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READYdebit - 4692

+3    If you are a READYdebit user, use this application if your card starts with 4692. If your card begins with 4750 then please search iTunes for READYdebit and download the other iPhone application. Mobile banking A simple and exciting way ...    2 MB    Views 9439
+7    With Visual Budget, easily manage your personal and business accounts using powerful, advanced analysis and consolidation features. Visual Budget can be used to handle several accounts simultaneously and sort them into different groups. Expense/income categories are automatically created based on a standard ...    14 MB    Views 1562

The Debt

iphone french debt application jordan www contact ios http
+15    Debt The french public debt is increasing each year, representing more than 90% of GDP at end 2012. MPs have signed a bill to make it public at all French. It is time to inform citizens about the amount of the ...    1009 kb    Views 8239


+19    Ameriabank iPhone application gives you the opportunity to access needed information about the bank and its products right from your iPhone. In this updated version we have included the Discount Locator tool, which provides you the opportunity to locate all ...    993 kb    Views 7448
+1    A new project? A new home? A new car? A beautiful gift to offer? There is a loan for this Want to know how much your loan will cost you, to better adjust its duration, the insurance rate? With "LoanSim: A ...    3 MB    Views 3868

Expense PRO

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+15    Designed to be quick and easy to use, Expense combines a sleek and beautiful interface to manage your day to day expenses and income. Expense will help your keep track of you daily income and spendings, great for personal and business ...    26 MB    Views 9748

BIB Mobile Bank

iphone ipad mobile application bank designed
+2    BIB Mobile Bank for iPhone/iPad BIB Mobile Bank is a mobile application designed to enable you to view your accounts, loans, deposits, payment card balances and information about the financial instruments purchased. The application is easy to use and designed to ...    1 MB    Views 9282


card iphone visa benefits promotions application world
+3    From your iPhone, you can find promotions most appealing to you, and learn in detail about all the supplementary benefits, insurances, and services offered by your Visa card. This application will allow you to make the most of these benefits ...    NAN    Views 2124


market iphone application current information members data change month
+2    With the NSBAR Stats mobile application you can look up Market Data for various regions in the state of IL and then share it with one or more individuals. Market Data includes Median home prices for the current month, previous ...    351 kb    Views 4680

efin Trade Plus

+9    Internet Trading for The Stock Exchange of Thailand & Thailand Futures Exchange Join us > โปรแกรม efin Trade Plus เป็นโปรแกรมซื้อขายหุ้นและอนุพันธ์แบบ MultiMarket ซึ่งได้พัฒนาขึ้นโดย บริษัท Online Asset Company Limited ด้วยเทคโนโลยีที่ทันสมัยสำหรับการใช้งานผ่านระบบปฏิบัติการ iOS บน iPhone ทำให้ Application มีความโดดเด่น ใช้งานง่าย สะดวกรวดเร็วด้วยระบบสัมผัสหน้าจอ รูปแบบการแสดงผลข้อมูลที่ครบถ้วน ทำให้ผู้ใช้งานสามารถติดตามความเคลื่อนไหวของภาวะตลาด ราคาหุ้นและอนุพันธ์ แบบเรียลไทม์ พร้อมทั้งส่งคำสั่งซื้อขายได้ทันท่วงที ไม่พลาดโอกาสการลงทุน. รายละเอียดของโปรแกรม ...    7 MB    Views 6735


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-8    LV ERP Mobile application for iPhone This mobile application allows you to stay in touch with your business data remotely, giving you access to your company data and reports whilst away from the office. Lakeview’s LV Mobile application has been designed ...    201 kb    Views 6256
business iphone time job calculator recording application tcb invoices format quotes payments send
+11    Run your business from your iPhone. Missing Piece is proud to bring you Taking Care of Business – the ultimate Business iPhone application. TCB successfully integrates quoting, job management, time recording and invoicing into a clean and easy to use mobile ...    747 kb    Views 7817


