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All Unit Converter

+21    TOTAL CONVERTER is useful to convert unit and save it. How many pounds are in a kilogram? Is 40°C hot or cold? Conversions are tough. Unit Convertor makes them easy Quickly convert values for the following measurements and save common conversions for ...    3 MB    Views 4218
+4    The chart analysis combines the popular technical indicators MACD, Moving Averages, Stochastic, RSI (Relative Strength Index), various volume oscillators, Money Flow Index, Rate of Change, Volume with Moving Average, Williams Percent Range, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic Stop and Reverse, Splits. No ...    350 kb    Views 7934

Köpa Aktier

+12    Denna " Köpa aktier " app är för alla som är intresserade av handel med aktier på börsen. Visa verkliga aktuella aktievärden och lär dig hur du kan köpa svenska lånefinansierade aktier. All information som du behöver för att kunna ...    6 MB    Views 404
-2    From the developer of »Miles – The Classic Mileage Log« and »Percent Mate 10 in 1 Percentage Calculator«: Refill helps keeping a close eye on the fuel efficiency and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of any vehicle with combustion engines. ...    13 MB    Views 8090

Choice Index

+14    Choice Index is basically a combined product of Back office and Risk management features for Choice International Limited. It includes modules such as KYC, Back office, Live RMS, and Research Call. Back office shows core details of Holdings,Positions, Ledger details ...    4 MB    Views 3846
-3    This App provides insights to Senior corporate banking executives on interbank regional transactions. Key KPIs include Actual transaction volume, Projected transaction volume, % Variance LY, % Projected achieved.    94 MB    Views 4125

STI Watch

+15    The FTSE Straits Times Index (STI) is a capitalisationweighted stock market index that is regarded as the benchmark index for the Singapore stock market. It tracks the performance of the top 30 companies listed on the Singapore Exchange. It is ...    7 MB    Views 6082

Big Mac Index App

big mac price index exchange
+8    The Big Mac Index App intends to show whether currencies are at their "correct" value. It was invented by The Economist in 1986. For example, the average price of a Big Mac (Burger) in USA in July 2014 was 4.80, in ...    1 MB    Views 2605


Related Apps research technical clients
+2    The BBSP Research app, available for IPhone, provides our clients with access to our awardwinning research anywhere and at any time. This application is provided free of charge to clients with a BBSP TAO website account. About BBSP. Established in 1990, with analyst ...    3 MB    Views 9850
-6    The Stock Market Wave Calculator program is based on the findings of Ralph N. Elliott discoverer of the Elliott Wave Principle of stock market movements. Utilizing the concepts of the Wave Principle, the Wave Calculator provides traders with the ability to ...    6 MB    Views 591
Related Apps time research money watch futures price change chart list volume multiple bid index
-3    A musthave for future traders the handy tool to quickly view the advanced quotes and charts of futures. Check indepth quotes like bid, ask, bid size, ask size, open, high, low, last, and volume in a glance. Study highresolution ...    9 MB    Views 4583
time stock money forecast market index oscillator average volume moving price bands momentum
+1    The Modulus Stock Charts App lets you view stock, commodity, and forex charts and work with technical indicators. Free market data is delayed. New features and realtime data coming soon Features Supports chart panels with the ability to move/zoom/resize using figure ...    7 MB    Views 5972

Binary Index

Related Apps binary platform traders options trading index
+29    Binary Index are today’s leading binary options trading platform. As binary options have become more popular than ever, we provide traders with an excellent trader experience in terms of security, features, tools, and education. We commits to excellence in providing ...    24 MB    Views 7906

