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+13    For free unlimited support contact This app now supports iCloud Imagine how easy it is to use on the iPAD: You start your simplified tax return and complete it entirely on the iPAD. The files are transferable from iPAD to ...    14 MB    Views 2222

My AL Refund

tax refund status return users income system
+14    This app is the official Alabama Department of Revenue income tax refund status application. Alabamians who are owed a tax refund from the state can now use this app to find out "Where's My Refund?" Just enter your Social Security number and ...    4 MB    Views 5992


0    Calculate Return on Investments with ROI Pro Return On Investment calculator: ■ Get Total Cost of Invesment from Final Amount from Invesment and Return Rate (%). ■ Get Final Amount from Invesment from Total Cost of Invesment and Return Rate (%). ■ Get Return ...    124 kb    Views 9040


-2    Complete your Form 990N (epostcard) for FREE in just a few minutes and keep your tax exempt status. With the convenience of the tablet app, not only it is easy to file, it is also Free. All that is needed to ...    9 MB    Views 3174

Efficient Frontier

+4    Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) recognizes that investment returns also carry risks. When assembling a portfolio of risky assets, it is necessary to account for these two components as well as the correlation among the assets. When risky assets are combined in ...    930 kb    Views 8405
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0    For free unlimited support contact This app now supports iCloud for sharing your tax returns between your devices Imagine how easy it is to use on the iPAD : You start your simplified tax return and complete it entirely on ...    31 MB    Views 9112

Mr Van Insurance UK

driver time van insurance cover free fast easy form application
+14    Do you need a van insurance and looking for low cost, high quality cover for your vehicle? Mr. Van Insurance is here to help, working alongside the top insurers in the UK, we will be able to source you the best ...    NAN    Views 7482


financial access results companies view return capital compare
-5    The Return On Invested Capital app (ROIC Mobile) gives you quick access to the Return On Invested Capital models of tens of IT vendors and distributors around the world. You can view their financial performance over the past year across a ...    8 MB    Views 778

Lapor Pajak

dengan form yang dan
-7    Lapor Pajak adalah sebuah aplikasi untuk memudahkan Anda menyusun laporan pajak penghasilan pribadi. Fitur: 1. Penyusunan Laporan Pajak dengan form yang mudah diisi, dengan 2 kategori: penghasilan di atas 60 juta rupiah dan di bawah 60 juta rupiah. Form yang telah diisi dapat ...    29 MB    Views 7152

Back of the Napkin

+21    This is a quick, highlevel calculation app for commercial real estate. It allows you to do two very simple commercial real estate calculations: Use NOI (Net Operating Income) and Cap Rate (Capitalization Rate) to calculate a Price on Commercial Real Estate. ...    176 kb    Views 3167
planning return calculation loan
0    This app is so useful tool for loan users. This app can provide you the following convenience tools & contents. You can use these function freely at any time. 1)Return planning calculation (simulate the return amount of money) 2)Return planning calculation (simulate the return ...    2 MB    Views 6011

Vale 20F 2011

reading vale annual report page find form 2011 information
+14    Reading Vale's annual report anytime, anywhere just got easier The app is free to download and includes Vale's latest annual report. The Form 20F is Vale's annual report of 2011 pursuant to the United States Securities Exchange Commission's requirements. The Form 20F ...    2 MB    Views 1145


tax calculator return income situation quickly assess federal deductions filing
+8    Only 2.99 to better manage your specific tax situation or complete a high level check to confirm your tax software or paid return was completed correctly. You do not need to be a CPA or Enrolled Agent to understand ...    2 MB    Views 8056
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+10    Managing your account on the go is now easier. RCBC Mobile Banking keeps you in touch with your finances, wherever you are. It's free, secure and easy to use. This facility is available to all RCBC and RCBC Savings Bank customers. With ...    8 MB    Views 8133


