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+6    Calculate the current and future NoVA and find out, if you should buy your new car or motorcycle now to save money The NoVA calculator determines the maximum standard fuel consumption tax for vehicles registered in Austria. It is based on ...    4 MB    Views 7904
+12    Start banking wherever you are with CommercialBk Available to all The Commercial Bank online banking customers, CommercialBk allows you to check balances, make transfers, pay bills and find locations. Need to find a branch or ATM closest to you? With ...    5 MB    Views 4608

DNB - Eesti

0    DNB on loonud iPhone’i rakenduse, millega saad järgida oma kulutusi, salvestada kviitungeid, kasutada valuutakalkulaatorit ja leida otsetee internetipanka. Kaart Siit leiad infot DNB kontorite asukoha kohta. Kulutused See on kasulik tööriist, kui Sa jagad kellegagi kulusid nt seoses mõne ürituse või reisiga. Sa saad ...    NAN    Views 9952
+10    Manage your money securely and conveniently with the Farmers Bank & Trust app. This app creates an enhanced user experience consisting of easy to navigate screens and menus. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your account information is within ...    9 MB    Views 3773
compass information accounts union credit access convenient find mobile service
-3    Compass Credit Union Mobile Banking is designed to make it easy and convenient for you to manage your finances and have access to your accounts 24/7. We will continue to make enhancements to this convenient service, which now allows you ...    30 MB    Views 7456

CrewCut (Pro)

-2    The BEST Commission Calculator for Cabin Crew. Endorsed by Unite in the UK This is a must have app for Cabin Crew around the world. If you make commission on your sales and want to ensure you are being paid correctly, this ...    3 MB    Views 9146

HESTA Mobile

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-1    Your super account at your fingertips. The free HESTA mobile app gives members access to their account balance, recent transactions and investment allocation. Use the app to: • check your account and member details • receive important updates about your super • access your ...    NAN    Views 8294


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+1    This application allows you to find DemirBank’s branches and ATMs, find out daily currency exchange rates, bank news and other information and apply online payments. Application opportunities: • Azeri, Russian and English languages support • Addresses and map location of branches and ATMs • Online ...    2 MB    Views 8994


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+17    Solidarity General Takaful is a leading insurance company in Bahrain and with our new mobile app, customers can interact with us and obtain more information about our products and services. With Solidarity Mobile App you can: Get more information about our ...    5 MB    Views 5213

My Colonial Life

-7    My Colonial Life Mobile App puts your Colonial Life coverage in the palm of your hand—from coverage information to claim status, My Colonial Life is just another way we’re making benefits count. Log in using your My Colonial Life ID and ...    518 kb    Views 8358
trading beginners information articles guide trade find forex
0    Welcome to this app Beginner's Trading Information. If you are searching for information on trading, or if you are new to trading, then you have taken the right decision Through this Beginner's Trading Information app you can learn about trading as ...    35 MB    Views 2465
calculator bill tip friends friend find
-2    Imagine you're out with your friends and are dining out at your favourite restaurant. When the bill comes you pull out the tip find app and with in a second you can find what each friend owes including the tip. ...    5 MB    Views 8102
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-8    The best smart app calculator to have handy. Download Ultisky's Pocket Calculator app free today, a very simple easy to use app that calculates for you. Never worry about the proper amount to tip your waiter while eating out again. Buying ...    3 MB    Views 4087
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-4    WHAT IS THE AUTO LOAN CALCULATOR? The car loan calculator helps you fully work out the costs associated with purchasing a vehicle on credit. Once you have entered the amount, the interest rate and the period of the loan, the calculator ...    1 MB    Views 8078
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+9    Start banking wherever you are with Texas Citizens Bank Available to all Texas Citizens Bank online banking customers, TCB On the Go allows you to check balances, make transfers, and find locations with one click – all from your IPhone ...    6 MB    Views 6155
calculator car language cost rate loans loan debt payment true total find add
+4    How can you find your best loan? The only way is to compare the true rate. The true rate take into account all the costs; the initial cost, the term cost and the interest. The rate the nominal interest rate ...    30 MB    Views 2196


speakers event information find connect payment attendees swiss
+2    The official mobile app for Swiss Payment Forum 2013, Swiss Payment, is the main source of information about the event and a communication channel. A musthave tool for all sides of the conference: attendees, speakers and sponsors Users can: Find all ...    4 MB    Views 5895
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+15    The mortgage payment calculator is a simple way to make sure that you've got a match.It is not only a single calculator, it is a package of calculators which have five built in calculators. In this package every tab is ...    2 MB    Views 9682
+26    Find out your loantovalue ratio fast. Then make a quick enquiry to get the finance. The Affirmative Finance Loan Calculator is the easiest way to calculate the loantovalue ratio of a loan secured on property. Just enter the amount of funding ...    191 kb    Views 8550


intelligence information portfolio key counter find signals algorithms
+11    With the Sigmaspecto app, you can log in to your Sigmaspecto account from your iPhone or iPad. Sigmaspecto enables you to monitor and find early signals and information about your trading partners, portfolio companies, clients and other key counterparties in realtime ...    3 MB    Views 6637