PT Reymount

Related Apps technical charts trade indicators account
+9    PT Reymount for iPhone With the PT Reymount you can control your account, trade in the financial markets and use technical indicators for market analysis. • Faster execution • User friendly interface • Multi account management • Advanced trade ticket • Interactive charts with zoom and scroll • ...    2 MB    Views 8194
calculator beer volume quick price easy
+30    Enter a price for a given volume of craft beer to see the equivalent price for other common volumes. Quick? Quick Pick an ABV to see how much you're paying for the alcohol portion of the beer. Easy? Easy Price and volume ...    2 MB    Views 901
futures cash trader summary index trading positions transaction quotes offers
+1    CASH Futures Trader Celestial Commodity Limited, wholly subsidiary of CASH Financial Services Group Limited (Stock Code: 0510), now offers iPhone users a brand new experience of trading HK Futures via our ‘CASH Futures Trader’. The app tailored to futures investor that ...    4 MB    Views 5640
Related Apps market trader mobile charts indicators account technical live
-7    Alvexo Mobile Trader is an online platform that provides live access to traders’ accounts using iPhones & iPads. The application is fully native and therefore 100% functional – synchronizing with the trader’s account in realtime. With Alvexo’s Mobile Trader, you can: • Monitor ...    2 MB    Views 9876
search coins face pictures coin details metal index
+20    Contains all chinese modern precious metal commemorative coins since 1979 (nearly 2000 coins), with details of fineness, face value, mintage, pictures, etc. Key features include: •Images Browsing: high resolution obverse/reverse pictures, zoom in/out to view details, and description of each picture. •Detailed Coin ...    71 MB    Views 8168
+20    Track World’s all leading US, European and Asian Stock Market Indices. All major Global market indexes including Dow Jones, Nasdaq, CAC, DAX, Nikkei, Hang Seng and many more are displayed in tabular format. All US, European and Asian Markets are ...    7 MB    Views 3246
candle iphone chart line oscillator indicators index volume
+13    Stockchart++ is a special version of Stockcharts family which is designed for large iphones such as iphone 6, iphone 6 plus, other device also can use Stockchart++ as well. Stockchart++ features: World wide stock market Multiple watch lists (portfolios) Global indexes ...    8 MB    Views 2776
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-5    Want to gain an edge in today's competitive market? Candlestick charting, which is a form of technical analysis, is a versatile tool that can be fused with any other technical tool and will help improve any technician's market analysis. This App ...    2 MB    Views 4122

Wear Stock

stock user information wise company chart volume wear displayed
+9    Wear Stock app gives the information about the current stock status in the market. The user have to enter the company name the list of all symbol related to the company will be displayed to the user and the user can ...    25 MB    Views 3927

KPMG Vietnam

business tax kpmg vietnam technical knowledge contact insights newsletters
-9    KPMG Vietnam Knowledge+ KPMG Vietnam Knowledge+ is not only a great source for your most up to date news and technical information; it also helps individuals and corporations to cut through the complexity of today’s most topical business issues. The app ...    3 MB    Views 6900
market stock time stocks signals trading technical trade number average
+3    The Most Powerful Trading Model Ever Built Stock Signals Pro provides automated trading signals based on complex technical criteria for all US stocks. AMAZING RETURNS Average return per trade: 2.0% Average trade duration: 11.7 days Highest gain: 286% Number of ...    4 MB    Views 9101
+24    WinkDex (Winklevoss Index) provides the most accurate price of bitcoin in realtime. Features: Compare price and volume data from Bitcoin market exchanges Calculate the price of bitcoin at any point in time Bitcoin (BTC) price and volume charts Interactive price tracking ...    6 MB    Views 8534


stock finance exchange website yahoo symbols data index
-3    The HotMarket app provides a comprehensive set of the best overbought/oversold indicators: Williams%R Slow Stochastic Commodity Channel Index (CCI) Relative Strength Index (RSI) Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO) Other powerful oscillators: MACD Chaikin A/D Line+Volume As a bonus classical crossing MA, Bollinger Bands and Parabolic SAR indicators are included. Other features ...    3 MB    Views 3321
een met van kunt index het deze
+14    Nieuw: Plus500 handleiding toegevoegd De app ‘Aandelen Kopen’ is voor iedereen die wil leren aandelen kopen en wil beleggen op de aandelenkoersen. Leer hier hoe u aandelen kunt kopen via een hefboom, bekijk actuele aandelenkoersen en ga aan de ...    7 MB    Views 5107
-6    The chart analysis combines the popular technical indicators MACD, Moving Averages, Stochastic, RSI (Relative Strength Index), various volume oscillators, Money Flow Index, Rate of Change, Volume with Moving Average, Williams Percent Range, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic Stop and Reverse, Splits. Chart mid ...    801 kb    Views 2022

