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+7    LogBook – The easiest way to manage your vehicle mileage log book. LogBook is the perfect tool for any professional who uses his or her vehicle for workrelated travel. Logbook is an efficient, easy and safe method of recording your vehicle ...    7 MB    Views 8342

LLCU Mobile

+12    Use Land of Lincoln Credit Union's mobile application to check your balances, transfer money, or find a location.    2 MB    Views 9883

TCCU Mobile

+13    The best mobile application in Texoma    4 MB    Views 2248


+18    The SMEBANK Mobile Banking app for iPhone and iPad lets you access your accounts easily and securely from your mobile device.    11 MB    Views 9166

CPB Mobile

+6    Cullman Power Board mobile app is designed to put your entire account at your fingertips. From viewing bills to making payments, you can manage that process from anywhere.    6 MB    Views 1872

Bandwidth Pro

0    A handy tool to measure the data usage or bandwidth of wifi, 3g, and gprs. Save your monthly consumption on data transfer. Realtime detect the data usage of your ipod/iphone. ios 4 tested Features: 3G, GPRS, WIFI supported ipod touch/iphone supported multi data types:byte, kb, mb, gb manual ...    2 MB    Views 2857
+2    App background changes according to your data usage. Customized themes with a choice of fonts & colour schemes. Never worry about your data limit again. Data Count lets you track your mobile data usage at one glance in real time. Gives you ...    5 MB    Views 6316

PEC Mobile

-4    Pickwick mobile is designed to put your entire account at your fingertips. From viewing bills to making payments, you can manage that process from anywhere.    6 MB    Views 6961
money data usage plan control phone save
+14    Have you ever wondered how to control your data plan? With Weplan app you can visualize your data plan and control your monthly expenditure. With Weplan: you can control your data usage (4G, 3G, EDGE, UMTS, LTE). You should know that controlling your ...    NAN    Views 3919
+21    DataCap gives the key statistics you need, the ultimate weapon against overage. It's never been easier to track your data usage. Track cellular (LTE/4G/3G) and WiFi Four custom threshold alerts Graphic reports View past usage by bill cycle Work with ...    2 MB    Views 1231
-9    Mobile supergraphic viewer    39 MB    Views 2108

Dazzlee Meters

+7    Being able to track how much energy you use, and how much it costs every day, will only help you to reduce how much you use, saving you money and saving the environment. Dazzlee Meters lets you: Add as many properties ...    509 kb    Views 522
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-4    Data Manager Pro will manage both Cellular (4G/LTE/3G/Edge/GPRS) and WiFi data usage in real time from your device. This app will let you be in control of your data usage to avoid the costly overage charges your provider may charge ...    4 MB    Views 2750
traffic wifi time data control usage plan provider plans month
0    Data Control will manage your iPhone’s data usage for both your provider’s data traffic and WiFi data traffic. By monitoring the data usage, Data Control will allow you to select the appropriate data plan from your provider. Data Control monitors data usage ...    1 MB    Views 6992
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0    Data Manager Data Usage with Speed Test Monitor the Data Usage and Speed on your device in Real Time for FREE. Stop paying overage fees Data Manager will manage both Cellular (4G/LTE/3G/Edge/GPRS) and WiFi data usage in real time from your ...    5 MB    Views 5806
email money data expenses days enter day monthly usage
-3    Uberzahl raises your awareness about spent money Focus on the last 30 days keeps you continually informed about your current behavior Easy & fast to use slick user interface, optimized for input of single expenses (in one of ...    17 MB    Views 6093


reading meter account energy usage button picture snap
+4    Understand your energy usage with pixometer With our pixometer App, you’ll get a grasp of your energy usage. Scan your meter using the camera of your mobile device just as simple as a barcode. pixometer will even read the result ...    NAN    Views 2635

HCFCU Mobile

-2    Mobile banking application allowing member to view accounts, transfer funds, and pay bills via BillPay program. Fully encrypted for security.    4 MB    Views 9884

Plan Monitor

-2    SAVE A LOT OF MONEY ON YOUR PHONE BILL. 4 BASIC TOOLS IN 1 APP DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY This App helps you to save from the first use. Single payment, no extra charges Once purchased the App, you will ...    13 MB    Views 4035


power usage
+14    PowerTrack helps you keep track of the remaining power on your prepaid electricity account. It can graph your daily power usage and indicates when you will run out of power at the current rate of consumption. With graphical history of the ...    180 kb    Views 4995

Apscade TV Guzzler

twitter power day appliances usage tip pick
0    Record 31 days of your power usage and learn how much you should set aside for your power bill. Then take a look at how you can change your power usage to either save money or get more value out ...    11 MB    Views 8621
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+2    My Mileage is a simple and easy to use app to track your mileage and expenses. It’s a great helper for both business and personal use. With My Mileage, you can track your expenses, start and end time, odometer, start and destination, ...    24 MB    Views 5752

