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+15    SBA Assistance for Small Businesses. SBA loans can be critical to the growth and development of small businesses. However, SBA loan qualification can be difficult and confusing without proper guidance. Using the SBA 1st app you are able to quickly determine ...    4 MB    Views 6285

My Sopa

+6    My Sopa is a Social Payments app. It enables peer to peer payments and splitting expenses among friends.    8 MB    Views 926

Broadview App

payments mortgage
0    Welcome to the Broadview Mortgage App Broadview’s simpletouse application was created as a useful tool for estimating monthly mortgage payments. Our app provides a road map for the basic idea of what payments and potential buying power might be. However, ...    13 MB    Views 1925


+8    Have you ever forgotten to make a payment? Not paid the loan on time? Interest paid for not paying your credit card on time? Sure, every one of us did this. Now with our application PayMinder, this can be snow from ...    807 kb    Views 680

ProcessNow Mobile

-3    ProcessNow is a merchant Point of Sale solution for businesses of every size, offering support for both instore payments and mobile payments through a fully underwritten merchant account. The application allows for the processing and capture of cash, check and ...    2 MB    Views 2512


+6    This app for the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (powered by iChannel Media) is a mobile network designed to provide users with – 1) Information about the various initiatives of the USHCC, 2) Information for attendees, sponsors and supporters ...    17 MB    Views 1645


-2    About this project In a century where many consumers have progressed towards the age of information, we continue to see glimpses of processes of the past. In the past few years consumers have transformed their ability to buy consumer goods. With ...    1 MB    Views 5131

Stripe Dashboard

payments track stripe
+9    Track and manage your Stripe payments on the go. All your data Track all payments, subscriptions, customers, transfers, and more. Notifications See every payment from your lock screen or get a daily summary. Quick access Search for a transaction and get details with ...    30 MB    Views 6833

Simpkins Edwards

+2    Simpkins Edwards is a leading South West chartered accountancy firm with offices in Exeter, Barnstaple, Holsworthy, Okehampton and Honiton. We work with businesses and individuals in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and beyond to provide accountancy services and much more. We go far ...    15 MB    Views 9433

MB Insolvency

+2    The MB Insolvency App exists to help people and businesses who find themselves in, or are facing, financial difficulty. Our App has been built to help provide businesses and/or individuals with initial advice on the options available to them. It also provides ...    9 MB    Views 4574

Finance Calculator

Related Apps calculator payments easy mortgage
-1    An easy to use mortgage calculator that calculates the monthly mortgage payments and interest payments within an easy readable list.    71 kb    Views 3332
money students real life create businesses teach included
+5    The Learning About Money: RealLife Maths Kit is a comprehensive set of tools to teach children about money and the basic principles of running a business. RealLife Maths is about engaging students in maths and allowing them to create their ...    39 MB    Views 7498

Sagars Tax Tools

tax clients businesses enjoy firms advisers team
-7    With a team of more than 80 including five partners, Sagars is one of the largest independent firms of accountants, tax and business advisers in Yorkshire. Our team is a mix of home grown talent and senior advisers who've joined ...    11 MB    Views 145
home business people forex based trading internet online businesses types accounts
+2    Revealing A New Wing Of Home Based Internet Business Earning Money Online Was Never This Easy You are reading this mail due to two very basic reasons either you are into home based business already or you are planning to ...    246 kb    Views 8084


bitcoin trade http website businesses users www
0    At BitScan we are passionate about the global adoption of bitcoin. We think this happens fastest through knowledge, commerce and community. BitScan aims to help users learn about this exciting market, make connections and trade within it, increasing their wealth and growing ...    3 MB    Views 6568

Cause Pay

business charity pay companies meaningful mobile businesses wallet service consumers
+11    Merchants can now connect with their customers on a deep meaningful level..all while doing good for the world Cause Pay is ideal for daily business transactions because it lets companies give continually, yearround, with almost no effort. This giving allows companies to ...    3 MB    Views 1792


banking investment management business group bank islamic businesses malaysia mobile
+12    RHB Mobile Here it is: another hasslefree and convenient service brought to you by RHB. You can now easily pay your bills, transfer funds, reload your prepaid mobile, check your account balances or locate an RHB Branch or ATM anywhere and ...    7 MB    Views 2997

