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보안카드 Z

+1    카메라를 이용하여 보안코드를 자동으로 입력 할수 있고, Today 위젯으로 보다 쉽게 사용할수 있는 보안카드 관리 앱입니다. 지원 기능 보안코드 자동인식 Today 위젯 Touch ID 지원 중요 데이터(보안코드, 일련번호, 은행계좌, 비밀번호, 메모)는 암호화하여 저장됩니다. 문의/건의 사항이 있으시면 comxpzanggmail.com으로 보내주세요.    13 MB    Views 2420
+4    Are you looking for an EASY to use budget app which will help you save money and is actually fun to use? Then you have to try Today's Budget How it works: ▷ Each day you get a budget based on your monthly ...    4 MB    Views 8700
+3    Download the Mobile Banking App from HNB FIRST BANK today and experience the new fast and easy way to bank. The app lets you bank at your convenience and on your schedule. Enroll today with Online Banking • Check Balances • View ...    2 MB    Views 1975
+15    Manage your accounts anywhere, anytime with FNB Mobile Banking. It’s fast, free and a secure way to: View account balances Transfer funds between accounts Pay bills to existing payees View transaction history Receive alerts View FNB ATM Locations You must be enrolled in FNB ONLINE Banking to access ...    64 MB    Views 3649
+6    The USA TODAY MONEY Portfolio Tracker powered by SigFig is the best free way to manage the most important part of your personal finances: your investments. Sync with your investment accounts and track all your stocks, funds, 401ks, and IRAs ...    3 MB    Views 7286


+3    The GOptions trading platform allows you to trade the fastest and hottest forex pairs, stocks, indices and commodities on one app. Trade binary options on over 200 assets and make up to 85% in under 30 minutes. It's really that ...    19 MB    Views 3640
0    Discount Assistant is a clean and handy calculator that helps you find out the exact price to pay for an item with discount and sale tax. Discount Assistant also has Today widget which can be enabled in Today view of Notification ...    2 MB    Views 2909
shopping calendar lists today list helps groceries sync devices
+2    Groceries list for today is the simplest way to remember all the things you want to buy. It’s easy to organise your shopping lists by using a week calendar, email it to your family/friends or sync with your devices. Groceries list for ...    685 kb    Views 8970


budget apps time work money true spend balance expenses today enter
-5    "How much can I safely spend today?" The easiest and most powerful budget app around, TrueBudget helps you figure out what you can safely spend right now, and all you have to enter is your current balance. Drop your cashbook and ...    4 MB    Views 6476
+18    Walleterrific can help you manage your finances on your iPhone or iPad Walleterrific is the most EASYTOUSE, straightforward app for tracking your earnings and spending for your wallet. You can easily manage transactions under different categories. Summaries for today, the ...    10 MB    Views 6762
search income add month transactions report expense week today category features
+2    If you are looking for the best personal finance application, this is the app for you and it's free Millions of downloads cannot be wrong iSpending helps you to track your income and spendings. You can add transactions under different categories, ...    3 MB    Views 875
Related Apps banking security mobile access information today bank view enroll
+21    Take us with you Mobile Banking allows you to conveniently and securely access your Bank of Texas account(s) anytime, which means you can literally do your banking wherever you are. With our app you can: Access balance information Deposit checks with ...    17 MB    Views 8887

iRetire App

retirement calculator easy savings today
+1    FREE for a limited time only All we ask is that you leave a credible review, hard to come by these days It’s never too late to plan your retirement. Get started today with this easy to use ...    924 kb    Views 9655