iphone person application interest bond www fee buy cds
+1    The 1.0 version of the application will implement a SNAC(Standard North American CDS), upfront fee calculator using the ISDA Standard CDS Model, and based on the functionality found on the MarkIt partners website, The application is free. Its ...    354 kb    Views 1069
tax iphone chinese 2012 calculator total net salaries application income
+6    App Store上唯一的香港俸薪稅計算器,功能強大,操作簡單,是居家必備之工具。20122013課稅年度的稅率已更新。 您只需輸入:個人入息,所有獲顧主或公司提供居住的租值, 在扣除額和免稅額頁面,填寫所需的欄目,再按計算鍵,你將得到總入息,總稅額和餘額的計算結果。點擊詳見報表,可查看更具體的數據(詳見貼圖). 主要功能介绍: 支持3种语言:中文繁体,简体和英文。 支持4种薪水發放週期:每周一次,每两周一次,每月一次以及年度。 可计算出总扣除额,总免税额,应课税入息实额,总税额和餘额,並且按薪水發放週期分類。 我們真誠地希望薪俸稅計算器為你的生活帶來便捷,如果你對本產品有任何意見或建議,請發郵件至: 我們盡最大努力確保計算的準確性,然而它僅供您作參考之用,而不是針對您個人情況的專業稅務意見。 This is the first and only one Hong Kong salaries tax calculator in the App Store. It's very powerful,yet easy to use. It's an excellent tool for all families. The new tax rates for ...    257 kb    Views 5383


iphone application terminal real pos transactions device
+12    The CellPago Application turns any iPhone device into a POS Terminal which allows authorized merchants to process transactions for their sales. Processing card transactions through CellPago mobile application is easy and secure. Users can perform Sale, Void and Credit operations and ...    9 MB    Views 9017


french iphone email simulation loan loans picture details favorite application save
+4    Looking for a Loan calculator? iLoanSimu is made for you, for only 99cts, it computes the monthly payments with details on interests to be paid, offers detailled graphics, allows you to save your favorite loans, associate a picture for each loan ...    2 MB    Views 4908
ipad iphone search email fields version application add tags contacts
+7    NOW Compatible with IOS8. PowerConnect for Infusionsoft iPad app is the ultimate way to quickly search and edit your existing Infusionsoft contacts – on your iPad. Start out with the free version of the app, then use the inapp purchase to grow ...    1 MB    Views 4262

Nations Tax Mobile

tax business iphone news money centers individual application latest clients
0    Nations Business and Tax Centers, Inc. have been providing costeffective business solutions for more than fifteen years. Each year the Business & Tax Centers prepare and file thousands of individual and business tax returns. Throughout the year, our experienced professionals assist ...    1 MB    Views 8242


-8    Sentieo’s iPhone application brings our powerful Financial Data Platform to mobile. Follow your watchlists, get the latest news on companies and the market, and view detailed financials, all from your iPhone. This application is only available to registered Sentieo users.    15 MB    Views 8766


job iphone board application saving features
+15    This is an iPhone application for job board. It provides job seekers an innovative way to access job board directly from their iPhones. It takes only a few clicks to find a job and apply using userfriendly interface optimized ...    915 kb    Views 3578

BA Finance Pro

finance time calculator ipad iphone money application built analysis pro including
-4    BA Finance Pro emulates the TI BA II Plus Professional with iPhone and iPad versions in 1 application. It is built with the same layout, functions and algorithms of the original. If you are a student or a finance or ...    3 MB    Views 5898

Paiement pro

iphone pro application paiement partir par orange charge
+23    Accepter tout simplement les paiements par cartes bancaires de vos clients grce à votre iphone. Paiement pro transforme votre iPhone en un véritable dispositif de point de vente mobile. Cette solution innovante est maintenant disponible en France et répond aux exigences de ...    NAN    Views 20
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-4    NOW Compatible with IOS8. PowerConnect for Infusionsoft for iPhone is the ultimate way to quickly search and edit your existing Infusionsoft contacts. Start out with the free version of the app, then use the inapp purchase to grow to Lite or ...    653 kb    Views 2805
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+1    Visa Mobile for iCarte™ Your iPhone + Visa card = iCarte from Visa iCarte The fastest, safest, and easiest way to pay with Visa on your iPhone. The Visa Mobile application for iCarte is an official payment application developed by Wireless Dynamics ...    NAN    Views 3007

