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+9    MubasherTrade International for iPad MubasherTrade Touch provides online trading, realtime quotes, news and tools that keep you in touch with the latest market movements in the Middle Eastern, North African, Central Asian and developed stock markets and it is the latest ...    33 MB    Views 2467


+13    This Zakah application was developed by the South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF). It will help you calculate your Zakah as well as gets the latest gold and silver prices to work out the current Nisaab value. The Zakah App ...    4 MB    Views 5174
+5    MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS support, OFFLINE preview and reporting, CREDIT CARDS TERMINAL, SUMMARY reports by currencies, realtime EXCHANGE RATES People say that big things come in small packages. PayMobile for iPhone, bundles all of your PayPal accounts and transactions into one small package that ...    2 MB    Views 3119
insurance summary key view
+3    myPolicy is an insurance summary and insurance needs calculator app. You can have all your insurance policies and the summary info on the go with just a login. In addition, you can perform simple insurance needs analysis to know your protection score, ...    9 MB    Views 5370


-2    ezReceipt makes quick work of sending a simple html based receipt to anyone via email. Receipts can be generated easily and saved for future use which can be especially helpful with repetitive tasks such as sending out monthly rental receipts. With ...    534 kb    Views 3602


+1    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING 50% OFF "Balances" is an app that helps you to manage shared money. It is useful when you go travering with a group. [Add income and expenses] You can add income and expenses. And you can easily set "expenses" and "Payables" each ...    3 MB    Views 1578

Stock Ratings

stock ratings exchange announcements summary daily listed
+20    Stock Ratings provides a daily summary of analysts' upgrades, downgrades and new coverage for stocks listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), NASDAQ, TSE (Toronto Stock Exchange) and LSE (London Stock Exchange). This app also provides a daily summary of ...    5 MB    Views 6491
tax people health pay medicare year private payment summary employer
+4    We have had a lot of people ask How They Know if they Pay medicare: Basically, most people do You are only exempt if you are a pensioner or disabled etc. So you want to know what your tax return will ...    NAN    Views 6788


summary mutual fund viewing documents compliant
+21    iCOMPLiSPro is an effective, convenient and compliant method of viewing mutual fund summary prospectuses on your iPad device.   The app is not intended to function on its own but to enhance your experience when accessing an enabled mutual fund company's summary prospectuses. When ...    1 MB    Views 2765


-4    iStock Portafolio and Market at a Glance unique monitoring stock behaviour. specific for stock (not yet, ETF or Funds) your portfolio is compared with the market behaviour all in one simple row easy to read. filter the stock list, display only ...    1 MB    Views 8176

JDB Mobile Banking

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+5    Joint Development Bank (JDB) mobile banking application. 1. 2factor Login 2. Auto Logout 3. First Time Login 4. Update Personal Infomation 5. Update Contact Information 6. Update Address 7. Reset ID / Reset Password 8. Change Password 9. Saving and Current Account Summary 10. Saving and Current Account Detail 11. Saving ...    3 MB    Views 5431

Lifdek Cost Savings

savings cost input summary final pdf professional internal categories
-7    The Lifdek Cost Savings App. figures cost savings specific to the Lifdek Pallet System. The cost savings are summarized by each category and the final summary may be emailed in a professional pdf format. FEATURES: •Simple data input •Fully functional internal formulas •Currency input •English ...    3 MB    Views 4977

Simas Mobile HD

time stock market mobile application trading real intuitive trade summary
+4    Simas Mobile is Mobile Trading Application brought to you in an exclusive way in order to get Real Time access from Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Simas Mobile application is competent and highly regarded for those who enjoy a varied role ...    6 MB    Views 9828


time ratios return financial feature employee debts index summary indices
+18    With this application you can calculate, using data from the financial statements of a company, a large amount of financial ratios in order to control, monitor and evaluate the profitability of a company. The feature that distinguishes it most is ...    6 MB    Views 9254
futures cash trader summary index trading positions transaction quotes offers
+4    CASH Futures Trader Celestial Commodity Limited, wholly subsidiary of CASH Financial Services Group Limited (Stock Code: 0510), now offers iPhone users a brand new experience of trading HK Futures via our ‘CASH Futures Trader’. The app tailored to futures investor that ...    4 MB    Views 5640
job time apps personal share application summary calculate taxes hourly interface
+23    Finally the perfect application to track your work With this extremely easy to use app you will be able to record, calculate, evaluate and share your working hours summary with employers, peers, taxes or for your personal records. Some of the ...    4 MB    Views 652
Related Apps market access user holdings includes summary information price
0    The free app enables users access to their portfolio of investments held at Ramsey Crookall from mobile devices It includes: The "Summary"page with the market value of the portfolio, the book value, profit or loss, the number of holdings and the ...    3 MB    Views 8603


