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+7    MintPalBuddy displays market information of the crypto currency exchange on MintPal. It offers a clean and beautiful overview of all the markets and a slick graph when tapping on a market There are more features coming Please visit our website,, ...    3 MB    Views 1798


+7    FXDD iPROTrader can be used by PowerTrader and VikingTrader clients with existing live and demo trading accounts to monitor open positions and enter new positions while onthego.  FXDD iPROTrader allows clients to place limit and stop orders, to create order ...    2 MB    Views 1775

KASB Direct

+22    KASB Direct is the retail brokerage arm of KASB Securities Ltd. that caters to the diverse needs of equity investors around the globe. KASB Direct started its operation in 2004 and has since grown robustly to its current position as ...    804 kb    Views 526
+4    Trade KE CFDs on the move. Go long or short using a single account, with leverage of up to 10 times of your cash deposit. KE CFDs adopts a Direct Market Access model where all trades are placed through to the ...    5 MB    Views 6943

3DMarkets HD

market tax money trade trading spread betting price forex difference trades
+2    3DMarkets HD – The Spread Betting, CFD and Forex Trading App This exciting new trading app lets you trade 1000’s of financial products without being confined to your desk. From a single app you can trade spread betting, CFDs or Forex ...    70 MB    Views 3459
-2    Calculates number of shares and prices for your trades. Onestep stock trade calculation. Saves time and eliminates mistakes when making trades. Enter your fixed parameters like Buy Price, Transaction Amount, Target Gain, Stop Loss %, for Sell Price, Stop Loss and ...    578 kb    Views 8110

Stock Market Hero

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+19    Save the economy by running, jumping and slashing your way through the stock market, in this all new platforming adventure. Levels generated from actual stock market data. Autosave, quit at any time and return to the same spot when you return. iTunes music ...    4 MB    Views 4119

StratX Markets

time markets trades trade assets simple trading
+2    The StratX Markets free App provides live and direct access to traditional markets including stocks, commodities, currencies and indices right to your fingertips wherever you are, whenever you want. The platform lets users trade the price fluctuations of chosen assets ...    5 MB    Views 8043

Easy Stock Picks

+13    Easy Stock Picks is an innovative and easy tool that provides realtime buy and sell signals for a shortterm swing trading strategy. Both seasoned investors and those just starting can see profits and gain investing ideas and stock picks by ...    2 MB    Views 2736


+1    Infobolsa delivers a new Financial Market app to keep you updated with the latest financial data (main Market Indexes, currencies, equity Spanish market and other relevant data). Using their own accounts, registered users of Infobolsa services will access the market data ...    15 MB    Views 7235
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+20    COMPREHENSIVE TRADING GUIDE StockTrader is an online service which gives you insight in stock picks throughout the stock market session. It is fast and minimalistically designed to satisfy sophisticated trader's needs. BEST STOCK PICKS REAL TIME SIGNALS THE ONLY ...    3 MB    Views 3658


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+5    The leading social news aggregator for the stock market, investments, financial markets, and economics. All the top financial market headlines right now, as voted by market participants and shared by social media and blogs.    4 MB    Views 9812


iphone time account live trading acttrader forex information cfds real trades open
-4    iTradeFX is the Iphone version of the popular ActTrader platform by Act Forex, Inc. iTrade allows you to trade the same instruments you can on the desktop version, including Forex, CFDs, Futures, and ETFs. Simply log in with your ActTrader ...    5 MB    Views 1412


iphone time account trading live acttrader information trades charts open
+2    ActPhone is the iPhone version of the popular ActTrader platform by ActForex, Inc. ActPhone allows you to trade the same instruments you can on the desktop version, including Forex, CFDs, Futures, and ETFs. Simply log in with your ActTrader username ...    4 MB    Views 2430

Market Parse

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+4    Use big data to gain important insights on the market. Quickly find out what is trending in the markets to tap unseen opportunities. Market Parse uses sentiment to score every article and tweet posted in a given day to give ...    9 MB    Views 6370

iWizard Pro

market action pro trades trend trade probability odds entry system
+21    The iWizardPro App requires a current registered subscription to theWizardPro through = What is the iWizard Pro? = The iWizard Pro is a product from that has the world's simplest, most powerful investment decision and market timing system. The iWizard ...    76 kb    Views 4881


