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Clarity Accountants

+13    Clarity Accountants provides quick and simple accounting estimate calculators right in your fingertips. The calculators provided in this app include loans, leases, stamp duty, investment, currency, tax, yield and valuation.    820 kb    Views 3449


+3    The 10BIIBusiness application is a seamless implementation of the real world 10BII series of financial calculators, but specially designed to bring up the most of your iOS devices and , at the same time, conserving the easy of use and ...    5 MB    Views 1899
+14    "Mortgage Calc Collections" The collections of 29 calculators. These calculators are used to calculate, analyze and determine how much mortgage a borrower can afford according to the financial situations. These Mortgage calculators are specifically programmed to compute the values of mortgages such as ...    5 MB    Views 8617

SCAD Calculators

0    This Application include two calculators : Personal Inflation Calculator ​The consumer price index (CPI) is the official measure of consumer inflation in Abu Dhabi Emirate. The CPI is based on the total expenditure of all households in a particular year or month. The ...    3 MB    Views 7047
calculator money investment time calculators financial estimate loan collections insurance
+17    "Financial Calculator Collections" Enjoy our Fast, Financial Calculators. Need to determine a Loan payments? How much to save for retirement?How much should I be saving for college?????? Get this App. Estimate how the future payments affect your financial status. Estimate how much ...    3 MB    Views 2487
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+3    Your all Business Calculators at one place, use the following business and financial calculators to quickly and easily evaluate different aspects of your business.    682 kb    Views 4633

Bennett Verby

tax gps business mileage calculators logger important
+8    Welcome to a wealth of free Tax Tools with the Bennett Verby App From reminders of important dates to a GPS Business Mileage logger, this app has plenty to help you with your taxes. There are also various Tax Tables, Tax ...    11 MB    Views 1891
tax gps business tools stamp income duty calculators corporation dates expenses
+23    The DSG Tax tools will help to simplify your daily taxes We are providing you with various free tax tools to support you: 1) A Business Mileage Logger using the inbuilt GPS functions of your iOS device, this tool can ...    10 MB    Views 7260
calculator margin cost price commission formula calculators quickly calculate
+27    Calculate your profit margin, cost, price, or commission quickly without having to remember any formulas ​This FREE app also gives you the ability ​calculate margin as well as back into cost and/or determine price ​.​ ​Additionally, you can ​toggle from a ...    1 MB    Views 1923

AH & Co

+27    This powerful new free finance and Tax App has been developed by the team at AH & Co to give you key financial and tax information, tools, features and news at your fingertips, 24/7. The AH & Co App designed to ...    17 MB    Views 901
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+8    ============================= PLEASE MAIL ANY PROBLEMS / QUESTIONS / SUGGESTIONS Easy Financial Calculator is the one place to get all the financial calculators. ============================= For phone and tablet, this application includes the following financial calculators. Search through calculators easily. Bond Value Calculator....Bond Price, Yield ...    2 MB    Views 9762
calculator multiple calculations calculators results desktop classic
-1    Did you miss your old desktop calculator ? Do you feeling that Calculators with high tech ui are hard to use ? Are you sick of seeing wrong results when you make multiple calculations? Then this app is just for you.Classic calculator designed ...    330 kb    Views 3941

Nice Calc TT

ipad tax iphone calculator calculators touch results nice calc amount included
+1    Nice Calc TT features two calculators in one universal application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that lets you see in detail the percentage or tax calculated for a specific amount in an easy way. You can move between calculators easily, ...    15 MB    Views 794
calculator canadian mortgage easy simple financial payments calculators
-3    The "SimpleCalc" Simple Canadian Mortgage Calculator is the fastest way to estimate your mortgage payments. SimpleCalc takes all the complexity out of estimating your mortgage payments. If you're looking for a noBS, easy to understand calculator this is it. No adverts, ...    3 MB    Views 3330
calculator house mortgage amortization simple loan calculations refinance calculating schedule calculators
-5    A+ Mortgage Calculator offers 4 different loan calculators in one simple to use applications. In seconds, you will be calculating the monthly mortgage payment on your dream house, figuring out how expensive of a house you can really afford, determining ...    1 MB    Views 1806

