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+1    simple mortgage calculator that display the amortization table ,monthly payment,amount going into principal,amount going into interest amount    474 kb    Views 3493
+24    AN INDISPENSABLE TOOL FOR FINANCIAL AND BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS Financial Terms, Flashcards, & Quiz helps you finetune your finance vocabulary. This versatile app educates you with over 3,000 financial terms. Whether you are a student or a savvy business professional, this app will give ...    2 MB    Views 881

Lease Calculate

lease calculate amount
+4    Lease Calculate is a tool for analyzing any lease (for example car purchase). In this calculator, the following variables can be calculated separately: a. Monthly Lease Payment b. Lease Rate or Money Factor c. Lease Term d. Residual Amount and e. Lease Amount A summary of the lease comprising of the ...    1 MB    Views 639


+23    HoneyJar is an app for iPhone and iPod touch that helps you figure out the real cost of your spending. Whether you realize it or not, you put every dollar you earn to work. How? By choosing how you spend it. ...    3 MB    Views 8758
-3    Car Loan Calculate Plus is an easy to use tool that lets you quickly evaluates financial and payment options for car loans and leases. With this calculator, you can : a.Car Loan. Calculates monthly payments with car price, down payment, interest ...    434 kb    Views 7546


loan members product term short loans credit request
-1    FinFit Loans is a low cost, short term Loan Program(1) designed to provide guaranteed(2) shortterm loans to members at substantially lower costs than other shortterm financial solutions. Members may request loan amounts from 500 to 5000(3) (members may borrow up ...    2 MB    Views 4247
-2    TrendCycle is a unique way to accurately measure shortterm cycles and longterm trend. May be you think these two line are the movingaverage line at the first time. But the true is that we use the complicated method to calculate ...    7 MB    Views 9094
0    Top binary options trading app Want to trade binary with a leading, regulated broker? Look no further Download Stockpair's trading app and you can be trading binary options in just a few minutes. Stockpair's binary trading app allows traders to trade the ...    NAN    Views 7057
Related Apps stock strategy market short dividend long term pick years buy
-2    New to the stock market? We make starting out less intimidating by highlighting stocks over a wide range of industries. Each stock pick is provided by Brilliant Warrior Investments, a private investment corporation with a lifetime 12% yield in the stock ...    270 kb    Views 4907
+14    Calculates a monthly payment based on principal cost, annual interest rate, and length of repayment term (in months). Also calculates a compounded interest savings balance based on principal balance, annual interest rate, and savings term (in months).    238 kb    Views 8174


Related Apps tax investment keyboard loan return rate term interest pay cash remaining
+13    This application helps you explore fixedrate loan scenarios for both new or existing loans. For existing loans, this application will calculate the remaining principle and interest on the loan. “Loan or Pay Cash?”, is a unique feature which can provide ...    3 MB    Views 7752

Loan GP$

loan term monthly interest
-6    Loan GP is an app for calculating monthly loan payments. Users input interest rate, term and initial loan amount and Loan GP calculates the monthly payment. There is also a handy slider bar that allows you to see the loan ...    69 kb    Views 3455

Term Life Insurance

life insurance term rates shop lowest complete
+20    Term Life Insurance Quotes Instantly; Are you paying too much for your term life insurance? Shop multiple carriers in the US for the lowest cost term life insurance products for yourself or your family, with this easy to use term ...    16 MB    Views 2040
dictionary time financial terms term find definition definitions easy
+25    Financial terms dictionary provides clear, easytounderstand definitions of over 15000 financial terms that every financial students, professionals and consumers need. Look up a financial definition, term or abbreviation in a blog or article or news story that you aren't sure ...    6 MB    Views 3373
stock strategy money investing time advisor term recommendations elite successful easy
+4    ON SALE Daily, weekly, yearly stock picks A winning strategy since 2010 Why focus only on short term trades? Or midterm? Or long term? Become the ultimate investor and make money in all time frames No prior experience necessary The Stock ...    7 MB    Views 5312
Related Apps calculator care long term costs potential hancock view john future cost
+24    The John Hancock Cost of Care Calculator iPad app provides a convenient way to view the average current local costs for longterm care in various settings and cities across the country, while also offering the ability to estimate future care ...    6 MB    Views 7954