traffic money stop mobile benefit online today
+18    What is The best combination for you. PPL/PPS/RevShare. slimspots permanently ensures that your traffic revenue is balanced. Besides PPL Campaigns which reap quick cash, we also provide PPS and RevShare campaigns which ensure longterm revenues. Boost your income on Mobile & Desktop. As ...    16 MB    Views 7200
Related Apps money tracker coffee saving step goal save lunch progress today reach
+12    Save money little by little like ants do Fineants is gonna be your new saving assistant. Set a saving goal, log your savings, track your progress. You'll save money faster then ever with Fineants New with iOS 8: Add the Fineants widget ...    5 MB    Views 4078
news ipad twitter time apps facebook market iphone commodities content today sources articles algorithm
-7    5 Stars Ratings on the AppStore The Top Rated Commodities News Apps on the AppStore "One of the most useful work Apps I have on my iPad. Finally a professional use for my iPad" "With commodities, I can ...    44 MB    Views 9511
Related Apps banking mobile fcu view today online
+14    Access your MERHO Federal Credit Union accounts 24/7 from anywhere with MERHO FCU Mobile Banking. It’s Fast and Secure. With MERHO FCU Mobile Banking you can: Check Account Balances View Transaction History View Cleared Checks Transfer Funds Available to all MERHO OnLine users. MERHO FCU Mobile ...    5 MB    Views 961
news finance time twitter apps facebook iphone ipad content financial algorithm sources today real
+23    4.5 Stars Ratings One of the most Comprehensive and Best Rated Financial News Apps on the AppStore "Nice companion to Bloomberg and Marketwatch. Good mix of current news, what's happening right now and long reads" "When something is ...    41 MB    Views 1548
+24    Take us with you Mobile Banking allows you to conveniently and securely access your Bank of Albuquerque account(s) anytime, which means you can literally do your banking wherever you are. With our app you can: Access balance information Deposit checks with ...    17 MB    Views 889


step today view shares hold chart glance current
-1    Here is the app you want to let you quickly see at a glance exactly how your portfolio is doing today. App shows current price, recent activity on a chart and most importantly, the actual change in value of your ...    7 MB    Views 3327


finance business customers 1300 join success sales today handy
-2    The Ezilease App provides tools for use in store by business owners and sales staff. Work out the monthly/weekly/daily Ezilease payments for any amount quickly and easily Provide a printed or emailed quote directly for your customers Produce professional product ...    27 MB    Views 3265

Google AdSense

adsense reports graph full month payment google today alerts
0    Access reports and key data from your Google AdSense and AdMob accounts while on the go, directly from your iPhone. The app provides: Key reporting metrics for today, yesterday, this month, last month and account lifetime; All of the common reports ...    14 MB    Views 9529
Related Apps calculator pocket mortgage find today easy download free
0    The best smart app calculator to have handy. Download Ultisky's Pocket Calculator app free today, a very simple easy to use app that calculates for you. Never worry about the proper amount to tip your waiter while eating out again. Buying ...    3 MB    Views 4087

529 App

calculator education today 529 savings plan easy
+19    FREE for a limited time only All we ask is that you leave a credible review, hard to come by these days It’s never too late to plan your education needs. Get started today with this easy to ...    578 kb    Views 3910

iSpending Deluxe

-1    If you are looking for the best personal finance application, this is the app for you Great user reviews cannot be wrong iSpending Deluxe helps you to track your income and spendings. You can add transactions under different categories, such as ...    3 MB    Views 8058

Fixx by SALT

Related Apps time budget money today line
0    Fixx by SALT™ makes it simple to increase your savings for tomorrow by keeping track of what you earn and spend today. Whether your money goes toward bills, groceries, or your morning cup of coffee, Fixx simplifies and organizes your money ...    6 MB    Views 8821

Money Today

money magazine subscription automatically account period today current months
+17    Money Today, is the most comprehensive, yet easytoread personal finance magazine. It covers everything from stock markets, real estate and mutual funds to insurance, banking, investor education and even career startups. It doesn't matter whether the markets are up or ...    12 MB    Views 7119
+8    Welcome to "Timeless Sales Strategies" In this book, you will learn all about ideas that sales superstars use to become who they are today and how you can become like them too. In the 21st century, times have changed and it isn't ...    423 kb    Views 5770


free track listings expenses income today stress listing calculates
-4    Realtyzam is a super easytouse accounting / bookkeeping software built exclusively for real estate agents. It provides a clean and simple interface for tracking your listings and doing your accounting / bookkeeping. TRACK YOUR LISTINGS Realtyzam tracks the status of all your ...    4 MB    Views 9758


