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+21    Stockz is an advanced stock, news, and portfolio watching tool to monitor realtime values and events of your holdings throughout the day. This is the free version which can be upgraded using inapppurchase to full functionality; or buy the full version ...    6 MB    Views 5527

iPhilStocks Pro

market stock time news stocks portfolio view charts returns icloud data compare
+13    Invest wisely with iPhilStocks Pro, the easy yet powerful Market Watcher and Portfolio Manager developed specifically for the Philippine Stock Market. Why iPhilStocks? Easy to use Designed for Philippines stocks Multiple portfolio managers to view profits Provides BOTH headline and company news Numerous market summaries and ...    5 MB    Views 6969

Arab Finance

market finance news stock iphone monitor stocks portfolio chart arab view landscape charts price
+1    The Arab Finance iPhone application provides unparalleled access to the Egyptian Stock Market Arab Finance iPhone application including the following features : Market stocks prices watch list – throw which you can modify and monitor certain stocks. Market Lists – see ...    4 MB    Views 5158
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+4    MubasherTrade UAE for iPhone Mubasher is the pioneer in providing realtime quotes, online trading, news and tools that keep you in touch with the latest market movements in Dubai Market. MubasherTrade is the latest addition to the world class Mubasher software ...    10 MB    Views 5623
stock news blog market media investors social intelligence stocks coverage data
-1    MarketBuzz is a news and social media intelligence tool for stock market investors, giving retail investors the news monitoring tools that were until now only available to hedge funds and quants. The MarketBuzz data center monitors thousands of news, blog and ...    7 MB    Views 2013
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+5    A comprehensive AllinOne Dividend tool help you easily check the Dividend events & History of stocks in US markets with interactive Calendar (specially covers Preferred Stock, ETF, ETN, Fund, Notes, and ADR), RealTime Advanced Quotes (pre & after market quotes), ...    5 MB    Views 836


news time instruments portfolio takip stocks real hisse information
+13    Piyasalar 

WOX Piyasalar iPhone uygulaması ile yatırım piyasalarına ve günlük hayatınızı kolaylaştıracak servislerine erişim sağlayabilirsiniz. Farklı ve kullanımı basit arayüzü ile işlemlerinizi kolayca yapabilirsiniz. Yatırım Piyasalar
ı: İMKB hisse senetleri, Vadeli İşlem ve Opsiyon Borsası, dünya endeksleri, serbest piyasa, T.C. Merkez Bankası kurları ve ...    2 MB    Views 8182
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+2    Stock Rover is a free app for your investment research. The web version has received rave reviews from Barron's Magazine, AAII, and Tradestreaming. Stock Rover for the iPad allows existing users to access the same powerful program optimized for an ...    4 MB    Views 6382
market stock time news stocks real daily scans streaming lists analysis
-1    The Most Advanced Stock Analysis App Ever Built Daily Stocks Pro is an advanced stock analysis tool that filters the entire stock market and identifies those stocks showing the greatest potential for profit. Daily Stocks Pro can help you ...    4 MB    Views 5355


-6    Company Background HKSMN is a new generation stock information system jointly developed by PCCW and AFE Solutions Limited (a joint venture of Thomson Reuters Hong Kong Limited). AFE Solutions Limited is the leading information provider for realtime prices, news and analytics ...    8 MB    Views 3853