Related Apps summary loan interest principle payment paid schedule amortization term total
-1    This superfast application amortizes loan over the term of the loan. This is a flexible application applicable to most consumer loans. After loan input is supplied, move over to summary to see the loan summary and detail to see amortization ...    3 MB    Views 3622

iTip U Pay

tip amount spin
+5    If your looking for a creative and fun tip calculator then this is the right App for you. Easily enter your amount and it automatically calculates a 15% tip. You can then alter the tip amount by percent up and ...    2 MB    Views 1049


+21    TeqLease is an app for technology leasing pros that are tired of the time consuming process of punching numbers into their HP12C calculators for every possible scenario of their lease. TeqLease allows you to quickly enter the important data like ...    3 MB    Views 4889

OnDeck Capital

business current loan credit small account term status customers
+3    Now it’s easy to manage your OnDeck accounts from wherever your business may take you. By downloading this app, current OnDeck customers will be able to: View your Term Loan or Line of Credit account status, balance, and available funds. ...    5 MB    Views 8058
Related Apps search insurance terminology term list add helps application buying glossary
-2    Mostly each one of us has insurance or thought of buying insurance. The general process is to contact an insurance agent who helps you in explaining and estimating the policy value. Insurance Glossary application provides you a comprehensive list of Insurance ...    1002 kb    Views 817
management financial capital interview question part statements term flow cash
0    Financial Interview Question helps you practice your answer to tough interview questions. We provide over 350 questions about financial. The concepts is divided into 3 parts : PART I: Forms of business organization Financial Statements Interpretation of financial statements Funds flow/cash flow statement ...    3 MB    Views 5935
stock strategy money investing time advisor term elite recommendations successful investor include
+8    ON SALE Daily, weekly, yearly stock picks A winning strategy since 2010 Why focus only on short term trades? Or midterm? Or long term? Become the ultimate investor and make money in all time frames No prior experience necessary The Stock ...    2 MB    Views 6149

Loan Glossary

search loan notes add loans term list terminology glossary type
+6    Loan is an amount of money borrowed from advancer and it is a type of debt, to be repaid at a later date, usually with interest. Legally, a loan is a contract between a buyer (the borrower) and a seller ...    2 MB    Views 9079
0    Six Functions of a 1 is a suite of financial calculations commonly used in finance, economics, investment analysis, and valuation. These functions are especially useful to students learning about time value of money concepts. Key input variables are amount, annual interest ...    562 kb    Views 2416


Related Apps price amount
+10    This program can take orders from amount of products and tells the price of the amount and the total price. It is especially    2 MB    Views 8764
Related Apps loan interest term payment
-7    Easy to use “loan calculator” has the following features: •Calculates monthly payment and total interest •Provides a graphical view of loan amount remaining over the loan term •Comparison of loan pay off with and without any additional payment •Distribution of principal, interest, tax and ...    137 kb    Views 7794
-7    Legal & General America Term Life MobilQuote enables you to quote premiums for Legal & General America's term life insurance policies, offered through its subsidiaries, Banner Life Insurance Company and William Penn Life Insurance Company of New York. With just a ...    88 kb    Views 1727
Related Apps stock measure trend cycle term line moving long average short calculation
+3    TrendCycle is a unique way to accurately measure shortterm cycles and longterm trend. May be you think these two line are the movingaverage line at the first time. But the true is that we use the complicated method to calculate ...    7 MB    Views 1403


finance financial statement capital page term corporate financing
-9    Read everything about Corporate Finance on one page: Financial statements (Balance Sheets, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement; Value and capital budgeting; Risk and return; Capital structure and dividend policy; Long term financing; Financial planning and shortterm financing; Mergers and ...    391 kb    Views 4757


term mobile users calls
+5    The purpose of the app is to get quick research calls on your mobile through notifications and also get trade confirmations at the end of the day. Users having trading account with Sushil Finance, will need to enter Unique Client Code ...    6 MB    Views 4015

