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Woodman Funds

+1    The Woodman app is our newest innovation. You will have an easy and convenient access to all of our funds. The latest NAV's and graphs for each specific fund is at any time updated in the app. The app is free and ...    19 MB    Views 3875

Budget Plus

0    Budget Plus is a powerful money tracking app. If you want to track your income and expense, Budget Plus is right for you. You can add many transactions as you want and choose type of your transaction (income/expense). Budget Plus will calculate total ...    4 MB    Views 2075

Refinance Rates

0    THE LEADING REFINANCE RATE APP Looking to refinance? Using this Refinance Rates app, you can easily retrieve refinance rates for your specific situation. You can search by: Home Value Mortgage Balance Additional Cash to Borrow Your Credit Rating Loan Type ...    564 kb    Views 8442

Freight Control

+25    The main purpose of Freight Control is to support the financial management of shipping owners and companies. This is based on three specific functions: • Freight Control gives shipping owners and companies insight of market information concerning present barge freight rates ...    573 kb    Views 2356

Retire Calc

+1    How much income do you need to be able to live comfortably? How about when you retire? Are you saving enough now to make sure you can retire comfortably? With the future of Social Security in question, proactive planning and ...    4 MB    Views 7030
-1    Welcome smart investor Get the most out of your investment property by calculating how it performs on both short and long terms. With our easy to use app we can assist you to make smarter decisions. OZIPCAL is a powerful tool ...    NAN    Views 294


calculator party tip split easy amount specific control
+16    Use iTipCalculator for all your tipping needs on your iPhone or iPod Touch It will also easily split the bill among your party members. Features: Quick results with minimal data entry Easy Slider control for specific tip up to 30% Easy Button control for ...    143 kb    Views 1674


microsoft information sales control specific
+19    CLEVERPILOT DRIVE YOUR INFORMATION CleverPilot is a mobile application that provides realtime information in various areas of management with smooth indicators and very appealing and intuitive graphics. Modules may either cover an area of activity (sales, purchases), a specific function (sales reps) or ...    8 MB    Views 6540
Related Apps calculator stock trades trade return ideas roi covered specific quickly
-3    The Covered Call Calculator and Planner is a great way to quickly analyze and track your past trades and new trade ideas. Quickly calculate return on investment (ROI) of specific trades with scenarios including: if option is exercised and static ...    6 MB    Views 249

Budget Plus Pro

-2    Budget Plus Pro is a powerful money tracking app. If you want to track your income and expense, Budget Plus Pro is right for you. You can add many transactions as you want and choose type of your transaction (income/expense). Budget Plus Pro ...    3 MB    Views 2723

My Savings

holiday bills money savings target saving amount reach save goal specific
+22    My Savings is a great savings tool to help you reach your savings goals. Saving for a major expenditure like a holiday or just putting aside money to pay bills? It will even tell you how much you need to ...    4 MB    Views 2398
time ipad irr interest tab rate calculate investments
-8    Download Coller Capital’s FREE IRR HD App for iPad to calculate the internal rate of return and interest rate for all of your investments Coller Capital’s Free IRR HD App was specifically designed for the Private Equity industry and specifically designed ...    946 kb    Views 7539


card time monitor management cards gps transactions control debit usage manage specific cardholders alert
+2    NOTE: This application is powered by Fiserv, Inc. but is activated through specific financial institutions. Check with your financial institution to ensure they participate in CardValet prior to downloading. CardValet is a debit card management and fraud mitigation tool for cardholders. ...    3 MB    Views 8083
business forecast spanish markets free sectors specific data dashboards
+6    Do you wish to know what to expect from the MARKETS OF THE SPANISH ECONOMY AND ITS SPECIFIC SECTORS AND BRANCHS? Specially designed for large corporations and medium companies, this template offers an immediate, objective and independent reference of how will ...    33 MB    Views 8976
Related Apps card instruments time expenses income export reports categories specific ability multiple payment
+7    v2.3: New export features Skyrocket your control over savings,expenses and incomes? iPoney is the application for you iPoney main features: EXPENSES/INCOMES MANAGEMENT: • Set your 30days saving goal and monitor it in real time (smiley will indicate your current status see online manual for details) • Enter ...    5 MB    Views 1474


search security iphone management transactions account feature balances specific pin transaction great
-4    Clean, advertisement free checkbook register app iOS 7 Tested SEARCH: Search for specific transactions by name or by specifying a specific price. For example enter "Apple 99.99" for a very specific search. You can also enter just the name (or part of ...    3 MB    Views 2385
coffee goal savings save simulator adjust consumption specific
0    Do you always hear "for a price of a cup of coffee you could afford ..."? Well, with the Savings Goal Simulator you can find out exactly how adjusting your coffee consumption can help you save a specific amount of ...    2 MB    Views 4102
compensation workers verification coverage specific employer
-3    Workers Compensation Coverage Verification assists users in determining whether an employer has workers compensation insurance in the available states. Workers Compensation Coverage Verification provides the name of the insurer that wrote a workers compensation policy for a specific employer on ...    6 MB    Views 1752
+20    Have you ever overdrawn your account just because you forgot of a recurring transaction (e.g., insurance)? This app allows you to avoid such situations In contrast to the many “MoneyControl” apps, Money Forecast can compute a forecast of your finances. This ...    3 MB    Views 5828