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-1    FinCURVE is an evolution of the Market Profile technique which was developed by the CBOT in the early 1980’s to enable the observation of time, price and volume. These are displayed as a histogram of events or statistical distribution. Whereas ...    1019 kb    Views 7346
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-6    Compute financial ratios on the fly Market Ratios Calculator computes dozens of financial ratios instantly Just type in the inputs, press calculate, and the ratio is automatically computed Each calculator includes a description of the underlying equation. Preparing for your CFA, CPA, and doing ...    1 MB    Views 4715

Bolsa Abierta HD

-4    Use this application to follow the evolution of the Stock Market indexes and share quotations from your iPhone. It includes graphs of shares’ movements and the most important financial news. You can define and control your own list of shares and ...    12 MB    Views 8877


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-3    "Next trade application" is the easiest way to "analyze the stock market technically" you have ever seen. Userfriendly interface design stock market analytical information Must have stock app for an expert trader    14 MB    Views 328

StockTrader Lite

stock time signals service picks trades buy real short
+2    “Bought VRNG 2.27, sold 2.95 for 10,250 profit Keep them coming Thanks“ Keith “Best trading signals ever Made 110% in 2010” B. “Great App…Advising you to buy, sell, stoploss, short, cover short etc...The format is very ...    NAN    Views 2415
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-8    When you're out and about, banking isn't always convenient that's why BTCU's Mobile Banking is so handy. It's the GPS of Banking. There's so much you can do: > Check balances. > View transactions. > Transfer money. > Pay bills. > Find current rates. > ...    49 MB    Views 7213
pending trades approve mobile trade approval
+16    Capella FX Trade Approval Application, the easiest way for supervisory personnel to approve or reject pending trades in real time, directly on their mobile devices. Authorized individuals can quickly view pending trades and approve or reject them anytime, anywhere.    902 kb    Views 1154


market listings
-4    A&M Realty Inc. offers Office Listings, Commercial, Industrial,Residential, Business Listings including Live Market Search of any and all Listings available in the local market    30 MB    Views 8146

DBS Market Watch HK

+4    DBS Market Watch equips you with the most updated investment information anytime, anywhere: Local and overseas indices Stock quotes FX rates Stock and FX charts Watch List    11 MB    Views 7911

Bull Market

Related Apps stock market
+16    A minimal yet capable stock market app. Track favourite stocks and manage your portfolio. Add notes and alerts to be notified when a stock reaches a set value. Works with all major stock markets.    884 kb    Views 3728


ipad time account trading live acttrader information trades charts open
+27    ActPad is the iPad version of the popular ActTrader platform by ActForex, Inc. ActPad allows you to trade the same instruments you can on the desktop version, including Forex, CFDs, Futures, and ETFs. Simply log in with your ActTrader username ...    5 MB    Views 4895


+12    China Stock market info Real time information Shanghai market and Shenzhen market,All in one You can check All kinds of charts and details in this app    3 MB    Views 2401
Related Apps stock iphone market time globe connect tablet users real trades mobile exchanges view
+3    Globe Connect Tablet is an advanced, secure and userfriendly application for real time stockmarket information with trading capabilities on the Tablet phone. It is customized to run on iPhone. Users of Globe Connect Tablet on iPhone have real advantage in doing ...    44 MB    Views 6990

Instinct FX Mobile

Related Apps time research rates orders track trades real currency pairs
+27    Instinct FX Mobile is available for any user to view streaming FX rates. Existing Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s institutional and corporate clients have additional capabilities which include: •Indicative rates: Streaming FX rates in more than 200 currency pairs •Supports watchlists: Ability ...    15 MB    Views 4544

