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Home Budget Book

+1    Home Budget Book with Advanced Family Sync helps you plan and manage your expenses, budget and income. Setup frequently used Payees, setup a monthly budget by category and enter your bills/income with due dates. Take pictures of the bills and ...    4 MB    Views 7482


0    GarageBuy makes searching items on eBay efficiently. GarageBuy synchronizes your searches and items you already saw through iCloud. Thus, you can focus on new items only, no matter if you are on your iPad or iPhone. Main Features: setup sophisticated searches ...    23 MB    Views 8325

iExpenses with Sync

+1    iExpenses is FREE iExpenses with sync is an application with functionality that will help you and your family with analysis of your monthly expenses. All expenses can be grouped in one of ten categories. An account can be shared between ...    3 MB    Views 218
+7    Quick and easy converter currencies for 159+ currencies in real time. Use Currency when you travel, shopping online and more. Features: + 159+ foreign exchange rates + Automatic updates rates + Manual updates + Fast switch currencies + Offline usage (When You Travel Internationally) + Best Calculator for ...    5 MB    Views 167

Expense HD

history expense track view income category categories sync data file
+9    "AppFresh Daily One of the top apps for August 6, 2011." Designed to be quick and easy to use, Expense combines a sleek and beautiful interface to manage your day to day expenses and income. Expense will help you ...    24 MB    Views 3741
currency currencies exchanger exchange rate sync easily watch convert
+4    Convert 32+ currencies on your device with this Sync Currency Exchanger. Currency change at once with 3 currencies. Exchange rate will updated automatically. All inputting currency can be calculated easily using the calculator. This App support Smart Watch. You can convert currencies by your watch ...    7 MB    Views 6361
Related Apps iphone expenses track expense spend easy icloud sync fast control
-1    • "After eight months, I find adding expenses in Next so fast and intuitive, I struggle to use any other expense tracker." – Federico Viticci, • " still remains one of my top picks for quick and easy expense tracking ...    8 MB    Views 6290

KLSE Screener

ipad iphone screener ipod price
+2    If you faced any issues, kindly feedback me via Facebook ( KLSE (Bursa Malaysia) Screener gives you better analysis before you jump into market. This app is mainly built for iPhone / iPod, but as an iPad user you may use ...    13 MB    Views 8150

Calcola %

iphone ipad calcola iva applicazione
-3    Calcola % è un applicazione compatibile con iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad Retina, iPad mini e iPad normale e serve per calcolare l'IVA o uno sconto da un prezzo. L'applicazione è molto semplice e si prefigge di fare ...    1 MB    Views 8509
+5    Bestseller is the integrable salesforce sell for your company. NOTE: This program is made for small companies with several salesman. Is not the right tool for freelancers or individuals. A update for that is planned for the next months. IMPORTANT Is necessary to ...    7 MB    Views 2271
iphone ipad mobile bank customers account gulf texas
+30    TGB Mobile lets Texas Gulf Bank customers use their iPhone/iPad to bank whenever, wherever they want. TGB Mobile is convenient, secure, easy and free for all Texas Gulf Bank online banking customers. With TGB Mobile, customers can view checking and savings ...    15 MB    Views 7343

Budgets for iPhone

Related Apps iphone design ipad excel budget work charts category budgets sync budgeting transactions budgeted
+6    Top 1 iPad overall (USA) financial app developer offers: Budgets for all your expenses and income with progress per each category. Fantastic sparkling futureoriented design (check the screenshots). Easily sync data with other iPhones and with iPads. Buy now You want ...    15 MB    Views 6150
money family cards budget business twitter facebook personal budgets transactions free sync
+17    "WellSpent combines simplicity and utility with budgeting.” AppAdvice WellSpent is an easytouse budgeting app that helps you take control of your spending habits by helping you stick to your budgets Using WellSpent has helped us pay debt faster, save for ...    4 MB    Views 6230
Related Apps banking ipad iphone bank mobile service free accounts
+5    Securely manage your finances anytime, anywhere. First Bank's Mobile Banking application provides free, easy and convenient access to your First Bank accounts from your iPhone(TM) and iPad(TM). First Bank's app allows you to check account balances, view transactions, transfer money between ...    22 MB    Views 1154

Exa Receipts

iphone search receipts delete receipt summary simple add sync quick online
+4    If you're looking for a simple way to manage your receipts and keep a record of them online; ExaReceipts is what you've been searching for. This iPhone app is a convenient platform to manage your daily expenses. No longer do you ...    2 MB    Views 834


iphone ipad trading cfds touch trade ipod
-6    Plus500 is the premier CFDs online trading platform for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It includes advanced features for professionals yet is easy to use by everyone. Your Capital is at Risk Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and ...    NAN    Views 2622

