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+17    Understand your energy usage with pixometer With our pixometer App, you’ll get a grasp of your energy usage. Scan your meter using the camera of your mobile device just as simple as a barcode. pixometer will even read the result ...    NAN    Views 2635


+11    You can use this application as odds calculater for Horse racing, Bookmaker, and etc. When you input 'Stake' and 'Odds', Bets and Returns will be calculated automatically. This application supported USD and JPY. If you want to switch language and currency, you can just tap ...    201 kb    Views 7487

Suitcase S Free

+5    Suitcase S gives shopping lists a redefinition. The idea of this app is to simplify the using process and improve the usage of sense. The only way to use it is to “SLIDE”. Connecting with community websites, you can upload ...    70 MB    Views 6903

Calc touch Free

+7    It's a design calculator that useful and easy. and it's free. Could you please, watch this demonstration? Calc touch is useful, it can modify expressions simply. If you would like to remove expressions, you simply touch it and press 'C'(Clear) button. Of course, another ...    25 MB    Views 9301
+26    DOUBLE calculators in one device this offer you much more than the regular calculator that you've ever seen in the App Store. No complicate scientific button to make you confuse it is sure very easy to use. With all the ...    26 MB    Views 6184

Split the Bill

person bill button split calculate
+13    This is a simple application to calculate a bill split. It asks for the total amount of the bill, the number of people and the waiter's tip or service fee. Once everything is informed, the user touches the calculate button, which validates ...    4 MB    Views 68


+3    iDeserveThis The app that makes it fast and easy to keep track of the work you do at home, and the earnings this may give you Touch one button to register activity After finishing a task you simply add ...    3 MB    Views 3212

The KaChing Button

button sound
-6    You've seen The Easy Button. You've seen The Woo Button. And you may have even seen The Hallelujah Button. But you've never seen anything like The KaChing Button Everybody loves KaChing... it's the sound that's made when money is on the way The KaChing Button ...    1 MB    Views 9820
calculator button display numbers operation sign graphical variable user buttons
+4    Graphical calculator featuring: Basic Operations Digit buttons for the user input of numbers. Additional operation buttons like sin, cos, log, √, x² Provide +/ button to change the leading sign. If user is entering a number, switch the sign of ...    1021 kb    Views 324


-1    TTM is an attendance management iPad Application that offers facility of tracking employee's assessment on daily basis i.e. Employees can keep record of their CheckIn, CheckOut time, along with tasks on daily basis. Administrator can supervise and manage employees, projects, customers ...    2 MB    Views 8074
Related Apps discount email calculator margin cost product price button discounts
+23    Nett Nett Calculator   Know what it costs   Know what margin you make Nett Nett Calculator makes it easy to calculate a product's nett nett cost.  Imagine the sales person is in front of you and tells you what offer/discount he can provide. ...    112 kb    Views 7500
money travel time currencies update exchange rates button converter mode
+15    A fast and elegant currency converter to convert all of your favorite currencies. Money Translator supports a total of 168 currencies, of which the exchange rates can be updated every minute. Choose a color that suits you the best and ...    2 MB    Views 4306

Suitcase S

users stuff add button rate delete screen data
-4    Suitcase S gives shopping lists a redefinition. The idea of this app is to simplify the using process and improve the usage of sense. The only way to use it is to “SLIDE”. Connecting with community websites, you can upload ...    70 MB    Views 9623


email list view send calc touch button single calculation
+9    CalcuList is an updated form of the printing calculator, ideal for mobile bookkeeping and any operation that requires an audit trail of a calculation. CalcuList replaces the print roll with a List view showing a history of calculation. The user can ...    163 kb    Views 5374


discount program money button selected input tap calculation switch application figure percentage
+1    This application program is a simple useful tool for the bargain sale etc. The amount of money after it discounts it can be calculated, and it know how much is increased easily. The screen design can be selected according to four kinds, ...    NAN    Views 1335
history calculator button calculations basic note write
+18    Best calculator on your iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. Features: History add note function, write, write what Auto adjust height of the history list, no matter how long the calculation process can be displayed in full History can be shared via ...    9 MB    Views 9996
Related Apps work management navigation expense manager balance simple entry monthly daily button experience view
+19    Description THE EXPENSE MANAGER PREMIUM PRO ♪ Expense Manager is an optimized and user friendly application for personal expense management. ♪ This simple yet powerful App is carefully designed to help you track daily expense, organize digital copies of your receipts onthego. Get ...    2 MB    Views 2175

