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+4    PocketGuard makes personal finance fun and easy. It categorizes and organizes your expenses, monthly bills and subscriptions into clear, beautiful tabs and graphs, so you will always be on top of your finances. PocketGuard is fast, easytouse and 100% free POCKETGUARD’s KEY ...    19 MB    Views 4211
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+11    Gold Money is very easy cash management software which can keep your record of cash, credit cards and bank accounts. Easy Uesr Interface The registration page is very simple so you can use it easily. List is also consisted of monthly ...    14 MB    Views 9299


+1    ToThePenny is one of the most convenient and easy way to control personal finances. Main features: Add new expense records in a convenient way. Backing up and restoring data via iCloud. Accounting for expenses. Handy pie chart. Touch ID support. ...    3 MB    Views 6075


+1    The Callahan Media app for the iPad is the digital home for Callahan & Associates’ suite of print products and special collections. Subscribers can access features, performance data analysis, and thought leadership that highlight trends and best practices in the ...    5 MB    Views 7592
0    Manage your money anytime, anywhere. Enter and categorize transactions on the go. Create budgets and then track and analyze your spending with customizable reports and charts. Sync wirelessly with your PC or Mac to stay on top of your finances ...    3 MB    Views 5434


data federal credit
+13    Keep Alcoa Tenn Federal Credit Union with you, wherever you go With mAccess, you can check balances and transaction history, make transfers, pay bills, and more, all from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad All data is 128bit encrypted and ...    5 MB    Views 493
+4    RiverLand Credit Union’s FREE Mobile Banking Application for the iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod Touch BANK 24/7 Manage your accounts, view copies of your cleared checks, view transaction history and schedule Bill Payments. Busy members can also make quick transfers within RiverLand accounts. SAFE ...    10 MB    Views 3309


tax relief category track save saver
0    TaxTrek : Malaysia's No 1 Tax Saver Apps “Save on your Income Tax with Malaysia’s No 1 Tax Saver Apps” Keeping track of receipts for tax filling can be a chaotic task. Knowing your purchased and its maximum value that falls under ...    NAN    Views 6245

Money Story Book

Related Apps card money finance management credit show transactions date category added payment expenses
+27    Money Story Book is easy to use and easy to input data. UX is applied as much as possible to enjoy Money Story Book Top1 Finance App (Australia, Japan, Korea) [Bug report and Questions] Please send email to for support. App Store’s review ...    18 MB    Views 5735

Bill Payer

-7    Do you often forget paying bills on time? You want to be hassle free from managing your bill payments? Here comes Bill Payer as a simple and elegant solution for this need. A one stop shop for tracking all of ...    8 MB    Views 7436
apple expense data spending spend glance category categories period
-6    Pico Spend provides fast and easy way to enter your expenses, together with robust reporting and drilldown capabilities for everyday analysis of your spending. All these features on your pocket device no additional desktop programs, server components or fees. Spending ...    2 MB    Views 9161

Every Nickel

email money nickel categories category total spend expenditure ability add data version
+1    NOTE: We have not been able to make updates to this app for several years. So.. it is not compatible with the later versions of iOS. Some of its features work, but not all. So, we're making it FREE We ...    246 kb    Views 963


Related Apps card cash expenses transactions credit data control wallet
+24    Wolla is a digital wallet, the ideal assistant against the economic crisis Wolla helps you keep your expenditures under control by recording all daily transactions such as cash expenses, credit card payments, cash withdrawals, and much more New functionalities: Dropbox Synchronization ...    5 MB    Views 8856
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+28    Mobile Pay™ Use your iPhone or iPad to easily accept credit and signature debit card payments, anywhere you have wireless coverage. The powerful Mobile Pay app is easily downloadable to your iOS device, turning it into a mini credit card transaction ...    29 MB    Views 5880
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-2    Turn your iPhone / iTouch/iPad into a Portable Payment Processing Center with Ippa (Intergrated Payment Processing Application). First iphone payment processing application that processes both credit cards and checks/ACH. Provides one screen transaction menu for both credit cards and checks that includes ...    2 MB    Views 8652