tax return team simple mobile https
+6    The Anywhere Tax app lets you do your Australian tax return on your mobile. Just snap, send and relax, The Anywhere Tax team takes care of the rest Features The simple mobile app makes tax easy. A team of accredited tax ...    20 MB    Views 6967
racing horse time form race daily week
0    It's the answer for any busy racing investor. We are faced with a torrent of information about Horses – Jockeys – Going – Time trails – Form – Distances Trainer form – the draw etc etc. Who can make sense of ...    4 MB    Views 5298
tax students visa income return scholarship 2011 form international
+15    F1 Visa Tax 2011 is made for international students in US with F1 visa. F1 Visa Tax 2011 could help you prepare your form 1040NREZ (Income Tax Return fro Certain Nonresident Aliens With No Dependents) It's FREE FEATURES EASY: You only need to ...    198 kb    Views 9460

write checks

checks amount form write worksheet numeric examples
+15    This application is intended to help those learning to write checks. It focuses on how to translate the numeric amount into written form. It includes examples, a practice worksheet, and a worksheet that helps to translate the numeric amount into ...    15 MB    Views 6441

SNMC Calculator

+6    Easy to Use 4 in one mortgage calculator 1.Purchasing a Home? Easy to use and find out payment on your next home. 2.Refinancing? Easy payment and amortization. 3.How Much Do I Qualify For? Easy steps to find out how much home you qualify ...    2 MB    Views 6851
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+8    Verve, a Credit Union, is a memberowned, notforprofit financial cooperative with membership and banking services open to anyone who lives, works or worships in the counties of Brown, Calumet, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Outagamie, Ozaukee, Portage, ...    40 MB    Views 7103

Van Insurance UK

Related Apps money driver drivers van insurance cover easy download form
+1    You need Van insurance and want it fast as well as Cheap. Well look no further, download this app to get all the major Van insurers fighting over your business. Complete the 2 minute form and make sure you get ...    NAN    Views 9101

Tax Return UK

Related Apps tax return hmrc step assessment file
+18    File your Self Assessment Tax Return in 3 Simple Steps. Step 1: Tick Some boxes and tell us about your income & expenses Step 2: A team of qualified and Certified Accountants will process your tax return and email you a copy ...    8 MB    Views 5092
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+1    For free unlimited support contact This app now supports iCloud for sharing your tax returns between your devices Imagine how easy it is to use on the iPAD : You start your simplified tax return and complete it entirely on ...    15 MB    Views 6431
profile investment twitter risk financial return higher investments
+4    Financial Risk Profiling, the professional psychometric risk profiler. There is a link between the amount of risk an investor takes and the amount of their capital return. Higher the risk provides higher return with potential of higher loss. Lower risk investments ...    1 MB    Views 9867


+14    kiosks for iPad is a very simple yet very useful app for websites looking to support mag stripe data reads directly to a web html form. when combining the sparta kiosk pro enclosure with builtin swiper this companion app enables ...    5 MB    Views 7636


tax time return information easy refund financial phone simple
+28    Tax return headache? The answer’s right in your pocket FlashTax is a mobile and tablet based app that lets you lodge your Tax return using your mobile device in only 10 minutes Take pictures of your crucial Tax documents on your phone ...    NAN    Views 782


property tax loan payment amount rate interest form expenses borrowing results
-4    This app is intended to estimate the loan interest rate, repayment status, and Etc. Setting of "loan scheme" and "property information" this app is divided. Use to switch the "loan scheme" for "property information". So, To make a lot of easy loan simulation ...    1 MB    Views 281
+4    Easy to Use 4 in one mortgage calculator 1.Purchasing a Home? Easy to use and find out payment on your next home. 2.Refinancing? Easy payment and amortization. 3.How Much Do I Qualify For? Easy steps to find out how much home you qualify ...    1 MB    Views 5213
time growth total return investments rate annual dates calculate
-9    Calculate total return and annual growth rate based on initial amount and dates. Frequently, brokerages will provide the total return because it is the higher number, but total return is not a useful tool for comparing investments over different time spans. ...    248 kb    Views 1538

Life insurance UK

family market life insurance cover cheapest insurers prices form
+22    Need a quote for Life Insurance? You insure your home, your car, even your pet, so why do so many of us not insure ourself? What would happen with your family in case of your death? Who would settle your credit cards, ...    NAN    Views 7882


party money time lender form offer information additional terms
-9    Finding quick cash is not always easy, and can be extremely stressful. LendYou is a loan matching service that connects consumers with independent thirdparty lenders. Simply by filling out and submitting this form, you will be matched with a lender ...    542 kb    Views 4977