IIFL Markets

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+6    Turn your smartphone into powerful market monitoring platform. Download now to get Free access to live stock prices,top company's research and buy/sell tips. Track equity, commodity, currency, F&O from NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX on the go. Features for Guest Users Track Live ...    15 MB    Views 5541
stock market news charts stocks realtime devices icloud large quotes
-1    Take advantage of large screen iPhones and iPads Syncs across all devices using iCloud. Offers you realtime, premarket and after hours charts and news to give you the most accurate stock reporting over the course of a day. A tiled mode ...    4 MB    Views 3256
stock market news time frame watch charts stocks mode price list
+5    Stock Value Analyzer helps you research stocks by analyzing daily over 20,000 securities from the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Stock Value Analyzer provides instant access to growth rates, charts, Value Prices, ...    23 MB    Views 639
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+13    Mubasher Trade Egypt for iPad Mubasher Trade for iPad provides online trading, realtime quotes, news and tools that keep you in touch with the latest market movements in the Egyptian Market. It is the latest addition to the world class Mubasher ...    38 MB    Views 719
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+11    Barchart Stocks, Futures and Forex is the most complete financial app currently available, featuring free realtime stock prices. Track stocks, futures, forex markets, ETFs & indices. Indepth coverage on all symbols (including charts, technicals, fundamentals, opinions) is available at your ...    21 MB    Views 7254
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+23    ChartMobi App provides the best Mexican Stock Exchange IPC stock screener and navigating tool on mobile devices for investors and stock traders. It is fast, reliable, and easy to use: Quickly navigate through lists of stocks by swiping LEFT ...    8 MB    Views 320


investors stock dividend payments stocks
+3    This slim BrokejetApp allows all interested investors to get a good overview over dividend agendas. The app displays all relevant information on stocks in Europe and America with the highest dividend payments. Included are stocks from the ATX, DAX, MDAX, SMI, ...    NAN    Views 9018

Stock Gains

stock reading news gains stocks portfolio data capital section
0    Stock Gains is free for a limited time Stock Gains shows you the value of your portfolio. Monitor daybyday changes and calculate your net gains after taxes, while studying historical data and reading news about your stocks. Featured on the ...    3 MB    Views 1886
+3    Stock Charts App provides the best Toronto Stock Exchange(TSX), TSX Venture Exchange(TSXV) stock screener and navigating tool on mobile devices for investors and stock traders. It is fast, reliable, and easy to use: Quickly navigate through lists of stocks by ...    14 MB    Views 2231

SaxoTraderGO HK

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0    Experience the power to execute trades anytime, anywhere. SaxoTrader for iOS offers free market information, prices, charts and news across multiple instrument groups without the need for a trading account. For Saxo clients, SaxoTrader for iOS offers full trading, position ...    NAN    Views 2843

Stocks HD

Related Apps news stock ipad stocks brings single read view easily check months
+5 "Stocks HD is a very unique & innovative app for all the iPad users as it offers to keep track of your most important stocks. It is really very essential for those who want to be updated in the world ...    4 MB    Views 6875
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+2    Stock Wars puts you in the fast paced world of traders and big money. Take your shot and beat the markets Set up your portfolio and watch how your stocks would perform in the real world. Analyze companies, place your ...    4 MB    Views 1173
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-1    Stockz is an advanced stock, news, and portfolio watching tool to monitor realtime values and events of your holdings throughout the day. NEW • Projected earnings and exdividend dates (sort by date, or % dividend) • Save news articles for later reading in ...    6 MB    Views 106
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+11    We are no longer able to support versions of the app prior to 2.0, please upgrade to the latest version to continue using the Fox Business iPad app. Stay connected to the fastpaced business world with the new and improved Fox ...    25 MB    Views 9739

Smart Stock

-5    Smart Stock is helping you manage and track all stocks you are watching or holding, check its current price in real time, watch its trend closely, calculate the gain and loss automatically. And you can explorer news related with your ...    1 MB    Views 3756


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+29    iStock Sweet iPhone Stock App As a professional equity investor, would you need a sweet app that whenever you need it, it can tell you information of any stocks or indices of all over the world as well as their ...    10 MB    Views 7773

Stock Rates

stock news time market economic information rates stocks stats life full
+19    In the eventful river of modern time some things are often tricky enough to track down. Trying to be at the center of everything some people can easily slip the important events of their life. Today the choice is yours. ...    35 MB    Views 1691