My Expense Keeper

expense category location keeper select default
+5    My expense keeper is a simple utility for helping you to keep track of your expenses. Main features: 1. Record down your each expense Date Location (default to your current location from GPS of your device) Category (e.g. Eat, Cloth, Movies, Books, ...    4 MB    Views 9357


media credit union data financial performance analysis associates
0    CreditUnions+ shares popular articles, blogs, and OpEds from, whose content is produced with the end goal of helping credit unions improve their financial performance and provide better value for members. The app provides straightforward analysis of credit union performance ...    6 MB    Views 2731
history input category simple region easy format
+3    Start the app, choose category, and input price. Simple, right? :) Features Easy, fast, and exciting household accounts Brand new simple interface All design is optimized for iOS7 style Awesome motion and effective sound How to use History can be modified by touch like input. (Memo and cost can change, category ...    2 MB    Views 5375
+27    Managing your finances on the go just got easier with NB|AZ Mobile Banking. Whether you need to check account balances, transfer money between eligible accounts, pay a bill, deposit a check, or find a NB|AZ branch or ATM, NB|AZ Mobile ...    15 MB    Views 7406
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-8    Ace Money Lite for iPad is very easy cash management software which can keep your record of cash, credit cards and bank accounts. Easy Uesr Interface The registration page is very simple so you can use it easily. List is also ...    20 MB    Views 1728


program category categories costs cost month function expenses data
+27    The program is designed for instant recording and analyzing costs associated with the maintenance of personal vehicles and equipment. With this notebook, you can quickly check the cost for the month, year, make the summary and detailed reports for specific periods ...    9 MB    Views 1012


Related Apps card business sale software data credit phone merchant number accept
+11    Make a Call. Make a Sale. Send an Email. All from ONE device. EMSmobile is the perfect Point of Sale(POS) Software for any merchant conducting business in a mobile environment. With EMSmobile empower your phone to accept payments; transforming your everyday ...    2 MB    Views 8298

TipSaver Free

Related Apps free total version split full day expense category transaction
-7    TipSaver Free: The best part of TipSaver is available for free TipSaver Free is the quickest and easiest way to calculate tips. Use TipSaver Free to calculate the total bill with gratuity. Use the split function to divide a bill evenly. TipSaver Free ...    592 kb    Views 878

iFinance Tracker

Related Apps tracker view expense ifinance income category date chart user create
-4    iFinance Tracker is a CUSTOM driven App by the user.... iFinance creates an INCOME and EXPENSE category, as many as the user likes. Lists the Amount of the sale, create the INCOME category amounts and have an option to VIEW total income. ...    217 kb    Views 5908
+13    Gold Money for iPad is very easy cash management software which can keep your record of cash, credit cards and bank accounts. Easy Uesr Interface The registration page is very simple so you can use it easily. List is also consisted ...    17 MB    Views 2638


Related Apps budget category cash
-9    Designed for iOS8, compatible for iO6.0 and higher. Set up a budget by filling your purse with cash. Spend money by category and keep track of expense date, time and category. If needed add more cash to your purse and check how much ...    778 kb    Views 6892


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+30    Expense is an application to track your expenses in each day. For each expense, there is only necessary fields, which are cost and category. Then, it is really easy to add new one. User can manage their own categories such ...    3 MB    Views 2797

Ace Money Pro

+25    NOW ON SALE Ace Money Pro is very easy cash management software which can keep your record of cash, credit cards and bank accounts. Easy Uesr Interface The registration page is very simple so you can use it easily. List is also ...    13 MB    Views 6937
ipad iphone photo search email accounts transactions data list touch export category reports transaction
+17    Featured by Apple in "What's Hot" list Accounts 2 Lite is limited to 50 transactions. At anytime, you can transfer all your data to the Full version by touching on the 'Export to Full Version' button from the Settings screen. Accounts 2 ...    4 MB    Views 8060
software category
+6    «Budget» software is the best choice for those who watch for their finances The main features of this software are: simplicity, functionality and clarity of presentation. For an expense item adding you are to choose a sum and to assign ...    4 MB    Views 934


due item categories book address application features track category
+9    Have you borrowed something and you forgot who from? Have you ever lent an item to someone and then you couldn't remember who it was? Do you forget to return books, rented movies or other things? Do you find it hard to keep ...    192 kb    Views 6907
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+21    In the old days, before credit and debit cards were around, people could only spend as much money enjoying a nice dinner or going out shopping as what they had available in their wallets. Today, the gWallet App is your ...    3 MB    Views 8818
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+14    aBill is an app with an easy and linear graphic that helps you make order in the management of receipts, bills, invoices, vouchers... automatically storing and sorting data in an intuitive and fast In a few easy steps you can scan ...    19 MB    Views 7737