HSI Panel

index hang panel day
+13    Panel is a tiny application that help you to check Hang Seng Index of Hong Kong. Nearly realtime information of Hang Hang Index. Current index, day high and day low. Automatically update. Disable auto sleep. ===== 恆生指數是一個小程式,可以讓你簡單地查閱現時的恆生指數。 顯示接近實時的恆生指數。 顯示恆生指數,全日最高和全日最低。 自動更新。 關閉自動睡眠。    93 kb    Views 4887
time usage data real volume mobile alerts
+1    IMPORTANT NOTE: Datalert for Citrix Worx is Citrix Ready Worx enabled and requires the use of a XenMobile Admin console account. Worx Home app should be installed on the device. No more Bill Shock Stay informed and keep an eye on your ...    33 MB    Views 4211
Related Apps stock market stocks seng watch hang index portfolio main hong
-9    Stocks Hang Seng is the simplest and easiest way to watch the Hang Seng Index, components and track your portfolio. Stocks is mainly focused in the Hong Kong stock market and stock exchange but you can watch international markets too. Main features ...    5 MB    Views 9038
people investors stocks discover volume talking
-8    Discover the hottest stocks and topics investors and traders are talking about right now. Chatter pulls tweets on stocks that meet certain criteria, such as unusual volume, earnings announcements, breaking news, analyst upgrades or downgrades, and then calculates trending message volume ...    10 MB    Views 8131


Related Apps stock platform technical
+27    FutureChart is an intuitive and advanced stock charting platform for the iPhone. It is the fastest and easiest way to get a technical picture of the market, as well as check stock quotes and store your watch list. FutureChart is a technical ...    193 kb    Views 1458
investment ncreif estate real funds weighted fund institutional index
+18    The NCREIF Fund Index Openend Diversified Core Equity provides quarterly and annual total returns for 28 institutional openend commingled real estate funds. All the funds in the ODCE pursue a “core” investment strategy and some have performance histories going ...    2 MB    Views 630
Related Apps categories converter units support currencies data volume currency unit
+17    iUnit is an elegant and simple unit/currency converter. It's especially designed for iOS7, iPhone and iPod touch and it takes full advantage of them Offering a wide range of categories and units to convert, this is all that you would ...    8 MB    Views 2570
investing money stocks mvp diversified individual index
+17    Wanna beat the index without a professional money manager? MVP can help. MVP quickly tells you the best way to invest money in ANY 3 stocks. It does this by finding the most diversified combination. This means that you can reap the ...    4 MB    Views 3728
Related Apps stock market investing investment 2012 education video index trading analysis stocks trade technical moving
+4    Ever fancied investing in stocks & shares but did not do so because it all seemed too complicated? This app is dedicated to giving you a good understanding of the stock market and hopefully will enable you to make some ...    30 MB    Views 8215

iStock Ideas

0    It contains rules for the stock market. All stocks are scanned for various technical data. The ideas are then scanned further for the other technical analysis techniques. iStock Ideas application shows a complex trading strategy to “Buy” and “Sell” signals for the ...    3 MB    Views 7790


market indicators set charts technical stop account trade
-9    MEXNepal for iPhone With the MEXNepal you can control your account, trade in the financial markets and use technical indicators for market analysis. • User friendly interface • Account Summary • Market order execution • Take Profit, Stop Loss in Trade • close open trades from Positions ...    4 MB    Views 6335
canadian market stock stocks watch portfolio main index
+2    Stocks TSX is the simplest and easiest way to watch the Canadian TSX Index, components and track your portfolio. Stocks TSX is mainly focused in the Canadian stock market but you can watch international markets too. Main features are: Watch main indexes at ...    5 MB    Views 5640
ipad perspectives analysis content technical commerzbank
+4    Perspectives is Commerzbank's quarterly biligual (German and English) publication discussing and defining the factors affecting the fixed income and currencies market. Each issue has a main theme, professional analysis of relevant markets and industries, technical analysis, investment ideas and information on ...    5 MB    Views 9386