TidyClub Payments

payments process fee
+27    Process payments for new and existing members and supporters with your TidyClub account. TidyClub Payments allows you to type in card numbers manually or scan them with your iPhone's camera. Beautiful, simple and 100% secure. Process any of the following major ...    8 MB    Views 6607
+7    This app provides updates on Momentum Investment documents and data. Momentum Investments includes all the investmentsrelated businesses of MMI Holdings and has more than R332 billion assets under management, making us one of South Africa's largest investment houses offering a wide ...    48 MB    Views 4300
coupons offers businesses free pages local find mobile turn
-7    Ad Pages GO is the FREE mobile coupon app from Ad Pages Magazine serving the cities in and around Dallas / Ft.Worth, TX, Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX, and St. Louis MO. Find 100’s of mobilefriendly FREE coupons as well ...    29 MB    Views 7849

A Butler & Co

business tax wide service send information range butler businesses
+11    Welcome to A Butler & Co. We are a firm of award winning Chartered Certified accountants based in Derby, we provide a professional and reliable service to local business owners and individuals. Whether you want to start your own business or ...    12 MB    Views 9141


payments fun
0    Mobikasaba is THE social payment application that is ready to revolutionize the way you make payments. We believe payments can be fun that's why we have added features to make your experience seamless and fun: See merchant details and real ...    16 MB    Views 8964
business die sie der und berechnen businesses des
-9    Planen Sie ein Business zu eröffnen? Haben Sie eine BusinessIdee? Bewerten Sie die Risiken? In der heutigen Etappe müssen Sie bestimmt die GeldAnlagen und die Rentabilität des Kapitals prognostizieren. Man muss verstehen nach Verlauf welcher Zeit Sie einen Gewinn erzielen werden. Zu welchem ...    NAN    Views 7891

Pricing for Profit

Related Apps business profit pricing book profits businesses ideas key
-2    The Pricing for Profit (P4P)App allows you to enter basic information about your current business performance and then to play with the key profit drivers to see how you can dramatically increase your bottom line profits. This App has been designed ...    3 MB    Views 9771


+10    ModirumID is application to enhance security of your card payments. Please install this application only if your credit or debit card issuing bank asks you to do so. If your bank supports the ModirumID to authenticate your card payments, you shall receive ...    3 MB    Views 8084

WorldNet VT

account payments
+30    This app allows you to accept credit & debit card payments through the WorldNet payment gateway. You must have an account with WorldNet TPS to be able to process these payments. Please go to the support page for more information ...    307 kb    Views 2717


card money time businesses payments small start cash
+20    Have your customers struggled to find the dusty chequebook or asked to pay you next week as they haven’t the cash at the time? Maybe even 'I will transfer the money online' though you are still chasing them weeks later...? All ...    118 kb    Views 8357
-4    OctoCount Stock Take App for Retail Businesses Octo™ Count is a simple stock taking application that allows the user to do a stock count of their inventory, and upload the file or email the stock count file out for internal ...    5 MB    Views 2533


business cash small flow biz capital merchant businesses
-5    Cash flow is one of the biggest challenges small businesses face, but Capital 4 Biz is here to help. We work with governmentregulated small business lenders that enable small businesses to apply for small business loans, equipment financing, and merchant ...    25 MB    Views 7207


payments pay
0    Kash let's you pay easily with your phone. Onetimeuse codes keep payments secure. Onetouch payments make checkout super quick. Kash payments work directly with your bank account instead of using credit cards to reduce fees that force shop owners to raise their prices ...    9 MB    Views 1318


cards loyalty rewards redeem mobile favorite tap businesses receive
+9    Looping is the future of mobile loyalty. Replace all those plastic cards, paper and punch receipts, keychains, and barcodes with this App. You dont need to worry about scanning another barcode again. Just tap the logo on the Home screen ...    5 MB    Views 6779
Related Apps card money time payments businesses small start cash accepting
+2    Have your customers struggled to find the dusty chequebook or asked to pay you next week as they haven’t the cash at the time? Maybe even 'I will transfer the money online' though you are still chasing them weeks later...? All ...    93 kb    Views 466