expenses day category
-4    1App in the general Free Apps category and 1 in the Financial Category, 48 hours from launch (App Store Portugal). The eBudget app provides you with an easy, practical and innovative means of filing, organising and managing your “on the go” ...    4 MB    Views 9565
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+10    Premium Money Management App. Line graph, Bar graph, Pie Chart, Group Bar are supported. Checking Account & Savings Account can be managed seperately. Gold Money 2 is very easy cash management software including credit cards, bank accounts and budget. Easy Uesr Interface The insert ...    19 MB    Views 6429
farm credit account data mobile florida support
+1    Just as roots help support a plant’s life and Farm Credit helps support rural America, mobileRoots is designed to support you in managing your accounts while on the go. Access your Farm Credit accounts 24/7 from any location with mobileRoots, the ...    710 kb    Views 2540

Finance Pro

Related Apps money finance accounts manage transactions data cost easy category monthly levels
0    MANAGE YOUR MONEY WITH EASY Finance allows you to easily manage your money, so you can see where your money is coming from and where you’re spending. It is easy to enter transactions and it is even easier to understand your ...    14 MB    Views 1047


+8    WE'VE DISCOVERED A BUG WHICH CONFLICTS WITH IOS8+. WE ARE RAPIDLY WORKING TO RESOLVE. IN THE INTERIM YOU MAY EXPERIENCE A CRASH AT THE ASSETS & LIABILITIES PAGE It's finally here The first true native iOS mortgage application software. This is ...    4 MB    Views 8000
banking text mobile ideal credit secure information union data fees
+18    Ideal Credit Union’s mobile banking app is fast, secure and convenient. Available to all Ideal Credit Union members, use the app to manage your money 24/7. • Check account balances and history, search for transactions and more • Transfer funds and make ...    5 MB    Views 1062

GoDaddy Bookkeeping

iphone business time cards data bookkeeping credit fingertips charts profit
-1    GoDaddy Bookkeeping (formerly Outright), organizes all your small business finances in one place. Eliminate data entry with daily data imports from eBay, Etsy, PayPal, Amazon, Stripe, bank and credit cards. Our app is for current customers of GoDaddy Bookkeeping. Sign up ...    17 MB    Views 2036

HybridPOS 4 Connect

card payment credit data connect client
0    HybridPOS 4 Connect is a 'third party' paymentprocessing app. The 'client app' initiates the transaction, and then calls the 'hybrid app' to process the payment. The payment data is processed in the 'hybrid app', then the results are sent back ...    6 MB    Views 3612
Related Apps card data mobile www pinpad visit solution sign credit
+13    Accept credit and debit cards using your mobile device Uses a secure pinpad/reader, provided when you sign up for your First Data™ merchant account. Supports chipandpin, contactless and manually entered transactions. All card data is protected endtoend with First Data's TransArmor encryption solution, ...    17 MB    Views 9451

Spending Tracer

budget spending list shows total category spend record user
-4    Most people know that they have to manage their spending for successful financial freedom. However, they can't remember all their spending. Even though many software tool provide all function to manage spending, it is useless when user act at the outside. ...    175 kb    Views 3825
Related Apps money management cards budget card credit cash bank monthly category gold account
+22    Help URL : Gold Money HD is very easy cash management software which can keep your record of cash, credit cards and bank accounts. Easy Uesr Interface The registration page is very simple so you can use it easily. List ...    60 MB    Views 6910
cards card security bank palm secure credit banks data numbers
+13    Cards On Palm lets you store all of your bank and credit card info in one safe, secure place, and includes a location finder, so you'll never hunt for an ATM again. Confidently store all of your credit card numbers, ...    16 MB    Views 5791

