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+23    Give money, get money. Never forget. PayBacks allows you to keep track of your small loans in a super easy to use interface. How does it work? Add your payments Quickly add your payments to your log by entering details like amount, currency and ...    16 MB    Views 5698

PayCheck for iPhone

+27    Paycheck is the essential app for a quick, easy management for payments and transactions. Simply add transactions and select whether its money received or paid. In the end, press the Totals button to see how much money you've earned or owed ...    84 kb    Views 5057
+21    If you are looking for a car fuel log system with data analysis feature and even grahics. If you are busy and have no time to figure out how to input data through a complicated UI and have no patience ...    103 kb    Views 8086


0    Have you ever been at the supermarket checkout, only to realise that when it came to paying, you didn't have enough money? Maybe you've seen it happen to somebody else? Then follows the inevitable, dreaded and embarrassing "I'll put this back" ...    4 MB    Views 7341

LFM Money

+4    SALE: 80% OFF FOR A WEEK ONLY LFM Money is an easy to use personal finance application to simplify your daily expense tracking. Take control of your money and improve the health of your finances. LFM Money unites all your accounts ...    412 kb    Views 6083
+25    Want you to know why at the end of month you have run out of money without buying anything useful? Want you the best way to organize your finances? Want you to help save some money for buy a new ...    8 MB    Views 8751
+28    Finally the easy way to count money at the reach of your palm in your iPhone The concept behind this application is a very simple, yet very useful one It simply works by adding money for you. To use it just ...    352 kb    Views 4323
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+3    Want you to know why at the end of month you have run out of money without buying anything useful? Want you the best way to organize your finances? Want you to help save some money for buy a new ...    9 MB    Views 5062
+29    The easiest shopping calculator from team which created Quick Money Recorder, easiest Spending Tracker which 3 million user downloaded. Is it hard to track how much you are buying at Super Markets?? QMR ShopCalc is a calculator which specialized in that situation. 1. ...    10 MB    Views 1442

Easy Split

+26    Easy Split allows you to separate payment with friends. With a simple UI and super easy to use, you can quickly utilize this application when it needs for distribution of payments. Split can be done even or uneven manner, you are determining it ...    469 kb    Views 3570
calculator money time email person organization people meeting cost spend late feature show
+17    How much time and money did that executive just cost your organization because he or she was late to a meeting? How much will your meeting cost now that you invited 25 people for one hour? Meeting Spend Calculator lets ...    471 kb    Views 5644
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0    With this application, you can quickly compare the unit cost of two items, no matter what units they are in – items, weights, or volumes right there in the store. Just type in the price and quantity, and it ...    403 kb    Views 7189


money enter balance items equipment list display easy
+10    "Bank Yusya" is a fun app that let me continue the tedious task is to type in pocket money every day to book This app is a pocket money book oozes retro nostalgic atmosphere. When you enter today's spending and revenue, ...    1 MB    Views 5940
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+1    Money Story Book is easy to use and easy to input data. UX is applied as much as possible to enjoy Money Story Book Are you looking for a way to save your money? Money Story Book will totally worth of spending ...    17 MB    Views 9602
house time home money energy learn discover efficient saving cost save tips alternative
0    If you're wanting to learn energy saving tips to develop... Then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read You're About To Learn All The Money You Could Be Saving By Making Your Home Energy Efficient And Even Save Time ...    754 kb    Views 655

Budget Me

budget money expenses spending easy features seconds monthly simple interface
+5    Budget Me is an easy to use personal finance application to help you track your spending and keep to a budget. With just two taps, you can enter your monthly budget and begin tracking your expenses immediately. Budget Me features ...    2 MB    Views 8735

Shopper Tally

grocery cost click times easy button tally track shopper large device
-2    A blast from the past Anyone over 50 remembers walking through the grocery store keeping track of the cost of the items in your grocery cart with a little pocket adder. Younger than 50, you might have seen one of ...    956 kb    Views 148

Mine to Spend

money envelope pay period put paid divide 1000 cost spend
+13    This app is based on the good old fashion way of budgeting and saving by putting money in envelopes each pay period and there are 30 envelopes available. The amount you put in the Cost boxes is like putting that ...    459 kb    Views 789
-1    Many countries topped the list of the top 10 financial CheckbookHD will help you keep track of your Expenses in a very simple way and tell you how much money you can spend each day, taking in account what ...    2 MB    Views 180

Xmas Budget

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0    Budget for your Christmas this year • Santa's workshop will help you through setting up your budget guiding you through some of the common places that you spend money during the holidays. • A tracker that will show you if you've been ...    2 MB    Views 5458

Van Insurance UK

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-1    You need Van insurance and want it fast as well as Cheap. Well look no further, download this app to get all the major Van insurers fighting over your business. Complete the 2 minute form and make sure you get ...    NAN    Views 9101