Campaign Calculator

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+4    The AdMaxim Campaign Calculator makes all those tricky digital campaign planning calculations simple. You never need to push your mental arithmetic to the limit again, as the calculator allows you to fill in the information you know (such as campaign ...    21 MB    Views 2721
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+2    Bank virtually anywhere and anytime with Citizens Bank & Trust’s Mobile Banking App Just like in Online Banking, sign in with your secure credentials, knowing your information is protected by encryption technology. Citizens Mobile is fast, safe, secure and available ...    13 MB    Views 82
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-5    Start banking where ever you are with GesaMobile. Available to all Gesa Credit Union members, GesaMobile, allows you to check balances, make transfers and pay your bills. Need to find a branch or ATM closest to you? Use the helpful ...    8 MB    Views 3339


calculator home australia stamp loan find repayment compare helps borrow
0    This app is a must have toolkit if you are looking to buy property in Australia. The app has four great calculators. 1.The "how much I can borrow' lets you find how much you can borrow based on your income ...    3 MB    Views 9971
+27    Mortgage Calculator Premium allows you to easily find the present value of a loan, find the needed monthly payment for a loan, and the payoff times for given payments. Mortgage Calculator Premium also looks up the going rates for 30 ...    421 kb    Views 9613
property ebook people library market estate real selling learn guide insider find book discover information
+1    If you're set on greatly increasing your odds at Discovering how to exploit the profit potential of real estate... Then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read Who Else Wants To Learn How To Price Your Property Right ...    725 kb    Views 5424
calculator savings find compare quick numbers
-7    QUICK AND EASY Just enter some basic info and get your savings numbers: deposits, interest, balance etc. KNOW YOUR SAVINGS Use an estimate from Savings Calculator to get a quick idea on your savings in a table, graph and a piechart. COMPARE AND FIND ...    7 MB    Views 2806

SNMC Calculator

+10    Easy to Use 4 in one mortgage calculator 1.Purchasing a Home? Easy to use and find out payment on your next home. 2.Refinancing? Easy payment and amortization. 3.How Much Do I Qualify For? Easy steps to find out how much home you qualify ...    2 MB    Views 6851


information club international airport nearby access atms find
+18    Diners Club Bulgaria mobile application makes it easy to connect to information anytime, anywhere. Quickly locate ATMs, Diners Club Airport Lounges, discounts with Diners Club International First Lady credit cards etc. Features: · Find nearby merchants in our online First Lady Catalogue; · ...    40 MB    Views 599

MoneyMax Online

calculator online owned loan easy item auction find pre
+7    Shop, sell and appraise your preowned jewellery and timepieces anytime, anywhere with our MoneyMax Online app. Our MoneyMax Online app is designed to make valuation and shopping online for preowned goods fast and easy. MoneyMax Online enables you to: VALUE & SELL: ...    10 MB    Views 9451
calculator percentage percent calculate find number answer increase 210
0    The Percent Calculator calculates percentage calculations in an instant. It has 4 calculation options: 1. Find the percentage of a number e.g. calculate 35% of 200 2. Find the percent change between one value and another e.g. calculate the percentage difference between 30 ...    460 kb    Views 2751

Kentucky Bank

Related Apps money security bills monitor bank kentucky mobile information transactions locations find accounts privacy
-1    Kentucky Bank Mobile allows you to manage your money on the go Monitor your accounts, perform transactions, pay bills, and find ATM/branch locations directly from your mobile device. MONITOR YOUR ACCOUNTS Check account balances Review recent account activity PERFORM TRANSACTIONS Transfer money between accounts BILLPAY Pay bills Change/cancel ...    3 MB    Views 7706
reading vale annual report page form find information
+1    Reading Vale's annual report anytime, anywhere just got easier The app is free to download and includes Vale's latest annual report. The Form 20F is Vale's annual report of 2010 pursuant to the United States Securities Exchange Commission's requirements. The Form 20F ...    1 MB    Views 6197