home time information county today handy
+27    Are looking to relocate to the BlueWater area of St Clair County Michigan or maybe a resident already simply thinking about an upgrading your home? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this free App is for you ...    5 MB    Views 3492
stock money options employee sell today company years worth
+13    What is the future value of my employee stock options?, How much money´s worth now your stock options? It's the right time to sell?, How much? Today, stock options are still part of the packages offered by many companies. Your companyissued ...    2 MB    Views 3125


bills home loan payday loans apply solution emergency rate fee today
-1    Dosh Payday Loans is helping hardworking Britons across the UK find a fast and convenient solution to immediate cash loan needs from the privacy and convenience of their home. Our payday loans in one hour, are hasslefree solution to household ...    2 MB    Views 5354
Related Apps news finance newspaper business today indonesia mobile feature read check
+10    It is a brand new way if you want to get the latest news on your smartphone, Indonesia Finance Today (IFT) mobile app gives you news from newspaper and online version, and you can share the news via Twitter and ...    2 MB    Views 4604
program retail partner stores today special store deals rewards
-3    Earn rewarded points constantly when you shop at any of our partner retail stores. Download it today for free and you’ll be able to: Join our program and begin earning rewards today. Find any partner stores that is closest to your ...    7 MB    Views 9380

Coinzone POS

sale business bitcoin customers support point account today payment easy
+2    With Coinzone Point of Sale, you can start accepting Bitcoin payments in your store or business today. We’ve worked hard to make our app simple and even fun to use ­ you’ll be amazed how quick and easy it is ...    2 MB    Views 5766

Rate Sentry

track today rates
+7    This is a simple app that enables you to keep track of currency exchange rates right in the Today View. Use the app to select the rates you want to track and they'll be readily available whenever you pull down the ...    718 kb    Views 4731
estate real socal today
+15    SoCal Real Estate Today App has many powerful tools such as a Mortgage Calculator, Virtual Tours, Contact Info, Property Searches and much more, all in this free app So even if you're a buyer, a seller or just a real ...    14 MB    Views 2348

UNO Premier

+5    UNO Premier is a dynamic marketing company that was derived from the foundation of a very long history of Leadership, Management and Entrepreneurism. UNO Premier’s Mother Company UNO started its rising 8 years ago and blossomed throughout the network marketing ...    9 MB    Views 871

Thai Funds Today

facebook investment thai funds portfolio today fund mutual view
-7    Thai Funds Today is an easytouse app that helps you keep track of your Thai mutual fund investments. With just a few taps and swipes, you can easily view fund information including past performances, create a personal investment portfolio and ...    16 MB    Views 9195
news twitter market investment iphone ipad facebook time private equity content today sources algorithm
-6    4.5 Stars Ratings Top Rated Private Equity News App on the AppStore "Great App to keep up with deals and financing activity. Finally a professional use for my iPad" "One of the App I use constantly and keep on my ...    42 MB    Views 2924
search home properties today texas real estate agents free resources
-3    (THIS APP IS STRICTLY FOR THE NORTH TEXAS MARKET) Created by experienced Texas Real Estate Professionals, is dedicated to improving the move transition by utilizing the technology that we have today. Specializing in North Texas; we provide our clients with ...    9 MB    Views 3611
today exchange
+12    today's baht exchange offers the rate in the case of exchanging for Thailand baht from Japanese yen.    621 kb    Views 7267
Related Apps banking account view visit org privacy today online
+12    Take Triangle Credit Union with you wherever you and your iPhone go. Check your account balances, view your account history, transfer funds between eligible accounts, view and activate your cash back offers, and locate ATMs and branches all at ...    11 MB    Views 1246

Kursna Lista NBS

valuta today widget mini currency lista daily
-9    Track daily currency exchange rates in Serbia Updated daily by National Bank of Serbia. Features a Today Widget for easy access to most important currencies. Mini currency converter Pratite dnevno vrednost kursa valuta u Srbiji Lista se dnevno ažurira prema Narodnoj ...    3 MB    Views 9241


+15    UpSalesLT will help calculate your app's weekly, monthly and yearly revenues. I'm no Apple genius. Everyday is a learning experience for me. Support my App by downloading it today. To all my fellow App Developers: Buy my app today. I will add ...    693 kb    Views 8394