Orders AE

+15    One of the first iPhone Apps for use with SAP ERP. Orders AE enables mobile sales force staff to easily get an overview of Sales Orders from an SAP system. All you have to do is select the Sales Organization, ...    568 kb    Views 8824
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+6    Take the market with you wherever you are Our mobile trading app for iPad is the first and only online trading app for iPad. With this allnew app you hold the power of binary options trading in the palm of ...    11 MB    Views 4264

Bank of Baku

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+5    Mobile application «Bank of Baku» – is a bank in your pocket In order to provide customers with flexible and easy access to bank services and products, «Bank of Baku» launches mobile app for Iphone smartphones. Now, owners of smartphones will ...    5 MB    Views 906
-8    This application is for Morgan Stanley institutional clients with a valid Client Link account. Morgan Stanley clients can access the firm's investment research virtually anywhere, at any time with the new Morgan Stanley Research application for the iPad or iPhone. The ...    1 MB    Views 7344

FS Gold Spot

time iphone account classic access trading gold application desktop portfolio ease
-6    The iPhone application of gold spot trading platform by Classic Gold Co.,Ltd. It is quick and secure, allowing to make money with ease. With this application, you can access your account, trade, and review your portfolio which is the same ...    9 MB    Views 1079
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-4    50% Promotional Sales Limited Time Only Real Estate & Mortgage Terms is an application containing over 1300 real estate & mortgage related glossary terms. It is an excellent educational and reference application for real estate agents as well as bankers in ...    2 MB    Views 5595


iphone application internet pin mtoken
-3    ASEBA mToken is an application that once installed in your iPhone generates onetime passwords used for authorising orders in AssecoSee internet service. SECURITY Use of ASEBA mToken application for iPhone is completely secure. It is impossible to access the financial data and ...    2 MB    Views 9542


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+23    With NJAR mobile application you can look up the latest news and information from the New Jersey Association of REALTORS as well as current loan information, market rates and links to information on FHA loan limits and guides. This application requires ...    338 kb    Views 6387

DS3 Oath

iphone authentication token compliant factor application
+17    The OathToken iPhone application is an extension of the flagship product of Data Security Systems Solutions, the DS3 Authentication Server. This application enables the iPhone to operate as a RFC 4226 compliant OATH HOTP software token. Using this token, users ...    859 kb    Views 838

i-Easy Expense

trip iphone application expenses number event easy expense member paid manage
0    Redspark launches its new app iEasy Expense for iPhone. This application is useful to manage expenses depending upon the number of individuals. Manage your expenses according to trip or event, how much one has to pay to his/her friends. This ...    1 MB    Views 1965
iphone search glossary application accounting features terms reference
+4    50% Promotional Sales Limited Time Only Accounting Glossary Plus is an application containing over 2000 accounting and financerelated glossary terms. It is an excellent educational and reference application for accountants as well as bankers. The application is optimized for iPad, iPhone4, iPhone ...    2 MB    Views 6175


software time iphone application token authentication system passwords
0    Protect your most sensitive networked information and data with strong Anmeng twofactor Authentication System. Anmeng Software Token application supports using your iPhone as your software authenticator. By generating your ANMENG onetime password on your iPhone, you eliminate the need to carry ...    479 kb    Views 6908

SESAMI Safewalk

Related Apps time iphone pin based authentication application analysis memory
+16    Use SESAMI Safewalk to access Web sites and networks or to digitally sign transactions in a highly secure and userfriendly way. SESAMI Safewalk mobile application provides a time based 2factor authentication solution for any remote access, protecting from hacking and theft. ...    1 MB    Views 1766


