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+8    Easily record your expenses using Expene Reports for iPhone, iPod, and iPad Now you can document your expenses, photo your receipt, and share the details and totals via email with yourself, your boss, or your customers. Choose your category, then enter ...    470 kb    Views 5411


+5    Record, photograph and list credit card and expense receipts. Check monthly bills to be sure they are accurate, especially restaurant tips. Features: Time stamp new receipts automatically Enter valid total amount for each receipt Type note for each receipt Record 2 ...    3 MB    Views 5782


+6    Simple Money Counter was designed to make balancing a till or cash box as easy as possible. All you have to do is count the number of items you have and enter them into the appropriate boxes. Tapping outside any of ...    4 MB    Views 4614
apps iphone email facebook gps photo expenses lite reports detailed totals note
+4    Easily record your expenses using Expense Reports Lite for iPhone, iPod, and iPad Now you can document your expenses, photo your receipt, and share the details and totals via email with yourself, your boss, or your customers. Choose your category, then ...    469 kb    Views 9261


totals tender cash multi
+13    CashPad is an iPad app that allows you to quickly and effortlessly calculate your till totals at any time. The data you input can easily be emailed and then imported into most accounting systems. Whilst cashing up is not necessarily a ...    5 MB    Views 3167
+1    Paper Tally brings the stark simplicity of pen and paper to expense tracking. Optimised for rapid input and quick glances of your expense history, Paper Tally abandons gimmicky graphs and restrictive tags in favour of simple list views, totals and ...    437 kb    Views 6021
0    The first payroll application available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Mobile Payroll is available for free to existing SurePayroll customers. EASY, SECURE, and FREE Enjoy true payroll freedom with 24/7 access at your fingertips to calculate wages, deductions, benefits, ...    1 MB    Views 9566


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+13    Features: Interface Bug Fixes Total Accounts Balance (same currrency) Export Single Account info as attachment (CSV) Export All Account info as multiple attachments (CSV) Transactions now include categories Transactions now include notes Transactions now include checkmarks Select the fields you ...    5 MB    Views 9648

Service Invoice

email tax invoice service clients save send totals automatically comments
-3    Service Invoice is an easy to use app that enables you to send invoices for services to clients at the end of billing or project cycle. It can also be used by any consultancy business. You can enter hourly rates ...    12 MB    Views 904
-2    Breezily split expenses with a travel companion. In 10 seconds. It takes mere seconds to create a new trip and add yourself and a traveling companion. When you split a bill, simply pop open the app, enter each participant's costs, and ...    57 MB    Views 9244
trip email photos travel participants totals expenses seconds currencies star enter
+13    Breezily split expenses with travel companions. In seconds. It takes mere seconds to create a new trip and add participants. When you split a bill, simply pop open the app, enter each participants costs, and the IOU’s are calculated and stored. And ...    60 MB    Views 5458
tab graph monthly energy categories totals simple table view
+5    CostMan is a simple application to keep track of your expenses. You can easily know how much you're spending on particular item every month, every year. Learn more about what you are paying for routinely such as energy costs, communication fee, taxes ...    4 MB    Views 2187

Iron Point

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+9    This mobile application allows you to view account valuation, performance, and reporting information for authorized users, in an application developed for Iron Point Capital Management specifically for mobile devices. Information contained herein is derived from and based upon data obtained from ...    961 kb    Views 3748

Tip Bucket

clock totals tip data tips cents pay easily period
-3    ONLY .99 cents Forever Are you in the service industry? Do you keep track of your tips on paper? Are you not sure your company is paying you all the hours you worked? Not anymore.... Tip Bucket is an app ...    13 MB    Views 185
apps iphone email facebook person photo debt add tap debts details date due owed totals
+14    Easily record the debts you are owed using Debt Collector for iPhone, iPod, and iPad Now you can document debts owed to you category, photo the person or receipt responsible for the debt, record the date the debt is due, ...    457 kb    Views 9258


bill split totals dinner clean simply tip
-3    Split your restaurant bill, simply, and beautifully. Split/Bill is a clean and minimal application that makes the timeous task of splitting your bill, simple. Who needs a calculator and pen? Simply select the number of people at your table, input your ...    2 MB    Views 226
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+5    StockWatch is the best App to keep an eye on the stock market, track your portfolios and holdings, and much more. With an easytouse interface, you will have all your investments and research tools just a few taps away. With ...    6 MB    Views 2897

TaxiBooks Mini

accounts totals day expenses add mini
+3    TaxiBooks Mini is simple and easy to use accounts program for taxi and private hire drivers. Enter fares as you go and let the app take care of them, or add them all together at the end of the day. Account ...    573 kb    Views 3029


-5    Banish foreign currency confusion and have clarity over your spending while you escape, relax and have fun. All this for a tiny fraction of your annual trip and holiday spend. Spendigo lets you record your spending during your holiday/vacation/trip/weekend away and ...    NAN    Views 5445

Invoice On Go

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-3    Invoice On Go is perfect if you want to invoice directly from your iPhone or iPad, and then email it straight to your customer. You’ll have over 10 invoice templates to choose from, which can be easily customized with your ...    3 MB    Views 7269

Expense Buddy

expenses spending totals expense
+14    Record and monitor daily expenses. Track how much you're spending on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Find out which spending categories you spend the most on. Features: Edit and review recent expenses. Categorize expenses. Browse past expenses and category totals. View Year ...    440 kb    Views 9725
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