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+2    Do you wish to save money when spending abroad? Easily Download this UNIQUE travel application The possibilities of this application are not limited to your imagination In stores, restaurants, shopping centers and boutiques. In any other country. With any other currency. The price ...    11 MB    Views 8128
math calculator pro split tip 140 gratuity countries global bill easily
+5    Global Tip Calculator Pro automatically shows you the customary gratuity for over 140 countries, and does all the math for you quickly and easily. You'll never feel unsure again about how much tip to leave. Calculate tips, and split the ...    6 MB    Views 6103


+8    WorldRemit is the fast, secure, lowcost way to send money abroad 24/7 from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Send remittances from 50 countries to more than 100 destinations around the world quickly and securely. Popular destinations include The Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe ...    66 MB    Views 5935

Calcul TVA

+15    Calculate very easily the amount HT (Except Tax) or TTC (inclusive of all taxes) with a rate of VAT. Calculation of VAT will make you service. All the rates of VAT of all the European countries are included calculation are dynamic. You can ...    554 kb    Views 5660
tax tip tipping possibility bill number countries detection tips country
+10    Everyone knows you don’t need to tip a taxi driver in China. Or that French laws dictate that a service charge must be included in all prices and tipping is not mandatory. And that a Japanese waiter will be insulted ...    4 MB    Views 8974
+5    Who are the founding countries of the EU? When was the Euro launched? What is the EU motto? Where was the Schengen Agreement signed? You already know that Europe has a rich history or that its member countries have come together ...    3 MB    Views 8362
2012 conference states member countries
+1    This app will be useful during IBA Warsaw 2012 Conference in Warsaw Poland. You'll be able to see the agenda (with navigation information), speakers (more than 100) and contact info. Conference starts on 21st November 2012. The aim of IBA Warsaw 2012 ...    3 MB    Views 5335


news currency countries rates view displays
+1    ForexMap shows the currency exchange rates for various countries displayed on a global map. Features include: Displays currency rates for most major countries... over 90 currency pairs Currency rates are updated every 30 seconds View historical data charts for previous ...    5 MB    Views 44
tax vat rates countries pro calculations calculation country tap rate
-7    NOW INCLUDES TAX RATES FOR ALL US STATES, EUROPE AND OVER 50 ADDITIONAL COUNTRIES ON SALE 50% DISCOUNT VAT Pro HD helps you quickly and effortlessly perform VAT related calculations. Simply enter the 'Inclusive', 'Exclusive' or VAT amount and ...    1 MB    Views 5247

Banknotes HD

+1    Banknotes HD contains a photo collection of banknotes by countries over their entire history. ► All pictures are sorted by countries. There are different versions of photos for some banknotes. ► More than 5000 photos in this app Application contains banknotes of the ...    327 MB    Views 2922

Compete Caribbean

program government business development compete projects million sector countries
+15    This App puts the Compete Caribbean Program at the palm of your hands. In it you will be able to access information regarding News, Key Results, Projects Data and more Background: Compete Caribbean is a private sector development program that provides technical assistance ...    13 MB    Views 2023
magazine forbes georgia american countries
+2    One of the most widely respected and an important American publication of the last century Forbes Magazine, founded in 1917 by American journalist Bertie Charles Forbes. Forbes magazine is published in fifteen local language editions. The list of countries includes: Russia, ...    84 MB    Views 7320

UAE Exchange

countries services customer branch
+13    Spread across 5 continents spanning 30 countries with 700+ direct offices, our penchant for quality and customercentric approach to service has given us a stronger positioning of being the World’s Trusted Money Transferrer. Our gamut of services include: Remittance, Forex, Bill ...    3 MB    Views 1113


Related Apps time business email maps days country track location countries usa global
-6    TracKingDays is a flexible travel tracking App that counts the days & nights you spend in different countries. It's built for Expats, Business Travellers, Snowbirds and for Global Mobility Compliance. It's unique positioning technique means it can locate your country position worldwide ...    11 MB    Views 9643


news netherlands iban sepa account bank check countries accounts germany france information
+5    With this professional App you no longer need to fear “IBAN the Terrible”. Calculate the correct IBAN for accounts in every SEPA country or get checked an existing IBAN. An account check verifies if an account exists at the according bank. ...    10 MB    Views 8760

