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VAT Info Pro

+15    This application allows you to verify the validity of a VAT identification number issued by a EU Member State. For the purpose of the verification, your request is sent to the national database via a secure Intranet service connecting national Customs ...    741 kb    Views 3702


+9    The Equitystory AG’s ARCHIVE.APP is our mobile publication center. With this mobile archive we provide our most important publications to our stakeholders – everywhere and everytime. The documents (annual reports, progress reports, presentations etc.) are optimized for the iPad. In addition ...    5 MB    Views 4470
+11    L/C is abbreviation of English words “letter of credit”. Letter of credit (L/C), also, documentary credit (D/C), is a wellknown banking tool, which guarantees to the seller to receive a payment for sold goods without financial risks. Against the buyer’s order the ...    1004 kb    Views 7777
+13    The BEST NEW WAY to stay up to date on the largest multimillion dollar lottery games in the U.S This will be your one touch stop for lottery results, featuring results from both PowerBall and Mega Millions drawings. This app displays ...    3 MB    Views 7627


+22    Access your EcoOffice data from your iPad. Wherever you are, your uptodate balances and profit report is there too All the documents in your database can now be downloaded on the move. Never be stuck without the information you require ...    3 MB    Views 3434


+1    The ultimate poker and gambling results tracking tool. Easy to use. Provides unmatched, indepth, statistical insight. View, select, and sort your results according to game, location, month, and year. Computes your winrate, confidence and standard deviation. Determine breakeven points, chances ...    1 MB    Views 1259


+5    Every Realtor needs this app. Did you ever wonder whether it was worth buying a house rather than renting? Buying a house requires a down payment, it carries along taxes and insurance and maintenance. Renting costs money too, and it ...    275 kb    Views 7010
+13    Visualize your Financial Independence, or as some call it Financial Freedom. How many years will it take you to reach it? How much money will you be able to withdraw annually? Play with all parameters that affect your road to ...    6 MB    Views 6422
investment library research institutional clients william services download individual log pages
-2    The O’Neil Institutional Library offers institutional investing clients of William O’Neil + Co. digital access to their services, including global buyandsell recommendations, sector strategy, customized research and data. Specifically, this reader application provides our clients with: • Portability—download PDF books and quickly ...    5 MB    Views 5088

iShares ETFs

+5    iShares gives you mobile options. Now it's easy to track iShares ETFs with this free iShares iPhone App. Monitor iShares fund performance, get the latest information on iShares products, filter by holdings exposure, and create your own iShares ETF watch ...    4 MB    Views 6333
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-4    The Novartis Financial Results app allows users to browse and experience the Novartis corporate documents on their iPad. The documents are reproduced in their original fullcolour format and allow users to quickly and efficiently consume key corporate content on the day ...    2 MB    Views 8869
coupons offers businesses free pages local find mobile turn
+28    Ad Pages GO is the FREE mobile coupon app from Ad Pages Magazine serving the cities in and around Dallas / Ft.Worth, TX, Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX, and St. Louis MO. Find 100’s of mobilefriendly FREE coupons as well ...    29 MB    Views 7849

IMM iSign

ipad documents signed
-4    Documents residing in TotaleAtlas/UDP DocQ are displayed on the iPad allowing a member to review and sign the documents on the iPad. After the documents are signed, they can be returned to DocQ or sent to the imaging system. The ...    2 MB    Views 1943

IR - Brazil

results brazil material
+2    IR Brazil app offers you, investor, analyst or interested public, a practical and faster way to access all information about Santander Brasil’s performance, through Results Center, which includes all quarterly results' material, as well all notices to the market and ...    2 MB    Views 948
calculator multiple calculations calculators results desktop classic
+3    Did you miss your old desktop calculator ? Do you feeling that Calculators with high tech ui are hard to use ? Are you sick of seeing wrong results when you make multiple calculations? Then this app is just for you.Classic calculator designed ...    330 kb    Views 3941