Glass Group

person work vehicle customer inspection form
+8    An electronic Preand PostInspection Form must be completed for every vehicle undergoing a fitment or replacement at a BSAA or SecureFit fitment centre. It applies to both mobile and inhouse fitments; and includes work undertaken for bordereaux, nonbordereaux, as well ...    10 MB    Views 5624

1003 Helper

email word information form 1003 client collect easily application features
+6    1003 Helper is the easy way to collect client information for filling out the Fannie Mae Universal Residential Loan Application (Form 1003). The application allows you to easily collect all the most commonly required information to populate the form. It ...    2 MB    Views 7904


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-9    At BetaPlus Group Solutions our primary objective is to achieve the maximum investible portion of our clients Employee Benefit Total Funding, at both company and employee level. Through reducing unnecessary or excess costs and ensuring that we utilize all available ...    6 MB    Views 1616

Matrix Сalculator

time matrix existing size form bring
+12    Matrix Сalculator is a unique app that performs calculations on matrices of any size. It's a pocket matrix calculator that can save you a lot of time, nerves and money. You can add or delete rows and columns at any time choosing ...    2 MB    Views 1913

Extension Tax 7004

Related Apps tax business time file returns irs online return extension
+6    Get extra time to prepare and report your business income taxes right, efile your returns to the IRS securely in as few as 10 minutes. You don’t have be a expert, applying for an extension is now made easy. 100% ...    8 MB    Views 2648

Why Shares

shares australian credits total return understand
+1    Are Australian shares risky? Use this app to help you understand the Total Return on Australian Shares compared to Total Return on Term Deposits and the ups and downs. Don't understand Franking Credits It shows the great effect of the 30% ...    6 MB    Views 9869
-1    Download Coller Capital’s FREE IRR App to calculate the internal rate of return and interest rate for all of your investments Coller Capital’s Free IRR App was specifically designed for the Private Equity industry. The IRR tab calculates the internal rate of ...    151 kb    Views 7433

Where's My Refund?

tax refund step status date return hours
-8    Where's My Refund? It's Quick, Easy and Secure. Get uptodate refund information using Where's My Refund? mobile app. Where's My Refund? is updated once every 24 hours, usually overnight. Refunds are generally issued within 21 days after we receive your ...    5 MB    Views 4638
medical budget insurance private plans nhs form simply needed monthly
+14    Comprehensive information about UK private medical insurance (PMI). Why do you need it, what do all the confusing terms mean? App includes a short form that you can fill out to get up to 4 competing insurance offers. Whatever your budget, ...    NAN    Views 1805


stock investment return
-9    Stockulate is an intuitive stock profit calculator that allows you to calculate your return on investment, ultimately helping you to decide when to buy or sell a stock. Use the stock profiler feature to retrieve a live profile on a ...    10 MB    Views 4161


form application
+11    W9Form is a free IOS application that works on the IPad as well as the IPhone. You can use this application to quickly fill in W9 PDF form. Sign then print or email the filled out and digitally signed form ...    5 MB    Views 2247
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-2    Are you trying to file past year’s Form 990N? It’s Easy. Form 990N is the Annual Electronic Filing Requirement for Small Exempt Organizations that have total gross receipts of 50,000 or less. You can do it on the iPhone or iPad ...    2 MB    Views 2171


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-8    Hello Tax is an easy and quick way to file your tax return and stay updated with your Incometax information. Filing IT return is quick and convenient like never before. App Features 1) Return Status 2) Tax Calculator 3) Document storage 4) Pan Card Details 5) ...    NAN    Views 482
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+28    FREE INSTANT ANSWERS TO THOUSANDS OF TAX QUESTIONS FOR BOTH INDIVIDUALS & BUSINESSES. It’s the tax reference tool you will use throughout the year, not just during tax season. It’s a great tax and business resource for taxpayers, business owners, ...    3 MB    Views 2640
business personal email ipad property insurance lines commercial form popular
+26    Designed for Insurance Sales Agents and Brokers on the go, MV2 for Insurance Sales allows you to write insurance business for all of your contacts and prospects directly from your iPad ©. With its easy to use customer Address Book, you ...    4 MB    Views 2524