+2    aiCollectorPad helps you to collect the money that friends, customers or even companies owns you. Track history of payments, reminds you next payments and promises they give you. Store addresses, telephones, beginning and current balances and more...    3 MB    Views 2359
Related Apps money paycheck transactions easy payments
+17    Paycheck+ is the essential app for a quick, easy management for payments and transactions. Simply add transactions and select whether its money received or paid. In the end, press the Totals button to see how much money you've earned or owed ...    76 kb    Views 3681

Plazzo Merchant

cards local businesses buy
+29    Plazzo is a smartphone based deal, loyalty and payment app geared towards small local businesses. With Plazzo · You can do away with punch cards · Buy and send gift cards · Earn rewards every time you spend. You will love the cheap finds, coupons, ...    6 MB    Views 2833

Monthly Payments

Related Apps monthly payments amortization interest loan
+15    Monthly Payments is a simple loan calculator to compute monthly payments and interest on a given loan amount for a given duration ( of months) and % interest rate. Monthly Payments uses the Amortization formula found on:    3 MB    Views 6724


business social financial connect advisers industry share services businesses platform
-8    Cut through the endless email trail, stop wasting time on phone calls. Collaborate and connect with a social application for financial industry. Brought to you by Financial Life Advisers, ReferralMate is a social application dedicated to the Financial Services Industry. It ...    5 MB    Views 4751
+1    Libra keeps in you in financial balance by helping you: ✓ Remember bill payments ✓ Keep track of assets & debt ✓ Use income, expenses, assets, & debt to determine how best to: ▪ Maintain an emergency fund ▪ Prioritize debt payments ▪ Increase savings & ...    11 MB    Views 7310
Related Apps business people company information protect businesses australian questions
+8    The information in this App provides some general steps that you can take to reduce the risks of being swindled by unreliable operators and flybynight businesses. While the information provides general guidance, you should be mindful that it cannot protect ...    14 MB    Views 6139

PV Annuity

payments payment annuity present
-8    Intuitive easy to use present value financial tool for calculating the PV, or payments, of an annuity as well as other payment streams including: mortgages, auto loans, lottery payments, structured settlement payments and many others. Customize the loan and payment date ...    848 kb    Views 3310


+24    aiCollector helps you to collect the money that friends, customers or even companies owns you. Track history of payments, reminds you next payments and promises they give you. Store addresses, telephones, beginning and current balances and more...    4 MB    Views 3726

Bank Balances

bank spending track habits businesses facility accounts
-2    We are a firm of chartered accountants called Cooney Carey and we wanted to develop an App that would help you track your spending habits. We work with clients on a daily basis helping them reorganise their businesses to meet ...    21 MB    Views 4191
iphone business access businesses company
+29    Bisnode je razvio novu iPhone aplikaciju koja omogućava pristup podacima o više od 750.000 poslovnih subjekata u Republici Hrvatskoj i osobama koje njima upravljaju. S omogućenim pristupom najvećoj b2B bazi podataka u Hrvatskoj, korisnici mogu provjeriti podatke o poslovnim subjektima ...    5 MB    Views 3693


business small goals businesses features
+28    Certa Solutions features realtime information about personal and business taxes and finances. The free app also features finance articles, tax tip videos and a rewards program. Small Businesses, sole proprieties, expanding organizations and start ups have come to rely on ...    32 MB    Views 7582


payment payments bill code customers businesses pay profits simply
+2    For customers, LayPay is an easy to use mobile and web application that allows you to have complete control over how and when you make your payments to businesses, as well as more flexibility than other payment providers in making ...    13 MB    Views 7791

U1 Mobile

Related Apps mobile branch payments
+2    Take charge wherever you are. U1 Mobile allows easy access on the go. We like to think of it as a kind of U1 branch genie that appears whenever summoned. A quick tap provides all you need to manage the everyday. Balances ...    9 MB    Views 8792