Data Buddy

data usage buddy current required tool show unique updates
+1    Data Buddy is a beautifully designed, feature rich Data Usage App. It provides a quick and easy way of monitoring your data usage. The unique Usage Timeline Bar instantly indicates indicates your current status. A survey by TechRadar reported the average ...    824 kb    Views 4517

Coin Toss 3D

camera coin flip usage issue
+17    WARNING: There is an iOS8 issue. You where are asked to allow the camera for this App. If you disallow the camera usage the App is crashing on the next restart. Allow the App to use the camera to prevent ...    8 MB    Views 1685


reading bills recording time readings charges usage meters billing current number
+7    Upload of tariffs, readings, past charges and billings as a spreadsheet to your goggle docs account. Frustrated at paying high utility bills? Worry on how to reduce your household energy carbon footprint? The easiest and most immediate solution is taking regular readings ...    717 kb    Views 1201
traffic time data usage limit mobile carrier advanced
+10    SALE 50% OFF A single app that runs on iPhone and iPad This app helps you to stay within the limits of your mobile internet data plan limit (LTE/4G/3G). You will save hundreds of with this app That's why it's ...    18 MB    Views 535
-5    Bank anywhere / anytime with the First National Bank at Paris Mobile App. It's an easy, convenient, and free way to manage your First National Bank at Paris accounts without a trip to the bank or access to a personal ...    13 MB    Views 3447
reading tracker usage electric economy graph
-3    Electric usage tracker designed for the UK. Easily see on a graph if your usage increases at certain times of the year. Works with standard, economy 7, & economy 10 tariffs. Enter your tariff details in the settings tab and once you ...    NAN    Views 9419


card time monitor management cards gps transactions control debit usage manage specific cardholders alert
+1    NOTE: This application is powered by Fiserv, Inc. but is activated through specific financial institutions. Check with your financial institution to ensure they participate in CardValet prior to downloading. CardValet is a debit card management and fraud mitigation tool for cardholders. ...    3 MB    Views 8083

Electric Bills

bills electric track usage
+1    Electric Bills keeps track of your electrical usage and costs. It will track the average electric usage per killowatthour (kWh), a listing of electric bills sorted by date for each property, and the energy economy per bill (/kWh). This simple ...    160 kb    Views 4115


time usage data mobile volume real devices alerts
-5    No more Bill Shock Stay informed and keep an eye on your mobile data usage in realtime The days of unpleasant surprises when you receive your mobile phone bill are over. DATALERT was created with the intention to help you better anticipate and ...    24 MB    Views 9268
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+3    DataCare is a WiFi/3G/4G data usage monitor to help you know current 3G/4G data usage to prevent from exceeding data plan. It collects data usage from iOS without connecting to wireless service provider, and it works for all wireless service ...    10 MB    Views 1407

FAM Mobile

+11    This Mobile App allows you to view your account information, balances and easily contact your Family Asset Management advisor.    3 MB    Views 3605
time usage data real volume mobile alerts
-4    IMPORTANT NOTE: Datalert for Citrix Worx is Citrix Ready Worx enabled and requires the use of a XenMobile Admin console account. Worx Home app should be installed on the device. No more Bill Shock Stay informed and keep an eye on your ...    33 MB    Views 4211

RGWM Mobile

0    This Mobile App allows you to view account information, balances and easily contact your advisor.    3 MB    Views 1931
monitor history usage data group plans shared plan simple individual
0    The BEST way to monitor shared plans and groups. Spottr gives everyone in your group a simple way keep up with who's used what and when you'll go over. It's simple, beautiful and easy to use. Works with shared plans, individual ...    17 MB    Views 2976
time usage data stop real alerts track statistics charges
0    Get usage alerts and stop exceeding your WiFi data allowance The ultimate weapon against data overage charges WiFiMan tracks your WiFi data usage in real time, giving you always uptodate usage statistics. No other apps come close to WiFiMan ...    299 kb    Views 4201

FIS Mobile Wallet

+14    Mobile Payments Are Here Now Pay with your iPhone Track your mobile spending Save with exclusive offers Use any credit or debit card    16 MB    Views 7874
time apps monitor data usage pro easy watch alerts center
-9    Your superweapon against overage. DataMan Pro lets you know how you used data, every hour, every day. And with smarter forecasting, it helps you stop wastage too. So you can maximize your data plan. Watch Glance. Now you can use DataMan ...    1 MB    Views 1009
calculator currencies currency hour usage internet offline updated
+5    Convert every world currency Currencies are updated every hour and are stored for offline usage so you can use it even without internet. 168 supported currencies and counting Updated every hour Calculator OFFLINE usage Converts currencies without internet    1 MB    Views 2025