Citibank TH

banking browse citibank account information instantly nearest rewards accounts find transfer
+21    Citi Mobile is a simple and secure way to view your account information, transfer funds, and find the nearest Citibank location. All these from your phone while onthego, using the same User ID and Password as Citibank Online. • Payments & ...    38 MB    Views 5756

Affinity Loans

home calculator easy find payment loan officer form information request
+24    Easy to Use 4 in one mortgage calculator 1.Purchasing a Home? Easy to use and find out payment on your next home. 2.Refinancing? Easy payment and amortization. 3.How Much Do I Qualify For? Easy steps to find out how much home you qualify ...    2 MB    Views 2290
calculator blog mortgage rates find latest options talk afford renewal
-1    BestRates by can help you find the best mortgage rates in Canada. Compare and Connect Get an instant comparison of the mortgage market and see the latest mortgage offers from banks, brokers & credit unions. Rates Find the best mortgage rates in Canada Tools Talk ...    NAN    Views 8728


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-1    The Protective Insurance Company mobile app enables customers to easily submit claims, view vehicle ID cards, find innetwork medical providers and more. Features for all Protective customers: Find an innetwork medical provider Submit claim information, including photos from the scene of ...    8 MB    Views 8582
-6    All Reverse Mortgage introduces their innovative new reverse mortgage calculator app. Find out how much you may be eligible for in seconds, then compare programs to find the right reverse mortgage to fit your needs. Have your quote delivered by email ...    2 MB    Views 8814
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+5    The Crestbrook Insurance Mobile App allows our clients remote access to their important information. From retrieving digital ID card information to checking your account balance, the insurance process is now easier than ever: Get Help: Contact Crestbrook Insurance for help ...    4 MB    Views 6179


investment news funds client reporting portfolio information allocation find contact
+9    Comarch Mobile Reporting App provides financial institutions with online reporting on their client investment portfolios and with tools supporting investment decisions taken by the clients. Moreover, the solution empowers client advisors by letting them review details of their client portfolios. Features: Portfolio ...    3 MB    Views 7888

KBZ Bank

calculator map news find exchange rates daily currency atms call
0    Kanbawza Bank KBZ Mobile Application offers you a fast and simple way to: Find out about our services Daily Currency Exchange Rates and Calculator Locations of ATMs and Branches countrywide Notification of latest news Interest Calculator Bilingual support Offline Map Click to call Find out about our services: information on ...    6 MB    Views 9684
search text photo documents scan find upload information manage document
+2    The iOS app for all your documents After signing up you can manage all your documents – dead easy and at a glance. You can both upload your online invoices as well as scan paper documents with your smartphone and manage ...    55 MB    Views 6373
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0    Kentucky Bank Mobile now allows you to manage your money on a tablet device Monitor your accounts, perform transactions, pay bills, and find ATM/branch locations directly from your tablet device. MONITOR YOUR ACCOUNTS Check account balances Preview recent account activity PERFORM TRANSACTIONS Transfer money between ...    9 MB    Views 231
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+15    Easy to Use 4 in one mortgage calculator 1.Purchasing a Home? Easy to use and find out payment on your next home. 2.Refinancing? Easy payment and amortization. 3.How Much Do I Qualify For? Easy steps to find out how much home you qualify ...    1 MB    Views 5213
money calculator chinese french canadian worth inflation currency dollar year 2001 rates country find
+4    V€RIO is an easy to use CURRENCY CONVERTER and INFLATION CALCULATOR built in to one application. V€RIO allows you to see what your money is worth in a variety of currencies and time periods. Designed for the curious and the practical ...    17 MB    Views 7926