BizRatios SP

business financial report results pdf ratios reports
0    BizRatios computes a Balance Sheet, an Income Statement and a Financial Ratios Report for your Business. The app contains extensive financial results with over 15 financial ratios with explanations of each. It is easy to use, requires the minimal user ...    474 kb    Views 7576
documents dukascopy trading application forex broker europe
-6    Forex traders interested in Dukascopy Europe IBS AS trading accounts can use this simple and handy application to take the pictures of their documents and send them directly to the broker using secure connection. Before sending the documents a short ...    13 MB    Views 4210
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+29    Absolut control of your business anywhere and anytime trough this application integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The AccSchedule app allows you to have your business information always available. That will enable you to control your business activities wherever you are. Highlights: ...    3 MB    Views 2370
+26    Talking Education Loan Calculator Finally, we have designed especially for you an education loan calculator that features a stateoftheart talking keyboard. How nice is to hear the iPhone/iPod. You can even share to others the results via text/image using email, great for ...    614 kb    Views 5087

CEWE Publikationen

Related Apps media search ipad reports documents publications results download pages
+15    The CEWE Stiftung & Co. KGaA's Reports + Media App is our mobile publication center. With this mobile archive we provide our most important publications to our stakeholders – everywhere and everytime. The documents (annual reports, progress reports, presentations etc.) are ...    5 MB    Views 702

Currency Equals

pages currency list pair
-1    CurrencyEquals is a currency converter. Easy to use. List or Pair currencies pages, scroll the screen to show. Pull the list down to refresh. At pair pages, you can tap chart to share it. Side menu can choice page quickly.    7 MB    Views 9585
Related Apps calculator time application results date note
+3    This is a calculator and book notes applications. When you perform a calculation, you can record your results with the title and date time. You can review the results with the note name and the date time. You will not be boring this ...    5 MB    Views 345

Sulzer Library

Related Apps library browse function documents download zoom features read publications
+7    The Sulzer app allows you to browse and experience Sulzer publications on your iPad. Read the Sulzer Annual and Midyear Reports, the Sulzer Sustainability Report, and the Sulzer Technical Review (STR). You will find detailed information about the operational, financial, ...    890 kb    Views 4947
Related Apps documents isignroom internet loan delivery access mortgage application
+16    iSignRoom: eDisclosures Your virtual application disclosure signing pad. iSignRoom: eDisclosures is designed to be used by Borrowers who execute loan application disclosures from Mortgage Companies. No more paper. No more copies. No more faxing or mailing. Documents are processed and delivered ...    6 MB    Views 9919
-9    The Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA's ARCHIVE.APP is our mobile publication center. With this mobile archive we provide our most important publications to our stakeholders – everywhere and everytime. The documents (annual reports, progress reports, presentations etc.) are optimized ...    5 MB    Views 8735


car home insurance claim send discounts documents quote
+26    With the EricksonParsley Insurance app, you can now get a quote on car or home insurance right on your phone, submit photos for a claim, send documents, receive referral discounts, and much more. It will save you time and effort ...    10 MB    Views 2037

6/49 Hot-Warm-Cold

cold numbers hot warm historical picking won results lotto
+29    Play intelligent and calculate the next winning numbers of Lotto 6/49 by historical results 6/49 HotWarmCold analyzes the entire historical results of multiprovince Lotto 6/49, since 1982 It generates the numbers based on 222 Concept: Hot = Numbers that have won the most Cold ...    7 MB    Views 8571
+3    The DekaBank’s ARCHIVE.APP is our mobile publication center. With this mobile archive we provide our most important publications to our stakeholders – everywhere and everytime. The documents (annual reports, progress reports, presentations etc.) are optimized for the iPad. In addition to ...    5 MB    Views 4353

CAP Red Book Mobile

market retail cap book red mobile access valuation pages
+26    Red Book LCV Mobile This is CAP’s Red Book LCV Mobile App and is an electronic version of the printed CAP Red LCV Book and a valid CAP Red Book LCV Subscription is required to access the valuation pages. Key Features Access to ...    2 MB    Views 3819


warranty receipts easy storage documents enables claim
+10    Warranty Claimer enables you to easily claim your warranty. It enables you to take pictures of warranty documents and purchasing receipts and store them on your mobile device with keywords for easy retrieval. If desired Warranty Claimer adds a reminder in your calendar, ...    685 kb    Views 7190
research ipad hub documents content access bank data
+16    TODAY’S RESEARCH AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Markit Hub is built on a simple, innovative concept: Provide global institutional investors with convenient and personalized access to their entitled research, data and analytics in one place. Now, you can take innovation with you. Introducing ...    6 MB    Views 2977