CCR Vector

+27    CCR Vector App, comprised Podcast, GIS well locator, CCRTBlogs of Analyst, US Market and World Market. Note: This Application works in portrait mode only.    7 MB    Views 7630


market score earnings
-6    This application computes ZScore and interprets ZScore from market value measures; such as, Net Working Capital (NWC), Retained Earnings (R/E), Earnings Before Interest & Taxes (EBIT) Market Value of Equity, Book Value of Liability, Sales and Total Asset using Altman's ...    415 kb    Views 2549
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-7    Financial Abbreviations is for the people working in Finance, Banking, Insurance, Stock market, Mutual Funds, Consultancy, Accounting etc . Its a Guide with all the abbreviations from very beginners to Experienced. This App contains more than 1800 abbreviations. A Glossary of ...    5 MB    Views 1633


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0    Do you want to be on top of global steel markets on your mobile device? Download SteelOrbis app for free to view steel news. You can also login with your SteelOrbis subscription to track steel price trends and market analysis. SteelOrbis ...    9 MB    Views 285
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+9    Do you enter stock trades and forget why you entered the trades in the first place? Then this app is for you. This app helps you archive stock charts from the best stock charting websites and annotate the charts with ...    2 MB    Views 9327

Jewel Trades

gold rates prices trades expo mumbai
0    Jewel Trades by GGJS Expo Pvt. Ltd. brings you real time bullion prices from Mumbai & Ahmedabad. Get International Spot rates and Mumbai & Ahmedabad Gold & Silver rates at lightning fast speed with the best accuracy in the market. Get Automated ...    8 MB    Views 4617
+30    Realtime Indian and Global Market Updates and News at your Fingertips, Lets you get going. Setup Live Wish list and track your investments on the move.    9 MB    Views 1689


+9    EFXPad is the iPad version of the popular EFXTrader platform by EFX. EFXPad allows you to trade the same instruments you can on the desktop version. Simply log in with your EFXTrader username and password to access your trading account, ...    3 MB    Views 2714


time trading trades trade win high
+6    If you would like to trade, but can't find the time or inclination to study the market, then we can help. Using the OGT Trading Methodology, we identify trading opportunities with low risk, high probability and high profitability and provide specific ...    5 MB    Views 1046


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-3    Saudi Stock Market Data, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Prices and Market Summary for TASI    1 MB    Views 6884

Stock Market Map

Related Apps market map stock
-2    Stock Market Map provides a single view into the current state of the market. Quickly get a glance at the S&P 500 as well as the Dow and Nasdaq 100. Intraday quotes are delayed by 20 minutes.    907 kb    Views 8477

Invest Cube US

market investment cube based
+13    The KF2 Investment Cube is a professional, leading edge indicator for strategic investing. It is based on fundamental, technical and market psychological data assessment. The unique Investment Cube was developed by KF2Strategy based on deep expertise in innovative economic and financial ...    285 kb    Views 6220

iWizard Forex ™

market action forex trades trend trade entry probability system odds
0    The iWizard Forex app requires an account with What is the iWizard Forex? The iWizard Forex is a product from that has the world's simplest, most powerful investment decision and market timing system. The iWizard Forex is based upon a ...    374 kb    Views 8141
Related Apps stock photo trading entry trade exit results improve trades wiz trader
+8    This is the perfect app to improve your stock trading. It is designed to both track your trading results and to store important trading information for you to later analyze your trading approach. Stock Trader Wiz is not a trading ...    12 MB    Views 6926

GAB Business

Related Apps business market
+12    The nations best market strategics come from the top names in wealth management and market analysis. All the most respected business and personal finance broadcasters are together only here on every day.    24 MB    Views 4021


market action dow trades trade trend probability system entry odds
-9    = What is the iWizard Dow 30? = The iWizard Dow 30 is a product from that has the world's simplest, most powerful investment decision and market timing system. The iWizard Dow 30 is based upon a revolutionary method of ...    77 kb    Views 1120

eOption Mobile

time trading access mobile trades efficient options commission view environment
-5    eOption Mobile Invest and Seek Opportunities from Anywhere, Any Time. eOption Mobile provides you with account access, trading and order status of Stocks, ETF’s, and Options. Integrated market data enables you to access financial research and execute trades. •Access all of your accounts ...    4 MB    Views 9550