VAT Professional

Related Apps tax food calculator people vat professional rate amount calculate price countries specific enter
-2    VAT Professional is a very simple, handy and helpful utility application intended for travellers, business people or any one that needs to calculate VAT amounts. VAT Professional allows you to enter an amount and then choose the VAT from over ...    7 MB    Views 4958
job salary estimates post specific paid receive title company
-1    Are you underpaid? Use Schotzy to find out With Schotzy you'll be able to see others' salary specifics anonymously. Estimate their salary and you'll see what they are getting paid. The more salary estimates you give, the more you receive. The ...    3 MB    Views 3052


time view specific reports pay employer
0    The EmployeeXperience (mobile edition) means more online conveniences and benefits for employees of companies using payroll services powered by Primepoint technology. Features of this release include: Quickly view your last pay check stub View your personal W2 whenever it’s needed View specific documents from ...    484 kb    Views 5323
market investment research stock person trading financial information experts disclaimer comments specific
-5    Daily economic and financial news shared on IG TV, enjoy our free training video and anticipate the market trends with IG Stay tuned and get the latest information on trading opportunities thanks to our notification center. All of our videos are ...    50 MB    Views 3358


Related Apps budget time expense income expenses categories recurring category view specific wise
+5    My Xpense app not only records your income and expenditures, it helps to manage your money more effectively with ease. Each expense category can be associated with a monthly budget. Users can configure alerts to be notified when the expenses ...    3 MB    Views 3656

VAT Professional+

+14    VAT Professional is a very simple, handy and helpful utility application intended for travellers, business people or any one that needs to calculate VAT amounts. VAT Professional allows you to enter an amount and then choose the VAT from over ...    8 MB    Views 5114
specific face premium amount quote life mobile oxford
+11    The Oxford Life Mobile Quote calculator can be used to show the following: • The premium that is required to achieve a specific face amount • The face amount for a specific premium • All payment mode options for a specific risk class    19 MB    Views 8119

Travel Budget Pro

tour photo travel budget currency expense view primary list add expenses specific
+26    Travel Budget app is all about maintaining your tour details with tour expenses with easy to use interface. You can setup new tour, add tour bag, add expenses related to tour. You can view list of tours, view tour details, view ...    12 MB    Views 1426

NSCP Meetings

+17    FACETOFACE MEETINGS We have numerous regionspecific daylong meetings as well as our comprehensive 2.5+ day, 70+ workshop National Conference in the fall. NSCP faculty are experienced industry veterans who discuss practical implementation of compliance policies and procedures. Workshop topics are specific ...    16 MB    Views 6145
iphone research security time ipad bloomberg access data features including events exclusive specific
-6    With the Bloomberg Professional app, you can log in to your Bloomberg Anywhere account from your iPhone or iPad, with the same referencequality, realtime data, security and access to personal files you have on your regular computer. Features: Send and receive ...    76 MB    Views 1767

Sage View

business view sage client alerts access subscription data specific
-2    Designed for “onthego” accountants, bookkeepers, and consultants that have an active subscription to the Sage View business intelligence dashboard solution, this app provides access to predefined alerts and an easytoview recap of client Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). With the Sage View ...    63 MB    Views 7221

Calcs App

Related Apps loan based payment amount rate specific term interest calculate monthly
+4    FREE for a LIMITED Time only Calculate Monthly Mortgage or Loan Payment Amounts based on loan amount, interest rate and loan term or duration. In addition, calculate a loan amount for a specific monthly payment based on the standard debt ...    315 kb    Views 7688

MIA Journal

articles journal issue filter category users find mia access specific
-2    This application allows you to view news, articles, and views from the Malta Institute of Accountants periodical journal, the Accountant, on your smartphone and tablet. It offers readers the opportunity to browse each issue of the MIA Journal from anywhere, ...    740 kb    Views 9403


search security iphone management transactions account balances feature pin specific transaction great
-8    iOS7 Tested OVERVIEW: The iCheckbook application is a well designed account and transaction management program for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It enables you to keep track of multiple accounts and their respective transactions while on the go. NO MORE, logging ...    3 MB    Views 8175

Domain Sales

Related Apps time sales view names specific real latest
-3    We help you keep up to date with the latest domain name and website sales in real time. Our historical database helps buyers and sellers value domain names and view comparable sales. Features View the latest domain sales in real ...    1 MB    Views 6471
bills time bill amount days due date fixed paid specific upcoming
+15    Its a beautifully designed bills management application. With its powerful reminders, elegant design and high user friendly interface it stands out in the crowd of apps. Various reports and graphs will enable you to see the overview of your bills ...    6 MB    Views 1770

Intraday Charts

stock time history intraday day charts chart patterns view daily specific
+10    Every successful trader knows the importance of historical chart patterns... In fact, one thing that never seems to change is that history repeats itself, and every stock has historical and emotional patterns. Yet... When you look at daily / intraday ...    2 MB    Views 7456


money person entries debts add select contacts specific entry list
+10    DebtTracker is a power full debt tracker app. Never forget again to collect your money. Always have all debts at a glance. FEATURE LIST: ⚫ Fast & easily track all your debts ⚫ Select persons from your contacts or add new persons on the ...    852 kb    Views 4054

Tzedakah Calculator

+21    This application will tell you EXACTLY how much you have to give for Tzedakah based on your income. Charity giving is a great deed that no one is exempt of. During these though times especially, many people are depending on generous ...    246 kb    Views 502

Discount Calculator

Related Apps calculator discount tax tip price percentage rate specific cheaper
-9    Discount Calculator is a simple but very useful iphone application. How many times have you seen a sign for a discount at a store and wanted to know what the new price would be including tax. By design the ...    109 kb    Views 4296
Related Apps categories spending specific add track amounts transactions easily expense
-5    Amounts is a simple and easy to use expense tracker designed to help you stay on top of your expenses. Enter new transactions in seconds. Just add an amount and select a category. If you want to be more specific you ...    1 MB    Views 4899
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