EU VAT Validator

vat numbers results data validator
+14    With EU VAT Validator you can check the EU VAT Numbers (also known as UID Numbers) from the EU Memberstates fast and easy. The following EU Memberstates are supported: AT Austria, BE Belgium, BG Bulgaria, CY Cyprus, CZ ...    113 kb    Views 4129

TCS CubbuZZ iApp

analytics videos web content feedback engagement information offline capture pages
+1    TCS CubbuZZ iApp Packages all your latest information, sales collateral brochures, videos, web content together, and presents it in a unique, compelling format. Has inbuilt autosync, feedback and analytics capabilities. Carry your collateral with you, in an engaging, easytoshare package. Add ...    10 MB    Views 6148


summary mutual fund viewing documents compliant
+17    iCOMPLiSPro is an effective, convenient and compliant method of viewing mutual fund summary prospectuses on your iPad device.   The app is not intended to function on its own but to enhance your experience when accessing an enabled mutual fund company's summary prospectuses. When ...    1 MB    Views 2765

Mathematics GCSE

knowledge section results improve topics
+7    This app is written by teachers to help you improve your knowledge. This is the app you need to help you revise for GCSE Maths and to generally improve your Maths knowledge (maybe for the local pub quiz) The app is divided ...    983 kb    Views 2881


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+26    We store your important insurance documents in one place for you to view and share when you need them. Regardless of your insurance carrier or agent all policies are welcome. We are integrated with 1,000's of Brokers and Carriers, we make ...    1 MB    Views 716
templates pages quality
-6    345 sets of highquality templates, including templates and Keynote Pages templates. This is an absolute value for money. You deserve this. Templates for Keynote and Pages, we focus on product quality and design aesthetics. You can on one of the pictures, fonts, colors, ...    250 MB    Views 4961

Bradesco Resultados

+6    Innovation is our trademark. Now, using the Bradesco Results Application for your iPad, you can find information on Bradesco's performance in the "Report on Economic and Financial Analysis," including period highlights and consolidated financial statements, all with the greatest of ...    19 MB    Views 4628

NJ E-sign

sign service offline documents signing document
+1    NJ Esign for iPad. NJ Esign is a service for electronic signing of documents. Norstedts Juridik provides the service together with its partner Scrive. NJ Esign features: Documents can either be signed in the app or later via email. Offline support: ...    4 MB    Views 6529
documents latest contents financial group experience corporate
-7    The “GoAhead Group” App is meant for anyone who wants to browse and experience anytime the latest key corporate documents and multimedia contents of the Group. Main contents available are: •Latest press releases •Latest financial presentations (webcasts, slides, related documents) •Archive of all financial ...    5 MB    Views 1471


documents view chapter
0    Use TrusteSolutions Mobile to access chapter 7 cases and documents from the TrusteSolutions Chapter 7 Case Management system with your iPad or iPhone. Take pictures of assets and upload them to Document Manager. Locate a contact while on the road ...    36 MB    Views 2582

Cerno Capital

investment latest documents capital
-1    Our app allows you keep up to date with the latest fund factsheet and investment views produced by Cerno Capital. Our app features: +The 12 latest investment documents. +The latest journal documents. +Directions to our main office.    6 MB    Views 1017

UBS Funds

investment search ubs funds performance fund documents print criteria
0    The world of UBS funds on your iPhone With the UBS Funds App you are given simple, direct access to comprehensive information about UBS investment funds. • Search: Find the UBS fund you are interested in quickly and precisely by selecting various ...    NAN    Views 5689
email apps ebooks excel word dati con puoi una pages
-7    SpeseMese è l'applicazione che ti permette di CALCOLARE LE TUE ENTRATE ED USCITE MENSILI e capire quanti soldi avrai in tasca a fine mese. INVIA VIA EMAIL: Puoi inviare il REPORT DETTAGLIATO CON TUTTE LE VOCI delle tue ENTRATE ED USCITE VIA ...    479 kb    Views 2531
Related Apps calculator commission results real estate agent
+15    Real Estate Agent Commission Calculator provides the commission breakdown for both the seller and buyer sides of the transaction. Results update automatically as you enter data. Use the Commission Slider to see what the listing and buying commissions will become ...    3 MB    Views 8275