Mortgage Express NZ

Related Apps home calculator mortgage calculators express loan repayments find
-3    Mortgage Express team of mortgage advisers love to help New Zealanders find a home loan that is right for them and their circumstances. We have access to more than 150 home loans from over 10 banks and lenders, and our ...    NAN    Views 3555
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+3    SETCO Services, L.L.C. Calculators Cost and refinance calculators. Professional Title Services on the beach and Online. These calculators are meant for estimate purposes only, and may not reflect final cost.    8 MB    Views 7719

Insurance Calc

calculator money insurance calc financial required calculators
0    "Insurance Calc" Collections of 6 calculators. Generally Insurance is an arrangement with a company in which you pay them regular amounts of money so that you or your family will receive money if your property, car, etc. gets damaged or stolen, or ...    2 MB    Views 5304


-8    AskME is a multipurpose calculator specially designed to provide the results to daily calculations through a really intuitive and attractive user interface. It includes five calculators which make getting the answers you need quick and easy. Switching between calculators can ...    258 kb    Views 998

Morty Free

calculator iphone mortgage free calculators kind buy
+5    Introducing Morty Free, the free version of Morty, the best looking graphing mortgage calculator in the iTunes store. Let’s face it. There are a lot of mortgage calculators out there that all do the same thing using the same numbers. But ...    215 kb    Views 2581

Nice Calc

tax ipad touch nice calc percentage included amount calculators displayed
+26    Nice Calc is a Universal application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that lets you see in detail the percentage or tax calculated for a specific amount. The T key is programmed by you, after entering any number just touch the ...    7 MB    Views 6778

GSF Mortgage

mortgage loan easy monthly lender calculators features sharing
-4    Introducing GSF Mortgage’s new fullfeatured mortgage app Download this easytouse app now to grab many helpful tools geared towards your mortgage process before, during and after. Key Features for Customers and Prospective Buyers Purchase and Refinance calculatorsFHA,VA, Conventional and USDA loan calculators ...    13 MB    Views 1295
financial calculators literacy
+12    Interactive calculators provide tools for success in budgeting, mortgage repayment, student and auto loans, and savings and retirement. Brought to you by the critically acclaimed Web site, Financial Literacy.    1 MB    Views 5298
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0    FinaCal Financial Calculator is an application which combines the best and the most convenient calculators in one app. Works on iPhone as well as iPad without additional purchase. For iPhones and iPad, this application includes the following financial calculators. Fixed Deposit ...    5 MB    Views 9947
-7    Application was created primarily for Canadian Real Estate agents. Application was developed in HD so it will look great on the iPad. Home buyers/owners also benefit By calculating a mortgage you will know the Income required for a purchase and all fees ...    5 MB    Views 674
tax calculator video income act calculators http department
0    Income Tax ready recokner is brain child of Prashant Thakur who is practicing tax through his website . The app technology can be very helpful for chartered accountants, lawyers to get all the important information related to Income Tax ...    30 MB    Views 4049
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-4    The Scrutton Bland Tax Calculators App not only provides a range of useful Calculators, but also other Tax support as well. To start with there is the GPS based business mileage calculator. At the press of a button you can start ...    13 MB    Views 8469
-7    The Bird Luckin Accountants mobile app brings to you a variety of Tax Calculators, Tax Tables and Tax Savings schemes. The Tax Calculators include Stamp Duty, Income Tax, VAT and Corporation Tax. In the Tax Tables you will find the main ...    14 MB    Views 3705
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-4    Looking for the ultimate mortgage calculator? The Wolfram Mortgage Calculator Reference App is that and more with basic and advanced options for fixed and adjustable rate mortgages and bonus features to assist with your home buying decision. Compute the monthly ...    13 MB    Views 6032


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0    RateOne is an innovative Mortgage Broking and Financial Planning company helping Australians find the best home loans on the market. Whether you are purchasing, selling, refinancing or debt consolidating RateOne can assist. Are you looking for an app that can help ...    NAN    Views 5366