VAT Calculator UK

Related Apps vat amount
0    Calculate VAT of any amount /from any amount or the NET amount from the VAT included sum.    NAN    Views 7287


news brokerage agent support term life easy
-5    Our new version works on iPhones and iPads at this link: Please use that download as this one is going away very soon. Welcome to Agent Support Group’s App. As a a multicompany, multiple offices brokerage agency(NYC, LI, Westchester and NJ), ...    27 MB    Views 1525
Related Apps banking investment relationship clients step access solutions responsible term
-1    SecureLogin enables the secure access to your relationship with Vontobel on With SecureLogin you confirm your access request as a third step in the login procedure. Login at Vontobel EBanking with SecureLogin Step 1: Start SecureLogin on your smartphone or tablet ...    5 MB    Views 5308

Calcs App

Related Apps loan based payment amount rate specific term interest calculate monthly
+4    FREE for a LIMITED Time only Calculate Monthly Mortgage or Loan Payment Amounts based on loan amount, interest rate and loan term or duration. In addition, calculate a loan amount for a specific monthly payment based on the standard debt ...    315 kb    Views 7688

Lending Specialists

property loan interest borrowing sum lump repayments term
-8    This application is perfect for Mortgage Brokers, Property Buyers, Real Estate Agents, Conveyancers, Accountants and anyone else involved in the Australian property market. Simple and easy to use calculations include: How much can I Borrow? A great guide to your borrowing capabilities using ...    4 MB    Views 1783


tax rent monthly term cost payment total loan interest
+9    2FEB2009: Version 2.0 now with a redemption plan This programm implements the annuity loan model which is the common real estate loan type in germany and other countries. With 'Loan' you get a fast, easy and complete tool for answering the questions ...    135 kb    Views 6257
+5    A simple and easy way to calculate your monthly auto loan payments. Car Loan Pack is a simple car loan calculator, designed for automotive loan calculation available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Just enter vehicle price, down payment amount, ...    7 MB    Views 7257

TNBC Mobile App

business marketing insurance mobile term rates case support annuity account
-6    The TNBC Mobile App provides financial service advisors with a mobile life insurance marketing suite of tools. Download now for free to support your insurance services platform with TNBC. Identify competitive annuity rates, shop term life insurance quotes, review your ...    5 MB    Views 1403


stock measurement date volatility open term calculated close price
+4    Calculate historical volatilities automatically for any stock over any periods at any date (measurement date). A Volatility Summary Report is generated for each calculation and can be emailed to your designated email address. Volatility is the standard deviation of the continuously ...    379 kb    Views 7920


life empire insurance company solution series view screen term
-9    Empire Life Insurance Company SimpleQuote™ SimpleQuote is a new, bilingual, fully functioning and selfcontained mobile illustration system for the Empire Life Solution Series term insurance solutions. Solution Series is a portfolio of unique, term and permanent, nonparticipating life insurance products offering ...    NAN    Views 6640

Stock Analyst Pro

news stock market media investing social price indicators easy understand term sticker technical analysis
+10    Stock investing for everyone. Whether you are beginner or pro, investor or trader, this app is a must tool. This app offers unique Stock Sticker Price together with stock market news, stock quote data, company news of any public traded US ...    11 MB    Views 7612
amount paypal
+21    Quickly calculate fees for PayPal, both on amount you want to receive, or amount you are sent.    2 MB    Views 1070
payment loan repayment amount interest term bonus total year
0    iLoan Calc is a loan simulator application where you can setup your own details. You can calculate not only your mortgage but also your car loan or other loans. [Simple user interface] It's very simple to use. You can see your loan to ...    2 MB    Views 4056
stock investment money strategy investing advisor term gains roi achieve trading
-4    ON SALE Daily stock picks from a pro trader Making app users money since 2010 The Stock Advisor STG aims for a 1264% annual yield No prior experience necessary Receive daily stock picks directly from a professional equities trader with The ...    6 MB    Views 3014