Spread HD

spread countries european main months
+7    Keep under control the spread between the German Bunds and bonds of the main European countries. With Spread App you can: monitoring in real time the spread of the main European countries (list and map visualization); display graphic trend to 1 ...    7 MB    Views 7954
Related Apps calculator apple tip guide easy countries watch top 2011 international
-5    Tip Check is an easy to use tip guide and calculator designed for use on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Now compatible with Apple Watch Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t know if you were supposed to ...    13 MB    Views 3946


spread main countries european months
+29    Keep under control the spread between the German Bunds and bonds of the main European countries. With Spread App you can: monitoring in real time the spread of the main European countries (list and map visualization); display graphic trend to 1 ...    6 MB    Views 3229

Trading Calendar

+27    Reduced For a limited time only Trading Calendar is an app for financial markets professionals which combines accurate holiday calendar information for 76 markets with comprehensive date and year fraction calculation for all widelyused daycount bases. It provides a mobile alternative ...    2 MB    Views 6471
Related Apps calculator tipping tip amount http advice tips 200 countries free
+15    ADFREE VERSION IS AVAILABLE (check out info section inside the app) "...and you don't have to be a math genius, which we love..." NBC's Today show "...this app’s tipping advice for more than 200 countries, from Afghanistan to Zambia, which ...    7 MB    Views 9356

SEPA Awareness

organization sepa information questions screen countries euro payments area question
+3    Capgemini SEPA Awareness scan: This scan allows you to simply and quickly determine whether you and your organization are ready for the migration to SEPA. Information about SEPA: SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. and indicates the area in which with one ...    16 MB    Views 400


peso south rate multiple countries currency visual exchange augmented
+27    CurrencyAR is a currency conversion application through augmented reality. Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, CurrencyAR turns your iphone into a visual shortcut to the exchange rate on line of multiple currencies and countries. You just have to put ...    7 MB    Views 5927

Sales Tax Pro+

Related Apps tax food calculator people sales pro rate calculate amount vat price enter countries
+9    Sales Tax Pro is a very simple, handy and helpful utility application intended for travellers, business people or any one that needs to calculate Sales Tax or VAT amounts. Sales Tax Pro allows you to enter an amount and then ...    8 MB    Views 4844

Currency Locator

currency country countries currencies areas number
+3    Ever wondered what is the currency of Finland Or what is the US Dollar currency number Well; this app can answer. This application illustrates all the currency codes along their numbers and names. It links the searched currency code with the ...    44 kb    Views 7164

currency list

-8    An easy using currency currency converter. 1."real time" Follow the RealTime currency data.( ) 2."easy" Only using three ways will complete all task. 3."off line" Underline can using the off line data. 3."127 countries"   Include 127 main countries. ps: If your country background image ...    20 MB    Views 4149
Related Apps money countries send
-5    We're making international transfers fast, easy, and cheap. The way it should be. · Send money abroad at the lowest possible cost · 90% cheaper than your bank · Avoid hidden fees – no nasty surprises · Fastest way to transfer in Asia countries The countries ...    NAN    Views 9015
tax apps calculator vat rates countries calculations pro number european country
+30    ❖❖ THE MOST FEATURE PACKED VAT / SALES TAX CALCULATOR ON THE APP STORE ❖❖ VAT Pro helps you quickly and effortlessly perform VAT related calculations. Simply enter the 'Inclusive', 'Exclusive' or VAT amount and tap '='. VAT Pro will instantly ...    2 MB    Views 9523

Easy TAX

+5    ●How much is the add 8% of taxes? ●How much is the without taxes? ●How much 5% tax rate goes to 8%? Easily Calculations cumbersome tax rate Tax rate can be registered up to three I can also use tax rate in other countries Operation is ...    2 MB    Views 8399
calculator apple tip guide easy watch international top countries
+11    Tip Check is the free and easy to use tip guide and calculator. Now supporting Apple Watch Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t know if you were supposed to tip or how much tip was expected? Well ...    15 MB    Views 7204
bills finance apps people split expenses countries multiple tip net
+6    SplitWizard is the best app to magically split even the most complex checks and bills between multiple people. BEST NEW APP in 16 countries Number 1 Finance app in 3 countries. Top 20 Finance Apps in US and Top 10 in ...    4 MB    Views 1004
currency 200 countries latest exchange
+7    Get the latest currencies of over 200 countries for FREE Features: Get latest currency Over 200 countries' currency exchange Nice interface, easy to use You can still get currency exchange when offline    3 MB    Views 3227
currency countries 200 latest exchange
+21    Get the latest currencies of over 200 countries NOW Features: Get latest currency Over 200 countries' currency exchange Nice interface, easy to use You can still get currency exchange when offline    3 MB    Views 6569
Related Apps tax calculator vat sales find countries easy rates calculations
+15    VAT Calculations, Look up VAT Registrations, Look up VAT Rates. All in one easy to use App ✓ Sales Tax Calculations faster than ordinary calculator ✓ Validate EU VAT Registration Numbers. ✓ Access extensive Sales Tax Database. Detail: Very easy to use Add or ...    881 kb    Views 18