market stock buy sell net order summary trade capital
-9    CITRA mobile application used to Ciptadana Securities customer for free. CITRA mobile provide the newest information regarding Indonesian capital market. Market Running Trade, Market Summary, Regional Summary, Top Broker, Foreign Domestic Net Buy/Sell, Net Buy/Sell By Broker Security Stock Watch, ...    5 MB    Views 4215

VALIC Mobile

-6    With the VALIC Mobile app, you can track your savings progress everywhere you go. After installation, simply launch the app and log in to your account to view: • Portfolio summary • Plan summary • Transaction history • Fund inquiry • Personal performance • Savings gap ...    9 MB    Views 4763
tax bill simple screen tip share pay summary
+7    Billy The Bill Samurai will fairly and conveniently answer the nagging question, “How much do I pay?” at the end of a meal with friends. With one simple screen and a few simple taps, Billy The Bill Samurai will divvy ...    3 MB    Views 8615
Related Apps calculator history tip bill save view split tap easy share summary
+1    Tips HD Pro is a beautifully designed tip calculator with an integrated inline calculator to easily calculate tips, split the bill and save or share the results. Tap "Share" to Send or Save a tip. Tap "Total" to view a ...    3 MB    Views 6357
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0    Application can track your income, expense and saving which provides various different categories. You can view report of each day, month, year and Today. The summary detail consist of total income, total expense and total saving, total saving withdrawal and balance. Setting ...    3 MB    Views 7999
time stock market mobile application trading real highly trade summary
-3    Simas Mobile is Mobile Trading Application brought to you in an exclusive way in order to get Real Time access from Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Simas Mobile application is competent and highly regarded for those who enjoy a varied role ...    7 MB    Views 1749


apps design tip total split send summary simple bill
+21    All tip calculating apps share a common objective, but only tiptab produces the desired figures while employing an elegant and minimal design that is not only eyecatching but highly functional. The tiptab app can display the tip and total for a ...    231 kb    Views 7653
+1    Group Expense is the easiest way to split and keep track of shared expenses with friends, family, roommates and colleagues. With Group Expense you can: share events with your friends to collaborate see a summary of the final amount owed add ...    6 MB    Views 9188

Mubasher Trade

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+24    Mubasher Trade Mubasher is the pioneer in providing the realtime market data, online trading, news and tools that keep you in touch with the latest market movements in the Middle Eastern, North African and Central Asian regions. Mubasher Trade is the latest ...    3 MB    Views 3759

My Portfolios

stock market time monitor finance portfolios price loss summary gain add paid average
+2    My Portfolios is a simple tool to monitor your stock and mutual fund portfolios (NYSE & NASDAQ markets). Realtime Bid prices of stocks during stock market open hours, and when the stock market is closed it uses Lasttrade price to ...    21 MB    Views 8737

Calvert Investments

-5    Calvert's app for the iPhone keeps you uptodate while you're on the move: View daily performance and average annual returns of Calvert Portfolios View top10 fund holdings Create a custom list of the Calvert funds you wish to monitor Read ...    1 MB    Views 8243

Daily Expenses

Related Apps email iphone card wifi program photo expenses daily report income summary types user
+1    Daily Expenses has received the following accolades & reviews: "What's Hot" section on the App Store. "A handy financial management application for the common man out there." From Daily Expenses app exports your daily expenses and income data into spreadsheet program via ...    4 MB    Views 1921
Related Apps expense total income saving transaction add month day summary year
-8    Track your income, expense and savings Simple and clear app with many features. You can view report of each day, month, year and Today. The summary detail consist of total income, total expense and total saving, total saving withdrawal and balance. Setting menu ...    3 MB    Views 7079
Related Apps people account split group balance easy expenses needed features summary share
+8    Features Highlight: Perfect for travelers, we offers multi currencies support in one account Perfect for people living with room mates Super easy and simple to use No account creation needed Works offline Description If you've ever tried splitting expenses, such as ...    5 MB    Views 3572
property management email multiple supports tenants properties summary leases dashboard
-7    Download Rentsum landlord management to help you keep track on rent payments and building expenses. We do not charge extras per property or tenant seat. Add as many Properties, tenants, leases, and payment information for the same low price. We ...    8 MB    Views 2819