Ai HotSpot

gps search coupons tap button information menu location zip code address
+7    Ai HotSpot is a mobile app that keeps you uptodate with sales, coupons, promotions and events that are currently occurring around you. It displays them in the order of closest distance or by highest popularity, and allows you to save them ...    1 MB    Views 3889
+15    Need to manage your business miles? Maybe even charge friends petrol money, or just keep a tab on your finances Petrol Meter lets you do just that With it's intuitive live time tracking features you no longer have to ...    9 MB    Views 6894


stock time portfolio button press price server latest refresh
-9    CSETracker allows users to get real time price of stock/shares from Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE). Users can also maintain their Stock Portfolio in CSETracker. Press the Refresh button any time to get the latest price from CSE server and recalculate ...    372 kb    Views 2062

Cent Per Mile

trip cost button
+3    ¢entPerMile is a simple way of answering the question: How much is this trip going to cost? Whether you are calculating the cost of a trip for a vacation or just curious about how much it cost to go to ...    990 kb    Views 7202
input button press dot add
+11    <Features> This application perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division with both speechinput and keyboardinput. The calculations are performed by the order of your input. It'll help accountants work. <User guide> First press Record button and speak to the mic to input numbers. When you ...    27 MB    Views 583

Censor it! Button

-1    The official Censor it Button App works well in many different types of situations at work, in school and at home. Releases a loud BLEEEEP similar to the profanity filter they use for censorship on TV).    4 MB    Views 8153

Budget Quick

Related Apps budget program select file button item buttons number enter quick default
+3    Welcome to Budget Quick 2.2 "FREE" as a service (no in App Adds Please leave your positive comments and look at my other apps at Shoppers see "Ez Shopping Calculator" Runners see "Jogging Tracker" & "Jogging Pacer" Golfers ...    402 kb    Views 8440
+16    When you exchange's foreign currency when shopping to go to overseas travel, it is not know whether the hand can be much exchange, does not it trouble is that? This application, just press the button to select a foreign currency, realtime ...    3 MB    Views 6003


gps trip email log mileage free irs hit lite button background
+12    GPS Mileage LogLite (Free) and GPS Mileage LogPro (1.99) are the fastest ways to track your business mileage for tax purposes, easy as 123. GPS Mileage LogLite is Free and does the following: No need to scribble down or input odometer readings ...    152 kb    Views 557


iphone currency currencies select rates united rate press button
-7    iCurrencies is an easy to use and powerful currency converter for your iPhone. The exchange rates are updated using an Internet connection automatically after startup, or by pressing the Refresh button. Features: Support of 137 currencies Uptodate exchange rates Easy conversion ...    1 MB    Views 6782
0    Savings Account Manager Lite is an application that helps you to add your savings account and manage your transactions. It is very simple and easy to use. Just download it You will like it Features: Excellent User Interface to add your ...    8 MB    Views 2102

Sum Calculator

calculator input press button sum method data numbers add
+15    <Features> A calculator application which performs addition and subtraction with speech input, keyboard input, and paste input. The data displayed on Input Screen is reusable on the other applications, like Excel and Numbers with copy & paste method and search & ...    27 MB    Views 800


stock calculation result remove tap button
-8    This calculator app has the following features. Feature Button layout that is simple and easy to use For up to 11 digits. Calculation result is stored automatically (maximum 50) Can be reused when you tap the calculation result of the stock ...    188 kb    Views 5160
Related Apps work currency offline country mode online application button screen convert
-3    Currency Convert is one of the most popular foreign exchange calculators on the App Store. Without Ads In Pro version. Features: • See exchange rates for 150 currencies • See currency charts for 1d, 5d, 1y, 2y, and 5y • Make quick currency calculations into ...    5 MB    Views 9235