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-2    CUA AutoMate is an innovative tool featuring a selection of car and finance information to help customers while they purchase a car. Car Loans Calculator: quickly find out your loan repayments by inputting your loan amount, vehicle age, term and payment ...    7 MB    Views 717
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+14    Summary of features: Easy Auto Loan Calculator Advanced Auto Loan Calculator VIN Decoder Easy Mortgage Calculator Advanced Mortgage Calculator Savings Calculator Monthly Deposits Calculator Organized loan information storage Email loan information Amortization tables Calculate early loan payoff Sort saved entries Calculating and comparing loans and interest made easier Save price and interest information on ...    1 MB    Views 5175
calculator percentage percent find calculate 210 increase number
+21    The Percent Calculator calculates percentage calculations in an instant. The Percentage Calculator has 3 calculation options: Find the percentage of a number e.g. calculate 35% of 200 Find the percent change between one value and another e.g. calculate the percentage difference ...    691 kb    Views 9825
calculator car language cost rate loans loan debt payment true total find add
+6    How can you find your best loan? The only way is to compare the true rate. The true rate take into account all the costs; the initial cost, the term cost and the interest. The rate the nominal interest rate ...    35 MB    Views 9
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+9    Personal finance tools from Simple guidance you can trust. Get instant calculations for your mortgage, interestfree deal, loan or super. Use your mobile to get fast answers to your money questions. FREE Savings calculator Find out how fast you ...    128 kb    Views 6364
car tools iphone search calculator vehicle loan auto apply dealer lender find
+8    GET YOUR LOAN, GET YOUR CAR, & GET CELEBRATING is the premier online auto lender empowering car shoppers and savers to get preapproved for financing before they visit their dealer. With the RoadLoans app, you can get approved for a ...    12 MB    Views 9078

Thai Car Loan

Related Apps car loan thai krungsri information calculate monthly find
+1    พิเศษ แจกบัตรชมงาน Bangkok International Motor Show 2014 เพียงดาวน์โหลดและลงทะเบียนผ่าน App จำนวนจำกัด 15,000 ใบ อ่านรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติมจากใน App เมื่อต้องการซื้อรถเก๋ง มอเตอร์ไซค์ บิ๊กไบค์ หรือ คาร์ ฟอร์ แคช สินเชื่อเพื่อคนมีรถ และ แคช ทู คาร์ สินเชื่อเพื่อรถบ้าน มาเริ่มวางแผนทางการเงินก่อนได้ง่าย ๆ ด้วย Thai Car Loan แอพพลิเคชั่นการคำนวณสินเชื่อสมบูรณ์แบบจาก กรุงศรี ออโต้ พรั่งพร้อมด้วยคุณสมบัติ คำนวณจาก “ราคารถ” เพื่อหายอดผ่อนต่อเดือน หรือ คำนวณจาก “ค่างวดต่อเดือน” ...    59 MB    Views 4020
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-8    UK REAL SALARY CALCULATOR 2015/16 What do you really earn each year? Easily calculate your real takehome salary for the NEW 2015/16 tax year Calculation accounts for: • Annual gross salary • Basic, Higher and Additional tax brackets • National Insurance • Student loan repayments • Private pension ...    NAN    Views 8140
tax calculator quick taxes find compare refund plan estimate
+28    QUICK AND EASY Just enter some basic info and watch your tax refund add up. KNOW YOUR TAXES Use an estimate from Tax Calculator to get a quick read on your taxes before you prepare your tax return. Adjust your withholdings so you ...    10 MB    Views 7284


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+2    Bank onthego with IBERIABANK’s Mobile Banking App. Check your balance, pay your bills, deposit checks, transfer funds, or find a nearby ATM or branch location. Mobile Banking Features • Check account balances • View recent transactions • Pay bills, deposit checks and transfer funds • ...    22 MB    Views 5699
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-6    VAT Calculations, Look up VAT Registrations, Look up VAT Rates. All in one easy to use App ✓ Sales Tax Calculations faster than ordinary calculator ✓ Validate EU VAT Registration Numbers. ✓ Access extensive Sales Tax Database. Detail: Very easy to use Add or ...    881 kb    Views 18

Mortgage Express NZ

Related Apps home calculator mortgage calculators express loan repayments find
+5    Mortgage Express team of mortgage advisers love to help New Zealanders find a home loan that is right for them and their circumstances. We have access to more than 150 home loans from over 10 banks and lenders, and our ...    NAN    Views 3555
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-2    SMCU Mobile is your personal credit union branch that goes wherever you do, allowing you to perform a variety of financial transactions any time, any place. If your iPhone or iPod Touch can determine where you are, the locationaware feature ...    5 MB    Views 6486


Related Apps iphone calculator news section data indexes indices find information dollar indicators
+16    All financial information that you must have in the palm of your hand BRAND NEW VERSION 4.0 COMPATIBLE WITH IPHONE 3, 4 AND 5 MORE DATA ECONOMIC NEWS FEED SECTION ADDED FASTER MOST COMPLETE 100% CHILEAN What is Indexes ? "Indexes" ...    3 MB    Views 6805

Tip Calculator

calculator tip user bill percentage enable information
+21    This application is a tip calculator. It is designed to enable the user to specify a bill amount, a tip percentage and the number of people to split the bill by. If desired the user can enable geo location to ...    895 kb    Views 371
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