Stock Finder Lite

+4    Stock Finder Lite helps you to find and track stocks, get the top finance news, charts and more. Features Market summary organized by region Manage your watch list with the instruments you care about. Track stocks, indexes, currencies, commodities and more. ...    17 MB    Views 4912
news stock investors social finance market stocks users publications favorite predictions data notifications
-1    Know More to Earn More. The free News Mint app collects most relevant news for your favorite stocks from the best finance news publications across the world and provides it at one place. It helps you collect all the information from the ...    6 MB    Views 3840

Stock Rates GOLD

stock news time market information economic rates stocks stats full life
+5    In the eventful river of modern time some things are often tricky enough to track down. Trying to be at the center of everything some people can easily slip the important events of their life. Today the choice is yours. ...    35 MB    Views 1831


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+5    兆安證券最新推出之iPhone程式為用戶帶來一個既?定又流暢度高的實時港股報價及市場資訊介面,為客戶捕捉每個入市良機。 我們的程式以原生應用程式運行。其極佳的運行速度、穩定性和流暢度可給予用戶無可比擬的體驗,令WAP/WEB瀏覽器界面產品望塵莫及。 我們程式的資訊介面據有的功能包括: 即時串流股票報價和市場資訊:網羅重要市場資訊,包括實時報價、資金流向、成交紀錄、技術分析及基本面數據和相關上市公司及輪證; HKEx MDS3.8兼容:兼容港交所於2011年12月5日推出之MDS3.8規格,包括: 市場數據播送訊息將達到每秒2000個股份頁更新,比起舊有的每秒1000個股份頁更新增加一倍 市場價格深度將由5個最佳價格增至10個 買賣盤排序:顯示經紀落盤序列及累積情況,市場走勢盡掌握; 專業股價圖表:可橫向及直向顯示及切換20個時段,並兼備技術分析; 自訂股價監察:可自訂多個監察組合,創新「一步到位」功能,能快速將股份加進組合; 公司資料:市場上最全面和最準確之上市公司數據庫,是價值投資者必備的工具; 市場排行磅:包括股票、窩輪和牛熊證的二十大升跌幅、活躍成交、52週新高新低之排序等; 板塊行情:包括主要板塊走勢,熱點一目了然; A+H報價:悉數包含A+H股票報價,中港互動了然在胸; 即時新聞:採用國際知名的「道瓊斯」及聯交所新聞; 本地及環球指數:包括恒指、國指、恒指期貨等十多種主要指數,附即時圖表; 外匯報價:包含主要貨??率報價,為追蹤資金流向的理想工具。 本程式只限兆安證券有限公司的客戶使用。如欲查詢,請致電客戶服務熱線 +852 2545 0332。 Siu On Securities' latest iPhone App provides clients with a stable and seamless realtime Hong Kong stock quote and market information platform to help clients capture every investment opportunity. Our App is a native app running directly ...    6 MB    Views 9860

Portfolio Alerts

stock news view portfolio price equity stocks alerts change data purchased
-3    "Portfolio Alerts” app brings to you, stock quotes & historical data for stocks (1 week 2 year trend), mutual funds & currencies. It also provides easy stock price tracking and notification based alerts for your portfolio monitoring. It does ...    3 MB    Views 2456
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-8    ChartMobi App provides the best Australia Securities Exchange ASX stock screener and navigating tool on mobile devices for investors and stock traders. It is fast, reliable, and easy to use: Quickly navigate through lists of stocks by swiping LEFT ...    14 MB    Views 4767


market stock news stocks track gain
-3    Gain instant access to the stock market – view stocks, help build your market portfolio, track market progress, and stay up to date with the latest stock market news and data. With information from the most trusted financial professionals, gain Klout ...    NAN    Views 452

IVC Stocks Genius

time stock news stocks real accurate game trading years
+2    IVC STOCKS GENIUS TIME LAPSED TRADING Trade real stocks in their prime Learn to beat the market How? You can play and replay the most interesting stocks of the time as you create a "trading system" for deciding when to buy and when to ...    3 MB    Views 1330