+27    Intelligent Trailer Tracking whenever and wherever you need it. Explore the Power of Simple with this iPhone application to view your detention time and dwell time. Use it to find your trailers and to perform instant Yard Checks. The application ...    4 MB    Views 6844
market time iphone management stocks trading international company information application
-7    「海通國際(etnet) 報價交易版」是海通國際證券集團的流動交易應用程式,緊貼大市捕足每個投資時機。 本軟件支援iPhone/ iPAD平台,讓你不受束縛,隨時隨地接觸市場行情,進行股票交易。 功能介紹: 港股交易,進行/取消/修改交易指令 港股帳戶管理,查看帳戶結餘及股票持倉 實時股票報價,以及本地及外國指數 設立及管理投資組合,實時更新監察市況 海通國際專業評論報告定期更新 新股上市,公司業績及股份派息資訊 經濟通財經新聞及股票資訊查詢 圖表分析及研究報告 最活躍港股排行榜 本行分行位置及聯絡方法 "Haitong International(etnet) realtime quotes and trading application" is the official mobile trading application by Haitong International Securities Group Limited. This application is supported on iPhone and iPAD platforms, ...    10 MB    Views 1246

DNB Finger ID

iphone banking dnb finger touch bankid application kan fra
+1    DNB Finger ID gjør det mulig å logge inn i DNBs mobilbank med kun ett trykk av en finger. Du må være DNBkunde og ha en iPhone som støtter Touch ID for å kunne bruke applikasjonen(iPhone 5S, 6 og 6+). Du ...    23 MB    Views 8198
iphone market application rhbinvest orders order place access
+18    RHBInvest SG iPhone Application is our newly launched application specially customized for all iPhone users. It is comparable to our Internet Trading System which allows you to access realtime stock information and place trades from anywhere in the world. With this application, ...    6 MB    Views 4241
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+11    CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Mobile Banking from your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mobile banking offers you the ability to view account balances and recent transactions, transfer funds between your accounts and even pay your bills. Our mobile banking solution provides you with ...    4 MB    Views 4588
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+3    Use your iPhone to manage your finances anywhere with the iPhone app from Commerce Bank, serving Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma and Colorado. Mobile Banking is available to all Commerce Bank Online Banking, including Small Business Online Banking, users. Simply log ...    3 MB    Views 1874
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+4    If you want to get clear idea of what is your financial status is and how you can make the right decision to invest your many, and how much you can spend for education, entertainment and even for food monthly, ...    3 MB    Views 203

TwoSecure SaaS

iphone authentication application easy registered
+3    Application for use with Fronde TwoSecure SAAS offering. You must be registered to use this application. An easy to use two factor authentication solution that generates one time passwords (OTPs) via an application stored on the iPhone. TwoSecure enables strong authentication using ...    NAN    Views 317

Easy Conversion 2

Related Apps iphone easy conversion application jordan contact currency ios currencies
-3    Easy Conversion 2 Easy Conversion 2 is a simplified currency converter. It allows you to convert your currency among more than 30 different countries currencies easily identifiable by their flags, names and currencies. The interface is simple and easy to use. The ...    2 MB    Views 6101


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+12    The Currenex iPhone application helps Currenex institutional clients monitor the market, view open orders and done trades, and place orders while away from their Currenex desktop application. Please contact Currenex Support to enable your existing account for the iPhone application.    3 MB    Views 3153
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-7    The Markets on Mobile app is your gateway to all critical realtime information about Indian and global markets through your iPhone. If you are an investor, trader, professional or just interested in business, economy and financial markets, you will find ...    14 MB    Views 4600
market stock iphone trade features multiple charts mobi book trading application
+12    Trde Mobi is a smart and secure trading application for iPhone that provides a platform to AnandRathi clients to trade in the Indian Stock Market. Features: Robust mobile trading application specially designed for iPhone Access to Live Market Data Sneak Peak ...    7 MB    Views 8059