FastTelco MW

+10    يوفر برنامج مراقبة السوق شاشة عرض للبيانات الصفقات – أوامر السوق – أسعار الأسهم المؤشرات أخبار السوق The Market Watch Section in Fasttelco provides a screens for the data: Transactions – Market Orders – Shares Costs – Indexes Market News    8 MB    Views 8894

Financial Formulas

Related Apps market formulas financial
-7    Vega Entertainment presents an allinclusive Financial Formulas for people working in Finance, Banking, Insurance, Stock Market, Mutual Funds, FII’s, High Net Worth Individuals, Consultants and Professionals in Accounting & Taxation. It’s a basic Guide with formulas for beginners to advanced ...    4 MB    Views 2922


investors time finance people experts expert financial trades trade real currencies
+27    Zercatto's revolutionary and awardwinning app is now available for the iPhone Invest in the stockmarket and copy the best traders yielding over 72% annualized return, including Stocks, ETFs, Indices, Commodities and Currencies. Try for free One Smart Dollar: "Zercatto operates on ...    7 MB    Views 3822

Bitcoin Price Quote

Related Apps market bitcoin major price
-7    View the current Bitcoin prices at major exchanges and in all major currencies. See market activity with daily price & volume charts for the past week. Monitor OTC market chat.    5 MB    Views 3597

StoxMarket Mobile

mobile instant trader trades orders
-1 presents the latest technology in online mobile trading onthego with StoxMarket Mobile Trader. With StoxMarket Mobile trader you gets instant rates for 100+ forex pairs, gold and silver and execute trades just like you would at home. Main Features: login with desktop ...    5 MB    Views 7802

ayondo markets

investing investment tax health iphone markets trading risk account trade platform funding trades
-8    Experience our new investment and trading platform, TradeHub on your iPhone. TradeHub allows you to trade on the go, monitor your open positions and more. Once you download the app, discover all the benefits of trading and investing on our ...    4 MB    Views 5337

Stock Tracker SL14

Related Apps stock tracker trades
+11    Stock Tracker is an easy to use intuitive utility application that assists in organizing and recording trades that allows the user to view cost basis of holdings. All trades, both buys and sells are input directly into the app to ...    2 MB    Views 5659

Bob the Trader

Related Apps stock news trader bob trading options trades futures financial analysis
-3    Are you ready to step your stock options/futures trading game up? Good, because the Bob the Trader app is here to make YOU a better trader. How you ask? It’s simple really, Bob provides… Trading Shows and Studies (tastytrade Live) • Live programming ...    16 MB    Views 5686

ActTrader - iPad

ipad time acttrader account trading live real trades information charts open
-5    ActTrader iPad is the iPad version of the popular ActTrader platform by ActForex, Inc. ActTrader iPad allows you to trade the same instruments you can on the desktop version, including Forex, CFDs, Futures, and ETFs. Simply log in ...    5 MB    Views 3737

Verum Option

Related Apps market time option platform profit trading trade options binary trades
+3    Verum Option is the most innovative trading platform on the binary options market. Now, wherever you are, if you have a smartphone with Internet connection, you can easily trade and earn profits simply tapping your touch screen. Instantly react to ...    23 MB    Views 7895
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-4    Mobile Commodity Trader untethers traders and originators using Triple Point’s Commodity XL™ solution from their desks by delivering realtime market data and enabling trades to be executed from virtually anywhere. Mobile Commodity Trader provides all the tools for managing trades ...    5 MB    Views 1783


virtual automatically updated user trading trade price betting spread trades
-6    'iSpreadBet' is a Spread Betting SIMULATOR app. It's purpose is to teach the basics of Spread Betting, by allowing the user to 'bet' on the price movements of 100 UK company shares with a 'virtual' sum of money. This means ...    1 MB    Views 888


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+28    Trade with the hottest binary options trading App for your iPhone.
One Binary now brings the profit potential of binary options trading to your mobile device.
Trade securely & on the go from your mobile device. Just download One Binary’s iPhone app. ...    22 MB    Views 5604
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