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+5    Discount Assistant is a clean and handy calculator that helps you find out the exact price to pay for an item with discount and sale tax. Discount Assistant also has Today widget which can be enabled in Today view of Notification ...    2 MB    Views 2909
+26    The Wolfram Personal Finance Assistant App includes basic and complex calculations to help you manage your life. Use the app to plan for your future, calculate your current expenses, and find ways to pay off your loans faster. Thinking of ...    13 MB    Views 8004
+3    When you need information about planning your longterm business investments, the Wolfram Capital Budgeting Professional Assistant will guide your decisions with calculators for depreciation, economic value added, rates of return, annuity values, and much more. This app provides accurate tools ...    14 MB    Views 7405
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+8    Bellpenny’s Tax Assistant  Free, easy to use App provides an assortment of tax tools to help with business and personal taxation.   Useful features include:   A spectrum of tax calculators  Handy Tax tables  Tax tips    Financial Newsfeed    3 MB    Views 5158
retirement research tax wolfram rates assistant pension professional planner portfolio rate
+4    Let the Wolfram Retirement Planner's Professional Assistant guide you to many years of successful, fulfilling retirement. With the ability to compute and predict the value of investments, mortgage payments, taxes and inflation, pension, and costs of living, you will have ...    14 MB    Views 206
+8    Bill Assistant Tracker & Reminder is also available for iPhone 'Bill Assistant for iPad' keeps track of your bills for you. You can see which bills are due soon, see how much you are due to pay, keep a ...    20 MB    Views 2511
-3    RedTape Private Office app keeps your RedTape Private Office and Personal Assistant within reach at all times. Whether you want to read your administrative mail, check details of your car insurance contract, track your administrative duties, see what needs to ...    NAN    Views 7993
bills time ipad tracker bill payment record due payments assistant standing
+4    Bill Assistant Tracker & Reminder for iPad also available, designed specifically for iPad Featured in The Independent UK Newspaper Scored 4 Stars on Bill Assistant keeps track of your bills for you. You can see which bills are due ...    19 MB    Views 1630

Visa Platinum

Related Apps votre visa platinum vous carte des les vos sur assistant
-3    Votre assistant Visa Platinum s'invite dans votre poche. Réserver un taxi, trouver une table à votre goût, découvrir un hôtel de charme ? Où que vous soyez, faiteslui vos demandes en 3 clics. Chaque mois, découvrez sa sélection des adresses du ...    12 MB    Views 5762
+2    My Shopping Assistant Pro storing prices products you buy most often will help you make a spending more 'intelligent. Archiving products category and the prices charged by retailers Frequently you normally My Shopping Assistant Pro will manage shopping lists by ...    3 MB    Views 5871
banking money financial assistant pentru care mai expenses
+12    BCR Financial Assistant consists in a set of features that allow you to automatically and efficiently manage your monthly budget. BCR financial assistant does a detailed analysis of your transaction history in a modern graphic user interface. With its help, ...    3 MB    Views 6954
und assistant auch ber
-2    Aon Benfield Assistant ist entwickelt worden, um speziell Erstversicherern sowie auch Rückversicherern branchenrelevante Nachrichten täglich einfach und komfortabel zur Verfügung zu stellen. Darüber hinaus kann der Nutzer mit einem Klick an Marktumfragen teilnehmen und sich über Aon Benfield Veranstaltungen informieren ...    2 MB    Views 2806
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0    Perform computations with bond prices, bond duration, coupon rates, certificates of deposit, treasury bills, and more with the Wolfram Bond Pricing Professional Assistant. Determine bond prices to make informed decisions about your bond purchasing efforts. Compute settlementtomaturity period with options ...    14 MB    Views 4549

Yard Sale Assistant

sale manage products assistant
0    Doing a yard sale? This app might help you Manage a list of products, each product that you enter you put a price and can manage the yard sale virtually. Add decimal prices, view sell history, choose currency type, and even ...    1 MB    Views 4278