NextStep IPO

ipo technical ipos stay
-2    The Nextstep App brings the Nextstep Advisory team to your fingertips. Stay up to date on the latest upcoming IPOs, research recent company filings, and get in touch with the IPO experts at Nextstep with just a tap of your ...    2 MB    Views 6164


Related Apps min updates technical zoom analysis charts stocks features intraday based
-2    Features of full version (available with 1min/5min inapp purchase subscription of 1year) for NSE stocks and F&O. 1. Live intraday candlestick chart updates(Stocks/FO) (1min or 5min, depending on the subscription type) 2. Live NSE Stocks/F&O updates. 3. Unlimited watchlists. 4. Buy/Sell signals 5. Technical ...    8 MB    Views 7146


index rate
-9    The MiseryIndex app gives you a glimpse of the current economic conditions as measured by the Misery Index, along with the ability to view what the index was dating back to 1948, either by year or on a monthly basis. ...    473 kb    Views 4247
property ncreif institutional index estate real properties weighted
+1    The NCREIF Property Index provides quarterly and annual total returns for thousands institutionalgrade office, retail, apartment, industrial, and hotel properties. All properties in the NPI have been acquired and managed on behalf of taxexempt institutional investors, principally pubic and private ...    2 MB    Views 4319
Related Apps market time volume set fundamental package technical indicator index sector signal
+15    แอพพลิเคชั่นข้อมูลหุ้นสำหรับนักลงทุน ตลาดหลักทรัพย์ หุ้นไทย กราฟหุ้น Stock Streaming Free Package ดูข้อมูลหุ้น ราคาหุ้น SET Delay 15 นาที และ Historical หุ้นย้อนหลัง 30 ปี (ตั้งแต่ตลาด SET เปิด) ดูกราฟหุ้น, Candlestick, กราฟเส้น, วัน, สัปดาห์, เดือน พร้อม volume ดูข้อมูลและกราฟ SET Index, SET50 Index, SET100 Index, SETHD, กราฟราย sector RealVoice™ ...    53 MB    Views 2815

Compare and Convert

Related Apps shopping weight application compare area volume prices great conversions
+1    Have you ever wondered if it's a better deal to buy that twelve pack of soda or the liter of soda? The threepound bag of oranges or the oranges by the pound? You could take the time to do the ...    675 kb    Views 4474


van deze worden index
+15    Het bemiddelingsTEAM brengt uptodate indexatie berekeningen volgens de Belgische gezondheidsindex en consumptieindex. Initieel werd de app ontworpen om de indexering van alimentatie en onderhoudsgelden te berekenen, maar hij kan evengoed gebruikt worden op andere bedragen die geïndexeerd moeten worden, zoals huurprijzen ...    9 MB    Views 746

XRP Ticker

time information exchange currency volume rate rates real
+28    Ripple is a peertopeer payment system created by Ripple Labs Inc. Ripple Ticker displays and monitors the current Ripples (XRP) exhange rates. This app provides uptodate XRP market information. You can instantly get exchange rate information on the value of XRP in ...    2 MB    Views 8885