Ace Money Lite

Related Apps management money cards budget card cash credit bank monthly category data account
+9    Ace Money Pro is very easy cash management software which can keep your record of cash, credit cards and bank accounts. Easy Uesr Interface The registration page is very simple so you can use it easily. List is also consisted of ...    13 MB    Views 1899
Related Apps banking text mobile ideal credit information union secure data fees
+18    Ideal Credit Union’s mobile banking app is fast, secure and convenient. Available to all Ideal Credit Union members, use the app to manage your money 24/7. • Check account balances and history, search for transactions and more • Transfer funds and make ...    8 MB    Views 2212


business data year credit
+27    Slovenian description: mFiPo AJPES – ključne informacije o poslovnih subjektih na vašem pametnem telefonu; BREZPLAČNO. Aplikacija mFiPO AJPES omogoča brezplačen prikaz najpomembnejših javnih podatkov iz Poslovnega registra Slovenije (ePRS) ter najpomembnejših finančnih kazalcev in grafičnih kazalnikov sprememb na podlagi letnih računovodskih poročil ...    1 MB    Views 3906
Related Apps money iphone ipad manager financial credit data secure account union central
+5    Important: You must have a Central Sunbelt Federal Credit Union account to use Sunbelt Money Manager Sunbelt Money Manager is a free automatic budgeting manager for members of Central Sunbelt Federal Credit Union. Don’t have a Central Sunbelt Federal Credit Union ...    39 MB    Views 3430
Related Apps banking financial credit mobile union accounts free find data members closest
-5    Best Financial Credit Union’s FREE Mobile Banking Application for the iPhone™ and iPad™ BANK 24/7 Manage your accounts, view copies of your cleared checks, and view transaction history. Busy members can also make quick transfers within Best Financial’s accounts and find the ...    11 MB    Views 7225

Seylan Card offers

card search facebook deals credit offers bank category closest
+10    The Seylan Bank Credit Card Deals app gives you details of all available deals and promotions that apply to your Seylan Bank Credit Card. Download the app today and get the maximum out of your card Search for available deals closest ...    3 MB    Views 8552


expenses category add application ile reports based
-1    iExpense application is for controlling your personal expenses.User can create a category and add expenses on it. You can have both categorybased and monthbased reports. Thus this program visualizes your expense and revises them again. In addition, application has help page that ...    3 MB    Views 816
expenses income category categories list change
-6    A simple application for account of personal expenses and income. 1. Quick input of expenses and income Changesign key Only one required field category Calculator 2. Editable list of categories and subcategories You can specify the categories and subcategories to organize ...    1 MB    Views 1859
Related Apps income expenses accounts icloud data account categories category import
+4    Moneyfiles is designed to make tracking your income and expenses easy. There is no advanced setup required or sophisticated user interface to understand. Simply add some accounts and some categories and you're ready to go Features: • Simple user interface: Easy to understand hierarchy. ...    2 MB    Views 8888

Bank Card Checker

card data bank credit number database issuer financial
+1    Bank Card Checker tells you the Bank or Financial Institution that issued any given credit/debit card by checking its huge internal database. Additionally it validates the card number. Do you run a shop or office where you need to take orders ...    3 MB    Views 6428

Mobile PayOS

business card cards iphone ipad email mobile credit account free sales data locations payments
-2    Do more than just accept credit cards on your iOS device with PayOS Mobile. Simple pricing with zero hidden fees: Replace your register and accept payments at your retail locations or take your business everywhere by turning your iPad or iPhone into ...    22 MB    Views 664

AA Credit Cards

Related Apps card credit account provider data set enter manage check
0    Welcome to the AA Credit Card mobile servicing app. It offers a quick, secure and convenient way to manage your credit card account on the go. This app is available only to AA Credit Card holders whose card is issued by ...    10 MB    Views 983
Related Apps banking mobile credit union fees information view account deposit data
+6    This is SelfHelp Credit Union’s free mobile banking application for iPhone for use by members of SelfHelp Credit Union. Enrollment in SelfHelp Credit Union’s online banking service is required. Features: • Deposit checks using Mobile Deposit • Pay bills using Mobile Bill Pay • Transfer funds between ...    9 MB    Views 3886

Budget Crunch

budget money family iphone data income entry savings spending category
+3    BudgetCrunch is a personal budget tracking app designed to be as simple or detailed as you choose. It will help you allocate your income and track your disbursements saving you the grief of unknowingly overspending in a particular area. BudgetCrunch ...    10 MB    Views 4410
records supports select currencies category export choose reminder
+25    Paylog is an application for recording payments quickly and easily. Now you can keep track of even your smallest daily expenses as they happen Demo video is here: ● Simple interface You can insert amounts as soon as the app has started up. 1. ...    4 MB    Views 3954
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