Lease Log

reading time lease odometer log usage leases terms check enter
+4    Lease Log is a better way of keeping track of odometer usage related to automobile leases. The app allows for logging 4 automobile leases at a time. Simply enter the terms of the lease, and Lease Log calculates the distance ...    3 MB    Views 3516
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+2    Virgin compatible Mobile Phone Usage for iPhone and iPad The simple way to keep track of your Virgin Mobile usage Supports Australian and USA Virgin accounts. FEATURES 1 Button refresh for ALL accounts Multiple mobile number support Postpay and Prepay account support Supports ...    4 MB    Views 6940
data mobile control track account usage tool speed
-1    ►►► ACCOUNT REQUIRED ◄◄◄ A free datasquasher account is required before use. Please contact to request a free account. Control, compress and track your mobile data usage with datasquasher. √ Save up to 90% of mobile data √ Compress mobile data downloads √ Speed ...    10 MB    Views 2899

AbsCap Mobile

-8    This mobile application allows authorized users to view data and information for accounts currently under management at Absolute Capital.    3 MB    Views 149
house bills electricity usage department estimate bill high
+20    WattZ helps you quickly estimate the electricity usage of virtually any house in the US, helping prospective renters or homeowners eliminate big surprise bills. Users can see a quick estimation of the electricity usage in their neighborhood (or any city), with ...    1 MB    Views 1530

Kanetix DriveSmart

driving program drivers trip insurance score usage based
-8    How good of a driver are you really? Test your skills with the DriveSmart app that grades your driving. Why? Auto insurers in Canada are increasingly offering drivers the opportunity to join a usagebased insurance program, which monitors how ...    11 MB    Views 1161

Data Usage Tracker

wifi ipad iphone usage monthly background works data cell
+6    Monitors your iPhone/iPad usage in (Both Wifi, Cellular/3G) in the background whilst you use other applications. Works anywhere is the world No other app has these features : Universal App, Works for both iPhone/iPad Monitors you Cell/3G/Wifi Usage Enter you monthly ...    4 MB    Views 5718

EU Mobile

+2    FEBP mobile is designed to put your entire account at your fingertips. From viewing bills to making payments, you can manage that process from anywhere.    6 MB    Views 4905

Meter Readings

iphone time ipad monitor money bills email apps apple finance readings usage support meters costs rates itunes
-8    ON SALE UP TO 50% OFF Apple's iPad APP OF THE WEEK (UK and Ireland), March 2011 AppStore Rewind 2011, one of Apple's favourite iPhone finance apps of 2011 (UK and Ireland) iTunes Rewind 2010, one of the top paid finance apps ...    994 kb    Views 1309
+5    Manage your money anytime/anywhere from your mobile device. Convenient & securecheck balances, transfer funds, pay bills    18 MB    Views 1043

AMSS Mobile

+19    Advisors Management Sales System :: Mobile for Zurich Insurance Malaysia    42 MB    Views 2301


banking mobile transfer funds usage details ios payments
+5    The MYCU Mobile Banking App allows you to access your account and make payments while you are on the go With the MYCU Mobile Banking App you can: • view your balance and transaction details • transfer funds between your own accounts • transfer ...    NAN    Views 6408

SBofL Mobile

-4    The State Bank of Lismore Mobile Banking App allows you to manage your accounts, make loan payments, see images of your checks and make deposits.    29 MB    Views 9560

MUB Mobile

+22    Albertville Mobile is designed to put your entire account at your fingertips. From viewing bills to making payments, you can manage that process from anywhere.    6 MB    Views 4241
tracker time data usage set counter notification monthly daily quick
+27    Manage your cellular data usage with ease. Data Tracker will keep count of all data used, saving you unpleasant surprises at billing time. Swipe down from notification center to see current usage. Keeps track of your cellular data usage over Edge/GPRS/3G/4G/LTE. ...    3 MB    Views 762
time iphone ipad monitor data usage billing track location mail features
+4    Take control of your data usage. It’s time to stop paying overage. Monitoring Mobile Data and Wifi in RealTime Simple to set up and intuitive to use. Calculate your recommended daily quota Work with any carriers, any plans and any billing cycle. Set usage alerts ...    3 MB    Views 9377

Edmonton State Bank

banking mobile bank usage state
+14    Start banking wherever you are with the ESB Mobile Banking App for iOS This app is available for all Edmonton State Bank online banking customers. ESB Mobile allows you to manage all of your accounts, including checking, saving, certificateofdeposit, money ...    18 MB    Views 1044

Heat Cost

gas cost impact heat based information results usage month
+2    Find out how much it will cost or save you by changing your thermostat setting. Heat Cost Calculator gives users a resource to better understand the financial impact of lowering or increasing the thermostat during cold months.  The information computed is ...    130 kb    Views 2561
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