IOU - debt manager

money email debts payments debt manager sync reminders iou notifications
+4    IOU (I owe you) is a debt manager app for things and money. With options like recurring debts, payments and notifications you can keep track of loans, periodic payments, bills and personal debts all in this single app Syncing to ...    1 MB    Views 4844
shopping calendar lists today list helps groceries sync devices
-9    Groceries list for today is the simplest way to remember all the things you want to buy. It’s easy to organise your shopping lists by using a week calendar, email it to your family/friends or sync with your devices. Groceries list for ...    685 kb    Views 8970
-6    UBA Kenya Mobile Banking. The official UBA Kenya mobile banking app for iPhone & Ipad. Access your bank account on your iPhone & iPad from anywhere at any time. Now you can check account balance, view ministatements, transfer funds, make payments, withdraw ...    5 MB    Views 3183


browse salesforce calls log objects sync contacts mobile tap
+4    Salesmobl provides mobile access to Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Events, Leads, Opportunities, and custom objects. Make one touch phone calls, send emails, log calls/emails in Salesforce and sync iPhone Contacts and Calendars with Salesforce. HIGHLIGHTS Single SignOn using Salesforce OAuth 2.0 Mobile ...    2 MB    Views 5932

iPayment MobilePay

Related Apps ipad iphone business mobilepay touch ipod
+3    Accept card payments and manage your business anywhere with iPayment MobilePay on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Combined with our MobilePay Swiper, instantly transform your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a mobile Point of Sale (POS) device allowing you ...    9 MB    Views 2568
Related Apps banking ipad iphone capital account city bank mobile service
+2    Capital City Bank Mobile Banking enables clients to use their iPhone or iPad any time and from anywhere to view account balances, transaction history and alerts, as well as initiate account transfers and pay bills. Online banking from Capital City ...    2 MB    Views 8247
budget family twitter facebook household sync easy expense create enter
+5    Welcome to FamilyBudget with Sync. Create your individual HomeBudget with this clear and easy to use app. Since a budget has to be easy and fast to use we have focussed our attention on clarity and speed for managing the budget in ...    7 MB    Views 6471
Related Apps iphone time ipad transactions month devices sync manage months days weeks
-7    Want to know at any time your bank accounts month end balance? EstiBudget is the budget application for you. SIMPLE User friendly tool with easy entries of your banking transactions (past or to come). Easily create recurring transactions (salary, rents, insurances...) with various ...    3 MB    Views 9482


-1    Featured in New & Noteworthy Japan, Australia "A clean, simple interface for keeping track of all those holes that keep appearing in bank accounts." Designed to be quick and easy to use, Expense combines a sleek and beautiful interface ...    2 MB    Views 5905

FMB-Mobile Banking!

Related Apps banking ipad iphone mobile fmb account service wireless
+2    FMB Mobile Banking enables clients to use their iPhone or iPad mobile device any time from anywhere to view account balances, transaction history and alerts, as well as initiate account transfers and pay bills. Mobile Banking supports all account types ...    9 MB    Views 1478

Bills HD

bills history email security data icloud export bill sync designed compatible store
+9    "Bills HD may have the edge is in it's eyecatching design which may well appeal to people looking for a simple finance app to have some control over their finances" Never ever forget when to pay your bills again ...    1 MB    Views 1741
+26    Med den nye appen til MOBO kan du holde deg oppdatert på hva som skjer i ditt lokale boligbyggelag. Nå også på din iPad Den nye appen inneholder følgende funksjoner: Portal: Tilgang til informasjon og kommunikasjon for styret, beboer og medlemmer. ...    828 kb    Views 6794
market stock ipad iphone cimb order trade multi trading
+1    CIMB Investment Bank Berhad now offers one App for your iPhone and iPad. Simply download iTradeCIMB and you can start trading anywhere, anytime in equities and derivatives. Features that are available on iTradeCIMB are: Multi Market Data Feed Symbol Search Watch ...    8 MB    Views 673
Related Apps money budget bills iphone calendar business planning search home photos pro transactions multiple sync accounts due
+19    Manage money like a pro. Money Pro is the next generation of Money app (over 2 million downloads worldwide). Money Pro is the one place for bill planning, budgeting and keeping track of your accounts. Easy sync and iPhone/iPad versions combined ...    81 MB    Views 147