investment market account accounts dashboards easily summary view
-5    Always on the go with little time to check your investment accounts? Curious how your account is performing against the market? The TRUSTtrak app lets you quickly view your portfolio balances without interrupting your daily life. With stunning visuals and account ...    11 MB    Views 5395
Related Apps bitcoin summary exchange information status convenient currency include exchanges data
0    FREE BITCOIN QUOTE APP (Now updated user interface for iOS7) Get live BitCoin (BTC) exchange prices and miner status in this simple Bitcoin information app for your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch device. Features include: Summary data for Bitcoin exchanges grouped by currency type ...    2 MB    Views 7403
business reports purchase inventory record receivable sell summary manage detail
+4    Function List: 1. Record selling and purchasing activities; 2. Record business expenses; 3. Maintain customers and suppliers information; 4. Manage accounts receivable and payable; 5. Track and update inventory; 6. Charts for monitoring business performance; 7. Search sell and purchase records by various criteria; 8. Backup critical data; 9. ...    6 MB    Views 8310
Related Apps portfolio wealth information advisors summary point performance mobile
+6    Portfolio Wealth Advisors mobile gives you immediate and secure account access from your mobile device. PORTFOLIO SUMMARY HOLDINGS SUMMARY PERFORMANCE REPORTING Point to point performance down to the asset RETIREMENT CALCULATORS Powered by AdvisoryWorld NEWS & MARKET COMMENTARY including CIO notes from ...    3 MB    Views 4962

CIS Mobile

history services commercial credit mobile customer client summary
+26    CIT Put Knowledge to Work – CIS Mobile CIT Commercial Services is one of the nation’s leading providers of factoring and financing to consumer product companies. CIT Commercial Services tailors business credit solutions that help companies increase sales, improve cash ...    2 MB    Views 5764

SMS E-Payroll

+27    SMS EPayroll app is Saudi Arabia's first free payroll Employee's Self Service application from SMS Group. SMS EPayroll app allows employees to access their Payslip, Gosi Deductions, Loan Summary and History through a secure online portal. This app streamlines time and ...    814 kb    Views 9002

Expense Tool

email map person expenses expense data tool shared spending summary balance ios
-1    Organize your own and shared expenses. Do you and your partner want to log how much you're spending for your household and merge the expenses entered on your individual devices? Are you on holidays with friends and want to know how much ...    10 MB    Views 4876

Financial Summary

financial bookings summary
+20    Watch financial summary of your travel company right in your mobile device Figures include number of bookings, passengers, turnover and profit and are updated on a daily basis. Breakdown by type of bookings and ancillary products is provided.    3 MB    Views 8369

SJP Wealth Account

email account wealth summary request report
-1    The SJP Wealth Account app for St. James’s Place Partners, provides you with; • Secure authentication to SJP systems • Displays an onscreen current valuation of your clients holdings • Request a Wealth Account Summary Report via email • Request a Client Summary Report ...    2 MB    Views 8039


travel money expenses add list member members displays payables summary
-8    "Travel Money" is an app that helps you to manage shared money.It is useful when you go travering with a group. [Add Expense] You can add date of purchase and set purchased item. And you can easily set "expenses" and "Payables" each members. The ...    659 kb    Views 3613

SBI Card

card credit account user password reward summary online log
-3    Access your SBI Credit Card account instantly on your iPhone device. Just download this app and log in using your SBI Credit Card Online User Id & Password to manage your card account on your fingertips. It is secure and ...    NAN    Views 9848

My Rothbury

insurance account balances claims summary information
+29    Rothbury Insurance Brokers, one of New Zealand’s leading insurance broking companies, brings you My Rothbury. Giving you instant access to your insurance information, excesses, sums insured, account balances and more. Only available to clients of Rothbury Insurance Brokers this free app ...    46 MB    Views 8044
Related Apps money tax finance lease payment calculates input price interest summary loan amortization
+12    Auto Finance Professional is the comprehensive auto finance application. App displays easy to understand graphs and charts. Amortization input data is saved and retrieved later. Key Features: 1. Amortization 2. Comparison 3. Lease 4. Lease vs. Buy 5. Hybrid BreakEvenPoint 6. Whatif Analysis 7. Amortization input data is ...    2 MB    Views 7165