Shopper Tally FREE

grocery cost click times button easy free tally track shopper aid
+5    A blast from the past Anyone over 50 remembers walking through the grocery store keeping track of the cost of the items in your grocery cart with a little pocket adder. Younger than 50, you might have seen one of ...    965 kb    Views 8742


tax shopping work keyboard email discount item added easily items add receipt version button
+6    Quickly calculate your savings while shopping with MyDiscount MyDiscount keeps a running total of all your items so you can easily know your total savings and cost. Easily calculate the sale price of your items that have an initial discount, additional ...    1 MB    Views 8271

MUA Insurance

Related Apps police home hospital emergency policy insurance information quote submit number button
-5    This is a unique app in the executive insurance market which offers users multiple easy to use client, policy, quote, claim and emergency features that will save you time by assisting you with all your personal shortterm insurance needs. The ...    3 MB    Views 4180

BAC Contacto

bac application service services button option executive financial
+5    BAC Contacto is a BAC Credomatic Network mobile application that offers you contact with BACCredomatic at the palm of your hand. With this application you can, with the click of a button, chat with a service executive and get real ...    3 MB    Views 5851
Related Apps time iphone currency historical rates present button date trends rate
+9    The Historical Currency Converter will enable you to calculate the conversion rates for the 4 primary currencies (Japanese Yen, US Dollar, British Sterling and the Euro) for any given date starting from the present date and time and going back ...    1 MB    Views 2818
Related Apps budget car screen expenses button report monthly category currencies reports
+5    What does this app offer? This app allows you to manage your expenses and your income and plan every financial operation you make. It is easy to use, simple, and provides daily, weekly, monthly or custom reports on your budget. In addition it ...    5 MB    Views 8639

Time at Work

0    This easy to use application will take away your time to calculate how much time were you at work, what have you been working on and how much did you earn. Think of this application as your personal on the go ...    1 MB    Views 5429

Interest Calculator

calculator canadian software time apps money interest loan monthly mortgage compound users features button easy
-4    Interest Calculator is super flexible and yet extremely quick and easy to use. Calculate complex compound interest on both loans and savings. One application that calculates both LOAN (mortgage or any other) as well as the future value of SAVINGS. ============== FEATURES ============== Two ...    133 kb    Views 5077


Related Apps person people screen transaction owe transactions view list edit button total
+9    Want to keep track of how much people owe you? Need to keep track of what you owe other people? Ever wish you could do that on your iPhone in an intuitive, easy to use interface? iOwe is an application that ...    109 kb    Views 1527

My Hotel Manager

search hotel video features bill button employee section displays charges
+2    Hotel Manager is an iPad app designed to manage your hotel. App is designed to store your data in the cloud. Many iPads may use the same app simultaneously. Video demonstration shows: register, checkin customers, do searches, setup employee usernames, ...    811 kb    Views 8093

ShoppingList & Tips

person organization dictionary people shopping product list bar button products tips top delete send
-7    ShoppingList & Tips, is created to facilitate many tasks in all the shopping, as fast as possible without too many turns. The main functions of the app are: Storage of products and description. Just open the app, you'll find yourself on the ...    564 kb    Views 6593
Related Apps calculator tax sale tip price easy add button tap
0    I wanted this app to be really easy to use. Thats why it might look simple Don't know how much to tip? Are you running your own business? Just add the price and you can either add or subtract the tax/tip/discount from it. Just ...    300 kb    Views 8885
parking paying extra free current location button stop limit
+13    Parking over the limit can be COSTLY This is a MUST HAVE APP for you to stop paying EXTRA. Furthermore If FREE PARKING is available, you can take full benefit of free parking without paying a cent. Sounds good? Doesn't it? Key Features ...    352 kb    Views 1645

Calc touch

tax touch button calculate simply calc left press don number
0    It's a design calculator that useful and easy. Could you please, watch this demonstration? Calc touch is useful, it can modify expressions simply. If you would like to remove expressions, you simply touch it and press 'C'(Clear) button. Of course, another expressions are still ...    395 MB    Views 7948
history calculator button basic calculations write note
0    Best calculator on your iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. Features: History add note function, write, write what Auto adjust height of the history list, no matter how long the calculation process can be displayed in full History can be shared via ...    7 MB    Views 6057
iphone currency converter find currencies exchange button dogecoin litecoin
+19    My Currency Converter is the simplest, most beautiful currency converter you'll ever find. It supports over 150 different currencies from all around the world, ranging from the US Dollar to the Colombian Peso It even supports BitCoin, LiteCoin and Dogecoin ...    12 MB    Views 9596