Profit & Loss Calc

Related Apps calculator profit calculators loss financial calc turnover roi rate provide
+5    "Profit & Loss Calc" Collections of 9 calculators. These Calculators are used to calculate, analyze and determine the small business commodity pricing strategies. Profit & Loss calculators is the basic tools, specifically programmed to compute values that can provide better assessment on financial ...    3 MB    Views 2165
calculator theme calculators button drag scientific buttons calculation calculate
-5    DOUBLE calculators in one device this offer you much more than the regular calculator that you've ever seen in the App Store. No complicate scientific button to make you confuse it is sure very easy to use. With all the ...    26 MB    Views 6184
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0    The Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP App brings to your pocket a variety of useful tax tools, including: Business Mileage Calculator using the GPS on your handset track and record your business mileage quickly and easily. Expenses Log keep a ...    10 MB    Views 4217
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+4    Practical Money Skills for Life brings you this comprehensive calculator suite as part of its ongoing effort to help students of all ages boost their financial literacy. Explore your own financial information in greater detail by using these powerful tools ...    1 MB    Views 7241

Elders HL

property home calculator australia loan calculators checklist repayments mortgage
-2    Are you buying a property in Australia? This application is perfect for anyone interested in the property market in Australia. Popular with Property Buyers or Investors, Real Estate Agents, Conveyancers, Accountants and Mortgage Brokers. This app includes Mortgage Calculators and Finance Tools ...    NAN    Views 9790

Saward Dawson

Related Apps tax calculators information
+19    Calculators including income tax for current and next years, loan repayment and interest calculators. Tax tables and other useful information. Tax tips. General information about Saward Dawson.    1 MB    Views 1851
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+14    Make your payment calculation in a few click. You should input only 3 data: amount, amortization period and interest rate. Insert all datas and then use sliders to simulate how the payment changes she you change the period or the interest rate. iOS8 ...    7 MB    Views 3255
+12    Always wanted a simple way to calculate Tip, Discount, Tax, Contribution, etc.. With this app you can now have all these things very quickly and very easy way. With just few taps and minimum entry, you can calculate contribution, tip, split ...    1 MB    Views 422
calculator currency calculators converter choose easily convert total currencies
+9    Have you ever used a calculator and write down the total in order to do another calculation then reuse the total you've written down? You have to checkout this calculator. Operate 3 simultaneous calculators that allows you to add, subtract, ...    3 MB    Views 5175

iHandy Calculator

calculator tax discount contribution tip calculate calculators
-9    Always wanted a simple way to calculate Tip, Discount, Tax, Contribution, etc.. With this app you can now have all these things very quickly. With just few taps and minimum entry, you can calculate contribution, tip, split bill between person, tax, ...    444 kb    Views 7778

Time Value of Money

Related Apps time money annuity sum lump calculations growing calculators due
+10    Performing time value of money calculations has never been more simple or intuitive. This application brings all these complex calculations all under one application and into your hand. The power is yours. Time Value of Money makes it simple to perform ...    1 MB    Views 9439


ratio valuation capital calculators model
+9    This app contains calculators for the main valuation formulas. The following calculators with explanations are presented in this app: Weighted average cost of capital (WACC) Capital asset pricing model (CAPM) Net present value (NPV) Dividend discount model (DDM) Current ratio Quick ratio Cash ratio P/E EV/EBIT EV/EBITDA EV/S P/B This app can be useful ...    694 kb    Views 569
Related Apps finance home loan terms calculate repayments calculators mortgage application
0    Description: A suite of easy to use calculators from leading Australian Mortgage Broker that enables you to: •Calculate loan repayments •Estimate Government Duties, Fees and Charges •Calculate the effect of extra repayments on your home loan •Determine your borrowing power •Glossary of common terms used by ...    NAN    Views 1158

I Spy Finance

finance property work included calculators offers loan buying
0    Welcome to the app for I Spy Finance This app is a great tool and resource centre for those not only looking at buying a house in Australia, but those that want to stay in touch with the latest in Mortgages ...    13 MB    Views 8387

All In One Cal

calculator entertainment calculators list
0    Enjoy the following list of calculators in a single app . You can have a fun FLAMES calculator in entertainment section , where you can see the relation between two persons and can share it to social media networks. You ...    8 MB    Views 9025