Easy Money Money

money apps easy simple lists note list details day financial
+3    Looking for a really simple way to keep tabs on your daytoday finances? There are lots of apps out there which can help but if you are looking for SUPER simple way to do it you need look no further... Easy ...    2 MB    Views 8461
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-8    Plant Money is a personal finance application that make recording income/expense easy and fun. We want to record income/expense so we'll know how we spent but the problem is we can't do it continuously. With Plant Money we change the way we ...    24 MB    Views 5436
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+6    iPhone5 and high resolution graphics for Retina displays. The best way to optimize your loans so they will cost you less money. Easily organize all your loans to follow their total cost each month. Know if you can borrow some money for ...    3 MB    Views 5341

Become: Savvy

+28    Become Savvy allows you get to grips with your money by concentrating on two things, your Cost of Money and your Net Worth. Become: Savvy will help you get familiar with both these numbers, applied to your circumstances, and to ...    3 MB    Views 5207
calculator tip simple enter meal cost fast easy free
-3    The Simple Tip Calculator lets you effortlessly calculate restaurant tips on either your iPhone or iPod Touch. This tip calculator is by far the easiest and simplest tip calculator out there. If you are looking for a tip calculator that gets ...    2 MB    Views 4524
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+1    App of the week September 2013 – Pre Apps “Alleviates the hassle of an excel sheet so you can stay on top of your finances on the move” – ACA Be a savvy student; manage your finances with Study Money. Keeping track ...    5 MB    Views 4024

Why Am I Broke?

+22    Month in and month out we work and slave, yet for some reason we never have any money. Our normal monthly bills aren't all that big, we don't have much around the house, so why are we always broke? Well, have ...    709 kb    Views 3535
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+29    Good Spender is easytouse personal finance software for creating budget, tracking cost and analyzing spending. Planning where money will go is about what your life is going to be. With Good Spender you can not only look back at what ...    7 MB    Views 993

Trip Money

trip money email currency transaction balance spending check purchase cost add
+1    Trip Money tracks your money on currency cards, traveller’s cheques and cash. Instantly check your balance and track spending whilst on a trip. No more having to check your currency card balance at an ATM to get your latest balance. ...    7 MB    Views 5459

LFM Money Free

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-6    LFM Money Free is an easy to use personal finance application to simplify your daily expense tracking. Take control of your money and improve the health of your finances. LFM Money Free unites all your accounts and transactions in one ...    544 kb    Views 3074
money banking iphone mobile online dnb convenient easy bank account
+16    Convenient Mobile Money from DNB First DNB First provides banking the way you want. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Mobile Money. This free and secure service, developed as part of our commitment to making your banking convenient, gives you the ...    5 MB    Views 7956
money recording expenses amount immediately easy incomes simple choose
-6    Easy and fast records for your expenses and incomes. Beautiful tracking of your money in iPhone, iPod. Be finansist with pleasure. Remember what the money went — nice and helpful. And with the application "Mona", it is also easy Forget about complicated accounting programs with ...    3 MB    Views 1926

GP Plus

calculator money margin sales category sell product margins cost price
+9    The GP calculator is a quick calculator for buyers and sellers that calculates GP's, Cost, Sell and Profit on a product by product basis. In this regard the calculator can work on a product basis and the user is able ...    4 MB    Views 3915
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+8    Spending is a most easytouse expense log that keeps track of your money spending. No complex operations, no impractical functions. Spending is so easy to use. Using Spending you will quickly and easily record each expense. It's easy to know how ...    7 MB    Views 7169

Glass Jar

Related Apps money calendar jar debt control easy
-1    Glass Jar is a fun and easy to use calendar for your money that lets you take control of your finances. After a few minutes of using Glass Jar you'll be able to see years into your financial future. It's ...    11 MB    Views 9426

Cash Flow Tracker

Related Apps money tracker show income bank day expenses total easy daily
+1    How much you spend on every day and How much you get every day? How are your money moving ? Bring your money under control. Money Tracker will make this easy for you. No annoying advertisement. Add Bank Account from Bank Setup ...    2 MB    Views 9014

Invoice Robot

-7    Invoice Robot was developed for small businesses, nonprofits and innovative people that want to create invoices, proposals, receipts and quotations better and faster than large teams of strategic consultants and administrative staff. Get paid sooner by creating and sending PDF ...    2 MB    Views 1392


money card people add fare amount cost bonus
+3    MetroSaver helps you get the most value from your PayPerRide MetroCard when riding the MTA in New York City by calculating exactly how much to add to your MetroCard so that every penny goes toward your rides. MTA Station Booths and ...    9 MB    Views 8704