Related Apps stock time portfolio button press price latest refresh users
+6    DSETracker allows users to get real time price of stock/shares from Dhaka Stock Excahange (DSE). Users can also maintain their Stock Portfolio in DSETracker. Press the Refresh button any time to get the latest price from DSE server and recalculate ...    529 kb    Views 1890

Purchase Log

Related Apps map budget photos wifi excel microsoft search photo purchases location purchase button add delete user category description
+5    This app is a tool to track purchases and monitor spending. Simply add purchases whenever you make them, and delete old ones when you no longer need to worry about them. Using the location feature, you can see where you ...    2 MB    Views 6368


amount total tap banknotes button reset recognition
0    This app allows you to recognize euro banknotes, by automatic recognition of their value, and calculate the total amount. Through the use of spoken text, this app is great for the elderly and visually impaired (be sure to have the correct ...    6 MB    Views 3789


-6    Bored of modern calculator? Try this old style calculator. You can do the main mathematics operations like sum,subtraction,multiplication,division and percentage.    503 kb    Views 4476
time car money calculator yen gasoline expenses button application
-5    the joke which calculates forcibly the value which this application and Priceless Calculator cannot express to the amount of money it is an application. PLP (Priceless Price), transportation expenses, and time are required for calculation. In PLP, when you are said ...    951 kb    Views 1600
transactions account add savings accounts show button manager pages
0    Savings Account Manager is an application that helps you to add your savings account and manage your transactions. It is very simple and easy to use. Just download it You will like it Features: Excellent User Interface to add your account ...    5 MB    Views 1304

RepayCalc for iPad

ipad photo calculator decimal calculation result save button tap
+21    This is a simple interest calculator ( noncompound interest calculator ). You can calculate how much you should pay. No Limitation of Period: Use the Date input method system By the day calculation (365/366 a year | Leap year distinction) First ...    10 MB    Views 6541
tax discount button create location tap pay charged purchases entry
+6    Every place in the United States applies its own tax rates to your purchases. Going shopping, you never know how much you'll be charged in the end. Not anymore. • Create a purchase list in a way you love to create ...    3 MB    Views 2575
news philippines window full ads button stories free
-3    Philippines News 24/7 is a very simple RSS enews reader for the people of Philippines. This app brings you the latest news from all the top Philippines news sources in English. The news is categorized as, Top Stories Pilipinas Business Sports World Entertainment Lifestyle Science & Technology Real Estate Free Ads Opinion Health The ...    3 MB    Views 6113

Musical Calculator

calculator button functions press
-7    Musical Calculator (With Themes) for iPhone and iPad. It provides all scientific and arithmetic functions.All operations like factorial,divisions,root,power and logarithm are also supported. It includes trigonometric functions like sin,cos ,tan,inverse of trigonometric functions and more.. Extra features: 1) Large,easy to press button. 2) Backspace ...    3 MB    Views 8949

Option Spread

stock press spread button option data call
+30    Option Spread shows the range of Bid/Ask prices for vertical Call / Put spreads, butterflies, and covered calls at various strikes, expiration dates, and ranges. Option Spread parses stock option quote data downloaded from the CBOE website using the inapp browser ...    10 MB    Views 1192
personal lucky numbers india access lotto lottery lotteries birth button
+2    Lottery India Lucky Numbers is an app that allows the generation of custom lucky numbers, based on your name and birth date. Supports India Lotteries: Super Lotto 6/49 Thunder Ball Easy Lotto And many others More than 150 lotteries worldwide ...    15 MB    Views 7322
currency currencies button tap conversion converter support table edit rates
+1    220+ currencies supported Much more than any other converter on the App Store The only Currency Converter supporting all the world currencies, Bitcoin included Make use of Forex exchange rates, and it works offline, too Winner of the iPhoneFootprint ...    14 MB    Views 7470
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