Smart Budget 2

budget sheets icloud smart accounts operations day fast sync data
+3    Smart Budget 2 is even smarter: • instant start • more powerful analysis • full text search • data sync using iCloud • using sheets as shopping lists for projects (using planned operations with no date set) • storing all daytoday operations on single sheet • deleting ...    8 MB    Views 9911


clickbank ipad iphone enter earnings weekly free
0    FlickBank FREE is an Clickbank iPhone/iPad apps that allows ClickBank affiliates and vendors to see their weekly earnings on their iPhone/iPod touch or iPad with the flick of a finger. Enter your ClickBank login details (username and password) the first ...    1 MB    Views 7026
money children kids family allowance chores bot allowances child weekly sync
+26    Allowance & Chores Bot: Allowances, Chore, Rewards, Punish, Sync Allowance & Chores Bot allows you to easily keep track of your family's allowances and chores. With Allowance & Chores Bot, children won't lose or misplace paper money and you won't have ...    28 MB    Views 7415

Budget Book Pro

Related Apps budget family facebook twitter household create book expense easy sync manage
+15    Welcome to Budget Book Pro with familysynchronization. Create your individual Home Budget with this clear and easy to use app. Since a budget has to be easy and fast to use we have focussed our attention on clarity and speed for managing ...    6 MB    Views 7285
property sale apple search iphone ipad market rent gps twitter properties find sync save inspections account
+8    Find property anywhere, anytime. You are mobile with Introducing the Apple Watch app The perfect property inspection companion • Find the closest inspections in your area. • Find your way to property inspections with GPS directions. • At a glance be ...    34 MB    Views 7893


bills history email security data icloud export sync bill support designed compatible
+2    Never ever forget when to pay your bills again Bills is a beautifully designed bills reminder and tracker. It will alert you when you have bills due or expenses to pay. Designed with a quick overview screen for upcoming bills ...    3 MB    Views 6363
wifi finance video work iphone ipad backup features transactions sync service data accounts reports
+27    "Keep your finances in check" with iReconcile™, the most advanced finance management application on the AppStore. Based on the top selling finance app Checkbook, iReconcile™ brings features never seen before in its genre. WHATS NEW: iReconcile is now fully compatible with iPad. ...    6 MB    Views 665

Manager Shop

+27    Manage your shop : Manager Products in your shop , the product in category or manufacture . Profits you earn each day, week, month, year and Compare to other. And know who write invoice, invoices including which products, total invoice ...    12 MB    Views 4358

Carpe Diem Mobile

time iphone ipad mobile capture professionals
+3    Carpe Diem Mobile for iPhone and iPad is a powerful module specifically developed for the needs of busy service professionals. It helps mobile professionals such as lawyers, accountants and consultants instantly capture billable time as it happens using a familiar ...    3 MB    Views 8600

BIB Mobile Bank

iphone ipad mobile application bank designed
+4    BIB Mobile Bank for iPhone/iPad BIB Mobile Bank is a mobile application designed to enable you to view your accounts, loans, deposits, payment card balances and information about the financial instruments purchased. The application is easy to use and designed to ...    1 MB    Views 9282
Related Apps calculator iphone ipad simple pro ads
-2    +++++ This is a Pro version of Simple calculator for iPad and iPhone without Ads +++++ "Simple Calculator PRO" has a very simple interface for use. It's has a just simple action for calculation and adapted for install on iPad and iPhone. Enjoy ...    2 MB    Views 5445

Expense PRO

Related Apps history iphone ipad expense track pro accounts categories sync application
0    Designed to be quick and easy to use, Expense combines a sleek and beautiful interface to manage your day to day expenses and income. Expense will help your keep track of you daily income and spendings, great for personal and business ...    26 MB    Views 9748