Tax Calculators

Related Apps tax calculator professional calculate calculators
-7    Tax Calculators is an easy to use tool designed to calculate your combined federal and provincial income tax bill. Features: Available for all provinces and territories Speedy calculation Tax years: 2009 and 2008 (more updates soon) Calculate the tax savings your ...    NAN    Views 5462


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+15    IBMSE Calc is a set of financial calculators provided by IBMSE Employees Federal Credit Union and powered by CUTech. The calculators include personal savings, college savings, car loan payment, home loan payment and retirement savings. You can quickly and easily ...    732 kb    Views 811
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-5    Help with your taxes at your fingertips From the business mileage logger to the variety of tax calculators, this free app offers you plenty of tools. There are also a set of tax tables for your reference and some useful tax ...    13 MB    Views 9881


calculator time 10bii financial calculations ios units equation calculators quickly editor
-2    The 10BIIFinancial application is a seamless implementation of the real world 10BII series of financial calculators, but specially designed to bring up the most of your iOS devices and , at the same time, conserving the easy of use and ...    5 MB    Views 9068

My Abacus

home calculator stamp calculations calculators abacus checklist results repayments lender
-4    This app is one of the best app for anyone who is interested in the property market in Australia. This app includes mortgage calculators and many financial tools for Australian buyers to help them to make informed decisions, such as first ...    6 MB    Views 8304
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+9    70% off for a limited time Mortgage 2015 Pro is an amazing set of seven calculators in one app, with the most comprehensive set of features. Simple but powerful calculators for: Mortgage, Loan, Debt Payoff, Investment, Payout, and Sales Tax. Key features: Email & ...    17 MB    Views 1742
work mortgage calculators find cost broker effects product data
+3    Everything you need to find a mortgage Description Mortgage Brain’s FREE app is a fast and simple way for you to search the UK mortgage market for a mortgage using the latest mortgage data. It also provides you with the ability to ...    9 MB    Views 8
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+17    Interest Calculators application allows you to calculate Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Tax Calculations, Percentage Calculations, Loan EMI Calculations, Live 169 Countries Currency Converter etc... Interest Calculators application gives you help with example every where in the application.    3 MB    Views 6541

Rivington Accounts

tax accounts vat including payslip services calculators cima
-8    This App provides you with important UK Tax information and filing dates for the current year. Get this app and you'll never be hunting for that tax card you've put in a 'safe place'. We have included some handy tax calculators, ...    11 MB    Views 3928

Old Calculator

calculator calculators
+20    OLD CALCULATOR app A BLAST from the past Based on actual old calculators that were in use before the invention of micro chips and vacuum tubes, these old calculators were commonly found on desks in the early 1900′s. In these ...    5 MB    Views 6495
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+6    Calculators including income tax for current and next years, loan repayment and interest calculators. Tax tables and other useful information. Tax tips. General information about Saward Dawson.    1 MB    Views 3067
planning calculators mortgage
-4    Welcome to Genworth Financial’s Mortgage Planning Calculators These easy to use calculators are accessible whenever you need to help plan for your client's next home purchase.    NAN    Views 3979

Lender Source

source lender mortgages calculators access range tool compare financial
+7    Please note, this App is only available to Openwork financial advisers. Lender Source is a mortgage sourcing tool exclusively for Openwork financial advisers. Lender Source allows you to source mortgages from Openwork’s panel of lenders, access a range of mobile calculators and ...    NAN    Views 8660
Related Apps finance home pty loan mortgage calculators repayments calculate terms application
+3    Description: A suite of easy to use calculators from a leading Australian Mortgage Broker that enables you to: Calculate loan repayments Estimate Government Duties, Fees and Charges Calculate the effect of extra repayments on your home loan Determine your borrowing power Glossary of common terms used ...    NAN    Views 418
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+17    The widely popular, easy to use and feature rich financial calculators app comes to iPhone/iPad: TVM Calculator Currency Converter Loan Calculators Compound Interest Calculators Retirement/401k Calculators Credit Card Pay Off Calculator Tip Calculator Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Calculator Return on ...    9 MB    Views 873
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