Paycheck Maximizer

paycheck form
+13    Pump up your paycheck with this FormW4 assistant app. Use the app to update your Form W4 to adjust the tax taken from each paycheck.    5 MB    Views 4881
Related Apps time insurance life cover quote form easy quotes
+14    Hi, I'm your personal lifeguard My name is Mr. Life Insurance and I'm here here to find you the best Life Insurance cover at the cheapest price I'm working with the top insurers in the country to give you unbeatable insurance cover ...    1 MB    Views 2588
investment finance personal money economic return
-6    GoVenture Personal Finance Cheatsheet is a quick guide to everything you should know about money. A brief and easytoready ebook with an interactive loan calculator. Topics include: Goals, Making Money Grow, Banking, Savings and Debt, Credit, Insurance, Tax, Retirement, Investment Concepts, ...    20 MB    Views 7248
Related Apps calculator stock trades trade return ideas roi covered specific quickly
+18    The Covered Call Calculator and Planner is a great way to quickly analyze and track your past trades and new trade ideas. Quickly calculate return on investment (ROI) of specific trades with scenarios including: if option is exercised and static ...    6 MB    Views 249

TaxBuddy Basics

tax return deductions tips refund australian income save
+27    As seen on Channel 7 Sunrise Voted top tax app by David Koch in 2014 Get some free tax advice and maximise your tax refund Try TaxBuddy Basics and learn about some important aspects of your Australian tax return. TaxBuddy offers guidance and ...    8 MB    Views 9106
Related Apps banking text mobile enroll message netteller internet form enrollment complete
-6    Mobile Banking is available to anyone currently enrolled in our Internet Banking service, Netteller. Message and Data rates may apply. To enroll, log on to Netteller, select Options, then enable Web Mobile Settings, read and accept the Terms and Conditions, ...    13 MB    Views 1575

Loans UK

Related Apps money business loan form lenders credit loans financial apply simple
+1    Do you need money and need it fast? With this App your financial problems will be solved, so if you need a short term loan, student loan, or a bad credit loan to consolidate your debts then you're on the right ...    NAN    Views 8480

Stock Market Hero

Related Apps stock market return save
-4    Save the economy by running, jumping and slashing your way through the stock market, in this all new platforming adventure. Levels generated from actual stock market data. Autosave, quit at any time and return to the same spot when you return. iTunes music ...    4 MB    Views 4119
business calculator expenses claim select distance form mileage
-2    My Business Expenses is a comprehensive app for recording all your business purchases and mileage. The App functionality allows you to capture photos of receipts and record these with your expenses throughout your working day. The mileage calculator helps you work out ...    4 MB    Views 9239


business finance project plan idea ideas return
+17    ModelNote is the first financial and business modeling tool for iPad intended for entrepreneurs, business owners, finance professionals, appraisers, bankers, students. It allows you to plan, budget, assess and make decisions regarding your idea, project or business in an innovative ...    4 MB    Views 9035
Related Apps tax software time iphone program taxsoftware irs form return online income don
+3    Imagine how easy it is to use on the iPhone: You start your Form 4868 Application for Automatic Extension of Time and complete it entirely on the iPhone. The cost of the app is only 99 cents ...    8 MB    Views 8958


money age currency currencies form store system forms definition trade
-9    Global Currency A currency (from Middle English: curraunt, "in circulation", from Latin: currens, entis) in the most specific use of the word refers to money in any form when in actual use or circulation as a medium of exchange, especially circulating ...    4 MB    Views 4107

Gift Aid

tax time donations return gift record complete year relief claim
+29    Log your donations. Simplify your tax return. This app makes it simple to claim tax relief on your Gift Aid charity donations. It's also a great way to record your donations even if you don't have to complete a tax return. Features: • ...    1 MB    Views 609

FPPC Gift Tracker

gifts gift sources 700 data form quick schedule
+1    This app is for California state officials and employees who are required to file form 700. It helps keep track of all the gifts you receive in a calendar year and provides a quick and easy way to furnish schedule ...    951 kb    Views 3073
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