1359

Hot Stock Insiders

Related Apps stock insider trading stocks watch users
+22    The app monitors US Security and Exchange Commission insider trading report, and gives alert once valuable insider trading found that are highly likely correlated to the future stock prices. Builtin features include statistics of insider stocks with most momentum, and ...    20 MB    Views 4252
+15    App for users of the PennyWatchers service looking to compare local grocery prices. Users can leverage the Socket Mobile bluetooth barcode scanner for faster data input. Users can sign up for an account at    3 MB    Views 9334

MCT Credit Union

people credit union member owner
+10    As a member of MCT Credit Union you'll find that you're more than just an account holder here you're a memberowner Think about it: MCT Credit Union truly is YOUR Credit Union. As a member of MCT Credit Union, you're ...    52 MB    Views 6394


stock time software information mobile users
-2    Dear users, welcome Hongli software, HC Finance HD is a mobile platform for smart stock information software, follow Hongli first big small investment philosophy, providing different markets (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong stocks , precious metals, foreign) realtime information ...    NAN    Views 6235

Finance Savvy

finance financial users college variety
+3    Finance Savvy is the financial planner in your pocket. The app has a variety of tools to help users make sense of their finances and plan their future. The financial wizard tool accepts a variety of inputs from the user and provides ...    3 MB    Views 8977
Related Apps card cards people time wallet phone access store don insurance users
-4    Are you sick of carrying around a wallet as thick as a brick? How about worrying about losing your wallet, and not even knowing what needs to be replaced? Maybe you have cards you only use occasionally, but you never know ...    7 MB    Views 5880
Related Apps people tax tip bill support currency users multiple amount
-2    CheckPlease is the top tip application on AppStore for calculating the tip or splitting a bill between multiple people. FEATURES: Quick and accurate calculation of tip. Option to not tip on the tax. Handles coupons & gift certificates by tipping on ...    2 MB    Views 759
insurance block users information
+6    The Allan Block app is a comprehensive resource of contacts and connections to the insurance companies that have a relationship with Allan Block. Included are links for claims processing, payments and a place where users can submit inquiries and general ...    704 kb    Views 1725


users network
-1    Social payment network. Users purchase goods at all the PBR merchants, instantaneously transfer funds between people (PBR users and externals) on a secure network.    2 MB    Views 1416


profile users simply
-2    This app showcases the strength of BioCatch's behavioral biometric user authentication solution. Our app allows its users to test the uniqueness of their own cognitivebehavioral biometric profile. Users create an account and simply need to log in a few times ...    NAN    Views 3565

Lite Tracker

users track
+5    This app allows users to easily track the exchange rate of Litecoin in USD and most other fiat currencies. Users can also track the aggregate balance of multiple addresses in cold storage. Data is provided by the BTCE API    3 MB    Views 9183


people online network investor
-8    IRCloud is an Asia based Investor Relations mobile apps platform. Our Company starts to provide a full spectrum of onlinerelated services to investor community throughout the region since 2006. IRCloud establishes a people network to connecting listed companies, worldwide investors and ...    2 MB    Views 1161

Rate Our Service

business time service rate users feedback add
+5    Rate Our Service was developed to help business owners from the small one location business owner to the global multinational business with thousands of locations. It is service to encourage customers to rate your service at the time of ...    23 MB    Views 8290

USBC Mobile App

Related Apps business black users mobile
+10    The U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. (USBC) Mobile App offers users a Black business directory in the palm of their hands. Utilizing their smartphone's GPS technology, the app allows users to search through thousands of listings to locate the nearest Blackowned ...    4 MB    Views 2416
financial latest users group
+5    The PIAGGIO GROUP App has been designed specifically for Investors and Journalists. It’s a tool that allows users to keep up to date with the Group’s latest developments. Users have easy access to the latest press releases and detailed financial information, ...    31 MB    Views 6012
Related Apps financial latest users network
+3    The SNAM Network App for iPhone has been designed specifically for Investors and Journalists. It’s a tool that allows users to keep up to date with the Group’s latest developments. Users have easy access to the latest press releases and detailed ...    13 MB    Views 163

PrivacyArmor App

monitoring identity alerts users
+2    For subscribers of the PrivacyArmor identity monitoring service. Allows users to check identity monitoring alerts and provides users with push notification alerts if a change in their identity monitoring occurs.    330 kb    Views 1191

people bankruptcy financial mortgage
-4    Practical, useful, current information for consumer and business bankruptcy filers in California. LEARN HOW TO "STRIP OFF" AN UNSECURED 2ND MORTGAGE IN A CHAPTER 13 IF YOUR RESIDENCE IS WORTH LESS THAN THE BALANCE ON THE FIRST MORTGAGE Part of ...    20 MB    Views 1859


shopping people baby time software show process friends users allowing share chat
-6    ShoppingShow is developed by potatoes studio. Shopping Show phone software is mainly to help users record their shopping process, you in the shopping process, bit by bit through the recorded words and pictures, and share to other users, allowing you ...    6 MB    Views 4647
iphone public contracts application users
+2    Millstream Associates are delighted to bring to the app store the Public Contracts Scotland iPhone application (Version 1.2). The application enables suppliers to quickly and easily access the latest information on public contracts using ‘Browse by Category’, ‘Search by Keyword’ and ...    3 MB    Views 1174


people money group spent
+1    Splitterator is for groups of people who spend money toward a common goal. Perfect for roommates, holiday gift shopping, parties, trips with friends, and anything thing else you can think of Just pick who spent money, how much they each spent, ...    4 MB    Views 4770
people managers sales leads reminder appointment
+4    Tenacious Sales is developed to help Sales People ,Sales managers and Companies to manage their sales leads. Best app for Sales people, Sales managers and small to medium size businesses. Features : Lead management Appointment Reminder & Notification Sales Person Tracking ...    8 MB    Views 2678
Related Apps calculator price options users option input
+25    The Options Pricing Calculator is a free App that allows users to price options using a "whatif" type analysis. The calculator allows users to input the price of the underlying security, the strike price of an option, the number of ...    10 MB    Views 5826
details users
+21    Allow users to access ipd industrial product details through iPhone. Users can view stocks details with the all the branches with search options.    2 MB    Views 4146
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