Dividend Investor

time news dividend investor articles growth screens contact ideas real
+3    Seeking Alpha’s coverage of dividend paying stocks is read by millions of investors each month. This app focuses on dividend ideas, articles, news and dividend stock screens. The Dividend Investor app features: ACTIONABLE ARTICLES ...with analysis from seasoned contributors who have been following ...    13 MB    Views 7951

Stock Alerts

Related Apps stock time market news email subscription alerts stocks period current average moving backup
-1    ============Video Demo Site========== ===================================== Alerts Are Subscription Based Because we Have to Maintain the Server Hands down the best stock monitoring app in the App Store. Monitor stocks with Push Notification and/or email. No login required. No limit on number of symbols to add ================ Alert ...    6 MB    Views 2186

Top Stocks

+5    Join millions of day traders and market watchers worldwide buying and selling underlying assets on the Stock Exchange. Now you can trade online on your iOS device anywhere, anytime with the Top Stocks trading app. Top Stocks is the most ...    5 MB    Views 9751
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+4    Must be a current optionsXpress customer to use The innovative and redesigned OX Mobile app puts live trading and the latest market data right in the palm of your hands with dozens of convenient and easytouse features. Trade single and multileg ...    11 MB    Views 1206
stock news finance stocks price free information earnings data
+7    Enjoy watching your stocks value with a beautiful and modern design. Focus on what it is important: the stock price, your earnings and the price change. See the last tweets about your stocks around the world See how your total earnings grow (by ...    3 MB    Views 5014
Related Apps stock news time market alerts quotes stocks set price track high
-4    Stock Quotes, News, Alerts app is especially designed for iPhone lovers who value simplicity, slick designs and the right feature set to make the job done. Featuring timely stock market data, companies' news feed and alerts when stocks reach a ...    3 MB    Views 2235

Bw8 sTrader

stock news stocks reuters trading account
+5    The Bw8 sTrader app brings a combination of stock market quotes and breaking Reuters financial news & videos to help give you the training needed for live trading. • Add stocks of interest to your Watchlist • Buy and Sell stocks in ...    5 MB    Views 1612
Related Apps finance time news market stocks yahoo real information personalized care
+20    The Ultimate Advantage Follow the stocks you care about most and get personalized news and alerts. Access realtime information and investment updates to stay on top of the market. Favorite features • Add stocks to your watchlist to get realtime quotes and a ...    29 MB    Views 2701
market stock maps news design features graphs indicators stocks charts data
+4    Stock Box is the most comprehensive stock app in the mobile world. It features live free streaming quotes, premarket/ afterhours, portfolio managing, advanced charts, economic news, market heat maps, and much much more This app is your one source for ...    4 MB    Views 2738

Nigerian Stocks

news daily detailed quotes stocks
-2    Track stocks quoted on the Nigerian Stock exchange. See daily top 10 gainers and losers, full price list and detailed quotes. See the detailed quotes at a glance or drill in for more details, moving averages and more. Also relevant ...    2 MB    Views 2396

Stock Dividends

stock email dividend dividends dates traders stocks choose informed nice
+15    ==================================== A MUSTHAVE FOR ANY SERIOUS TRADERS OR INVESTORS ==================================== Did you know that often the shares of a stock will increase in value during the few weeks before the ex dividend date, and some traders choose to go long earlier in order ...    14 MB    Views 6741

Finance News

market news stock finance stocks gain knowledge stay track
+5    Gain instant access to the stock market – view stocks, help build your market portfolio, track market progress, and stay up to date with the latest stock market news and data. With information from the most trusted financial professionals, gain knowledge ...    3 MB    Views 2330

MSM touch for iPad

Related Apps market ipad news time stocks price touch information
-7    Experience MSM touch for iPad which delivers an excited opportunity in accessing the Muscat Securities Market through your apple iPad. This application offers you realtime market data, charts, news, and much more to analyze the performance of your favourite stocks ...    34 MB    Views 9509