IBAN Assistant Pro

iban assistant pro countries bank information internet connection country code
-6    The IBAN Assistant Pro helps you to find an IBAN for all IBAN using countries. Currently a total of 68 countries make use of the IBAN, which are all included in IBAN Assistant Pro. Besides generating an IBAN, the assistant ...    3 MB    Views 8298

Accounts Assistant

business account accounts details financial balance progress assistant managing
+23    If you are just getting started managing your financial accounts or have a new business and need a quick solution for tracking expenses and account transactions, Accounts Assistant is the best app for you. You can record all kinds of ...    10 MB    Views 3945
markup price selling percentage cost assistant
+13    Markup Price Assistant is a program helps you to determine the selling price of a product if you know the cost of the merchandise as well as the markup percentage. Key in the cost and quantity of the item, scroll ...    NAN    Views 2899
time claim assistant step info scene save relevant
+3    Shannons Claim Assistant helps make lodging a claim fast and easy. With the Shannons Claim Assistant app, you can collect the relevant claim info at the scene of an accident to send it on to Shannons. Our claims team will then ...    15 MB    Views 9661


+4    cette application est conçue pour vous permettre de calculer le cout d'une assistante maternelle. Elle peut également permettre aux assistante maternelle de calculer leur revenu mensuel. elle permet aux parents d'enfants de calculer le cout exact de la garde en tenant compte ...    122 kb    Views 7776
calculator kalkulator financial assistant savings
+10    Finansijski asistent je besplatna aplikacija informativnog karaktera koja ima za cilj da vam pomogne da u svakom momentu i na jednostavan način izračunate najbitnije elemente kredita, kreditnih kartica i štednje. Finansijski asistent u sebi sadrži: • Kalkulator kredita sa planom otplate • Kalkulator ...    6 MB    Views 4898

Bill Assistant Free

Related Apps bills bill free assistant payment install record easily payments
-9    'Bill Assistant Free' keeps track of your bills for you. Are you surprised by unexpected bills you haven't budgeted for? Are you forever rummaging through your paperwork looking for your bills? Would you like to know just how much you are ...    22 MB    Views 7838
money transactions savings free accounts helps expenses assistant track github
-6    Completely FREE, NO ADS Savings Assistant helps you save more money. It helps you keep track of your expenses and earnings. It also groups those transactions into Accounts so you can manage your transactions easily. You can also filter ...    7 MB    Views 996
bills bill free assistant payment install record payments
+19    'Bill Assistant Free' keeps track of your bills for you. Are you surprised by unexpected bills you haven't budgeted for? Are you forever rummaging through your paperwork looking for your bills? Would you like to know just how much you are ...    28 MB    Views 3229
assistant pocket rates reference quick brings
-4    The Checkpoint Pocket Assistant brings the quick reference information you need right to your finger tips. Key Federal Tax Rates are immediately available on your iPhone. Learn about additional quick reference utilities, tables and rates, or calculators as they become ...    4 MB    Views 3393
+25    Are you looking to buy your first home? And rent it later? Are you an real estate investor? Are you a realtor? Are you looking to become any of these? If you answered yes, introducing 'Income Property Mortgage Calculator" which is ...    3 MB    Views 4281
finance home property loan crystal purchase assistant
+24    Your Home Loan Assistant Crystal Finance Pty Ltd (Australia) Whether you are a first home buyer; wanting to upgrade; looking for a better deal; own an investment property, or thinking about investing in property, then this app is a handy little tool ...    16 MB    Views 9919
exchange price banks provide buying selling assistant foreign buy
-1    Live in mainland China? Has trouble in exchange between RMB and other currency? Download Exchange Assistant (PRC) right now, it will help you to save money 1. Realtime information of exchange rate bewteen 16 major currencies and RMB, the information of ...    2 MB    Views 8293
-9    Introducing Canal Mobile Claims Assistant – the quick and easy way to report a loss while on the road. If you are insured with Canal Insurance Company, the Canal Mobile Claims Assistant is a valuable tool for reporting claims immediately – ...    580 kb    Views 3622
Related Apps market research stock wolfram information assistant quotes indices year compute rates
+2    The Wolfram Market Quotes Assistant App is a quick reference for stocks, funds, and indices. Keep an eye on the stock market on the go with the latest trading, fundamentals, and financials information. Get uptodate information on stocks, funds, and ...    13 MB    Views 1773
business email tax subscription accounts account assistant manage
+4    Daycare Business Assistant is a simple and easy to use app that makes it easier to run your daycare business. Track attendance and meals served Create daily logs and email them to parents Manage clients contact and health info Maintain ...    2 MB    Views 7892