Best Bang! FREE

money set find compare volume great supported
+13    Get the best bang for your buck with Best Bang It's the perfect tool to easily compare the price per alcohol level between any given beers, wines and spirits. Pick the best deal. Save money and have a good one Best ...    1014 kb    Views 566
index sentiment
+25    The aiCIO Sentiment Index is an inviteonly survey system that tracks the attitudes of institution investors regarding the global economy, financial markets, and portfolio allocations.    304 kb    Views 884
tracker bitcoin index price exchange data weighted average day
-6    Lucre Bitcoin Index & Markets Tracker with its clean, uncluttered interface helps you focus on the latest Bitcoin market data that is most important to you. Lucre is designed from the ground up to make intelligent use of colour, typography & ...    4 MB    Views 5720
property ncreif index real returns estate estimated based transaction
-8    The NCREIF TransactionBased Index is estimated from NCREIF Property Index property sales in each quarter. As such, returns are provided for office, retail, apartment, and industrial properties. Additionally, estimated returns are grouped by geographic regions: west, south, midwest, and east. ...    2 MB    Views 7778


candle stock chart index technical kong stocks hong book demand term weekly
-8    香港股票圖冊 (HK Chart Book),為讀者提供四項恒指數及其成份股票的技術分析圖表,透過精心挑選的技術分析指標,和獨家提供的相對動量指數(Demand Index),讓讀者可以快速溜覽香港主要股票的走勢,港股圖冊全面覆蓋市場指數及相關行業的走勢,並利用橫、直模式分別顯示陰陽燭(Candle Stick) 及高低收棒狀圖(HiLo Bar chart) ,讓讀者有更充裕的工具來分析股票動向,其他技術分析數據還包括: 成交量(Turnover) 相對強弱指數(RSI) 移動平均匯聚背馳指標(MACD) 隨機指數(STC) 移動平均線(SMA) Hong Kong Stock Chartbook has covered the daily and weekly charts for 4 Hang Seng Index and their constituent stocks trading in Hong Kong Exchange. We have chosen reliable technical indicators ...    NAN    Views 8717


Related Apps technical charts trade indicators account
+14    KerfordFXPlus for iPhone With the KerfordFXPlus you can control your account, trade in the financial markets and use technical indicators for market analysis. • Faster execution • User friendly interface • Multi account management • Advanced trade ticket • Interactive charts with zoom and scroll • Popular technical ...    4 MB    Views 3683

Wear Converter

weight time convert speed volume wear units area length
-3    Wear Converter is useful to convert unit. How many pounds are in a kilogram? Conversions are tough. Unit Convertor makes them easy Quickly convert values for the following measurements and save common conversions for quick access: Length, Temperature, Speed, Time, Volume, Angle, ...    813 kb    Views 8488


iphone investment application seng index information hang
0    信誠證券為iPhone用家特設應用程式,提供一個多元化的投資資訊平台。現在只要從App Store免費下載本程式,便可隨時隨地瀏覽各項市場資訊, 

 •恆生指數成份股股價變動對恆生指數之影響 •公司最新消息 
Prudential Brokerage Ltd. provides a professional trading application for iPhone users. The iPhone application offers a comprehensive investment information platform. Download it from App Store now – you can have real time market information and investment opportunities anytime, ...    746 kb    Views 1631

Index Fund Advisors

investment ifa index learn explore fund advisors
+1    The Index Fund Advisors (IFA) app can help you replace speculation with an education. Read about passive investment strategies from our articles or keep up to date by watching the latest video. Explore our IFA Index Portfolios and historical ...    24 MB    Views 4554

MetaTrader 5

ipad iphone history time news market trade index trading oscillator charts technical average financial
-5    Trade Forex With Your iPhone or iPad The world's most popular Forex trading platform MetaTrader 5 is now available for iPhone and iPad (Retina display devices are also supported) free of charge. With MetaTrader 5 iPhone, you can control your account, ...    14 MB    Views 1709

Oracle Paper

investment authority oracle financial prudential registered technical clients number plc
-7    Our regular Oracle publications will keep you up to date on topical industry matters. Oracle Quarterly includes a number of articles providing you with business development and advice opportunities. Oracle Technical gives insight into the most recent technical developments in ...    18 MB    Views 7136
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