Related Apps apps email debt sync payoff plan account data features
-9    Featured by Apple in "New and Noteworthy" Take charge of your debt DebtMinder helps put you on track to becoming debt free. It gives you a clear picture of your progress and lays out your payoff plan using the debt snowball method. DebtMinder ...    5 MB    Views 742
time personal design budget bills balance spending sync budgets easily financial accounts multiple enter
0    Balance is a personal finance software that exists on the device you take with you everywhere ... your iPhone. With an elegant interface and intuitive design, Balance will help you and your family make managing personal finances a breeze. Balance helps ...    14 MB    Views 3424
security sync bitcoin wallet
-8    MilkWallet is a real standalone Bitcoin client. It's designed to protect you from malware, browser security holes, even physical theft. ———————— Security ———————— √ You own the Master Password √ Touch ID / PIN Code authentication ———————— Sync ———————— √ iCloud Sync enable    2 MB    Views 4842
Related Apps bills family budget iphone wifi work ipad expense income sync expenses account category
-2    Now available in mobile [iPhone/iPad] and desktop versions [Mac OS, Windows], including instant data sync between mobile/desktop versions. (Separate purchase required for each OS platform). A lite version of HomeBudget is available under the free applications category. Give it a try. Contact ...    5 MB    Views 7910
budget family twitter facebook household sync expense easy create enter income
+24    Welcome to Our Budget with Sync. Create your individual HomeBudget with this clear and easy to use app. Since a budget has to be easy and fast to use we have focussed our attention on clarity and speed for managing the budget ...    7 MB    Views 7834
banking ipad iphone mobile fcu
+2    Bank whenever, wherever with Malheur FCU Mobile Banking for iPhone or iPad Don't have time to swing by a branch? No problem. With a few simple touches you can check balances, view history, and transfer funds. FREE to MFCU members ...    11 MB    Views 5209
efg hermes locations information sync account
+2    EFG Hermes EMS modernizes the traditional processes associated with event management. With our integrated platform, Clients can more efficiently find venues, sync meetings, view Account info, Navigate Conference Locations and much more. EFG Hermes EMS for iOS Mobiles offers you free ...    25 MB    Views 4078
ipad iphone design personal downloading management finance banking accounts transactions data checkbook support bank sync
-1    60% OFF LIMITED TIME Checkbook HD offers you a quick and simple way of managing your personal finances. Luxurious iPadoriented design (check the screenshots). Easy sync and iPad/iPhone versions combined in one app Buy now ►► "In a nutshell, ...    45 MB    Views 3182


iphone ipad vat
+8    Aplikacja VAT PL przeznaczona jest do obliczania stawek podatku VAT oraz przeliczania kwot NETTO i BRUTTO. Zastosowano stawkę obniżoną oraz podstawową obowiązującą w Polsce. Zoptymalizowano dla iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad. Optimized for iPhone 4s, ...    3 MB    Views 5343

MoneyWell Express

navigation express mac sync perfect balances background financial graphics
+9    Requires MoneyWell for Mac or iPad MoneyWell Express is a toptobottom redesign of MoneyWell for iPhone to create the fastest tool for capturing financial transactions on the go. The Perfect Companion MoneyWell Express is the perfect companion app for MoneyWell on your ...    8 MB    Views 5562


forecast time ipad iphone data sync cloud auto subscription sales period
-4    Now with Fine Grained Cloud Sync mForecast is a sales forecasting/demand planning app. mForecast is also used for general timeseries forecasting, pretty much any kind of monthly data can be forecasted using mForecast. You can track/visualize and forecast your data using ...    607 kb    Views 8788
Related Apps bills family bill view monthly paid sync cloud share member
0    Never miss paying another bill. With this beautifully designed iOS 8 ready app, you can, at a glance, see all your monthly bills. Keep track of the bills you have paid and how much you owe each month. If you ...    13 MB    Views 7697
poker games results view log sync track session cash
-6    Poker Log enables you to keep track of your poker results whether to see how well you are doing, complete a tax return or just to show off to your friends Features: • Keep track of poker results for cash games ...    10 MB    Views 116
design iphone ipad budget excel work budgets sync charts category transactions budgeted entries
-6    Top 1 iPad overall (USA) financial app developer offers: Budgets for all your expenses and income with progress per each category. Fantastic sparkling futureoriented design (check the screenshots). Easily sync data with other iPhones and with iPads. Get app now You ...    15 MB    Views 7207
Related Apps ipad design work budget excel sync charts budgets detailed category transactions entries easy
+25    Top 1 iPad overall (USA) financial app developer offers: Budgets for all your expenses and income with progress per each category. Fantastic sparkling futureoriented design (check the screenshots). Easily sync data with other iPads. Buy now DETAILED HELP GUIDE IS NOW ...    17 MB    Views 5494

Kalkulator Najmu

iphone ipad kalkulator
+5    Kalkulator Najmu pozwala na szybkie obliczenie podatku od wynajmowanej nieruchomości (Najem Prywatny) w zależności od wybranej stawki. Uwzględniono stawki ryczałtu oraz I i II progu podatkowego. Kalkulator pozwala również na obliczenie podatku w przypadku płatników VAT nie prowadzących działalności gospodarczej. Zoptymalizowano ...    5 MB    Views 7618


wifi data backup information phone sync bank remember version access
0    LockBox lets you store and protect sensitive info such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, passwords, pin numbers, private notes, and any other secret information on your iPhone or iPod Touch. New You can export/backup data securely via a WiFi connection ...    2 MB    Views 1310
Related Apps iphone ipad union credit mobile
+1    Qualtrust mobile is a fast, secure and free service for Qualtrust Credit Union members. Qualtrust for iPad/iPhone is optimized for iPad/iPhone devices which are iOS 5 and greater and is available 24/7 using your existing Qualtrust Credit Union online Username ...    5 MB    Views 7098
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