NVSL Mobile

Related Apps banking iphone personal savings loan valley mobile application account
+12    With our iPhone app, your nearest Naugatuck Valley Savings and Loan branch is as close to you as your iPhone. This mobile banking application will allow you to securely access your account information in the format best suited for display ...    2 MB    Views 4289


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+14    FOR TEST ONLY DO NOT DOWNLOAD Use SESAMI Mobile One Time Password to access Web sites and networks or to digitally sign transactions in a highly secure and userfriendly way. CIDWAY SESAMI Mobile OneTimePassword (OTP) mobile application provides a time based 2factor ...    671 kb    Views 2951
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+6    If you want to get clear idea of what is your financial status is and how you can make the right decision to invest your many, and how much you can spend for education, entertainment and even for food monthly, ...    3 MB    Views 7151
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-8    本程式目前支援iOS系統版本3.1.3至6.1.4, 更新版本即將推出,提供嶄新面貌及優化功能。 Our latest App version supports iOS 3.1.3 to 6.1.4, an updated version with new look and enhanced functions will be released soon. 恒生銀行為iPhone用家特設應用程式,以iPhone獨有的互動介面,提供一個多元化的投資資訊平台,立即免費下載,即可隨時隨地瀏覽各項市場資訊,捉緊投資機會。服務包括: •本地及海外指數 •成份股升跌 •本地股票及認股證免費即時基本報價 •最近查看股票報價 •市場十大股票表現 •熱門認股證表現 •即市新聞 •上市公司新聞 •股市評論 •新股直擊及新聞 •外匯/黃金報價 •每日外匯及黃金策略(文字版及短片) Hang Seng Bank now provides a tailormade application for iPhone users. With an interactive user interface, the Hang ...    NAN    Views 2736
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+11    AXA Epargne Entreprise Your new mobile internet site where you want A new mobile version of the website dedicated to the Employee Savings AXA is available on your iPhone. Free, simple and easy to use, this application offered by AXA Epargne Entreprise allows ...    587 kb    Views 165
personal investors iphone investment card ipad access application bank bnp accounts paribas portfolio financial
+12    The My Bank Personal Investors application from BNP Paribas Personal Investors/The Bank For Expats gives you free access to your bank at all times. The application, in addition to the transactional website (, allows you to make banking transactions on your ...    24 MB    Views 7367

my Tax Return 2013

tax calculator ipad iphone income 2013 refund estimate return deductions application including
+18    Two calculators for the price of one 1. A detailed 2013 tax refund estimate including income and deductions. 2. A quick tax calculator to calculate tax based on a given taxable income for both 2013 and 2014. Estimate your 2013 ...    NAN    Views 6031

Croatian Portfolio

Related Apps iphone www insight application portfolio
+3    Prva Hrvatska (domaća) iPhone aplikacija tržišta kapitala uz suradnju sa Omogućuje praćenje vlastitog portfolija na mobilnom uređaju na jednostavan način. Sve informacije (tečajne liste, vijesti, stanja dionica, fondovi) dostupne su na jednom mjestu. Izradite svoj portfelj prema svojim potrebama i onako kako ...    2 MB    Views 7825
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+6    Merk: Telefonen må restartes etter installasjon hvis du opplever problemer med å klikke på linker i SMS meldingene. For autorisasjon av BankID ved innlogging i Nettbank eller Mobilbank, og for signering av betalingsoppdrag med BankID blir du avkrevet en engangskode. Denne ...    3 MB    Views 581

Easy Conversion

iphone easy conversion application jordan contact currency ios currencies
0    Easy Conversion Easy Conversion is a simplified currency converter. It allows you to convert your currency among more than 30 different countries currencies easily identifiable by their flags, names and currencies. The interface is simple and easy to use. The exchange values ...    2 MB    Views 5751


iphone application quotes metal euro precious
+5    TCA is one of the leading italian company in the precious metal refining. TCA is proud to offer a very useful iPhone/iPod Touch application that provide realtime precious metals quotes (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium) and the most important ...    882 kb    Views 9353
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