HSH Nordbank

Related Apps search ipad publications archive documents download results pages
+2    The HSH Nordbank ARCHIVE.APP is our mobile publication center. With this mobile archive we provide our most important publications to our stakeholders – everywhere and everytime. 
The documents (annual reports and additional publications) are optimized for the iPad. In addition ...    7 MB    Views 4045
investors disclosure documents investor commonwealth
+10    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is committed to providing its municipal bond investors with the best disclosure possible. The Massachusetts Investor Disclosure app provides investors with mobile access to the Commonwealth's latest disclosure documents, monthly revenue reports, annual audits and other ...    27 MB    Views 8918


documents secure access corporate
-1    The Admincontrol App provides secure access to corporate documents at your convenience. The App is very userfriendly and designed with special consideration for professional board members and executives. This app may very well be your final goodbye to printed corporate ...    31 MB    Views 978
manager results account registered
-3    English "Dashy Dashwhale Manager" is a simple app that will help you keep track of your dash masternodes results from "Dashy Dashwhale Manager" lets you convert all your mastenode results to USD, based on the latest available exchange rates. In ...    4 MB    Views 8631
health fitness studio required registration results training
-9    O2 Studio is a health and fitness training studio designed to be the most complete combination of science and experience; education and opportunity. At O2 Studio, we are about results driven training. We understand and appreciate individuality and specific needs. Our ...    10 MB    Views 3392

GE Annual Reports

design pages reports annual tapping report left company collection world cover
+4    This app explores 120 years’ worth of GE’s annual reports, spanning 1892­­­–2011. In addition to creating a reference for this enormous collection of documents, the visualization shows how certain keywords were used over time, plotting the emergence and disappearance of ...    32 MB    Views 7474
documents bank credit letter seller pay buyer order meet certificate
+1    L/C is abbreviation of English words “letter of credit”. Letter of credit (L/C), also, documentary credit (D/C), is a wellknown banking tool, which guarantees to the seller to receive a payment for sold goods without financial risks. Against the buyer’s order the ...    1 MB    Views 1397

approve approval invoices norway share documents capture
+5 from Compello is an app for enterprise networks to capture and share documents, receipts, invoices among the fellow staff members. This simple app has an intuitive and userfriendly design, making it easy to use. The app enables greenIT to ...    7 MB    Views 3942
Related Apps search mobile archive documents publications download results tom
+25    The Tom Tailor ARCHIVE.APP is our mobile publication center. With this mobile archive we provide our most important publications to our stakeholders – everywhere and everytime. The documents (annual reports and additional publications) are optimized for the mobile devices. In addition to the ...    7 MB    Views 1099


reader document dynamic documents
+13    Dynamic document is an electronic document bank statement. It is based on HTML, but can be viewed completely offline. It allows drilldowns, interactions, sorting and filtering of the data and more. DS Reader is an application that allows viewing GMC ...    390 kb    Views 9054
Related Apps time results save calculations users
-2    CalcUseful EasyNoted is useful app for iOS. It is designed with colorful interface and fully functional calculations necessary, besides that it allows users to save important calculation results with the name and the current time. Then, users can see a ...    3 MB    Views 1959


cards set password documents generator
-1    The best app for keeping your cards / documents / passwords safe Featuring: Cards / password / documents manger Live Exchange rates Password generator 2.0 Pincode generator 2.0 Touch ID or Pincode (always also set a pin) Easy Access No advertisements No additional costs, you are all set including ...    4 MB    Views 1147

Calculator Pink

calculator results save calculation
+17    After calculation you will need to save the information to memorize. This is a fully necessary calculator and support to save the calculation results with name and current time. Users can view a list of results were saved earlier. It is designed with ...    4 MB    Views 9021

eGiving Mobile

web giving support profit donation church pages
-4    The eGiving app by Stewardship Technology lets you easily manage your donations to the church or nonprofit that you support. The eGiving iPhone app allows you to securely give when and where you desire by linking you to SSL protected ...    959 kb    Views 5208

Flexina Invoices

Related Apps create documents manage edit notes invoices send delivery
+1    ATTENTION THIS IS NOT A FREE APP YOU MUST HAVE an existing FLEXINA VALID LICENCE to use the mobile app. This is your perfect companion for your professional appointments. These Application allows you to manage your company all the time What ...    958 kb    Views 8282
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