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+17    Bank on Houston App is a collaborative effort that offers lowcost starter checking accounts to the unbanked and underbanked and helping them protect their money. Why spend hundreds of dollars a year at a checkcashing company when you can deposit ...    14 MB    Views 3442
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0    Coin Tap is a ridiculously fun game if you like watching the money roll in Test your reflexes and catch the coins coming in by tapping on the screen. See how many coins you can collect before making a mistake ...    13 MB    Views 1340
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+28    Introducing Numero, the next generation of personal finance and wealth management for iPhone and iPad. Now optimized for iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Numero replaces your old paper account register with a simple and easy to use app ...    2 MB    Views 162


money amount totals starting profits total section easy box
+29    Simple Money Counter was designed to make balancing a till or cash box as easy as possible. All you have to do is count the number of items you have and enter them into the appropriate boxes. Tapping outside any of ...    4 MB    Views 4614
money send transfer cost debit chf
+14    Transfer money abroad quickly, easily and at the lowest possible cost using TransferWise. Banks charge hidden fees and use unfair exchange rates. Now there’s a solution. We use real currency exchange rates to help expats, foreign students and businesses transfer money online ...    9 MB    Views 1027
calculator money car monitor ipad apps fuel economy vehicles cost journey average easy
-1    Fuel Economy Calculator for iPad also available, designed specifically for iPad Featured in The Sunday Times App List in the UK Recommended by Telegraph Money Recommended by Moneywise Magazine as one of 'the best apps to make your money ...    16 MB    Views 7153

Finance Formulator

finance stock money car investment business program sales ratio cash ratios price formulas debt analysis cost
+15    120 different formulas make our FINANCE FORMULATOR perfect for you. Whether you are someone who works fulltime in finance, a business student or a businessman, this simple program will be an important tool for you. You can save formula results ...    58 MB    Views 4640
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+12    The Road Trip Gas Calculator is fast and easy to use. Simply input the average gas price, your vehicles milespergallon rating, and your trip distance. The calculator will provide your trip's gas cost and the cost per mile for your ...    1 MB    Views 1503


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-8    MANAGE YOUR MONEY WITH EASY Finance allows you to easily manage your money, so you can see where your money is coming from and where you’re spending. It is easy to enter transactions and it is even easier to understand your ...    16 MB    Views 6555
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-5    iCost Cost Of Living simple, lightweight, easy to use, fast, clear Simple, easy to use: Intuitive, clear, without tutorials, and instantly started. Unparalleled quickly: three seconds to complete a statement. Even more frightening is that does not require registration No landing No networking Quick ...    25 MB    Views 5099
budget money finance personal save saved easy expense expenses track
+11    Budget Saved is the super easy to use personal finance app that is designed to help you save money Budget Saved helps you save money by grouping expenses based on need or want. You input an expense, save it as a ...    11 MB    Views 4994

PennyOwl Allowance

children money parents family allowance features interesting great easy
+5    PennyOwl gives parents an easy way to manage allowances, and children a great way to learn about money. It’s important that children develop good financial habits early. Giving an allowance is a great way to start the conversation. PennyOwl is more than ...    10 MB    Views 6045
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+13    The ultimate app CashOfWorld of denomination calculation It is easy to calculate the major currencies of the world Corresponding to the major eight currency of the world , it covers the majority of the population on the earth US dollar Euro ...    15 MB    Views 8793


apple profile user fast friends cost easy add shared
+4    You sure know the problem when you are out with your friends and you are sharing the costs of different things, but in the end nobody knows who owes whom money? That is where your little helper iLend4Friends steps in With iLend4Friends ...    3 MB    Views 3424


money expenses digital split multiple bill function orange easy
+20    Kicbak is perfect for staying even with housemates, travelling buddies, friends and colleagues. There’s a lot of shared expenses in life, with Kicbak you can keep these expenses balanced and stay even, always. You can enter your expenses and split ...    18 MB    Views 771
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-1    In today's fluxuating fuel market, it is becoming harder for consumers to save money at the gas pumps. For those with flexable fuel engines there can be some relief. Since the gas mileage between Gasoline and E85 is different, it ...    306 kb    Views 546
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+7    Are you spending more each month than you are getting as income? If so, you should look more closely at where your money is going and where you can cut back. Simple Billing will keep track of your expenses and stay ...    13 MB    Views 2544
iphone calculator email money loan cost payment including square data costs principal
+16    Make smart money decisions anywhere The Amortizer is an easytouse, powerful and flexible mortgage loan calculator for the iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. Perfect for real estate agents, homebuyers, and homeowners looking to refinance. Features include: Payment calculation, including escrow costs ...    1 MB    Views 3979

CFL Savings

money save cost savings energy quickly
+8    Our CFL Savings Calculator will show you how much money you can save by switching from incandescent light bulbs to CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs). CFL’s cost more to purchase, but they are up to four times more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Use ...    436 kb    Views 5570
finance time students building discount exam money capital cost equity project cash practice questions
+4    ‘Finance: Where is My A+’ is an essential tool for either students of corporate finance at the college, undergraduate or graduate level, or people pursuing professional accounting designations (CFA, CFP, CPA, LIFA). The current version includes over 1,750 computationbased questions. It ...    17 MB    Views 1123

Car Park Timer

Related Apps car time timers running profile money cost tariff application information set parking park types
+9    A unique solution to keep track of your parking cost. Designed for car parks that works on a pay as you leave method. The idea is to allow users to keep tracking of their parking cost in real time. With ...    646 kb    Views 7087
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