Mileage Assistant

travel trip mileage assistant send miles add save mile settings clients
-6    Record and expense your miles quicker and easier than ever before Mileage Assistant is the FASTEST way to ensure you receive the federal mileage tax reimbursement you are owed. Save frequent locations, add preferred settings, and watch the miles (and ...    4 MB    Views 1427

Tax Assistant Lite

tax assistant lite
+14    Tax assistant Lite is a handy calculator that allows you to calculate your income tax liability. This is from the same developer that made Freelance assistant and is part of the range of apps aimed to make accounting easy. For a limited ...    122 kb    Views 2892
Related Apps money history list savings saving item assistant digital
+2    iWish List is your digital money management assistant that helps you achieve your saving goals in a fun and interactive way. Whether you're saving to treat yourself, or planning for a loved one's special occasion, iWish List will help you ...    1 MB    Views 521

Portfolio Assistant

portfolio assistant
-3    Easily track stocks for free with Portfolio Assistant. Quickly see your portfolio status with custom notifications, the Today View Extension, and Apple Watch App and Glance.    8 MB    Views 5394

Finance Assistant

Related Apps finance assistant payments
+30    Finance Assistant provides four functions to help you better understand your financial status. Need a loan or mortgage? Finance Assistant can help you determine your monthly payments on loans. Worried about your credit? Finance Assistant can find your debt to income ratio. Figure ...    216 kb    Views 8001
tracker budget iphone personal facebook email health planning ipad financial expense expenses www assistant savings planner
-7    Expense Tracker 2.0 is the Best Expense Manager you can get on both iPad and iPhone. Keep track of your expenses to upsize your SAVINGS :) What do others say about Expense Tracker 2.0, the best Financial Planner? √ ...    38 MB    Views 7887
Related Apps stock research wolfram assistant professional trader trading information access hedge index
-1    Use the Wolfram Stock Trader's Professional Assistant to access historical data and build trading charts with indicators for stocks, funds, indices, futures, equity valuations, and more. You'll have uptodate access to stock trading data to be ahead of the stock ...    14 MB    Views 7021

iFinance Assistant

+7    iFinance Assistant iFinance Assistant is the most comprehensive program for personal financial management. With this program you can manage accounts, budgets, projects, and so on. The main features are: Currencies
Full support of multiple currencies is provided. Each currency has exchange rate to default ...    3 MB    Views 4558
Related Apps tax business planning personal taxes assistant results corp medicare based income compare
+28    LLC? S CORP? C CORP? PARTNERSHIP? SOLE PROPRIETOR? Which one is appropriate for your business? Which will help you reduce taxes? With Business Tax Assistant, with just a few numbers from you, you can get straightforward sidebyside tax comparisons, with various ...    17 MB    Views 5399

Reconcile Assistant

assistant find
+18    Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, Reconcile Assistant helps you find them. Enter your accounting imbalance and Reconcile Assistant analyses the amount for transposed numbers, misplaced decimals, reverse entries and keypad errors. The list of computed values can then be used to systematically ...    3 MB    Views 8649
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