Fiscal Finance

Related Apps stock market finance news time fiscal holdings portfolio index stocks asx price information
+25    Fiscal is the ultimate Finance reader. Precise, compact and succinct. Monitor major worldwide Indices such as the S&P500 or FTSE100. Quickly ascertain the value of your holdings. Dynamic graphs and constantly refreshing share pricing and news. Fiscal puts the finance ...    2 MB    Views 1282

Stock Rising Pro

stock board iphone finance news chinese stocks pro volume support system portfolio alert
+9    DISCOUNT OFFER To gain your maximum profit from Stock and Currency, you need a perfect alert notification system by this app Obtain the latest stocks news, charts and manage your own portfolio. Feature Universal App (iPhone, iPod and iPad support) Support World Wide Stock Create ...    6 MB    Views 6054
stock market iphone news time french stocks portfolio portfolios watch lists live currency
+17    See why Apple selected Stocks Live in App Store Essentials Money Management Best Stock Market App for iPhone in 2014 Stock Market App to Boost Your Portfolio Stocks Live is an amazing way to track ...    19 MB    Views 6441
Related Apps finance news apps stock twitter support stocks tracking watch
-1    StockWatch aims to be the best apps for tracking stocks news and data. FEATURES: Aggregated news stream from leading providers: Yahoo, Seeking Alpha, NASDAQ, Google Finance, Business Insider and more... Quick reference list to track all the stocks you choose Twitter ...    8 MB    Views 4956
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-2    DRIP(dividend reinvestment plan) Do you own stocks that pay dividends? If yes, do you know how much money you could earn if you reinvested those dividends over a period of time? How many shares will you have if you reinvested your ...    2 MB    Views 6442
Related Apps stock news market time company stocks press alerts follow nyse
+5    Stockboard RealTime Custom Stock Alerts makes sure you never miss a market moving press release or company milestone from a stock in your portfolio again. Completely customizable to the stocks you follow in both the US and Canada, Stockboard delivers all ...    3 MB    Views 251


stock dividend stocks find date yield high full
-2    Harnessing the power of our stock detail and dividend ratings from, we are pleased to present our dedicated iOS app Enjoy seamless access to the ratings, exdividend date calendar, top stocks and high yield lists on our full site, ...    2 MB    Views 3382

Simple Value

stock managers investment simple stocks data dividend paying growth model professional
+23    Learn the stock models used by professional investment managers No InApp purchases Free US data Simple Value is a straightforward and easytouse app that is useful for anyone who manages their own investments. The models contained in ...    5 MB    Views 6583

Dividend Calendar

stock calendar dividend date day information week stocks company application
+5    For those who love to buy or sell around dividends or just want to know when their next "dividend check" is coming...this app is designed just for you You can get this invaluable tool that will improve your trades, timing, ...    14 MB    Views 2222
ipad market time news search information price mtrade trading stocks sri
+26    MTrade Sri Lanka for iPad The power of DirectFN – on your iPad DirectFN is the pioneer in providing realtime market data, news and a range of analytical tools that keep you in touch with the latest market movements in the Middle ...    22 MB    Views 6942

Stock Panorama

Related Apps stock news calendar intelligence time social earnings portfolio stocks information dividends eps events
0    Stock Panorama brings what 'matters' to an investor’s portfolio combination of 'relevant and key' market data, analyst opinions and social intelligence all on your mobile device. For each stock in your portfolio, Stock Panorama 'follows' key events (earnings, ...    14 MB    Views 3124
market iphone news touch information stocks indices securities
+24    MSM touch for iPhone provides realtime quotes, charts, news and an array of features to keep you uptodate with market activities. Enhanced with cuttingedge technology, MSM touch for iPhone offers you an interesting opportunity in accessing the Muscat/Muscat Securities Market through ...    8 MB    Views 3012
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