Today Signals

signals today
+10    Today Signals provides global market buy and sell signals based on prices, fundamental information and social activity. The app is generating signals on a daily basis and signals can be backtested to find how has a given strategy performed in ...    10 MB    Views 3709
money management debt consolidation financial stress today usa debts
-5    Free debt management & debt consolidation advice and support for people with financial money worries and debt difficulties in the UK and USA. Our DebtBusting SuperHeroes can help you GET OUT OF DEBT fast. Take the debt test to see how ...    15 MB    Views 8263
business strategy iphone ipad plan company today save revenue target customer
-7    Do you need a better business plan? Are you ready to start a new business? Do you need to get funding or grow your existing business? Do you need marketing plan strategies too? If you answered "Yes" then get Business ...    13 MB    Views 5718
currency currencies rates values automatically convert edit exchange today
-5    Convert between all world currencies with our intuitive Currency App. It offers the exchange rates of 164 currencies from the most accurate sources. You simply add the currencies you are interested in to the home screen. Then once you edit the value ...    10 MB    Views 2325
Related Apps banking security mobile access information today bank view enroll
-8    Take us with you Mobile Banking allows you to conveniently and securely access your Bank of Arizona account(s) anytime, which means you can literally do your banking wherever you are. With our app you can: Access balance information Deposit checks with ...    17 MB    Views 5417

Calculator •

calculator ipad iphone working fully scientific today beautiful features
-3    Calculator now for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad A fully functional calculator on your hands, and even more, you will have a fully working scientific calculator by simply rotating your device Do you have the original calculator for the iPhone? ...    6 MB    Views 838
Related Apps money saving save today
+2    Learn How To Save Money Today This App Includes: How To Save Money Money Saving Tutorials Money Saving Tips Money Saving Meals Money Saving Ideas For Home Money Saving Advice How To Save Money For Travel And More So What Are You Waiting For ? Download The "How To Save ...    19 MB    Views 5303
Related Apps banking government lafayette federal online today credit member free union
0    Convenient Banking with Lafayette Federal. With the Lafayette Federal app, you can bank securely whenever, wherever you are. •Check account balances •Transfer money between accounts •View recent transactions •Pay bills •Find surchargefree and depository ATMs and branch locations Download our FREE app and get started today To ...    2 MB    Views 1315


time income today long notification simply centre select
+19    Observe your income grow in every second real time CashWatch is a minimalistic app that tells you how much you have earned today. It updates your earnings every second to the accuracy of cents. Simply tell the app how much your ...    13 MB    Views 8828

Dixit Today

news staff paribas bnp today
+7    Dixit Today offers BNP Paribas Fortis colleagues a daily update on internal Bank news. Staff have access at any convenient moment to stay abreast of all important information about the company, its businesses and its people. With its userfriendly structure, ...    4 MB    Views 9895


banking mobile deposit today
-3    This will be displayed with the app in the App store to describe the application. No limit allUS Credit Union has gone Mobile allUS CU brings you Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit; it gives you the ability to: Deposit Checks, Check Balances, ...    4 MB    Views 7275


time web sales real today daily order products
-7    OrderPipe is a mobile web app used by ecommerce merchants to monitor sales from Amazon, Magento and Shopify in realtime. Access OrderPipe from your iPhone, your iPad, or any web browser. How are my sales going today? What have I sold since I last ...    2 MB    Views 5430

Marketing Plan App

marketing market business iphone ipad plan analysis today save statement
+21    Do you need a marketing plan? Are you ready to grow your business? Do you need better marketing strategies to increase sales or expand your customer base? If you answered "Yes" then get Marketing Plan App today Marketing Plan App for ...    13 MB    Views 6505

iSpending HD Deluxe

search income add month transactions report features expense today category year
+8    FREE FOR ONE DAY LIMITED OFFER GET IT NOW If you are looking for the best personal finance application, this is the app for you iSpending HD Deluxe helps you to track your income and spendings. You can add transactions under different ...    3 MB    Views 2763
today add notifications widget expense account customizable center book
-5    Simple, nofrills account book / ledger featuring Today Notifications Extension (Widget) Support 4 Customizable expense types preset to Shopping, Transport, Food, and Misc. Simple additions Simply click on the Expense Category Customizable currency display for your locale. Customize ...    3 MB    Views 325
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