Xero Me

xero leave requests request employees manage businesses check pay previous
+5    Xero Me is for employees of businesses who use Xero to manage payroll. Xero Me allows you to check your pay history and manage leave requests from anywhere. Spend less time filling out paperwork and going through the manual leave request ...    NAN    Views 1494
Related Apps business travel gps location offers set settings put mobile businesses vouchers
-8 gives you access to more than 55,000 discount coupons per year. Put you mobile phone number in to the settings page to receive a SMS of your passcode. In settings you can also set how far you are willing to ...    4 MB    Views 1355
search loto receipt businesses receipts bar number fast
-4    IVU Loto App is the easiest way of keeping up to date with IVU Loto results. Completely free, no signup needed Instant Results Winning numbers are delivered to the app on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Search Bar Too many receipts? Just type ...    6 MB    Views 3373


payments process pay
+28    ICG Pay makes it easy to process payments on the go Securely accept credit card payments and echecks within one App. Process swiped or keyed transactions, collect signature authorizations, and seamlessly gain access to the many payment processing resources provided ...    7 MB    Views 2130

Fairway Payments

Related Apps payments account
+1    With the Fairway Payments app you can process transactions such as credit card payments for tickets and merchandise through your Fairway Payments account, all from a single easytouse screen on your iPad. You can also capture contact information for followup ...    2 MB    Views 9501

The BayPay Forum

Related Apps news payment forum payments
+2    Access the latest news and industry updates on worldwide payment trends from the BayPay Forum, the professional networking group comprising exclusively of payment community members. The BayPay Forum app brings you breaking news and articles in payment innovations and information ...    3 MB    Views 1645

Lay-Buys VT

Related Apps payments paypal smartphone accept
-7    Accept payments on the go with just your smartphone no store, point of sale system or credit card reader required Specifically designed for PayPal users with all payments processing powered by PayPal. Easily accept mobile payments from customers on the go. ...    3 MB    Views 3390


Related Apps card payments mpos level transactions bank payment sales account businesses
+1    With M1 Mobile Point of Sales (mPOS) solution, businesses can now accept card payments onthego via a card reader attached to an iPhone / iPad. Benefits: Simple Fees: Low, flatrate transaction fee with no hidden costs For businesses of all sizes: ...    17 MB    Views 9598


Related Apps pay secure easy payments
-1    Emuze pay is a mobile app intended at providing customers with a secure, easy to use solution for instore payments. Emuze pay uses QR code to make transactions a secure yet seamless process. With emuze pay, you can stop worrying ...    2 MB    Views 4858


payments users account
-7    The Payzer mobile application provides an easy and portable way for Business Users to make and accept payments, send and track invoices, and provides a Payzer Debit Account with realtime account activity. Personal Users can also make instant payments to ...    2 MB    Views 5939


gps coupons money deals save businesses notifications zip simply receive push
+2    Save money on the go with KangaSale The KangaSale deals app sends coupons and special promotions to your phone. When you come within range of a store with a special promotion, the coupon is sent right to your device. Hot Spot – ...    2 MB    Views 1490

CashFlows VT

cashflows account payments
-2    This app allows you to accept credit & debit card payments through the Cashflows payment gateway. You must have an account with Cashflows to be able to process these payments. Please go to the support page for more information about ...    495 kb    Views 8598
card payments mobile global mpos free businesses reader accept
-6    Accept Payments Wherever Your Business Takes you Global Payments mPOS (Mobile PointofSale) is a mobile card reader and app that allows businesses to accept credit card payments from their mobile devices. It includes a free mobile application, a free card reader, ...    NAN    Views 8569

BBX Money

card payment cashless established platform trade improve marketplace businesses
+7    BBX MANAGES THE BUYING AND SELLING OF GOODS AND SERVICES ON BEHALF OF ITS MEMBERS IN A CASHLESS ENVIRONMENT, UTILISING THE BBX GLOBAL CASHLESS PAYMENT PLATFORM Established in April 1993, BBX is the largest Trade Exchange Network in the world. Currently operational ...    17 MB    Views 3939
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