Simple Car Loan

Related Apps payment term interest monthly vehicle price rate
+2    Calculate: 1.) Monthly payment from down payment, interest rate, term & vehicle price OR 2.) Vehicle price from down payment, interest rate, term & monthly payment    101 kb    Views 7094


amount change simply
-3    With this app you can calculate how much change you have to give in seconds. Ideal for yard sales, small businesses or if you simply want to know if the cashier has shortchanged. You simply enter the total bill amount and ...    803 kb    Views 8685

Prices UK

search prices products enter term
0    Prices UK allows you to quickly search for retail products and compare prices between over a hundred different UK stores. Enter your search term(s) and Prices UK will do the rest, allowing you to 'window shop' or even purchase the item ...    NAN    Views 8401

Investment Calc

calculator investment money time interest deposit annuity double present calc term
-4    "Investment Calc" Collections of 35 calculators. This app help to determine;how much Interest you can earn for your Investment over time. By using these calculators you can get your answers to best interest rates, estimates, questions and queries. The major components of investments such ...    5 MB    Views 252

CRE Sizer

calculator sizing intuitive full supported min term rpn step
+2    Replace your HP 12c with this intuitive calculator app that offers so much more. SIZER provides an intuitive financial calculator to anyone seeking a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator as well as extended functionality designed specifically to support efficient sizing ...    3 MB    Views 9061


stock investors traders stocks price professional daily term generate information short
+28    SFTWTrader brings professional trading tools to the nonprofessional trader. Professional traders use stock price and volume information to analyze how stocks move on a daily basis. Specifically, they look at the open, high, low, close, and volume of the daily ...    6 MB    Views 5395

Budget Engine

budget money students week outgoings engine left term support
+1    Take your budgeting to the next level with this easy to use budget tracking/planning app. Stop scribbling down your incomings and outgoings and making complex spreadsheet charts. Budget Engine does it all for you. You can see your weekly budget, ...    3 MB    Views 5339
time market stock strategy maps investors map trading real arbitrage trader risk stocks term short
+24    1 App for Day & Swing Traders Arbitrage Trader provides realtime trading signals for selected S&P500 stocks based on a complex mathematical model. FEATURES Realtime trading signals Streaming realtime quotes Realtime P/L calculation Realtime charts with customizable technical indicators Auto drawn Fibonacci ...    4 MB    Views 3444
Related Apps house payment term rate price monthly interest
-1    Calculate: 1.) Monthly payment from down payment, interest rate, term & house price OR 2.) House price from down payment, interest rate, term & monthly payment    89 kb    Views 4293
language intelligence program policy disability long term company complex insurance
+12    Policy Wingman is the most powerful policy comparison and analysis software for the iPad. Every Group Long Term Disability policy is different and complex. Understanding the policy language can make the difference between a disability claim being paid or not. How ...    3 MB    Views 5134
Related Apps investment term share latest long fidelity ideas
-4    Investment Ideas brings together the latest thinking from Fidelity's investment specialists. This issue is all about taking the longterm view and the value of focusing on goals, rather than the latest headlines. We examine three approaches to longterm investing and ...    NAN    Views 2846
tax add state terms list term glossary notes
+2    Tax is very important part of our routine life. Tax is imposing of financial charge or other levy upon taxpayer by state or similar authority like state and that failure to pay is punishable by law. Tax Glossary provides comprehensive list ...    1 MB    Views 6392

Term Life Quotes

exam medical term life insurance drop quotes quote ticket free
+25    Buy Term Life Partners Free Term Life Insurance quoter provides you with term quotes from our select group of carriers. This term quote tool comes with drop tickets making it easy for you to sell term life insurance. Simply quote, ...    6 MB    Views 2127
Related Apps money interest 000 savings term compound put amount added principal
+14    What is Compound Interest? Interest added to the principal money so that you can also gain interest on the principal and added amount. For example, if you put 50 in your savings account every month, and this savings yields 10% annually. ...    198 kb    Views 4961
Related Apps stock market personal research investing price subscription term month current historical long
+10    SpyTimer helps you with your S&P500 investing by giving you peace of mind regarding stock market 'value'. Each month we analyze the latest earnings estimates plus key economic data and provide updates on the 6 month forward looking 'value estimate' ...    762 kb    Views 9456
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