CI Mobile

Related Apps item countries 152 territories mobile view lists save
+13    From the experts in global trade data: CI Mobile. A classification database in the palm of your hand. Build item lists, attach rulings and HS codes from 152 countries around the world. Includes duties and taxes for 152 countries and ...    3 MB    Views 8458
Related Apps calculator tax vat percentage rates net standard gross countries free
+2    Opening offer VAT Plus for only 0,69 £ Simple, comfortable and chic, VAT Plus beats up the dusty world of percentage calculators. It offers all the important functions to calculate VAT, sales taxes and discounts. Standard tax rates are directly available, ...    1 MB    Views 9935

Impact Africa

finance banking standard chartered economic countries africa banks international sector markets
-1    This interactive visual summary was designed to portray findings from "Banking on Africa", an independent research report on the social and economic impact of Standard Chartered Bank activities in SubSaharan Africa. It uses data from Standard Chartered operations in Ghana, ...    38 MB    Views 2001

GCC Stat

council gulf arab countries member evolution state
+3    This is the mobile application of the Statistical Centre for the Cooperation Council for the Arab Countries of the Gulf (“GCC Stat”). The GCC Stat center was incepted in June 2011 to serve as a common official pool of statistics and ...    8 MB    Views 1258


+24    The Banknotes application contains a photo collection of banknotes by countries over their entire history. ► All pictures are sorted by countries. There are different versions of photos for some banknotes. ► More than 5000 photos in this app Application contains banknotes of ...    328 MB    Views 3740
search job jobs access millions thousands countries company
-3    Now you can have in the palm of your hand the most comprehensive search engine for jobs, a radically improved approach to job search. Get free access instantly, in a single search to millions of jobs from thousands of ...    776 kb    Views 3458

AIR Risk News

management news risk risks asia middle issues including countries coverage insurance
-5    Asia Insurance Review, the leading regional journal and strategic partner for over two decades, is embarking on a new journey on the occasion of its 25th anniversary to provide strategic intelligence on risk management for the insurance industry and beyond. With ...    891 kb    Views 4085
Related Apps currency currencies rates countries change exchange free
+4    Take a look on the exchange rates of 33 countries Completely FREE Currency Change allows you to: Be up to date on changes to the currencies of many countries Calculate exchange rates between currencies Store the currency used to quickly display at ...    6 MB    Views 5896
euro dollar easy usa application button countries converter
-5    Easily convert between the US Dollar or Euro and Rupee, Ruble, Won, Yuan, Yen, Baht, Canadian Dollar, British Pounds, Lira, Real with the click of a button. This app is a simple and easy to understand currency converter. It is ...    8 MB    Views 1545

PwC Africa TAX

tax research business ipad media library social investors africa information pwc vat african countries
+4    Gain an understanding of the various tax laws and regulations in countries throughout the African continent. With the PwC Africa Tax app you will have immediate access to up to date tax research and information and stay up to speed ...    5 MB    Views 556
social company information countries 2011 results america present environmental financial
-6    Today, we are the most important Baking Company in the world on the basis of brand positioning, production volume and sales; we are also, the indisputable leader in our field in Mexico, Latin America and the United States. We are present ...    107 MB    Views 9277

Reverse IBAN Lite

software iban bank sepa account valid validator code entered countries
-1    The IBAN Lite version is limited to up to 10 searches per day and has ads. reverse IBAN checker is a free online software designed to validate an International Bank Account Number (IBAN). The software performs all mathematical checksum calculations in ...    3 MB    Views 961


personal management finance solution financial banks users www countries multiple bank
-4    Description Meniga is an award winning fun, free, smart and secure way to keep track and manage your finances. Meniga’s personal finance management solution is the winner of multiple awards for design and user experience, including Best of Show at Finovate ...    13 MB    Views 5875