My Total Property

Related Apps property rental tax calculator management subscription profit total details renewal summary account
-8    ABOUT MY TOTAL PROPERTY My Total Property app delivers a unique full property management, legal and financial reporting service all in one tool. We have created this app using 15 years of property management and financial expertise delivering a speedy, concise and ...    5 MB    Views 6771

Exa Receipts

iphone search receipts delete receipt summary simple add sync quick online
+4    If you're looking for a simple way to manage your receipts and keep a record of them online; ExaReceipts is what you've been searching for. This iPhone app is a convenient platform to manage your daily expenses. No longer do you ...    2 MB    Views 834
Related Apps market time news iphone information stocks summary price details top orders
+12    MubasherTrade UAE for iPhone Mubasher is the pioneer in providing realtime quotes, online trading, news and tools that keep you in touch with the latest market movements in Dubai Market. MubasherTrade is the latest addition to the world class Mubasher software ...    10 MB    Views 5623


investment management market ipad monitor unit trust manulife mobile malaysia fund summary key
-2    MHO Mobile on your iPad empowers you to monitor your unit trust investment anytime, anywhere. It is a tool that provides you with an easy and convenient way to monitor the performance of your unit trust investment 24/7 on your ...    3 MB    Views 7172

My Receipts

tax receipts warranties expenses easy record categories summary category
-7    My receipts app is very simple yet effective app to: Keep track of your personal and business expenses Keep track of all your products warranties and never miss using a warranty or guarantee again Do you work for a company? Do you log ...    5 MB    Views 8679
Related Apps market time news ipad information stocks summary price details top orders
+4    MubasherTrade UAE for iPad Mubasher is the pioneer in providing realtime quotes, online trading, news and tools that keep you in touch with the latest market movements in Dubai Market. MubasherTrade is the latest addition to the world class Mubasher software ...    34 MB    Views 1276
Related Apps market iphone news time summary stocks information global international price details
+11    MubasherTrade International for iPhone Mubasher is the pioneer in providing realtime quotes, online trading, news and tools that keep you in touch with the latest market movements in the Middle Eastern, North African and Central Asian regions. MubasherTrade is the latest addition ...    10 MB    Views 9639


application mobile summary bank payment accounts pin union code debit
-1    Union Bank (Albania) has prepared for its customers, who use Iphone a new UB Mobile application. It is an easy and safe tool to access your accounts from anywhere they can connect to internet. Therefore it is available for the ...    2 MB    Views 8909

ReceiptGen Free

card receipt receipts summary credit options printer
-3    The free version includes generating itemized restaurant receipts with inapp purchases to add credit card summary, taxi, gas, and parking receipts. This simple to use app takes the information you already know and regenerates that lost or misplaced receipt. In just a ...    10 MB    Views 1896
ipad market time stocks price favourite exchanges indices summary
+9    DFN (Egypt) for iPad provides realtime quotes, news & announcements and tools that keep you uptodate with market activities. Enhanced with cuttingedge technology, DFN (Egypt) for iPad adds to the world class DirectFN software suite, offering an inspiring experience in ...    39 MB    Views 4580
government time application grant approved grants project summary put
+4    Discover The Truth About Government Grants, The Grants That You Qualify For And Exactly How To Write The Perfect Grant Application That Will Have A Real Chance Of Getting Approved Every Time You Send It In Here is a small sample ...    283 kb    Views 4357


work timer salary start summary working hours wage hourly stop
-5    Do you want to keep track on your salary? Do you have an hourly wage? Have you ever felt unmotivated at work? We have the solution for you Applications: Adjust your payment amount and type (hourly wage, holiday compensation, tax) A timer that ...    2 MB    Views 1176


Related Apps summary loan interest principle payment paid schedule amortization term total
+1    This superfast application amortizes loan over the term of the loan. This is a flexible application applicable to most consumer loans. After loan input is supplied, move over to summary to see the loan summary and detail to see amortization ...    3 MB    Views 3622

Business Plan App

business ipad marketing iphone plan plans save summary analysis edit manage
-7    Do you need a business plan? Are you trying to start a business or secure funding? Are you ready to grow your existing business to new levels? If you answered "Yes" then get Business Plan App today Now you can manage ...    13 MB    Views 4925
investment portfolio access focus insurance client manager easy coverage plans summary
-2    Designed for financial advisors who want a clean yet detailed interface that can be easily understood by clients during review meetings and presentations. Client Portfolio Manager will enable you to record your clients’ insurance policies and investment plans information in ...    9 MB    Views 5421
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