Related Apps vat countries aplikacja quickly application
+28    EU VAT application will allow you to quickly and easily navigate through of different VAT rates in the EU countries. When shopping you can quickly check what should you get back a tax refund. This application is a must for ...    8 MB    Views 66
Related Apps tax tip bill smart guests splitter countries total simple
0    mTip is a nice and easy but fullyfeatured tip calculator and smart bill splitter. Splitting evenly the bill between several persons is sometimes just not enough. When someone takes an expensive drink and another skips a delicious but expensive dessert, you ...    5 MB    Views 2047

On Sale !!

Related Apps sale love baby chinese time calling discount calculator application price simple led countries purchases
-1    On sale With "On Sale" application, quickly calculate the savings of a purchase You want to know the discounted price of an article ? Enter the initial price and the discount You want to know the discount made on an article ...    246 kb    Views 8090


countries worldwide mobile company world
+3    TPM stands for Trusted Pocket Money and is a fully functional global mobile wallet for all countries across the world. TPM aims to replace cash worldwide at an extremely low cost, thus helping over 50% of the world population; the ...    11 MB    Views 1261

Swiss Customs & VAT

Related Apps calculator vat swiss switzerland countries duty free live overview
0    Most shoppers find Customs requirements to be a grey area of uncertainty. What exactly may be brought into the country duty free? How do I reclaim VAT? When is VAT payable in Switzerland? Yet many a shopper or traveller will ...    13 MB    Views 7448

IBAN Assistant Pro

iban assistant pro countries bank information internet connection country code
+22    The IBAN Assistant Pro helps you to find an IBAN for all IBAN using countries. Currently a total of 68 countries make use of the IBAN, which are all included in IBAN Assistant Pro. Besides generating an IBAN, the assistant ...    3 MB    Views 8298
finance development 2014 local countries agenda annual report
-7    The 2014 UNCDF Annual Report showcases the progress and potential of UNCDF in the transition to the new sustainable development agenda. 2014 was a transitional year for development. As countries make a final push toward the Millennium Development Goals while ...    101 MB    Views 9162

Risk Forecast

forecast market global volatility risk based economy countries markets
+4    A steady flow of funds and goods across borders has led to increasingly interconnected economies. Aside from analyzing single economies one must understand their role in the high complexity of the global market. In these times sound investment decisions must ...    800 kb    Views 6919


camera countries bill easy euro areas currency application
+28    [OsatsuCamera] is an application which can check the currency rate by using camera and bill. It's easy to use. Start up the application, set the bill's country then watch the bill through the camera. [Corresponding countries] OsatsuCamera works for the main bills of ...    22 MB    Views 7300

THIQAH iPad version

Related Apps business investment countries platform member group
-9    The objective of the IDB Group Business Forum (THIQAH) is to establish a unique and innovative platform for dialogue, cooperation and inclusive partnership for business leaders committed to partnering in promising investment opportunities. THIQAH’s vision is to position itself as the ...    35 MB    Views 7659
family top credit 100 countries recharge airtime send prepaid
+18    Top up / recharge the prepaid phones of friends and family living abroad with Sendly. The fastest and safest way to send credit to more than 100 countries. It’s so simple to use you’ll be surprised Sendly support airtime transfers to ...    15 MB    Views 1422

My Trip Cost

Related Apps trip prices cost countries diesel currency petrol data
0    Want to go for the trip to abroad but confused with traveling options,here is the app which provide you the prices of Gasoline/Petrol or Diesel Online. Check the costing and plan your trip accordingly. App Contains 98 countries Prices in the America, Europe, ...    3 MB    Views 9160
Related Apps currencies converter countries 150 currency
+5    All in One Currency Converter. Support 150+ Currencies. Simple currencey converter .Supports 150+ countries currencies. Just Select currencies type amount and see results. This free tool allow you to convert currencies between 200 different countries    25 MB    Views 404
finance personal money smart location set countries goal
+4    Wally is a personal finance app that lets you take control of your money. Balance your income and expenses. Understand where your money goes. Set and achieve your financial goals. Set and stick to budgets. Seamlessly and intuitively. Wally is completely free, and is private and ...    8 MB    Views 4677
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